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Musical instruments suited for all kinds of compositions

    Dive deep into a musical World Travel captured with the rare instruments of the ORIGINS cosmos. Unfold their pure sound and benefit from the authenticity, these acoustic treasures provide you at your fingertips. Compose using our beautifully matching dream couples or utilize the uniqueness of each solo instrument to complement your overall sound.

    What you get: The Origins Bundle includes 10 wonderful playable solo instruments, combined in 5 instrument-pairs, with beautifully interlocked and entwined pulses, patterns and arpeggios.


    Designed with a focus on user friendliness to facilitate an expedient workflow, the ORIGINS BUNDLE is an excellent solution in the quest for authentic, fresh and captivating musical experiences.

    The ability to play all couples and solo instruments interlocking, independently, with inspiring patterns as well as single notes, chords and rhythms on the fly with full customization options will help you keep an expedient workflow as well as achieve truly unique results.

    You can play all instruments independently or in beautiful concord via the build-in Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD). Choose from numerous tasteful patterns and presets that will kickstart your own creative journey with the instrument and drive your inspiration forward. Also, create your own arpeggios and exchange them within the whole, completely modular ORIGINS Series.


    This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT (not included). The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.

    Libraries from Sonuscore are covered by a special EULA - read it here.
  • Other Instruments Church Bells Play Track 32+ sounds included, 50 mins total $20

    Church bells from Middle Ages to early 20th century. European traditional bells made in bronze. Various churches, bells and sound perspectives. From near field recordings recorded in church towers to far field recordings – soundscapes of bells in countryside/city, small town, villages…
    Maritime bells included (old sailing/steamships from the 19th century). Recorded in the Museum of Maritime History.
    Finest equipment used like: AKG, Sennheiser,…mics, Sound Devices recorder/mixer. (Few recording captured in mono with dynamic mic-high sound pressure/level)
    Metadata tagged with list of equipment and approximate age of bells.
    Check the sound list for further info.

    20 %
  • This library contains a wide selection of musical and non-musical instruments, toys and noisemakers.

    You will find a wide variety of bells, whistles, cymbals, horns, blocks, drums, toys, shakers, crankers, etc. Can be utilized in a multitude of ways. For example, fill out a musical arrangement, for cartoon effects, goofy UI, etc!

    Music is only heard in the demo. Downloads are high resolution and without background music.

  • Strange instruments is collection of wild and unconventional instrument sound effects. Featuring 30 instruments; this collection covers a wide range sounds from a variety of unique props. From whirling and whooshing Bullroarers, Wind Wands, and Twittering Bamboo; to dramatic impacts and pitch bending from Gongs and Cymbals in water; to the strange calls and warbling of PVC Horns, Overtone Flutes, and Bamboo Swazzles,… the sonic scope of Strange Instruments is wide and varied.

    While these props have their place in some forms of music, they were specially selected, performed, and recorded for rich sound design possibilities. Discover how this wild new source material can bring a fresh perspective to your design. Check out the previews of what this library contains at normal speed and what can be achieved with just simple pitch shifting!

  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX Play Track 463-972 sounds included, 104 mins total From: $25

    Have you ever dreamt of attacking a piano with a metal mallet? Dream no more! This library is available in two versions, a discounted bundle, and also in the further discounted “2017 InspectorJ Bundle” for 50% off!

    Piano, Mallet Strikes: (1.44 GB)
    Recorded at 96kHz/24-bit stereo, this collection of sounds brings you 463 sampler-based metal mallet strikes with five variations. As opposed to playing the piano normally, these sounds were created by striking the string with a metal mallet, creating a harsher attack and a unique plucky percussive sound.

    The sounds have been mapped to Kontakt 5 patches for quicker playing (requires the full version of Kontakt 5), but the raw files are also included. The five different samplers offer you a wide variety of durations:

    Damped instantly (84 sounds; five octaves)
    Damped after 1 second (97 sounds; seven octaves)
    Damped after 2 seconds (97 sounds; seven octaves)
    Damped after 5 seconds (88 sounds; six octaves)
    Sustained fully (97 sounds; seven octaves)

    Piano, Mallet FX: (1.62 GB)
    This collection of sounds brings you 509 FX sounds of various scrapes, hits and glissandos across the piano strings with a metal mallet, offering significant number of variations. Every sound was recorded at 96kHz/24-bit stereo.
    Piano, Mallet Strikes and FX: (3.06 GB)
    This collection of sounds is a discounted bundle of two libraries – “Piano, Mallet FX” and “Piano, Mallet Strikes” – to give you 509 FX sounds of various scrapes, hits and glissandos across the strings, as well as 463 sampler-based mallet strikes with five variations. Every sound was recorded at 96kHz/24-bit stereo.
  • This pack includes 107 files of 6 Gamelan instruments and 1 Harp. This library is a sample pack of sound textures ranging from scarping, single tones, spinning notes, intervals, and playing the Gamelan instruments with various mallets.

    Recorded with 2-3 microphones and from 2-3 mic positions, you have a pretty good range of sound textures to choose from!

    We used this library mainly to add tonal qualities and textures to our RPG Magic SFX Pack 3 – Elemental. Now you can also have access to these recordings!

  • The “AR_K Facility” is a collection of libraries, comprised of several volumes, each of which has a single or multiple Kontakt instruments. The entire series is centered on unusual percussion sounds with a lot of editing possibilities and several onboard effects. Each Volume (called “Level n”) has a distinctive set of basic sounds that can be used for composing and producing purposes – like a drum machine – as well as for soundtrack composition and sound design in films, videogames and any other multimedia product.
    The second volume (called “Level 2”) is a collection of five different instruments with several percussion sounds and a lot of sound manipulation possibilities each.

    The instruments in the library are:
    – Crushing Anvil
    – Deep Space Craze
    – Devil’s Forge
    – Iron Screeches
    – Robotik Breakdown

  • Little Boxes is a curated collection of four unique sound sets designed to compliment one another sonically and texturally. These textures move from acoustic to electroacoustic to analog synthesis – all programmed into beautiful Kontakt 4 instruments (full NI Kontakt
    4.2.3 or later required).

    Comes with the following four boxes:

    Box 1. Earthquake Detector:

    littleboxes earthquake detectorA small device meant to be hung flat on the wall, the balls will swing and strike the strings if the ground begins to move.
    This box was shaken, plucked, strummed, performed and ebowed to produce a beautiful palette of acoustic string textures.
    In Kontakt those sounds evolved into a group of instruments that ran from folksy, zither like patches to lush, shimmering pads.

    Box 2. Folktek Microgarden:
    micro gardenA handmade DIY electroacoustic device, this box is built by Arius Blaze at folktek and features a uniquely electric sound while still allowing for very expressive performances.
    Capable of percussion, pads, boings and buzzes, this is a unique and versatile box.
    In Kontakt the sounds evolved into an exotic group of instruments ranging from synth pads and percussion kits to vintage otherworldly sonic spectra.
    a truly unique piece.

    Box 3. MFO Weird Sound Generator:weird sound box
    A DIY analog synth built from a kit, this box yields a broad palette of thick, dynamic, chunky synth tones and evolving textures.
    After tweaking knobs and rolling for hours, each chunk of sound that made the cut was carefully edited, tagged, and then further sculpted to achieve its final state.
    In Kontakt a broad palette of luscious pads, thick warm basses, and polyphonic instruments emerged from the source textures.

    Box 4. Dementia Labs optical theremin:
    thereminA DIY circuit bent one-off custom theremin, this one features an elaborate unlabeled patchbay, a bunch of unlabeled knobs, and a light sensor as a modulator.
    This box yielded tons of static and crunchy textures, as well as some very retro sounding musical pads.
    The Kontakt patches turned into a pile of far out synths, analog crackles, and fuzzy goodness.

    Note: Can be used without Kontakt too!
    All Kontakt instrument libraries include fully unlocked and accessible metadata tagged .wav files. You don't need any version of Kontakt to use these files as a standalone sample library.

  • This pack includes 217 sought-after ambient guitar loops, introspective chord progressions, reflective rock melodies, warm plucky guitar rhythms, warm fuzzy feelings, and a variety of essential loop-able guitar samples for creating moody pop & rock music.

    Ambient Cinematic Guitars 3 is the third volume of the ambient guitar loops series by Epic Stock Media. This loop library is a cross-genre sample pack and creates unique and professional tracks ranging from Dream Pop, Easy Listening, Alternative Rock, Emo, Ambient, Instrumental, Soundtrack, Country & other ambient genres.

    Each guitar loop includes a wet & dry version of the sample. This will allow you to have maximum flexibility in your mix and gives you the power to further process your guitar loops without being locked into the wet with effects versions of the file.

    Everything is organized into understandable folders & meticulously key tagged. We’ve added extensive Soundminer metadata into the samples to help you find the sound at the right time.

    All files are Royalty-Free and supplied to you in high-quality 48k/24-Bit WAV format that can be used in the most popular samplers, DAWs, and plugins with drag & drop plugin features.

    Product details:
    217 loops
    1.1 GB of samples
    All in high-quality 48k/24bit .wav file format
    Modern Ambient Guitar Loops, Chord progressions, Melodies, Beds – all loop-able
    Includes Soundminer Metadata
    All files form, key & bpm labeled
    100% Royalty-Free
    Compatible with PC/Mac and all DAW’s

  • “Prepared Turntable” is a sound object library recorded by Marc Hasselbalch.

    Inspired by the sound artists who work with preparing and altering their instruments through the addition of external objects, this library is as much a useful pool of material for sound designers as it is a document of a sound object and the various nuances of circular, squeaking and screaming textures it produced.

    The primary preparation was to have various metal springs run across the vinyl record and record this in various ways, such as with the turntable’s own (broken, humming and hissing) pickup and contact microphones. Small nudges to the position of the springs and objects would result in very different timbres. Some rich in resonant, nuanced textures, some rich in metallic screams and howls.

    Other preparations done during recording: letting a credit card scrape freely across the record, attaching a contact microphone to the little comb from a discarded music box and letting that make contact with the record in various way – and more.

    Each take is about 60 seconds long to allow for the small, irregular nuances to reveal themselves. Some recordings reveal a great amount of irregular movement while some recordings have the objects settle a very hypnotic state. Presented rather raw without any intrusive, designed alterations.

    The recordings are offered in 96 kHz / 24 bit with UCS metadata.

  • The Burroughs Protectograph that we acquired was manufactured around the turn of the 20th century and had a single unique function – to stamp and emboss checks for banks. The Burroughs corporation has been around since 1886, and was an early force in the adding machine, check stamper and typewriter industries. This Protectograph version had an electric mechanism that would move large printheads down through a ribbon and would stamp a check hard and repeatedly for as long as the print key was held down. Our machine was acquired in perfect working condition.

    Its keys have a short through but a satisfying clack, and the punch mechanism is a huge whir stamp sound than can cycle if the punch button is held down. We rolled with the case both on and off, which revealed very different sounds from the main electric mechanisms.

    We ran the whole session with three perspectives miked up – front by the keys, in the back by the punch and a wide perspective perfect for bgfx placement. The front and back mics were Schoeps CMC6.MK4 and the wide mic was an AT 4050 in omni about 5 feet away. Listen to the straight examples give a clear accounting of the type of sounds we got from this machine, and the bent examples show what can really be done with those sounds and the Kontakt instrument.


    Key features for Burroughs Protectograph

    • 3 mic perspectives of each performance
    • 10 unique articulation groups
    • 10 + performances per articulation
    • 13 Kontakt .nki files (unlocked)
    • .nki files require full version of NI Kontakt 4 or higher
    • photographs and video stills

    Note: Can be used without Kontakt too!
    All Kontakt instrument libraries include fully unlocked and accessible metadata tagged .wav files. You don't need any version of Kontakt to use these files as a standalone sample library.

  • Cinematic Horn – Over 100 plug-and-play cinematic horn braams and sting sound effects.

    17 %
  • Dive into massive emotional force and create an unbelievably sincere and expressive raw feeling.

    Welcome to PLATFORM, a versatile and easy-to-use sample library and Kontakt Instrument with a huge variety of impressive modern-sounding and a futuristic//cyberpunk vibe a lot of character and personality.

    This is a collaboration between sonic mastermind Robert Dudzic and SampleTraxx.

    Designed with both acoustic and synth sources PLATFORM is aimed primarily for writing sound design tracks, score and cinematic projects but can perfectly fit in every genre of modern electronic music.

    With 570 Wav sounds and Kontakt’s sound shape possibilities PLATFORM can be an essential tool in the studio when you need that off/center non standard sound.

    This arsenal of high-end sound effects is now on your fingertips with 18 Kontakt Instruments and tons of sound shaping filters and envelopes, 13 effects, a rhythm section featuring a step sequencer, filter sequencer, 2 filter LFOs, and gain/pan/pitch LFOs.

    If you’re looking for instant inspiration and raw emotions PLATFORM is the right heavy-hitter for you.

  • Other Instruments Back and Forth Play Track 400+ sounds included From: $29

    Back and Forth was born of an idea of Matteo Milani and Lorenzo di Tria (aka Dj Mate/Signal Generator), thinking on how to build an intuitive and great sounding music tool for contemporary producers and sound designers.
    Based on Lorenzo’s experience on the art of turntablism and Matteo’s ability to produce distinctive sound effect libraries, this collection is now an easy way to add real scratch and turntable performances to your musical and audiovisual projects, and finally make them sounds better then ever before.
    The unsurpassed sound of the needle in the groove and the cuts of the crossfader generate an unmistakable music quality and uniqueness.
    The library follow the naming structure provided by UCS (Universal Category System), a public domain initiative supported by sound librarians, vendors, and users from around the globe.

  • Instruments Ponticello Play Track 90 sounds included $26

    The “Cedar” library series is a collection of libraries, comprised of three different instruments:

    – Ponticello (the present one)

    – Sul Tasto

    – Bizzarro

    Each volume is a single Kontakt instrument with a peculiar timbral personality. The entire series is created recording sounds from a luthier classical guitar. They can be used for composing and producing purposes – like an acoustic percussion setup – as well as for soundtrack composition and sound design in films, video games and any other multimedia product. “Ponticello” and “Sul Tasto” also feature a dedicated effects page that can be used to process the sounds in the library with several processors, both send and insert effects. They are “percussion oriented” sounds, while “Bizzarro” is a keyboard instrument.

    Introduction to “Ponticello”

    The instrument contains 10 sets of sounds, called “Engines”. Each set has a dedicated channel strip in the interface and can be processed with a dedicated sub-page. You can also choose an individual audio output for further processing in your favorite DAW with effect plugins of your choice. Each sound has been recorded with two different mic placements, and you can mix them to your taste.

  • Materials & Texture Sound Effects Dissonant Langspil Play Track 204 sounds included, 24 mins total $15

    Experimental sounds made with an Icelandic Langspil using bows, bottleneck and fingers.

    A series of dissonant, atonal drones, scrapes, scratches and squeaks played by Chris Foster.


    Excellent source material for designing creative textures and sound morphing into alien and creature sounds. Also for adding to tense, eerie atmospheres.

    25 %
    Ends 1713391199
  • Bass to make your Beats Bounce.

    Every good laid-back groove needs a bass track that sits just right and makes your head bob.

    LOW ‘n’ SLOW does exactly that.

    10 original loops in 3-4 keys each and 59 one shot samples including delicious plucks, thumps, slides, and hammer-ons carefully crafted to make your beats bounce. Everything was played on a handmade FLEXX BASSES “Peter” bass with old school flat wound strings through a pristine recording chain for that authentic R’n’B sound. The loops are constructed to be infinitely choppable and stretchable so you can use them to craft your own original bass lines.

    And, last but not least, the entire pack is of course ROYALTY FREE so you can use these loops and samples for any of your projects!

    What’s included?

    • 10 original bass loops in 3-4 keys each (33 loops in total).
    • 35 note one shots (sustained, plucked, picked & thumped).
    • 11 slides to use as fills and pickups.
    • 11 hammer-on samples for adding liveliness to your bass lines.
  • Folk Bagpipe is not a bagpipe!

    The “Folk Bagpipe” is a typical instrument of Southern Italy. It is an aerophone musical instrument made of a goatskin bag filled with air and four double reed pipes linked to the mother stump. Thanks to this library you will have an instrument to use both in a traditional way and to create sound effects and sound-design in a cinematic context.


    Our first phrase library focusing on plucked instruments, MEDIEVAL PHRASES LUTE & THEORBO brings you into a world of classic imagination, booming with bards and taverns, questing knights, and roving robber barons and bandits.

    In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, the bards in courts and taverns constantly needed new ways to inspire their audiences. People looked back to the ancients for their inspiration, whether in science or medicine, or in music. The Ancient Greeks tapped into the divine in their epic recitations accompanied by the lyre and kithara. It was only natural that during the late medieval times – when all things ancient were coming into fashion again – that the lute and theorbo would take a centerpiece.

    Our MEDIEVAL PHRASES LUTE & THEORBO brings back that flair of medieval castles and the inspiring spirit of the Renaissance, transporting you to rustic pubs and medieval markets, from Homer’s epics to the court of the Medicis. The light, heavenly plucks of the lute are richly accented by the deep voice of the theorbo, perfect for period pieces, experimental music, or ambient dwellings.

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

    Available as DOWNLOAD

    Libraries from Sonuscore are covered by a special EULA - read it here.
  • Oriental Charm is one of the world’s largest high-quality original collections designed for Chinese musical instruments, which can be used in Video Games or Media projects. Take your project to the next level with this beautifully crafted and comprehensive musical suite.

  • Victorian Pump Organ is our new steampunk-inspired Kontakt library made in collaboration with Stuart Keenan from Glitchedtones. With 50 different patches including sound design, drum kits and foley, this instrument is perfect for musicians and sound designers to make everything from sea shanties, period style music from the 1800s and early 20th-century all the way to EDM tracks and horror/atmospheric scores.

    Stuart Keenan from Glitchedtones faithfully captured a Victorian Pump Organ (built-in 1865, Canada) at a studio in Newcastle with 4 different microphones positioned for treble, bass and stereo room mic perspectives. Our Audio Craftsmen meticulously edited the samples and programmed 50 patches and integrated them into our Kontakt interface giving film composers, music producers, sound designers and game developers a vast array of options to create music and compositions in various genres.

    There are 9 main patches including 3 melodic patches, 4 chord patches and 2 foley patches with the organ adjusted at different stops. We also recorded genuine major, minor and complex chords helping people with less knowledge in music theory to write songs and chord progressions. We also covered foley patches with keys, squeaks and pedal sounds to add an essence of natural character.

    Our in house composers built additional designed patches which include; Harp like arpeggiators, ethnic instruments such as the harmonium all the way to electro leads, game boy organs and dubstep inspired basslines. We even manipulated samples and built patches for metal and rock music. 

    We have included patches for a variety of circumstances like abandoned church organs, space generators and creaky room voices. We have also included low subsonic impacts and rumbles to add weight to your sounds and music. Some of the patches like glorious arp, telephone arp, tweeting birds, drunken organ, sea shanty organ, harmonica and cathedral hits are ideal for adding texture and interest.

    Our user-friendly Kontakt interface provides a variety of controls that encourage experimentation within the patches. We have included a mic mixing section with ADSR where you can adjust the levels for treble, bass and stereo (multiple mics) if you need to add more width to the mix. The built-in Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer are great for generating hundreds of variations in seconds.

    We hope that you will take the opportunity to try out this fascinating and timeless instrument.

    Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher is required.

    NOTE: This library does not run in the free ‘Kontakt Player.

  • Discover the 5th member of the Sonuscore Origin Series, VOL. 5: UKULELE & MUTED PIANO!
    Featuring a unique combination between two carefully sampled, distinct instruments, the Multi-Arpeggio-Designer (MAD) gives a wonderful performance when playing chords, melodies or progressions on your keyboard.

    Play bold, grounded and wide-open sequences with the Muted Piano, add the light touch of the Ukulele, let both instruments playfully mingle, use a wide variety of effects from percussive timbres to ambient pads and more!

    All of this is instantly accessible via handcrafted, fully customizeable presets, in both the musical and tonal color category.

    With a focus on user-friendliness, UKULELE & MUTED PIANO gives you everything you need to start with an impressive sound palette, dig deeper and tweak the instrument to your heart’s content.

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

    Available as DOWNLOAD

    Libraries from Sonuscore are covered by a special EULA - read it here.
  • The Origins series returns with new carefully recorded instruments. This time we present to you the incomparable MUSIC BOX together with the sinister PLUCKED PIANO. Play the instruments individually or unleash the true power of ORIGINS with an interplay of both instruments by the powerful Multi-Arpeggio Designer (MAD) that lets you get the highest quality, creative results in the fastest time possible. The rhythmically interacting and enriching interplay of the music box and the plucked piano offer the best possible basis to create eerie, anticipation building or dreamy moods on the fly.

    Your scene is – for example – a haunted castle, a magical lake with fairies deep in the woods, some strange place behind a rabbit hole or a mysterious and odd fantasy world? We promise that this instrument will instantly lead your composition into the right direction. Select one of over 100 presets, designed by experienced composers, play some chords and let the magic happen. You want the full control? Feel free to adjust any parameter as you like. With endless possibilities to churn out ideas on the fly ORIGINS VOL 2: MUSIC BOX & PLUCKED PIANO is a must-have tool for any composer who needs to create the right vibe quickly without losing his or her individual creative expression.

    Origins Vol.2 Music Box & Plucked Piano is part of the Origins Bundle Vol.1-5.

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

    Available as DOWNLOAD

    Libraries from Sonuscore are covered by a special EULA - read it here.

    Where words fail, music gains its power. The magical fairytale pulls of our Celtic harp transport the listener to magical worlds in heavenly places.

    A Celtic harp with a divinely inspired sound, CELESTIAL HARP has a unique tone that is warm and soft in its plucks, but lush and enveloping with its full strums. It is perfect to transport your listeners to fantasy worlds and ancient settings, especially when paired with the particle power of our Glow slider, which transmutes the sound into an incredible, soothing, and airy pad. Control the particle effect further by adjusting speed and dynamic range.

    Recorded with 5 round robins, it also includes the flageolet technique to create a Harmonic layer. The Natural and Harmonic layers can be balanced to your preference, adjusting between a natural pluck and one with more shimmer. The 10 presets included are crafted to take full advantage of both the natural harp tones and the full ethereal pad effect of the Glow slider.

    The Celtic harp is much smaller and more compact than a classical harp like HA•PI. Because of its size, it’s more commonly used in folk and traditional music, as well as in taverns and at Elven festivities.

    Available as a DOWNLOAD

    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT. The free Kontakt player is not sufficient, as it only runs the instrument in DEMO mode.]

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