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Ship Sound Effects

Ships, boats and ferry sound effects and recordings

  • Travel & Transportation Wooden Ship Ambiences Play Track 50 sounds included, 85 mins total $129

    Ahoy Mateys! Step aboard the finest sailing ship sound effects library in the land.

    Whether you’re working on an exciting Pirates of the Caribbean style video game or a relaxing sea-faring romance, the hours of exceptional background loops and additional cutting edge ship sounds contained within this sound pack will set your project on a course to excellence!


    Whether your adventure takes place in the MAIN DECK, CABIN, BELOW DECK, atop the CROWS NEST, in a MEDIEVAL PORT, or on a DISTANT SHIP in the HIGH SEAS we’ve got you covered! Each ambience contains MULTIPLE VARIATIONS, ALL-WEATHER CONDITIONS, and MULTIPLE INTENSITIES to cover every part of the ship, on the rough and calm seas, this sound effects library is perfect for every situation you need.


    Our expert team of sound designers has meticulously crafted each ambience into CONTINUOUS, NON-REPETITIVE, DRAG AND DROP-READY LOOPS that will serve as perfect background audio for your game, film, animation, live event, or even as relaxing background audio! We have even included FULL and SIMPLIFIED MIXES, ISOLATED WEATHER, OCEAN and WOOD CRACKING versions, SHORT and LONG non-repetitive variants, and numerous other options for your convenience!


    With FREE UPDATES, FOREVER! and FREE BONUS AMBIENCES: MEDIEVAL PORT and isolated, SEA, SAILS, and FLAG FLAPPING, Ship’s BELL RINGING, WEATHER, and WOOD CRACKING SOUNDS, all supplied in industry-standard Hi-Rez WAV and Hi-Quality MP3 formats, there’s no better time to set sail on the high seas with this ONE OF A KIND sound pack!

    So what are you waiting for? Take command of this UNIQUE library and begin your journey on the high seas today!


    • Huge variety of Old Wooden Ship Interior and Exterior Ambiences, All Weather Conditions and Additional Useful BONUS Sound Effects for every scene or situation.
    • Multiple variants and intensities for your convenience and additional edit options (lengths, looping versions, stingers, etc.).
    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing. Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
    • All files are included in Hi-Rez WAV, High-Quality WAV and High-Quality MP3 formats
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    14 %
  • Ship Sound Effects Rowing Boat Play Track 13+ sounds included, 17 mins total $19

    The Rowing Boat sound effects library gets you more than 17 minutes of rowing sounds. It features one-shots and rowing sequences in a slow, medium and fast pace + oars hitting the boat. It of course also gets you the creaking sounds of the oars, water splashes and the other sounds you associate with rowing.

  • Ship Sound Effects BOATS Play Track 36+ sounds included, 50 mins total $30

    This library gets you both the sounds of a tugboat / motor engine boat, as well as a sailboat.

    It delivers powerful boat engine sounds such as accelerations, stopping and idle sounds. You also get radio VHF chatter, cabin roomtone, splashing waves, the sounds of anchors being dropped and handled and mainsail hoisting sounds. There’s also lots of ropes creaking and squeaking, winches, furlers, genoas flapping and raising, sailboat interiors with light swells. Finally, it includes some quiet ambiences from a big city marina.

    So if your project calls for boat sounds, there’s lots to work with here:

  • Ship Sound Effects Boat Engine – Arvor 215 Play Track 39+ sounds included, 167 mins total $36

    Arvor 215 boat sound library features recordings of the boat’s diesel engine in sync with its propeller. Onboard sound effects were recorded with two DPA 4061 microphones, taped under the “hood” and on the back of the boat, near the propeller. Inside this library you’ll find engine on and off sounds, running on neutral gear and three recordings of boat working on different settings.

    There is a low, medium and high speed/rpm, each starting with engine being turned on, and than slowly going to desired speed. It’s easy to mix those recordings, and change their pitch, because of the 96kHz sample rate.

    Sounds included:

    Engine Mono Mix 1 and 2 – 8 files, 28 minutes

    Engine Stereo Mix 1 and 2 – 8 files, 28 minutes

    Engine RAW files – 12 files, 42 minutes

    Other files – 11 files, 49 minutes

    10 %
  • Water & Ocean Sounds Boat Ride ">Play Track 100+ sounds included, 225 mins total $50

    Also included in LT Underwater Bundle 2!

    The library has been recorded on small and medium-sized trip motorboats in Montenegro, Adriatic Sea. Rather than image of a specific boat model, this collection includes a set of universal elements with plenty of variations and perspectives, both realistic sources and stylized designs.

    Boat ride / overwater – engine roar with more or less rushing water hiss, mic onboard

    Boat ride / overwater – without the sounds of engine – universal rushing water around a fast moving object

    Boat ride / underwater – sounds of a fast movement underwater

    Waves splashing on a hull / underwater – boat is not moving, different wave intensities

    Designed underwater – adding more interesting variations and emotions to the previous categories – stylized / multi-layered / spacious / diffused / distant / deep / eerie

    Gear used:
    Ambient Sound Fish 1 MKII hydrophone – includes ultrasonics
    Aquarian H2A hydrophone
    Sound Devices Pre6 recorder
    Sony PCMD100 handheld recorder
    Rode SoundFiled NT-SF1

    Key features:
    • 94 files – 19 source overwater, 20 source underwater, 55 designed underwater
    • 24 Bit / 96 kHz native resolution mono/stereo
    • meta-tagged in Soundly
    • each filename includes the full tag line

  • Vehicles: Boats 1: Ferry Sound FX is a sound library of three types of ferry boats: a 7-ton, 12,000 horsepower car and passenger ferry, a 400-person SeaBus ferry, and a small 12-person AquaBus ferry.

    This collection highlights field recordings captured while riding the vehicles. There are a variety of tracks from holds and positions on the boats: upper, lower, and mid-holds, as well as recordings at the prow and stern. These tones can also work as industrial tones as well. This boat sound library also includes maneuvering and bow wash tracks. Includes over 15 fields of Soundminer metadata.

  • We had the chance to make the crossing of the North Atlantic Ocean on a cargo ship container (ATLANTIC STAR).
    We boarded in the Antwerp industrial port in Belgium, sailed the English Channel, and then stopped at Liverpool’s industrial port.
    Then we crossed the North Atlantic Ocean to reach Halifax, Canada. This trip took us 10 days, 10 days of sounds recording.

    Through this trip, we were able to access places that normally are closed to the public: industrial ports, and a container ship.

    -The completed sound bank (Stereo + Surround-Ambisonic) contains 154 files record in 24 bit / 96 kHz

  • Ship Sound Effects Laurin Koster 32ft, 4 Cylinder Sailboat Play Track 351+ sounds included, 300+ mins total $75

    This library features recordings made from a Laurin Koster 32ft 4 cylinder engine Sailboat.

    This library contains docked harbor ambiences while windy and calm, water movements, sail foley, engine ignition starts and cut offs, multiple different RPMs while taxiing out of the harbor, sailing, on-deck atmospheres from different perspectives and contact mic recordings of different unique sounds of the sailboat. Contains everything you need to construct a film, game or commercial from a sailboat’s perspective.

    38 %
  • Vehicle Sound Effects Chain Ferry Play Track 17+ sounds included, 56 mins total $29

    Chain Ferry features the remarkable sounds of a 100 year old ferry with a specific drive system. The ferry pulls along a strong chain lying at the ground of the river to cross. This is achieved by a clever combination of 3 drive wheels that guide the chain and prevent it from dropping to the ground.

    The Library contains several complete audio takes of the ferry in action – from departure to arrival. This encompasses engine start, engine idle, loading ramp noises and bangs plus a lot of chain rattling from various perspectives. The sounds are recorded aboard and from both sides of the river so that the entire scenery can be covered acoustically.

  • Environments & Ambiences Docks Play Track 17+ sounds included, 47 mins total $25

    Introducing Docks, an authentic collection of industrial harbor sounds captured in Dunkerque, France. It features containers being loaded and unloaded, trucks, cranes, sirens, alarms, steam + huge pieces of metal creaking and scraping. You also get lots of loud impacts with nice reverb from the container ships.

    Enjoy that industrial atmosphere! All Recordings are in Stereo AB ORTF.

  • Ship Sound Effects Boat Horns Play Track 250 sounds included, 264 mins total From: $89

    Sound Tailor – Boat Horns

    Imagine you had a real color palette when it comes to boat horn sounds. That is now possible with Sound Tailor Effects Library new release.

    In the heart of Burgundy, in central France, we met with this passionate boat horn chaser and collector who has managed, through years of research, to acquire one of the largest boat horns collection in the world. In a quiet field, we captured these incredibly loud horns, from close to distant spots, with a variety of static and dynamic microphones.

    This library includes 33 unique boat horns, organized in a chromatic scale, from A2 to F#5. We recorded 4 blasts of each horn, from short to long ones, for convenient editing. Each horn comes in 3 audio files, with 3 different microphone perspectives:

    4 meters in LCR (a combination of Neuman TLM103 / Sennheiser SM57)
    50 & 200 meters in a 5.0 surround mic array (Sennheiser MKH8020/8040)

    They have the same length and can be easily combined for more sonic possibilities.

    In addition, you get recordings of an air siren, custom made from a boat horn, and 5 edited loops of it, plus 3 different train steam whistles.

    Boat Horns contains more than 22,41 GB / 252 Files.

    All files are 24Bit/192kHz WAV Surround / LCR  & 24Bit/48kHz Stereo Version files.
    All meticulously embedded with Soundminer & UCS Metadata.


  • The Motorboat 2 library gets you recordings of a motor boat with a Honda BF 5A 5-HP 4-Stroke engine. Includes starts, idling, forward speeds, false starts, and engine shutoffs.

  • Orbital Emitter is proud to present Star Fighter Cobalt – the second release in our Star Fighter Flight Series!

    This comprehensive sound-set provides a rich arsenal of futuristic space fighter sounds for you to use in all of your creative sci-fi productions! Building off our first release, this new and unique star fighter sound-set features powerful engine blasts, interior cockpit perspectives, sync’d interior and exterior flight perspectives, an epic launch and landing sequence, robust fly-bys and two types of powerful weapon blasts presented with varying perspectives! You can use parts of this sound-set to create your own spaceship sounds or simply drag & drop our audio-scenes and audio-stems into your productions as-is! It’s up to you how you want to enjoy our sounds!
    What we hope sets this sound-set apart from other space craft sounds from other companies is that our space ship sounds are meant to sound complete– like an actual field recording of a futuristic space fighter taking off, flying around, engaging in battle and landing… All in ONE Sound-Set!!

    The Star Fighter Cobalt sound-set contains 32 individual sounds spread over 20 audio files and times out to over 12.5 minutes in total length. It features 24bit/96khz stereo WAV files – embedded with meta-data to help keep the sound files organized.
    All of our sounds are 100% original – 100% royalty free – designed for believability, creativity and cinematic impact. We hope you enjoy our sci-fi sounds!

  • Water & Ocean Sounds Mediterranean Summertime Play Track 120 sounds included, 320 mins total $49

    The Mediterranean Summertime SFX library includes 120 selections dedicated to life and the atmosphere of both glitz and off-beat Mediterranean islands, during summertime. We follow tourists in well known busy bays, as well as head out to quieter destinations recommended by locals.

    Mediterranean Summertime includes:
    • Crowded and deserted beaches with Aegean sea waves breaking on sandy and pebble coasts, pounding on the shore and washing over rocks.
    • Port ambiences with close and distant perspective fishing motorboats.
    • Sounds inside a ferry transporting you to nearby islands or back to the mainland, loading cars and passengers, arriving and departing.
  • Ship Sound Effects Motorboat Play Track 12 sounds included, 18 mins total $49

    Get the sounds of a motorboat, with a Tohatsu 3.5 hp 4-Stroke engine mounted. It features sounds such as starting, neutral and forward speeds, false starts, engine offs, constant forward speed, and more. More than 18 minutes of motorboat sounds are included.

  • Advanced Propulsion 2 is the next evolution of our popular sound design toolkit built for creating dynamic sci-fi vehicle engines and passbys. We started by recording a diverse palette of sound, spanning sessions including fire performers, acrobatic RC helicopters, racing drones, gongs, beehives, a bullet train, and countless others. This palette was then manipulated, mangled, and morphed into a goldmine of sci-fi propulsion textures and passbys. All raw source material used to create the designed palette is included, giving you maximum flexibility and a window into the new techniques used to create our designs.

    • 449 files
    • 781 sounds
    • 96k/24bit
  • Sci-Fi Sound Effects Space Battle Fighters Play Track 296 - 1574 sounds included From: $69

    “Fighters” the sequel of the Space Battle series.
    After the heavy weapons in “Artillery” here are the spaceships:
    37 designed spaceships (296 files), a total of 5 fast (frontal) passages and 5 slow ones.

    Including different sizes, velocities and speeds, extensive organic base textures, metal, air, synthesizers…
    Designed using innovative tools such as Kyma, Traveler, Reaktor, Nuendo 10 or different synthesizers and plugins.
    And it doesn’t stop there: Thanks to the toolbox you can create your own machines.

    Each designed spaceship is separated in several layers (948 files) which gives you limitless possibilities to imagine your own combinations.
    The objects and the layers are designed and slightly processed in order to integrate them as you wish in your projects.

    In the toolbox you will also find textures, whooshes, designed synthesizers sounds (330 files)

  • Open Fire! A collection of naval weapon reports and impacts. Cannon, mortar, chain shot… a selection of Age of Sail naval weaponry, with close, medium, and far variations.  Each variation is a single file, ready for video game usage.

    From full broadsides to musket reports, this boutique collection also includes impact sounds, projectile passes, and even near-miss splashes.

  • Ultra-high resolution Sea Doo recordings utilizing on-board microphone techniques, from multiple perspectives (driver perspective (mid-side) exhaust perspective & engine perspective).

    This library provides perfectly seamless loops at every 500RPM interval from IDLE to MAX speed, giving you insanely detailed control for interactive dynamics in game audio, or film sync. Not only that but also start-ups, shut-offs, revs, both dry and wet.

    Check out Volume 1

  • The Norway sound library comes with 44 unique Norwegian sounds (58+ minutes of playtime), featuring recordings of animals and insects, atmosphere, beach waves, glacier sounds, mountain stream, steps and vehicles.

  • The Northern Light is a sound effects library of a one of a kind vintage schooner from Faroe Islands – Norðlýsið.

    The ship has been completed in 1945 and is still operational, serving as a tourist vessel. It is one of the most recognisable watercrafts on The Faroes.

    The library is organised into 9 folders:

    1. Engine
    2. Bridge Controls
    3. Equipment
    4. Doors and Hatches
    5. Furniture and Furnishings
    6. Footsteps
    7. Ropes and Chains
    8. Assorted Wooden Objects
    9. Ambiences


    The 315 sound effects included were recorded before the 2020 renovations of the ship and feature now replaced mechanical parts, equipment and wooden elements.

    This library also includes bonus sound effects of the ship’s dock elements, such as the gangway and harbour ambiences.


  • There is simple two step process to download this library.

    The following is a 17 foot Medium engine boat single license sound effects library with Metadata (6.4 GB compressed .zip file, 8.5 gb Uncompressed wave files).

    This boat has a 2004 Mercury 90 horse power, in line 3, 2 stroke motor. All 53 wave files were captured in 32 Bit, 96 kHz. External sounds are in stereo. Onboard sounds are in 4 separate mono wave files. drag & drop or import each of the files into your audio editing software, then align them for creative mixing. There are also stereo mix versions of the OnBoard recordings. The combined recorded time is 74 minutes long.

    Onboard Settings:

    Channel 1 – Helm Port Side
    Channel 2 – Helm Starboard Side
    Channel 3 – Stern Port Side (next to motor)
    Channel 4 – Stern Starboard Side (Next to Motor)

    Notes: If you need specific shots of this boat, Watson is available for hire to re- record this or similar sounding watercraft.


    OnBoard = Recording perspectives on and in the watercraft

    External = Recording perspective from bystander view

    Helm = where the captain operatives the watercraft
    Bow = front of the watercraft (more cutting through water and bounce sounds) stern = back of the watercraft (mixed of motor & water churning sounds)
    Port side = left side of the watercraft
    Starboard side = right side of the watercraft

    Special thanks to Captain Nelson Italiano!!

  • High-resolution Sea Doo recordings were done from varies perspectives (driver perspective & exhaust perspective).

    Jet ski performing at different techniques for use in all types of integration, including drag and drop samples, audio to picture, as well as video game implementation by use of Wwise of Fmod (utilizing the on – slow rev to full speed – slow decelerate – off), easily building an interactive PWC engine sound.

    Music is only heard on demo, downloads are high resolution and without background music.

    What’s included:

    Power Ons / Power Offs / Gradual Accelerate / Gradual Decelerate / Medium Accelerate / Medium Decelerate / Quick Accelerate / Quick Decelerate / Joy Ridding / Passbys / Drive In / Drive Out / Floating / Wave Ambience

    Check out Volume 2


  • Breathe life into your WARFARE project with this comprehensive, meticulously recorded, edited and mastered sound effects collection of any LAND or SEA WARFARE VEHICLES or VESSELS! Perfect for use in a war themed or shooting video game, contemporary or historical military film, animation, or any other project that requires the Highest Quality NAVY, COAST GUARD, ARMY, or related LAND or SEA sounds!

    Whether your squadron needs AMMUNITION DROPS, EXPLOSIONS, WEAPONS RELOADING and HANDLING, HEAVY TRUCKS, MILITARY JEEPS, LAND ROVERS, SUBMARINES, or UNDERWATER TORPEDO FIRING, this pack delivers all you could want for your land-based or sea-based military or warfare situations.

    With 180 audio files and 60 original cinematic-quality sounds, we went the extra mile by creating multiple variations for many sounds. All files are meticulously labeled, categorized and organized for maximum efficiency and ease of use, requiring absolutely no editing, labeling or splicing! And as always, we have included HD WAV, SD WAV and HQ MP3 versions of each sound for your convenience!


    • Video Games
    • Slot Games
    • Film / Animation
    • Ads / Trailers
    • YouTube Videos
    • Live Events
    • Sound Design

    …and all other audio-visual productions!


    • Great selection of land-based vehicles and sea-based vessels with mechanical industrial and modern clean sounds, different type and intensity variants
    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labeling or splicing
    • Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
    • All files are included in Hi-Rez WAV, SD WAV and HQ MP3 formats

    DOWNLOAD NOW to bring your Land & Sea warfare project to life!

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