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Welcome to A Sound Effect!

asbjoern andersenMy name is Asbjoern Andersen, and I’ve worked as a composer for many years.

I launched this site because I noticed that my colleagues in the sound community were releasing some truly incredible sound effect libraries on their own.

These guys are some of the best in the world when it comes to sound design and field recording – and their libraries are created with talent, passion and feature recordings you can’t get anywhere else.

But finding the sounds you were looking for was a monumental task, since the libraries were scattered across a myriad of individual websites.

With A Sound Effect, you can now search, preview, compare and get exactly the sounds you’re after – all in one place.

Happy exploring!

– Asbjoern

PS: Questions, comments, tips, requests or ideas – or do you want to get your sound libraries listed? Do contact us below!

Why get your sounds from the independent sound effect community?

1. Outstanding sound effects: The libraries from the independent sound community are created by some of the best sound designers in the world, and they’re highly targeted. The selection is huge and gives you a fantastic-sounding, affordable and focused alternative to conventional, cover-it-all sound libraries. Here, you simply pick the sound libraries you need, as you need them. Oh, and by getting sounds from the community, you support individual sound designers – that’s a pretty cool thing too.
2. Clear licensing: As a world-first, A Sound Effect offers a single, simple license agreement for all the independent sound libraries on the site. This means that no matter how many individual sound designers you buy from here, you’re always covered by the same, clear agreement.
3. Easy access: A Sound Effect makes it easy to browse, search and preview all the independent sound libraries in one place – and you can easily get sounds from multiple sound designers in one go. When you’ve found what you need, simply purchase and download directly from the site. There’s a steady flow of new, unique sound libraries being released by the community, keeping you on the forefront of great sound.

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