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Space Sound Effects

Spaceships, futuristic engines, hyperdrives, warps, pass-bys, power-ups and many other sci-fi sounds

  • Driving Forces” is an ultimately innovative sound effects construction kit from Digital Rain Lab. The pack is dedicated to futuristic engine sounds: from small hovering drones to huge space motherships. It thoughtfully includes various engine categories such as Jet Turbines, Micro motors, and Recordings. The addition of real textures makes the library well balanced and very flexibile for designing unique vehicle sounds.

    Natively made in 96k/24bit, all sounds are ready to be heavily manipulated, and are tagged with BWF and Soundminer metadata for a faster workflow.

  • Quadcopters / Drone Sounds Quadcopter Play Track 38 sounds included, 33 mins total $49

    This unique SFX library gets you the close-up engine/rotor sounds of the DJI Phantom 2 multirotor quadcopter. And whether you are working on project that needs the engine sounds of an actual quadcopter drone, or intend to use the recordings as source material for sound design of all kinds of machines – this collection will come in handy:

    We recorded static sound perspectives at different speeds, intensities and rotor combinations. The collection includes long recordings at constant speeds, variations on accelerating and decelerating, various maneuvers and random rotor movements.

    For even more variety we recorded all of the above with a mix of contact and coil microphones giving you a less realistic, more futuristic sound perspective to the drone’s engine itself, rather than the air movement caused by the rotors. Mix those recordings with the MKH 8040 recordings to create your own blend of engine sounds: be it a drone, spaceship or other types of futuristic vehicles.

  • Roomtones Office Space Play Track 134 sounds included, 360 mins total $39

    Office Space is an extensive and the go-to collection for clean and constant office environment room tones and ambiences. The library has over 6 hours / 11.7 GB worth of material that covers a whole large modern office building from top to bottom. The length of each room tone is 3 minutes and all the room tones are calibrated to -30 LUFS.

    Office Space was recorded with a custom designed very low self-noise (4.5 dB) ORTF rig that gives you only the noise of the room and minimal noise from the recording equipment itself.

    The huge variety in the sounds of the room tones gives you a great palette to experiment with various sound design tools so you can create e.g. spaceship ambiences, drones and otherworldly textures.

    You get the sounds in two formats: 96 kHz, 24 bit and in 44.1 KHz, 16 bit, for more convenient ways of utilizing the sounds in games and other media.

    Room tones / locations:

    Auditorium • Bunker Shelter • Cleaning Closet • Communal Kitchen • Corridor • Elevator Interior • Elevator Lobby • Gaming Area • General Open Office Area • General Open Office Printer Area • Hallway • Large Meeting Room • Large Room • Large Storage Room • Large Vestibule • Lobby • Lounge • Main Lobby • Massage Room • Meeting Room Lounge Area • Parking Garage • Printer Room • Recycling Room • Restaurant Corridor • Restaurant General Dining Area • Restaurant Kitchen • Restaurant Service Cashier Desk • Sauna • Sauna Changing Room • Sauna Lounge Area • Sauna Shower Area • Server Room • Small Cleaning Closet • Small Communal Kitchen • Small Kitchen • Small Meeting Room • Small Phone Booth Room • Small Room • Small Shower • Small Vestibule • Staircase • Storage Room • Toilet

    Bonus content:

    As bonus content you will get over 20 minutes worth of recordings of an elevator and a large office printer. The bonus content was recorded in both XY and ORTF so you can easily mix and match them to your projects.

    Elevator Door Open Close (Interior and Lobby perspectives) • Elevator Interior Move Up Down Ground Floor to 4th Floor • Office Printer Paper Tray Open Close • Office Printer Print Start Loop End • Office Printer Scan Glass Start Loop End • Office Printer Scan Paper Holder Start Loop End • Office Printer Wake Up From Sleep Mode

  • Sci-Fi Sound Effects Advanced Propulsion Play Track 1191 sounds included $149

    ADVANCED PROPULSION is a next-gen sound design toolkit built for creating dynamic sci-fi vehicle engines and passbys. The designed engine sounds are all seamless loops, making them perfect for use with various plug-ins and interactive applications. All raw source material used to design the engines is included, giving you maximum creative flexibility.

  • This library brings you 840 meta-tagged sounds recorded and created at 96kHz/24-bit stereo that can be used to bring your spaceships to life. This includes 376 designed sounds with various flybys, lift-offs, and landings for large, medium and small spaceships, as well as the 464 ingredient sounds that were used to create them, allowing you to customize and tailor the sounds to fit your project.

    Note: The sounds in the audio sample have some panning and reverberation added; the sounds in the library itself are centered and entirely devoid of reverb.

    Also included in the “2018 InspectorJ Bundle” for 50% off!

  • A composite collection of scifi whooshes, space ship pass bys, futuristic transitions, digital sweeps, power downs, power ups and digital stutters.
    Over 320 sounds to to give that right sonic treatment to passing by sapceships, jets, fireballs, laser beams, rockets, torpedos and futuristic engines. Also computer interfaces, menu transitions, magical whoshes, worm holes and virtual reality settings will get that intense amount acoustic treatment to not only see the motion.
    Even breaks, endings and transitions of all different kinds of electronic music will get that extra kick with this sound library.

  • Sci-Fi Sound Effects SlipStream Play Track 425 sounds included, 34 mins total $115

    Welcome to SlipStream

    SlipStream is a trailblazing science fiction elements and energy SFX library from Brin Sound. Its sounds will take you out of this world and into a detailed universe of science fiction, technomancy, extraterrestrial, and cyberpunk. This designed, UCS compliant, library will ignite your creativity with cutting edge elements for your show-stopping cinematic moments, or layer with your hard FX for the ultimate flavor crystal library. Designed scenes, events, whooshes, and impacts will bring your library to the cutting edge.

    My career designing sound for games, film, and television has me on the hunt for the next great sounds. But no matter how many terabytes of sfx libraries I accumulate, creative weak spots emerge. SlipStream represents a ten month journey to create the library I needed most for my arsenal – an intricately abstract set of hybrid organic/synthetic modern sounds with fluidity, edge, flow, and tonality. I can’t wait to hear what you create with SlipStream!
    ~Brian Johnson

  • Electromagnetic informations are invisible and omnipresent. In every city, especially the big ones, an infinite number of electromagnetic waves is hidden: we can’t hear them, but they’re everywhere! Unseen Noises explores the “invisible” noise pollution transducing electromagnetic fields into audio signals with a telephone pickup: it acts like a radio antenna for hum and weird electromagnetic noises.

    We used telephone tap coils that receive electromagnetic signals around us and convert them into audible information to discover invisible and surprising aspects of the environment in which we live in.

    To widen our sound palette, we explored cell phones, tablets, light systems, automated teller machines, wireless communication systems, anti-theft security devices, surveillance cameras, computers, navigation systems, wireless Internet routers, neon advertisings, public transportation networks.

    We just used the system of electromagnetic induction as way of amplifying musical sounds. Our efforts were focused on finding “articulated” behaviours and other musical qualities in them.

    Note that the files contained in “Unseen Noises” are real performances executed on different devices without editing.” – Matteo Milani

  • The Solar Sky library features a diverse set of state-of-the-art spaceship sounds. Designed for use in any modern sci-fi production, Solar Sky is an essential addition to add to your workflow.

    Designing sound for spaceships can be quite time consuming, and Solar Sky gives you a great set of sounds to get started.

    Solar Sky features more than 2.2GB of 350 24bit/96kHz files, all embedded with Soundminer and Basehead metadata.

    Solar Sky highlights:

    • Ship ambiances and drones
    • 120+ Ship passbys, both large and small
    • Ship power ups
    • Ship power downs
    • Ship door opens and closes
    • Wave Warped passbys

  • 350+ whooshes, transitions, pass by, rising, landing, fly by, futuristic, magical, fantasy, space ship, scifi sound FX

    Perfect for film, music, or video game projects.

  • Whether you need sci-fi ambiences in surround or stereo, the bundle gives you the tools for doing it properly:

    Sci-fi Ambiences Surround Design Box:
    • More than 50 ready-to-use sci-fi ambiences in 5.0 surround
    • Easy integration: All files loop perfectly and have a uniform length of 40s
    • A fresh selection of extremely abstract, organic sounds in stunning sound quality
    • Soundscapes, drones, machine, steam, motor sounds, radio messages, eerie textures & more
    • Each surround sound is comprised of 5 separate sounds in mono: L, R, C, LS, RS
    • Perfectly balanced surround sounds for easy integration in games, cinematics & radio play
    • HD 24 Bit / 96 kHz for frequencies up to 40 kHz and easy pitching
    • All sounds are royalty free and instantly downloadable

    Sci-fi Ambiences Stereo Construction Kit:
    • More than 120 sci-fi ambiences in stereo
    • Easy integration: All files loop perfectly and have a uniform length of 40s
    • A fresh selection of extremely abstract, organic sounds in stunning sound quality
    • Soundscapes, drones, machine, steam, motor sounds, radio messages, eerie textures & more
    • HD 24 Bit / 96 kHz for frequencies up to 40 kHz and easy pitching
    • Easy, effective workflow with comprehensive EBU/BWF and WAV-Metadata (for use in any DAW)
    • All sounds are royalty free and instantly downloadable

    Sci-fi Ambiences Surround + Stereo Bundle:
    Get both versions together for maximum flexibility and some nice savings!

    59 %
    59 %
    62 %
    62 %
  • Motherships delivers a variety of mind-blowing interstellar mothership drones, transmission noises, inspiring indoor and outdoor ambiences.

    It also features detailed computer room sounds with modern beeps and buttons, disturbing mechanical devices, machine room atmospheres, sci-fi radars, laser pulse and energy beams, heavyweight reactor rumbles and many more.

  • Environments & Ambiences Spaceship Interiors Play Track 210 sounds included, 292 mins total $10

    Spaceship Interiors is a collection of spaceship interior ambience, room tones and alarms. The library weighs in at 10 GB, and contains 210 soundminer and BWAV metadata embedded files – with a total playing time of over 4 hours! Perfect for your next sci-fi, horror or fantasy project.

    33 %
  • “Sci-Fi Transitions” is a sound pack dedicated to the futuristic or unidentifiable transitions that are designed to sound great on their own or as a building material for other sound effects. The collection includes pass-bys, whooshes, and other actions in a varying degree of complexity – all ready for panning and Doppler effects.

  • Jump to light speed and conquer the galaxies of your SCI-FI WARFARE project with this comprehensive, meticulously recorded, edited and mastered sound effects collection of any FUTURISTIC VEHICLES & SPACESHIPS needed for WAR in SPACE! Perfect for use in any SCIENCE FICTION themed or shooting video game or film, animation, or any other project that requires the Highest Quality futuristic SPACESHIPS, VEHICLES, or VESSEL sounds!

    Designed by our team of AAA-industry veterans and huge fans of STAR WARS, STAR TREK, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and many more, FUTURISTIC VEHICLES is the most complete one of a kind SFX library that will add a massive value for your audience to your sci-fi project!

    DOWNLOAD NOW for the perfect SCI FI THEMED SPACE VEHICLES OF WAR audio pack!

    Whether you have squadrons needing SMALL VEHICLES like:

    • DRONES

    Or MEDIUM-sized spaceships like:

    • X-WING-inspired FIGHTERS

    Or HUGE spaceships like:

    • Inter-galactic SPACE STATIONS

    No matter the size of your futuristic vessel, this pack delivers all you could want for your SCI-FI VEHICLE needs!

    Also included are:

    • BOMB drops
    • PARACHUTE sounds
    • and — of course — LASER BEAMS, EXPLOSIONS, and more!

    Included are also extremely rare background ambience sounds for SPACESHIPS INTERIOR BACKGROUND ENVIRONMENT AMBIENCE LOOPS.

    FREE GIFT: We’ve included free sounds from our Vehicle libraries, that are a perfect fit for futuristic vehicles!

    DOWNLOAD NOW to take your project to light speed with DRIVING, DIVING, FLYING, HANDLING, SHOOTING and MORE!

    With over 510 audio files and 170 original cinematic-quality sounds, we went the extra mile by creating multiple sound variations for each vehicle/weapon, various vehicle sizes, and numerous actions and maneuvers that each performs, handling noises and other foley, alternate sound sequences and looping versions of moving or idle engines, mechanics, lasers and laser beams, startups, shutdowns, hits / detonations / explosions and more.

    All spaceship engine sounds are designed to seamlessly re-produce a complete start-to-finish process:
    1. Engines ON
    2. Idle Engine Loop
    3. Take Off
    4. Flying Loop
    5. Landing
    6. Idle Engine Loop
    7. Engines OFF

    If placed in order and crossfaded a few milliseconds in between sounds, the most realistic and smoothest sound for spaceship engines will be produced!


    • Huge selection of big and small vehicles, weapons and explosions, mechanical industrial and modern clean sounds, different type and intensity variants
    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing
    • Categorized, organized and individually labelled files for maximum use efficiency
    • All files are included in Hi-Rez WAV, SD WAV and HQ MP3 formats
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!
  • Orbital Emitter is proud to present Star Fighter Alpha – a comprehensive sci-fi sound-set providing a rich arsenal of futuristic space fighter sounds for you to use in all of your creative productions!
    In Science Fiction, star fighters blast across the cosmos leaving other vessels in their fiery wake.
    These nimble craft fly at incredible speeds engaging in battle and patrolling the stars. Countless movies, video games and media have featured these sleek space ships at the center of their adventures. 
    Where would you begin sound designing one of these nuanced spacecraft? You could probably spend hours just finding the right real-world jet fighter sounds to start… Then comes all the effects and balancing just to make them sound authentic. With deadlines looming and the need for cinematic and convincing science fiction sound being higher than ever, wouldn’t it be great to have a foundation of cinematic sci-fi sounds at your fingertips?
    Star Fighter Alpha contains powerful engine blasts, advanced cockpit displays, aligned interior and exterior flight perspectives, robust fly-bys, searing weapons blasts and more! Each sound file is designed to be flexible, enabling you to pick and choose from our long-playing sounds to customize your own creations, quickly!

    This sound-set delivers at 24 bit/96kHz WAV and each sound file contains meta-data to make our sound files easy to organize & find. All of our sounds are 100% original, 100% royalty free,  created in our sound-labs and designed to boldly explore the universe of sci-fi sound!
    Check out our other Star Fighter sound-set, STAR FIGHT COBALT which is an excellent companion to this one!
    Thanks for your interest in our sounds!

    [email protected]

  • Hologram Room [USO001] is the first bundle of the abstract Sound Design Collection produced by Matteo Milani.
    These two gigabytes of “ready to use” original sound elements are designed to help you sweetening and enhancing your sound production. The whole library is organized in eight main folders: Active Drones, Alarms, Blips, Buttons, Communications, Ignitions, Telemetries, Transitions. It provides a selection of out of this world drones and ambiences, futuristic sound effects and electronic tools.

  • Welcome to the world of tomorrow
    This massive library of futuristic interface sounds has been made by studying all the sounds you will need for your video game or audiovisual product.
    We have considered integrating robotic voices, soundscapes, beeps of different tones, sounds to start your game, etc… All these sounds can be used for different options, whether for machines with hundreds of buttons, touch screens, command centers , sound environments for computer rooms… All these sounds will help your product feel alive and get a professional result.

    You will be able to enjoy a total of 574 High Quality sound effects divided into:
    • Acces Denied
    • Acces Confirm
    • Hologram
    • Get Object
    • Question Beep
    • Whoosh
    • Open Menu
    • Computer Beep
    • Low Beep
    • Tiny Beep
    • Denied Button
    • Start Game
    • Progress Beep Loop
    • Computer Room Background Sequence Beep Loop
    • Text Loop
    • Alarm Loop
    • Mecanic System Movement
    • Rejection Pop-Up Notice
    • Scan Progress
    • Vocalizing Robot H3R2
    • Vocalizing Robot H2R2
    • Talking Robot Type A
    • Talking Robot Type F
    • Talking Robot Type Z
    • Machine Room Background Loop

    More about the pack
    – It includes metadata integrated in the audio itself, and also in an excel file you will obtain all the additional information of the files.
    Intuitive file naming.
    – You’ll get all the individual sounds so you can easily adjust them to your project.
    – Mix the samples together, you can be creative.
    – The names of the files are indicative, so you can use any sounds for another function.
    – Everything you will need regarding interface sounds, soundscapes and voices for any game or audiovisual product.
    – Totally monocompatible sounds.
    – Use the sound effects over and over again, in any of your projects or productions, forever with no additional fees or royalties.
    – Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need it, as much as you want.
    – Jorge Guillén ([email protected])
    • 574 Sound effects of Futuristic Interface , soundscapes and voices.
    • Number of Audio Waves: 574
    • Sample rate / bit rate: 48.000 Hz / 16 Bit
    • Do Sound FX loop: Yes
    • Minutes of audio provided: 16 minutes and 16 seconds
    • Supported Development Platforms: All

    20 %
  • Sci-Fi Sound Effects Sci-fi Evolution Play Track 1700+ sounds included, 60 mins total $36

    Need futuristic sounds? Sci-fi Evolution is a massive compilation of more than 1700 audio files – and it covers a lot of ground! Check out the full selection below.

    27 %
  • Space Sound Effects Cargo Play Track 138 sounds included $22

    Bluezone Corporation presents 'Cargo – Spaceship Sound Effects', a new sci-fi sample library covering a wide range of elements including cockpit and interior ambiences, interface and beep sounds, reactor rumbles, spaceship passby sounds and more. Created with a large selection of high quality recordings and then meticulously layered, this downloadable sample pack will enhance your creative potential with as many as 138 highly usable sounds.

    All sound files are named according to their content and sorted thematically. WAV files are provided as 24 Bit / 96 kHz and sorted in 11 folders. In order to give you ready-to-use sounds for your productions, all samples are royalty-free for all your commercial projects.

  • Orbital Emitter is proud to present Star Fighter Cobalt – the second release in our Star Fighter Flight Series!

    This comprehensive sound-set provides a rich arsenal of futuristic space fighter sounds for you to use in all of your creative sci-fi productions! Building off our first release, this new and unique star fighter sound-set features powerful engine blasts, interior cockpit perspectives, sync’d interior and exterior flight perspectives, an epic launch and landing sequence, robust fly-bys and two types of powerful weapon blasts presented with varying perspectives! You can use parts of this sound-set to create your own spaceship sounds or simply drag & drop our audio-scenes and audio-stems into your productions as-is! It’s up to you how you want to enjoy our sounds!
    What we hope sets this sound-set apart from other space craft sounds from other companies is that our space ship sounds are meant to sound complete– like an actual field recording of a futuristic space fighter taking off, flying around, engaging in battle and landing… All in ONE Sound-Set!!

    The Star Fighter Cobalt sound-set contains 32 individual sounds spread over 20 audio files and times out to over 12.5 minutes in total length. It features 24bit/96khz stereo WAV files – embedded with meta-data to help keep the sound files organized.
    All of our sounds are 100% original – 100% royalty free – designed for believability, creativity and cinematic impact. We hope you enjoy our sci-fi sounds!

  • Bluezone presents ‘Alien Spacecraft Sound Effects’, a new sample library offering a wide range of inspirational spaceship sfx. Backed with complex and varied sounds, this sci-fi sample library brings you production-ready elements as: alarms, alien synthetic textures, exterior and organic interior background sounds, reactor rumbles, explosions, futuristic interface and beep sounds, spacecraft passby, machine room ambiences and more.

    Every sound in this cutting edge collection will stimulate your creativity: All these samples were created from hardware synthesizers and field recordings, and have then been twisted to add an inspiring alternate-reality sonic character. WAV files are provided as 24 Bit / 96 kHz and sorted in 11 folders. In order to give you ready-to-use sounds for your productions, all samples are royalty-free for all your commercial projects.

    Ginno Legaspi review – SoundBytes Magazine:

    “Another sample collection produced by Bluezone Corporation, Alien Spacecraft Sound Effects comprises 893 MB of inspirational spaceship SFX. The wide range of complex sounds included in this production-ready library is great and useful. Sounds include alarms, alien synthetic textures, exterior and organic interior background sounds, reactor rumbles, explosions, futuristic interface and beep sounds, spacecraft pass-by, machine room ambiences and more. They were created with the use of various boutique hardware synthesizers and unique field recordings.

    All sounds have been created, programmed and optimized for use in TV, film, trailer and game music. I give this pack a thumbs-up because the recording quality is high. Not only that it features some creative sounds, but the usability of this pack will find its way to plenty of producers.”

  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Kyma Ambiences – vol.1 Play Track 56 sounds included, 112 mins total From: $49

    Kyma Ambiences [USO003] is the third sound effects bundle created by Matteo Milani.

    The generation of these “Artificial Reality Ambiences” starts entirely in Symbolic Sound Kyma from the processing of white and pink noise by filtering – in the time/spectral domains – and convolving these sources with custom FM, additive, formant and granular synthesis.

 The composition’s resource of sound material is drawn solely from these processed stochastic sound elements: coloured noise is a raw material already full of life and can be sculpted into a variety of temporal forms, movements and textures.

    The interaction with Kyma was typical of a composer who explored a device’s potential for sound transformation like a musical instrument. The goal was to obtain an organic and acoustic quality using only a restricted sound source, in order to evoke real spatial characteristics attached to each invented sound.

    The “Kyma Ambiences vol.1” sound effects collection is published @ 96kHz (native) – and is also available as dual-layer separated “Elements”, suitable for recombinant stratification, varispeed and spatial positioning in the surround field (for a total of 112 files @ 96kHz).

  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Dronos Play Track 154 sounds included, 154 mins total $30

    Brand New Sci-Fi Ambiences from The Library by Empty Sea. 6+ GB, 150+ sounds, almost 3 hours of material, all 96k, all looped for easy use.

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