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Percussion Instruments

Musical percussion instruments suited for all kinds of compositions

  • Percussion Instruments Bells and Windchimes Play Track 618 sounds included, 180 mins total $24.50

    Bells and chimes are useful in sound design and music production as they are adding organic vibes to your sound.

    For this purpose, many esoteric bells and chimes were recorded from various angles, dynamics and with pristine sound quality.

    Here you will find not only traditional bells (used in hotels or boats), but also exotic Chinese and Tibetan bells, wind chimes of different sizes and esoteric tuned resonators that generate unusual harmonies and soundscapes.

    This is also a great library for further processing, pitch mangling, granulation and sound experimenting.

    30 %
    Ends 1723154400
  • The Magic Chimes SFX Library contains a wide variety of professional mark tree (wind chime) and bell tree sound effect recordings. These include glissandos, scales, single notes, steadies, shaking, and more.

    Click here for a full file list. 

  • The “AR_K Facility” is a collection of libraries, comprised of several volumes, each of which has a single or multiple Kontakt instruments. The entire series is centered on unusual percussion sounds with a lot of editing possibilities and several onboard effects. Each Volume (called “Level n”) has a distinctive set of basic sounds that can be used for composing and producing purposes – like a drum machine – as well as for soundtrack composition and sound design in films, videogames and any other multimedia product.

    The first volume (called “Level 1”) is a single instrument library with several percussion sounds and a lot of sound manipulation possibilities.

    – 5 Sound Engines
    – EQ and Compressor per Engine
    – 6 Insert effects
    – 2 Send (master) effects
    – 10 custom made IRs for the Reverb
    – Light weight: 12,8 MB
    – Sample format: 44,1 kHz, 24 Bit, NCW, stereo
    – Requires Kontakt 5.6.5 or above (FULL VERSION)
    – Version 1.0 (August 2019)

  • Percussion Instruments Shakers and Percussion Play Track 2000 sounds included $20.30

    Shakers, maracas and rainsticks are great material for sound design and further processing.

    For this library I recorded various ethnic shakers, maracas, rainsticks of different sizes and other unusual esoteric percussion instruments, like Kapel’ (circular shaker) or giant-size custom built rainstick.

    These percussion instruments were recorded from various angles, dynamics and with pristine sound quality, which can be further processed, granulated or pitch-mangled to push your sound design boundaries further.

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    Ends 1723154400
  • Got a film or other production that has a ringing smartphone/mobile phone/cellphone, but you can’t use the ringtones from the original manufacturer? Well, this sound library is for you!

    19 unique but not too complex smartphone ringtones or notification tones made with a marimba. Because these are made with a marimba, the tones are soft and easy to listen to. Ringtones are in both mono and stereo format, and also without EQ and with EQ. EQ’d versions are designed to sound straight from a smartphone, so you can just insert those into your project!

  • Large acoustic bass drums are often used in trailers, movies, video games and other multimedia projects in which tension moments need to be emphasized.

    For this library, I recorded several large REMO and MEINL drums, as well as custom handmade shamanic tambourines. Here you can find not only clean recordings, but processed with distortion/overdrive, drum rolls and also unusual foley, which can be used for sound design.

    30 %
    Ends 1723154400
  • This library contains a wide selection of musical and non-musical instruments, toys and noisemakers.

    You will find a wide variety of bells, whistles, cymbals, horns, blocks, drums, toys, shakers, crankers, etc. Can be utilized in a multitude of ways. For example, fill out a musical arrangement, for cartoon effects, goofy UI, etc!

    Music is only heard in the demo. Downloads are high resolution and without background music.

  • Flysound presents, for the holiday season, a joyful, enchanting library of all the essential sounds of winter magic. The literal jingle of bells, and other blessed chimes; the clinking of glasses and the popping of bottles of champagne. These are the sounds of Christmas, Hanukkah, and a very special New Year’s Eve and beyond.

    Flysound is proud of the work it has done in this challenging year, and we are happy to face the coming new one, with the people we love and care for, and with the colleagues we respect and cherish. So here we present a celebratory collection of triumphant professional sounds, to stimulate the holiday mood and to joyously ring in the New Year. Cheers!

    Flysound Christmas Library

  • This pack includes 107 files of 6 Gamelan instruments and 1 Harp. This library is a sample pack of sound textures ranging from scarping, single tones, spinning notes, intervals, and playing the Gamelan instruments with various mallets.

    Recorded with 2-3 microphones and from 2-3 mic positions, you have a pretty good range of sound textures to choose from!

    We used this library mainly to add tonal qualities and textures to our RPG Magic SFX Pack 3 – Elemental. Now you can also have access to these recordings!

  • Ensembles of traditional Buddhist instruments and chanting, with throat singing.

  • Bundles Textures Bundle Play Track 777 sounds included From: $5

    Amazonic Texture Bundle

    Included Instruments:

    Apito Embolo, Apito de Grilo, Apito de Mari, Bacururu Maior, Bacururu Menor, Balanco da Rede, Buzina Bambu, Buzina Motor, Buzina Tariano, Cancao, Canto da Guariba, Chocalho de Jatoba, Chocalho de Rodelas, Chua Chua, Cipo Dagua, Gaviao Real, Ocarina, Ocarina Passaros, Papagaio de Moleira, Pau de Chuva, Remo, Sapo Cururu, Sapos, Tambor de Mola, Tambor Sideral, Trototo, Trovao, Trovao de Mola, Uru, Vassourao

  • Introducing the Plonk Percussion Hits Collection, a UNIQUE percussion sample package with over 200 files! This collection features samples from the renowned Plonk physical modeling percussion synthesizer. These sounds are perfect for live performance, hardware samplers, or software samplers and drum plugins like Battery.

  • 100% bike sounds, 100% not what you think.

    So, this pack happened sort of on a whim. Armed with a new field recorder and eager to test its capabilities I recorded some sounds my bike makes. I quickly found that these little samples had a lot of potential and immediately started manipulating, layering, and mangling them into a fully fledged drum kit. This kit covers everything from seat-smacks turned 808s, spoke flicks turned snare drums, and freewheel hubs turned hi-hats.

    So here it is, “SPØKES”, a super off-the wall drum kit that is 100% original, 100% bike sounds, yet 100% musical at the same time. This kit was a blast to make and I hope you’ll be having just as much fun using it in your productions.

    What’s included?

    • 86 percussive one-shot samples @ 24 Bit, 44.1 kHz WAV files, 5mb total
      • 8x Kick
      • 13x Snare
      • 18x Hi-Hat
      • 4x 808
      • 43x Percussion

    Important: These are not the kind of bicycle sound effects you’d want if you’re looking add believable sound to a bike onscreen. This is a set of samples specifically targeted at music makers and as source for more experimental sound design.

  • Percussion Instruments Wind Chimes Play Track 16+ sounds included, 98 mins total $25

    Wind Chimes is a collection of meticulously captured wind chimes purposely recorded with a pair of high-end Barcus Berry 4000 (Planar Wave Piano and Harp Pickup System) contact microphones. By using this type of mic instead of traditional ones, the attack, sustain and decay of each tube struck by its clapper are experienced in ways unheard by the naked ear. Every tinkle and plink, every clang and rattle sound a bit more removed from its environment than normal. Harmonics are heard alongside fundamental frequencies. Every recording is unique to its moment in time. Each note is as random as the wind that plays it. These chimes are anything but showroom new. Some are weathered. Some are outwardly neglected. A few sound pretty, others not so much.

  • The unapologetically digital Drum Machine.

    Sampled, processed, reimagined.

    Few companies have shaped the role of drum machines in music quite as significantly as Roland. In the 1980s, they created a set of machines that have since become legendary and are still being used today, be it in hardware form or (most commonly) as samples. The TR-707 is just as recognizable as its siblings, the 808 and 909, and features a set of digitally sampled sounds that’ll be instantly familiar to anyone hearing them. Sonically, it sits somewhere between a LinnDrum and TR-909 with two punchy kicks, two relatively low-pitched snares with snappy transients, a 909 hi-hat and cymbals, a capable clap, nice “woody” toms, and a classic low-pitched cowbell and rim.

    With digital memory at a premium at its release, its digital samples were stored in resolutions of 8-bit for drums and percussion, and 6-bit for cymbals. This is no doubt one of the factors contributing to this machine’s crispy sound that is remarkably clear given the limitations of digital audio at the time. A trick that Roland employed to avoid low bitrate dithering artifacts during sample decay was using analog envelope generators that attenuate the individual sounds after the 707’s D/A converters. This is why the 707’s sounds decay much more gracefully than those of some of its digital contemporaries.

    With its ability to send and receive MIDI, sync external hardware, and output sounds on dedicated outputs, this drum machine had all the necessary features in place to make it mainstay in many artists’ studios. As such, it can be heard on countless records either providing all drums or often times specifically lending a song its punchy kick and snare.

    707+ // the definitive TR-707 kit | BØLT

    The process

    Of course, I’m aware that there are many 707 sample packs already out there. What makes this pack stand out however is the sheer amount of sample varieties and the clarity of the raw samples. Having recorded a pristine 707 using Rheingold Music cables, a DIYRE Fe2 DI with CineMag transformer, and high-end Antelope Audio converters at 24-Bit / 96 kHz ensures that the raw samples are the cleanest available anywhere.

    To create 707+, these samples have then been processed in numerous ways, exploring the full potential of the machine’s 15 sounds. I recorded them to 1/2″ tape using my restored Tascam 58 reel-to-reel multitrack tape machine at 15ips, 18ips, and 12ips to infuse the samples with analog warmth. I then captured these same recordings at different speeds to create the kind of clean re-pitching only tape machines can achieve.

    Next, I recorded the sounds onto cassette tape using a 1965 mono tape recorder originally intended for voice memo and PA use. Needless to say, the resulting samples are super grungy yet retain a lot of punch. I captured them at different input gain levels to achieve varying amounts of distortion and saturation.

    To further go down the LoFi rabbit hole, I captured the raw samples using a teenage engineering po-33 K.O! sampler that uses really punchy 8-bit A/D & D/A converters and re-pitched them yet again for that ultimate LoRes grit.

    Ultimately, I didn’t want to put out this pack without putting a uniquely personal spin on these samples. That’s why I pooled together all of the above mentioned sounds and utilized some sophisticated processing and layering techniques to create a contemporary drum kit with bucketloads of punch. This kit is suitable for anything from trap to lo-fi and is unlike anything you’d expect to come out of the TR-707.


    Pack contents

    • All 15 original sounds of the TR-707.
    • 40x LoFi samples recorded onto cassette using a 1965 dictation tape recorder.
    • 75x LoRes samples recorded and re-pitched using the po-33 K.O! sampler
    • 150x samples recorded, re-pitched, and saturated using a Tascam 58 reel-to-reel recorder.
    • 166x contemporary-fied samples treated with sophisticated processing and sound design techniques.
    • Fully-featured MPC Expansion with multiple kits, pre-programmed processing, and kit previews
    • 5x OP-Z kits with a total of 120 samples (compatible with OP-1)
    • 4x Ableton Drum Racks covering select clean, LoFi, LoRes, and contemporary samples.
  • Hybrid Sonic Branding Kit is a business identity & motion graphics sound effects library that delivers luxury sound design styles for big brands, sonic identities, intros, outros, twitch, youtube, explainer videos, audio logos and title screens. Inside you’ll be able to utilize over 480 professionally designed sound effects that are guaranteed to make your workflow faster. Let your curiosity flow with lush sequences, polished sonic branding motion and get sound types like movements, transitions, reveals, appears, disappears, title screens, cinematic’s, accents and is especially useful for audiovisual needs and productions.

    • 485 designed brand identity sound effects files
    • 2.66 GB of samples
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav
    • Sonic Identity & Motion Graphics SFX library
    17 %
  • Geophonic Instruments Vol. 2 is our latest entry in the popular Geophonic line of sound effects libraries.

    This library contains an assortment of interesting and unique sounds, which have been designed from raw recordings captured with the Lom Geofon. Our audio craftsman made use of a hand drum and violin for this library, recording a range of content including Hits, bangs, booms, scrapes, bowings and abstract sounds.

    These sounds include super low frequencies, going down as low as 10Hz allowing you bring some intense low frequency energy into your projects

    Geophonic Instruments Vol. 2 is perfect for sci-fi, horror and mystery projects, and will also lend itself well to Film, TV and Game productions across a variety of genres.

    All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 192kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

  • Cymbals From Hell Bundle is a disturbing collection of sound effects which includes three of our most popular horror libraries. Bringing you the nastiest, harshest set of designed elements and raw recordings, this bundle has more than 420 files with a total run time of 430+ mins. (18.94 GB).

    Two of the included libraries are made in collaboration with Igor Tikhonov from KEDR Audio, who captured various types of gongs, Tibetan bowls, various bells in several performances using both Mid-Side and A/B microphone techniques to encapsulate an extensive stereo-field and different textures. Cymbals From Hell Vol. 1 has been recorded in a studio environment and played by a professional percussionist, with the intention of providing the most dynamic range and disturbing playing style. Our Audio Craftsmen carefully edited and designed the sounds to make the most frightening and bizarre effects.

    This bundle contains harsh-bowed cymbals, distorted gong rumbles, horror stingers, heavy drones, risers, cinematic, mangled hits, gut rumbling sub sounds, dark-unsetting chimes, magical bells, weird sci-fi drones and much, much more.

    This array of sounds is perfect for your films, video games and other projects, giving you everything you need to build compelling horror and sci-fi soundscapes.
    You will be saving almost 30% of the total cost of the individual libraries when purchasing this bundle, an excellent value for money addition to your horror sound effects libraries.

  • Amazonic Shaker Bundle

    Included Instruments:

    Caracaxa, Casa de Caba, Cheque Triplo, Chocalho de Aroré, Chocalho de Coco, Chocalho de Nhambé, Chocalho de Saterê, Chocalho de Tucumã, Favamaraca, Nhambé Inajá, Nhambé Seringa, Peito de Moça, Re Cuia, Rocar, Tauari

  • Bundles Low Percussion Bundle Play Track 440 sounds included From: $5

    Amazonic Low Percussion Bundle

    Included Instruments:

    Amassador Macaco, Caixa de Marabaixo 1 Aguda, Caixa de Marabaixo 2 Grave, Cajon Cuia, Gamba de Maues Grave, Gamba Grande, Gamba Medio, Gambazinho, Surdo, Tambor de Alfaia, Tambor de Marabaixo, Tumbadoura

  • Shamanic Drums is a cinematic instrument built from 360+ sample recordings of hand drums and voices.

    Our Audio Craftsmen edited, balanced and programmed 4 round robins and 3 velocity layers for each articulation before integrating them into our Kontakt interface, giving Film Composers and Music Producers an extensive set of unique percussion to use in their tracks. These sounds are perfect for trailer percussion loops, rhythmic tension, electronic music and cinematic scores. We also included performed loops that can add interesting ethnic layers to your music.

    To provide some tonal layers, we recorded tribal vocal performances to give extra texture to your tracks. After the implementation, our talented in-house Composers designed 11 extra patches, which include shamanic choirs, melodic tones, different variations of electronic sounds, chords, trailer hits and even trickling, echoey drums.

    Our user-friendly Kontakt interface provides a variety of controls that encourage experimentation within the patches. The built in Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer are great for generating hundreds of percussion variations in seconds. We have also added a Chord function in our designed patches where you can choose different scales, key and chord shapes while the Main View provides a set of parameters perfect for sculpting the sounds your way.

    Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required.
    NOTE: This library does not run in the free ‘Kontakt Player’.

  • ANALOG DRUM SHOTS is a collection of 253 drum shots from Eurorack drum modules (TipTop Audio – Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas) and modern analog drum machines (MFB Tanzbar – Elektron).
    All samples are Wavs 24-bit mono 48 khz one shots, ready for your next 100% analog drum kits.

    Simple organization of all the sounds is guaranteed by two main categories:

    • DRY: these samples are directly recorded from modules and will give you the authenticity of synthesized drums giving an analog touch to your electronic production.
    • PROCESSED: sound designed percussion using multilayered dry shots and digital processing for experimental usage, featuring glitchy, reversed, distorted and trashed samples.

    Pack Content:

    DRY Analog Shots: 184 total sounds:
    Kicks: 31 sounds
    Clap: 12 sounds
    Snares: 23 sounds
    Cymbals: 26 sounds
    Toms: 37 sounds
    Other Percussions: 55 sounds
    PROCESSED and Layered: 69 total sounds

  • Made in collaboration with Robert Pepper from EffectsWorks, The Horrorphone is a unique and disturbing cinematic Kontakt library built from 460+ sample recordings of a custom built percussion/effects instrument. Played with a bow, beater, and hands triggering the most horrifying and uncomfortable stingers, drones, hits and much, much more.

    Our Audio Craftsmen meticulously edited, balanced and programmed 48 different patches and integrated them into our Kontakt interface, giving Film Composers and Music Producers a suite of unique textures to use in their tracks. These sounds are perfect for horror scores, trailer percussion loops, rhythmic tension, electronic music and film score cues with an element of atonality.

    The Main Articulations include: Percussion, Cymbals, Knockers, High Mid and Low Hits, Metal Bars, Shakes, Springs, Wood Vibrations and Various Drum Kits.

    But we didn’t stop there… As always with our Kontakt library releases, our in-house Composers designed an eclectic array of designed patches. Pads, arps, drones, EDM leads, horror alarms, pulses and even screaming cymbals give the user both tonal and atonal material to layer with their percussion, and build a haunting, metallic texture into their sound.

    The 344 Audio Kontakt interface provides a variety of controls that encourage experimentation with the patches. The built in Arpeggiator is great for generating hundreds of percussion/lead variations on the fly, while the Main View provides a set of parameters perfect for shaping the sounds your way.

    Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required.
    NOTE: This library does not run in the free ‘Kontakt Player’

  • Amazonic Mid Percussion Bundle

    Included Instruments:

    Bongo de Cuia, Caixinha, Repique, Taboquinha, Tambor D’Agua, Tambor de Cassa, Tambor de Cuia Maior, Tambor de Cuia Menor, Tambor de Porto Velho, Tambor de Tubo, Tambor de Tucuma, Tambor de Vara, Trocano 1, Trocano 2

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