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Various musical instruments

  • Download and upnack this gigantic, top-of-the-industry sound effects and voice over library, and discover CLASSIC WOODEN ROULETTE WHEEL, crisp and clean spinning and ball bouncing sounds that players love hearing when sitting at caino table, MODERN DIGITAL ROULETTE WHEEL for developers who want to offer a unique online roulette experience, and FUTURISTIC SCI-FI ROULETTE WHEEL for those who want to go fully themed, warm and welcoming DEALER VOICE OVERS, and a lot more – all at your fingertips!

    With NO other product like it on the market, this premium sound library is PACKED with immersive sounds for roulette games found in traditional brick & mortar and online casinos. Immerse your players in ultra realistic environments for an experience they’ll want to revisit over and over again!


    DOWNLOAD NOW this MUST HAVE product to add to the arsenal of your casino games’ audio!



    Included is a massive amount of audio with number of versions, variations, and recording takes! Offering large selections of sounds for 3 different ROULETTE WHEELS, BALLS, CHIPS/TABLE sounds, and USER INTERFACE sound effects. For your convienience, wheel sounds are also included as Full Wheel Spin Sequences and multiple Ball Bouncing Bequences, as well as Spin Start + Spin Loop + Spin End and Ball Bounce One Shots – as presented in the audio preview.

    Each asset is carefully edited, mixed, and mastered to beautifully fit any casino project.



    HUNDREDS of voice overs for both MALE and FEMALE dealers are included. Vocal phrases covering SINGLE NUMBERS (2, 13, 31, etc.), COLORS (red, black, green), “PLACE YOUR BETS PLEASE”, “NO MORE BETS”, “WELCOME TO ROULETTE”, ALL BET TYPES, requests and notifications, and many many more are included for complete and all-encompassing gameplay!



    Enrich your title in seconds with beautifully mixed, AAA quality sounds brought to you by our team of industry veterans, whose 1000+ slot games worth of experience have culminated in this extraordinary sound pack! Each audio file is drag-and-drop ready, presented in high-quality MP3 and WAV formats with meticulously labeled keywords, so you can create the perfect gaming experience for your players in a matter of moments!


    BUY NOW this HUGE audio library, packed with unprecedented value for any casino game developer!



    • Easy to use, drag and drop ready
    • AAA-Quality mixing and mastering
    • High Definition, Standard Quality WAV and High Quality MP3 formats
    • Meticulously labeled and easily searchable files, including keywords/tags
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!



    • 820 Audio Files (410 original sounds)
    • WAV Format: 16 Bit, 44.1 kHz
    • MP3 Format: 320 Kbps
    • Unpacked Size: 147 MB
    • Total Run Time: 23m 02s



    DOWNLOAD NOW to instantly turn your project into a true masterpiece!


    20 %
  • The first VST/AAX/AU plug-in from SoundMorph, DUST is a synthesizer plugin based on a real-time particle simulation, where each particle is a separate granulating sound source. The motion of each particle is determined by the flow field, which determines the force applied to each particle at each point.

    Just like how the flow of a river determines the path of a leaf floating down in it. This is our most ambitious software release to date, and you are going to love it! Not only is DUST addictive to play with, but it generates some of the coolest sounds you've ever created.

    DUST highlights:

    • Presets by Richard Divine, Ivo Ivanov, Robert Clouth, Yan David
    • 8 particle emitters
    • convolution reverb
    • Binaural Audio Panning
    • Save and recall presets
    • Custom Flow Field equations
    • over 60 sounds included
    • import your own sounds
    • 4 modulation options on parameters
    • Available in VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit format
    • Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)
    • Compatible with most major Daws

    System Requirements:

    An Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.9 (or later), OR a PC with Windows 7 (or later); Multicore processor; 2 GB RAM; 1024×768 display.

    20 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Collision FX Play Track 3107 sounds included, 405 mins total $99

    Get an elite cache of cinematic power and creative expression. Collision FX delivers an exceptional pallete of sound to design, compose, score, sweeten and create astonishingly impressive cinematic elements that absolutely get noticed. Built on a sonic foundation of cinematic source FX, composers, musicians, DJ’s and sound designers alike are empowered with unmatched inspiration for creating breathtaking cinematic dynamics and orchestrated elements.

    48 %
  • Cinematic/Trailer Instruments Elemental Mutation Play Track 1083 sounds included, 578 mins total $74

    Imagine the visceral sensation of particles shifting and evolving, the subtle textures of organic materials swirling and twirling, and the eerie sounds of supernatural change. With “Elemental Mutation,” you’ll have access to this unique collection of SFX loops that capture these experiences in intricate detail. Inside you’ll find over 1000+ designed and organic seamlessly loop-able morphing particles, evolving textures, and organic mutations sound effects perfect for creating soundscapes, ambiences, entropy, high detail or layers in a soundtrack. This comprehensive library captures the subtle nuances of growth and evolution, as well as the uncanny and unsettling sounds of unnatural transformation.

    • 1083 loops
    • 20 GB of audio samples
    • Over 9.5 hours of game audio
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav file format
    25 %
  • AntiSystem, a brand new collection of 570+ Horror Sci-fi one-shot samples and loops with a technoid approach, created in collaboration with South American sound designer Matias Cerviño and SampleTraxx.

    Antisystem delivers tension and excitement with a genre-crossing, detailed hard-hitting sound design. Especially suitable for horror and sci-fi projects, it brings to the table a complete arsenal of unmistakable signature sound effects.

    1,6 GB of WAV samples with Key Information, 15 Categories, and 17 Kontakt Instruments ready to be fired in your next project.

    Inject a new wave of sonic madness!

    Atmospheric Elements
    Cinematic Movement
    Feedback Larsen
    Glitch Stutter
    Hit Design 1
    Hit Design 2
    Loops with Kontakt tempo sync
    Low Hit
    Low Key Elements
    Ramp Up Woosh By
    Topping Elements

    1.6 GB of content
    15 Categories
    570+ Wav samples 48/24 with key information
    17 Kontakt Instruments – Full version 5.8 needed
    Kontakt Free Player not supported

    40 %
  • CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE contains over 20 GB of state-of-the-art audio samples that meticulously capture the dark and futuristic sound of the cyberpunk and synthwave genres. With an impressive collection of over 260 patches, this instrument is a one-stop-shop for all your production needs. From dynamic synth leads to rumbling basses, hypnotic arpeggios, mind-bending effects, punchy drums, ethereal pads, and immersive soundscapes, you’ll find everything you need to create dark & gritty, as well as neon & futuristic soundscapes that will transport your audience to a mesmerizing, dystopian new world.

    Noizefield Instruments CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE Trailer

    The modern user interface offers intuitive control with a 3-layer mixer, LFO-synchronized modulation of volume, pan, filter or any combination thereof, 2 sequencable “Motion FX Slots” and 4 versatile effect options with delay, reverb, chorus, flanger that add depth and dimension to your compositions. Furthermore, the advanced arpeggiator and editable filter, volume and pitch curves (all ADSR curves) empower you to create your own unique and dynamic sounds that will set your music apart.

    The carefully curated sound library included in this instrument is tailored to capture the authentic cyberpunk aesthetic. It features a vast range of samples sourced from analog synths and guitars, real drums, and electronic drum kits, alongside glitch effects, whooshes, impacts, explosions, and deeply sampled digital and analog hardware synthesizers. The attention to detail ensures that whether you’re producing cyberwave or any other genre that calls for a futuristic edge, the Cinematic Cyberwave Kontakt Instrument equips you with the tools to elevate your music to the next level.

    Embrace this opportunity to elevate your production game and unleash your creativity with the Cinematic Cyberwave Kontakt Instrument from Noizefield Instruments and CB Sounddesign. Immerse your audience in a neon-lit, gritty, and futuristic world, where your music sets the stage for an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this powerful instrument that will inspire you to create captivating cyberpunk soundscapes like never before. Get your hands on the Cinematic Cyberwave Kontakt Instrument today and redefine the boundaries of your musical journey.

    ** Note that CINEMATIC CYBERWAVE requires the full version 5.8.1 or above of Native Instruments KONTAKT


    25 %
  • Add more horror and terror to your projects with this library packed with fear! Providing you with over 500 high-quality audio files of originally designed royalty free trailer-ready horror sounds, each featuring a unique character, intensity, speed and weight, this immense collection of scary epicness is a perfect choice for any type of media that requires cutting edge Hollywood quality dramatic transition and movement sounds.



    Want to give your audience a ride of their lives by ramping up and down the feel of your project? With a dizzying selection of variant options, including DIFFERENT INTENSITY LEVELS, MULTIPLE LENGTHS, SIMPLIFIED and COMPLEX VERSIONS, FULL SEQUENCES, and many more, a whole world of possibilities is at your fingertips.


    Each single sound in this collection was carefully produced for super-fast and professional results. To instantly boost your project to the next level, simply search for keywords that match the feel you wish to add to your project, drag the sounds listed by your search terms into your project, and blow away your audience by driving their speakers and subwoofers to the maximum, just like that!

    Each sound effect is included in 3 different formats for your convenience:

    • 96 kHz/24 bit WAV, giving you the best quality for heavy editing, pitching and FX processing, while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision
    • 44/1 kHz/16 bit WAV, for quick mockups and media where project size and processing speed matter, while still preserving that industry standard, “studio level of quality”.
    • 320 Kbps MP3, professionally compressed audio files, light as a feather, but sounding full and rich, ideal for online projects/apps and other downloadable media.

    Designed by our team of industry veterans with decades of experience in the AAA gaming industry, this meticulously crafted sound library will add massive value to you project and instantly mind-blowing results for you and your audience.


    • Huge selection of Woosh, Swoosh, Swish, Hit, Impacts, Drone, Riser, Drops, and all other Transition and Movement Sounds. From HUGE to  Small, Mechanical/Industrial, Hybrid and Modern, Clean and Sleek sound effects, different speed, weight and intensity variants
    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labeling or splicing
    • Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
    • All sounds meticulously Meta-Tagged (HD WAV folder)


    DOWNLOAD NOW and reward your audience with an epic scary, ground-shaking experience like no other!


    17 %
  • Hybrid Sonic Branding Kit is a business identity & motion graphics sound effects library that delivers luxury sound design styles for big brands, sonic identities, intros, outros, twitch, youtube, explainer videos, audio logos and title screens. Inside you’ll be able to utilize over 480 professionally designed sound effects that are guaranteed to make your workflow faster. Let your curiosity flow with lush sequences, polished sonic branding motion and get sound types like movements, transitions, reveals, appears, disappears, title screens, cinematic’s, accents and is especially useful for audiovisual needs and productions.

    • 485 designed brand identity sound effects files
    • 2.66 GB of samples
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav
    • Sonic Identity & Motion Graphics SFX library
    17 %
  • Introducing Devils Bane Trailer, a chilling symphony of horror encapsulated in 533 meticulously crafted sound files, ready to unleash terror upon your audience. Dive into a nightmare realm where every creak, whisper, and shriek is meticulously designed to send shivers down your spine.

    • 533 files
    • 3.5 GB of game audio assets
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav
    • Dark Horror Movie Trailer Sound Effects Library
    17 %
  • An intense and powerful collection of highly sought after cinematic trailer sound effects. Welcome in, Trailer Force, a specialized boutique movie trailer sound effects library tool kit filled with all the essentials. Designed to add industry standard brute sonic force to your mixes and strikes big cinematic energy within your productions. Inside you’ll hear beefy trailer hits, rising whooshes, punchy impacts, eerie tension drones, a vibrance of textures and aesthetics, all layered to perfection. Create compelling motion graphics, cinematic cutscenes, FX, trailers and epic audio dynamics.

    • 564 movie trailer sound effects
    • 2.42 GB of cinematic trailer audio samples
    • 81 glued files
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav
    • Perfect for any level of game or sound designer
    25 %
  • ‘Sci-Fi Drones’ by Cinematic Sound Design delivers this collection of sounds, designed for Cinematic productions, Games, Cartoons, Presentations and other media products.

    Featuring a wide range of Drones & Backgrounds, inside this pack you will find a collection of dark ghostly ambiences, Sci-Fi & psycho backgrounds, interiors, suspenses and more, all ready to enhance your project. This collection is suitable for games, fantasy, thrillers, futuristic movies, videos etc, as well they can be used for presentations or anywhere, where unique background sound is required.

    All sounds come 100% Royalty-Free, so you don’t have to worry about having to pay for any additional clearances. This pack is a must-have addition to any cinematic project, that requires unique background sound to set the scenery.

    Product Details:

    • 55 Drones & Backgrounds
    • 100% Royalty-Free
    • 24-Bit/96kHz

    20 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Foundational Inner Circle drum pack, featuring 13 kits and 9 electronic genres, from house to dark electronic.

    When laying down the foundations of a track, you need to start with the best. Transient Foundations was carefully designed to be the perfect starting point for both amateurs and professionals, covering a mix of several electronic genres. No matter the style, Transient Foundations, our first Inner Circle drum pack, gives you quality from square one.

    Transient Foundations was created by musician and sound designer Real Cardinal, a.k.a. Comaduster (Tympanik Audio, BioWare), who has also worked on SoundMorph’s Sinematic and Bloody Nightmare libraries.

    13 kits – 225+ samples – 22 loops – 24-bit 96 kHz .wav files
    Pre-made templates for: Battery 4, Ableton, Maschine, Kontakt
    Embedded with Soundminer and Basehead metadata

    20 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • A custom drum collection made by producer, rapper and DJ Cadence Weapon.

    The CADENCE WEAPON DRUM COLLECTION skips from vibe to vibe like an iPhone on random, bouncing from steel drums and dancehall beats all the way to industrial clatter and old school beatboxing. Whether you’re a hip hop head looking for something beyond classic drum machine sounds or an experimental producer searching for abstract elements to spice up your latest mix, the CADENCE WEAPON DRUM COLLECTION has got you covered.

    Cadence Weapon’s experiences as a DJ and producer inspired the broad spectrum of styles and sounds found within this drumpack, aiming to reflect his extensive knowledge of music, his dedication to cutting edge production and his commitment to musical innovation.

    The CADENCE WEAPON DRUM COLLECTION was created by Cadence Weapon aka Rollie Pemberton and engineer Ewan Kay in collaboration with SoundMorph. Cadence Weapon is the critically acclaimed rapper and producer behind the Polaris Music Prize shortlisted albums Breaking Kayfabe and Hope In Dirt City.

    20 Kits – 370 Samples – 20 loops – 16 bit 44khz .wav files
    Pre-made templates for Battery 4 and Ableton
    Embedded with Soundminer and Baseheaad metadata

    Featured genres:

    Hip Hop + Dancehall + Experimental + Club Dub + Beatboxing + Industrial + Steel Drums

    20 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Golden days of old school hip hop from the 80s and 90s with production techniques of new school and Trap beats.

    25 kits + 323 Samples + 22 loops.

    “Inner Circle – New City is lush! A lovely blend of hip-hop and electronics, which is rare these days…”
    – Valance Drakes

    Blend the golden days of old school hip hop from the 80s and 90s with production techniques of new school and Trap beats, and you get our most recent Inner Circle drum library: NEW CITY

    If you are a Hip Hop or electronic music producer, NEW CITY is boling over the rim with only the highest quality samples that you’ll be glad to add to your secret bag of tricks.

    The NEW CITY collection was created by electronic music artist Alex Retsis aka Qebo in collaboration with SoundMorph. Based out of Athens, Greece, Alex is signed to the Detroit Underground, Modular Expansion and Anthropos-Mekhane labels. Alex is an award winning professional sound designer who is also an endorsed artist by Korg.

    25 kits – 323+ samples – 22 loops – 24-bit 96 kHz .wav files
    Pre-made templates for:Battery 4, Ableton, Maschine, Kontakt
    Embedded with Soundminer and Basehead metadata

    Featured genres:
    Old School hip hop + New School hip hop + Trap + Grime + Electro + Breakbeat

    20 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Hear the impact of 100 designed cinematic braams. Enhance your scenes, intros, outros, trailers and scores with rich elements. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


    What’s Inside

    Designed with various styles in mind, Cinematic Braams Pack has strong and impactful braams as well as airy, modulating and synthetic braams, all ready to use for your signature sound.

    100 stereo sound files in 96kHz – 24 bit format, 14 minutes duration, includes easy to navigate metadata.


    Designed delicately so that you have the right tone for your related projects and room for further sound manipulation. 100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs, middleware and video editing software.



    Cinematic, movie, trailer, designed, sound effects, scifi, war, horns, whoosh, braam, impact, dramatic, synthesized, mood, action, horror, instrument, synth.


    What else you may need

    You may also want to check out Eeerie Drones and Textures Pack to create fear inducing and mysterious spheres with 71 textures that are dark, bright, noisy, clean, grainy, metallic.

    Cinematic Whooshes & Transitions Pack is another option with 294 unique audio files that will keep your audience on their toes. Includes transitions and whooshes of swipes, futuristic sci-fi sounds, tonal, pass by, power ups/ downs, movement, machine, and more.

    40 %
    Ends 1725055200
  • Twisted Zither introduces you to the haunting allure of the zither, a complete kit of sounds drawn from the resonant tones of this unique stringed instrument, characterised by its flat, wooden body and horizontal strings.

    Twisted Zither features:

    • A rich assortment of over 130 recorded gestures, textures, bows, sweeps, hits, and scrapes, providing a comprehensive toolkit for sound design.
    • Over 50 ready to go custom-designed sounds, including haunting whooshes, atmospheric drones, and powerful impacts and stingers.
    • 130 individually note samples spanning 2 octaves and 3 or more velocity ranges, perfect for creating your own melodic sample instruments or sound design.

    All captured in stereo 24-bit, 96kHz resolution.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add an extra layer of haunt and horror to your projects with ‘Twisted Zither’. This is an excellent addition to your arsenal for horror and haunting sounds. With a diverse range of meticulously crafted gestures, textures, and custom-designed effects, this library is your key to creating spine-chilling atmospheres and immersive soundscapes.

    36 %
  • Epic Stock Media’s Game & Film Logo Transitions collection brings producers and sound designers a carefully handcrafted, versatile and wide ranging catalog of the most useful designed motion graphic sound effects for audio branding, intros, outros, twitch, youtube, explainer videos, audio logos and title screens. Inside you’ll be able to utilize over 400 original audio assets that will help you make polished sonic branding sound types like movements, transitions, reveals, appears, disappears, cinematic’s, and accents especially useful for audiovisual needs and productions.

    • 351 designed logo & transition sound effects
    • 54 ambient logo music loops
    • 3.3 GB of audio samples
    • All in 96k 24bit.wav
    26 %
  • Ethno Instruments Singing Bowls Play Track 550 sounds included, 280 mins total $27.30

    Singing bowl is a type of metal or glass/crystal bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. Also known as Himalayan or Tibetan, singing bowls are used in meditation and yoga practice.

    Singing bells are very useful in sound design and music production, because of rich and slowly evolving tones and textures.

    For this library I recorded metal and crystal singing bowls in many different sizes.

    Also, several polyphonic performances, played by trained yoga-master, are included as a bonus.

    30 %
    Ends 1723154400
  • Cinematic Horn – Over 100 plug-and-play cinematic horn braams and sting sound effects.

    17 %
  • Large acoustic bass drums are often used in trailers, movies, video games and other multimedia projects in which tension moments need to be emphasized.

    For this library, I recorded several large REMO and MEINL drums, as well as custom handmade shamanic tambourines. Here you can find not only clean recordings, but processed with distortion/overdrive, drum rolls and also unusual foley, which can be used for sound design.

    30 %
    Ends 1723154400
  • Percussion Instruments Bells and Windchimes Play Track 618 sounds included, 180 mins total $24.50

    Bells and chimes are useful in sound design and music production as they are adding organic vibes to your sound.

    For this purpose, many esoteric bells and chimes were recorded from various angles, dynamics and with pristine sound quality.

    Here you will find not only traditional bells (used in hotels or boats), but also exotic Chinese and Tibetan bells, wind chimes of different sizes and esoteric tuned resonators that generate unusual harmonies and soundscapes.

    This is also a great library for further processing, pitch mangling, granulation and sound experimenting.

    30 %
    Ends 1723154400
  • A heavily processed & designed collection of highly sought after cinematic trailer sound effects. Welcome in, Annihilation Movie Trailer, a specialized boutique movie trailer sound effects library filled with all the essentials for creating destructive cinematic scenes in games and film. Designed to add modulated industry standard bombastic sonic force to your mixes and hit abstract cinematic energy within your productions. Inside you’ll hear powerful trailer hits, rising whooshes, blasting mangled impacts, and a vibrance of textures and aesthetics, all layered to perfection. Create compelling motion graphics, cinematic cutscenes, FX, trailers and epic audio dynamics.

    250 movie trailer sound effects
    1.95 GB of cinematic trailer audio samples
    All in 96k 24bit .wav
    Perfect for any level of game or sound designer

    17 %
  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Didgeridoo Play Track 175 sounds included, 17 mins total $23.40

    Hear the meditative and mystic sound of the didgeridoo. Invented by the Indigenous Australian people more than 1000 years ago, this vibrant instrument is also called “yiḏaki”, the voice.

    Played by vibrating lips and a special technique called circular breathing, didgeridoo’s sound imitates animals, nature and legends.

    Didgeridoo pack has 120 sound files in 192kHz – 24 bit format. It includes a collection of drones with various techniques; emu, kookaburra, dingo, dog and mythical Rainbow Serpent voices; rhythms, loops.

    There are 35 designed sounds created by using only the original recordings in this pack and showcase the flexibility of the sound of didgeridoo. The designed sounds include cinematic braams, transitions, whooshes, sci-fi ui sounds, alarms and more.

    120 high resolution files, 175 sounds, 18 minutes duration. All files are in stereo 192kHz 24 bit format. Includes detailed and easy-to-navigate metadata. Recorded with Sennheiser MKH 8040’s.

    Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


    Didgeridoo, Indigenous Australian, ancient, instrument, brass, voice, emu, kookaburra, dingo, dog, rainbow serpent, drone, vibrant, meditative, mystical, breath, circular breathing, musical, instrument, rhythm, designed, cinematic, braam, transition, whoosh, sci-fi, UI, sound, alarm.

    40 %
    Ends 1725055200
  • Game Audio Packs AAA Game Character Dark Strider Play Track 329 sounds included, 5 mins total $23

    Embark on a treacherous journey into the depths of the netherworld and unleash the malevolent force that is the Dark Strider! Behold, for within the realm of video games, we introduce you to AAA Game Character Dark Strider. This auditory masterpiece encompasses over 320+ sinister male voice-over incantations, containing a staggering 459 MB of sonorous samples, all cloaked in the mystical garb of 24bit/96k.wav format.

    • 329 male voice-over audio files
    • 459 MB of voice samples
    • All in 24bit/96k .wav file format
    • 7 minutes of game ready & optimized audio
    21 %

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