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Max Lachmann from Pole Position Production has previously shared several interesting stories on how to capture excellent vehicle sounds here on the blog – both when it comes to recording and implementation.

But what’s the story behind the Pole Position company, and just how did they end up creating one of the world’s absolute top vehicle sound collections? I decided to have a talk with Max to find out:


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Hi Max, what’s the story behind Pole? What made you start Pole in the first place – and who’s the team behind it?

Pole was originally started in 2000 as a music production company by me and Bernard Löhr, and eventually Mats Lundgren. Bernard is a legendary mixing engineer, who has been working with both Swedish and and international artists, and also manages ex-ABBA Benny Anderssons Mono Music Studio in Stockholm. Besides having the best ears, he is also a car lunatic and race driver, and this is actually how I got to know him in the first place, before I started out as a trainee at the Polar Studios with Bernard being my mentor. Mats joined Pole a few years later. He was a pop star back in the days, and we teamed up as song writers and producers. Without any real success I must admit. But Mats is one of the most musical persons I know, he plays pretty much any instrument, and has done scores for games such as Mad Max and Just Cause 2. Not many people are familiar with that Pole do music too, since what we made a name for ourselves in the business is our vehicle recordings.

One of your core specialties is vehicle recordings – how did that come about?

We had a strong interest in motorsports and racing within Pole (hence the name). I literally grew up at race tracks following my dad around Europe, and Bernard was, and is, an active race driver who used to compete in the Swedish GT series with his Porsche GT3RS.

I literally grew up at race tracks following my dad around Europe

One of his competitors on the race track at that time was a Swedish developer of racing games, and he asked us if we were interested in doing sounds for his game. And that is how it all started.

What’s been some of the wildest recording experiences you’ve had so far?

There’s been so many, and each with it’s own circumstances to deal with. You really don’t wish for a wild experience as a recordist, because that means it’s less controlled. So I try to prepare and do anything I can to avoid that. Still, it happens that airlines lose your bag, weather is terrible, you need to communicate with a driver in a language you don’t know, go crazy fast in cars with a driver you don’t trust or the vehicle breaks down.

But one of the recordings I am most proud of is the one we did of a Messerschmitt 109.

Mats did a really weird recording too, recording an old summer house being burnt down for an art project

There’s not many around that flies anymore, even fewer with an authentic engine. We have also recorded race cars during very difficult circumstances, adjusting to FIA regulations and still having to deliver at a good quality. Mats did a really weird recording too, recording an old summer house being burnt down for an art project. We got DPA to sponsor us with a couple of microphones to place inside the house as it burnt down, which provided us with some rare fire sounds.

However, the best thing with going around recording is the good company and the nice and dedicated people you meet everywhere. And the satisfaction of delivering a really nice recording to your client.

World-class vehicle sound effects (and more!):

Max Lachmann and the team at Pole Position Production are behind some of the very best vehicle sound effect libraries in the world – here’s a small selection:


  • Who doesn't love the sounds of speed? In this library, you'll hear the fast, harsh sounds of a drift car skidding on tarmac. The library contains skidding with engine running, skidding with engine switching off, skidding on wet tarmac, roll bys on wet and dry tarmac, spinning in circles, rolling with flat tire and much more. Both onboard and exterior perspectives are covered, and several microphones were positioned at each wheel, inside the car, and along the skidding path.

    Some additional material is included, such as a supercharged Chevy -57 burnout, handbrake skids from a Skoda, and more.

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  • Environments Snow and Ice Textures Play Track 548+ sounds included, 295 mins total $199 $139.30

    A must-have collection for winter sounds, this library consists of many years' recordings of snow and ice, skiing, textures, ambiences, foley and so on. It contains lots of skiing, jumping, rails, freezing cold winds, ski resort ambiences, lifts, walking in snow and on ice, texture details such as snow spray, tires driving, skidding and spinning on ice and snow, drilling in ice and much more.

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  • This warfare SFX library was recorded during a three-day military exercise, using several Combat Vehicle 90s performing live firing exercises with 40mm cannons and 7.62 machine guns. The recording consists of several multichannel setups from various distances, perspectives and environments such as forest and huge fields.

    The library contains huge tails in different environments, shooting at close and far distances with various occlusion, onboard firing, sonic booms, ricochets, bullet cracks, projectile tails and much more. It also has some onboard and exterior vehicle movements and maneuvers. For sounds of military operations, you can't go wrong with this collection.

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  • This library consists of two different sessions where we dropped cars from a crane onto other cars and onto the ground. The first session contains lots of windows being smashed and sounds of car body debris from two hanging cars scratching against each other. During this session, microphones were positioned inside the vehicles as they were dropped from the crane as well. The left side of the onboard recorder comes and goes, but we decided to leave it in the library since it has some very nice bits in it.

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View all Pole Position Production libraries here


You’ve got a huge amount of libraries – what are some of your favorite ones?

We have some really nice muscle cars from the 70s that I’m really happy with. The last couple of years we have made an effort to cover material for both games and film, and these libraries show that. We also have a great Porsche 911 SC from 1981 which sounds awesome, and brings back childhood memories.


You’ve also recorded a Formula 1 library, which is incredibly rare (if not unique). What’s the story behind that library, and what did it take to capture the sounds of F1?

We have gotten quite a few questions about F1 recordings over the years, and always had to give the same answer. And we have also had a few openings to record F1s for actual F1 teams, needing the sound for their simulators, but it has always come to a halt for various reasons.

I have always said that I will quit when I have recorded an F1, but I had to reconsider that…

Finally we decided to rent an older F1 car and to get the job done. So we rented a 2007 Williams FW-29 fitted with a Cosworth V8, the car that Rosberg used to drive, and we gaffer taped a Zaxcom on the outside of the chassi, and Bernard took it for a swing on a track in Estonia. And here’s the result – an actual Formula 1 SFX library. I have always said that I will quit when I have recorded an F1, but I had to reconsider that. Nowadays I say I will quit when I have recorded a space shuttle…


What are some of the improvements you’ve made to your SFX library creation process over the years?

The biggest improvement is the amount of material and perspectives we record today. We started out with games in mind, getting onboard material only, but today we focus just as much on exterior material hoping to reach the film industry as well. We are also trying to improve the way we package our libraries. Instead of just eight or ten long files of an onboard take, a session today with all the exteriors can be 20-40 tracks. We still try to keep them in sync if possible, but we divide the material into different folders named after the maneuver that is in the files. And finally we are trying to find a good standard for our metadata.

More great reads by Max Lachmann:

Here are some of the excellent stories and guides Max has written for the A Sound Effect blog:

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Recording and Designing the Winter Sound Effects for SNOW – the story on how Max and the team captured a very special collection of winter sound effects.


What’s coming next from you guys?

We have so many recordings that we haven’t had the time to edit and make libraries from yet. First, there’s alot of vehicles of course. World War II tanks and planes, a Hummer H1, a dirtbike, snowmobiles, some trucks and much more. But we have also some other libraries in the works. We are working on an extremely rare military library, with attack vehicles performing an exercise firing cannons and machine guns. It has some amazing tails, bullet bys and projectile sounds. And I am also working on getting access to a space shuttle by the way…

A big thanks to Max Lachmann for the story and insights behind Pole. Check out their selection here on A Sound Effect, and meet the team on Facebook here, and on Twitter here.

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Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Recorded by renowned innovators of film sound design Ann Kroeber and Alan Splet, the Stallion library features an incredible variety of charismatic horse sound effects including movements and vocalizations.

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    Many of these horse sounds were recorded for major feature films including The Black Stallion, The Horse Whisperer, and Hidalgo. Splet’s work on The Black Stallion won him a Special Achievement Academy Award® for Sound Editing. This recognition was largely due to the quality and depth of the source recordings he and Kroeber created.

    Using a unique custom microphone rig (one mic fastened under the belly, another placed in front of the nose), the galloping sound effects in this library achieve an extraordinary dramatic quality with the horse’s powerful footsteps captured in harmony with its breathing.

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    Key Features:

    • 89 sound effects (1.1GB)
    • 24-bit/48kHz broadcast .wav files
    • Descriptive embedded metadata
    • 100% Royalty-Free
  • Ambisonics Wind Farm Ambiences Play Track 8 sounds included, 48 mins total From: $30

    Mix of ambience recordings, both with and close-ups of wind turbines in a wind farm.

    With every purchase there are some free extra files, linked to some ambience ones,  recorded with shotgun microphones, to get an even closer close-up, ideal also for SFX and sound design.

  • Environments Wind Play Track 68 sounds included, 165 mins total $39 $29

    This comprehensive sound library is where you can find: sounds of wind in urban and nature environment, room tones, wind recorded in car, wind whistling under doors and windows, at the sea-boats mast and hardware, in trees, in buildings corridors, lobby, attack etc. Check the list of sounds for full info. All files are metadata tagged, with detailed description of equipment used object of recording etc.

    Recorded with high end recording equipment: Sennheisers MKHs, mics; Rycote blimps, Sound Devices 744T recorder, Sound Devices MixPre mixer, Mogami cables, etc.

    Maximum peak level on all recordings is -5 dBFS (for great dynamic range, great headroom), originally recorded with great headroom keeping in mind and to maintain great dynamic range of this natural phenomena.

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  • Binaural soundscapes from Grand Central Station – recorded to have plenty of background (and some mid & foreground) voices without anything too recognizable – so you can add your own dialogue in the foreground, OR loop sections you like most without it being obvious. The central concourse soundscapes are fairly static – but others move at walking speed – between different locations from street level entrances, through the concourse to the platform. There’s even a couple of revolving doors and an empty escalator/platform to add your action onto. Recorded on (my) dummy head with high-quality omni mics – listening back in headphones instantly immerses you in the middle of the sound field. Binaural stereo – the next best thing to being there! And all with just two channels. So put your headphones on and take a little trip – with the Audio Ninja.

  • City Life British Sirens Play Track 48 sounds included, 12 mins total $25

    This library consists of sounds of authentic British sirens recorded during a 3 month period in London including while in Covid-19 lockdown. The sirens source vehicles include ambulances, police cars, and fire trucks. Recoding techniques include recording with a spaced pair of 2 DPA 4060’s in DPA BLM6000 Boundary Layer Mount with wind protection as well as following the source with Sennheiser 8060 shotgun when opportunity allowed. As a result, the library offers 48 sounds recorded in 24bit/96kHz format delivered in 64 files with a total runtime of approximately 12 minutes. The sound was edited in RX7 to remove the occasional sounds of birds.

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