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Cat Sound Effects

Real cat sound effects collections, covering recordings of meows, calls purrs, hisses, howls and screeches

  • Cats are remarkably expressive creatures. And capturing their voices can be a daunting task. Not anymore…

    The “Meow” sound library provides all the core cat vocalizations you'll need in a single package.

    Usingย 11 different cats cherry picked for their characters, this library provides overย 272 vocalizations for your productions.

    From sweet mewls, to longing cries, or vicious shrieks, this library has got you covered.

    This library also includes the Sonic Worlds “CAT” sound pack.

    Meet the beasts:

    A lunatic Calico. A treasure trove of enraged vocalizations.

    Sweet natured Russian Blues for that soft gentle character.

    A nasty mean tomcat, hence his name. A Tabby with a rich growl.

    Deep threatening growls and hisses. A Ginger in a foul mood.

    Whiny sounding Ginger cats. For those hungry begging cries.

    Classic meows that work like a charm.

    A sad sounding Tabby cat. For those longing mewls that will break your heart.

    An absolute sweetheart black cat. Purry meows galore.

    Cat sounds included:
    โ— Screeches and Shrieks
    โ— Snipes
    โ— Yelps
    โ— Mewls
    โ— Cries
    โ— Purrs
    โ— Growls
    โ— Grumbles, Groans and Moans
    โ— Whining and Begging
    โ— Hisses
    โ— Squirms
    โ— Meows in a huge variety of characters
    โ— And more…
  • If you're looking for a cat sound pack that covers all the basics, look no further.

    3 cats. 21 sounds. Cherry picked for their versatility and usefulness.
    โ€‹Meows, Growls, Hisses, Purrs, Cries and moreโ€ฆ

    Meet the beasts:
    Deep threatening growls and vicious hisses.
    Classic meows that fit like a charm.

    Very versatile meows, cries and purrs.

    Want a larger cat pack? Check this out.

  • Cat Sound Effects Meow! – by Soundholder’s Cat Play Track 143+ sounds included, 15 mins total $27

    Meow! by my cat is a collection of various cute sounds generated by Neva Masquarade cat. They are known for making a lot of noises, and thatโ€™s basically what Iโ€™m living with on daily basis, so why not to record and let her afford those expensive and fancy treats she likes so much?! More than 130 sounds, released both as individual sound effects for game audio, and grouped long files for other media. Short and long meows, some sweet sounds, the voice of anger and much more, produced and generated by Fiona, I only held the mic!

    10 %
  • The Footstep Paw SFX Pack contains over 12 minutes (789 files) of high quality paw based footsteps, all custom created using hand impacts using a padded glove.

    The assets have been designed for use with computer game media that demands high asset variations, however this pack is suited for all forms of audio media.

    The included basic construction kit / original recordings enables further footstep details to be created for extra granular focus including light or heavier weighted versions.

    All assets have been recorded & produced at 96kHz/24bit Mono
    Included in this pack:

    • Individual footstep designed assets (30 assets per surface type/speed)
    • Sets of individual footstep designed assets (30 of the individual designed assets in one file)
    • Surface types:ย Concrete, Grass, Gravel, Leaves, Metal, Pebbles, Rock, Sand, Snow, Undergrowth, Wood & Water
    • Basic construction kits of the original recording with 2 microphone versions
    • Punchbag layers for extra creation of different weighted footstep impacts
  • Fancy a vocal cat? Introducing the first 20 cats of the Istanbul cat federation! Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    About Cats of Istanbul Vol. 1

    With Cats of Istanbul Vol. 1, you can bring out a strong character of any cat in your projects. Angry, happy, distressed, and hungry! From loud meows to long purrs, through wild growls, cries, hisses and yummy eating. These are cats at their most expressive!

    98 files and 200+ sounds in 24-bit / 96kHz Wav format with easy to navigate naming. Go ahead and reflect the world of cats and kittens, indoors and outdoors. Complex tones of meowing, growling, screaming, mewling, purring, munching on various food, hissing, chattering, and howling and even digging in a litter box – in short, long and varied takes. Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

    Starring 20 cat friends, namely;
    Oglus, Biyikli, Duduk, Disko, Zeytin, Puantiye, Paspas, Misa, Sans, Cinko, Kaju, Ucgen, Gunes, Teri, Eylul, Pofuduk, Ozmo, Ceku, Pusi, Lola.

    These meticulously recorded sounds have clarity and room for further usage and sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for further customization. You can now set the bar higher for all your film, game, motion and video projects, advertisement, animation and all kids related projects.

    We donate 50% of this packโ€™s profits to animals in need.

    Keywords including Actions, Mood, Style
    Animal, Cat, Kitten, Indoors, Outdoors, Meowing, Growling, Screaming, Screaking, Fighting, Mewling, Purring, Munching on various Food, Hissing, Chattering, Howling, Snarling, Digging in a Litter Box, Short, Fast, Slow, Long, High-pitched, Relaxed Agitated, Mad, Angry, Tired, Aggressive, Happy, Distressed, Nervous, Hungry, Wild, Hostile, Dry Food, Cat Food, Water, Milk, Eating, Drinking, Crunching, Chewing, Tingling, Collar, Bell, Biting, Subtle, Gulping, Licking, Threatening, Kicking, Warning, Pleading, Complaining, Trilling, Welcoming, Attention-seeking, Street Cat, Stray, Sleeping, Snoring, Crying, Chattering, Dreaming, Wailing, Pinging.

    What else you may need
    You may also want to check out our Toys SFX Pack for access to 215 carefully recorded sounds effects of Toy Story-like ambiences.

    40 %
    Ends 1719698400
  • Humaninal Mimicry is a handy collection of human vocalizations mimicking the sound of animals.

    These naturally-sounding samples are useful for shaping expressive creature sounds.

    Tens of actors were involved in the process, but also one metal singer. Recorded up to 192KHz with Sanken Co-100k, or 96KHz. Included are more than 60 various animals (imitated) such as Eagle, Koala, Tiger, Whale, Seal, Crane, Gopher, Dolphin, Elephant, Lion, Crow, Goose, Camel, Bear, Horse, Frog, Platypus, Raccoon, Seagull, Honey Badger, Squirrel, Wolf, Monkey,โ€ฆ

    The sounds delivered are well edited and meta-tagged. These are crisp, easy, and malleable sounds that will enrich your existing collection.

    Alternatively, these sounds can also be used for cartoon or comical effects.

    Whatโ€™s inside:

    • 60 animals, imitated by more than 10 different actors (including metal singer).
    • Variations of each sound
    • 2 versions: Separated (1 sound per file) & Glued (many variations per file)
    • Clear, malleable sounds, without background noises, up to 192 KHz for processing, or 96KHz.
  • Wozรณwka the tortie likes to talk and she likes to purr. And she’s often multitasking, like a typical 21st century person.

    Being in the 5th year of her life she has developed a decent vocabulary. She code-switches, too, depending on whether she’s safe at home, or on alert in the woods. Every mood she goes through is marked with a different meow.

    Roughly half of the sounds here are made indoors in mono, close miked with a Lom Usi. The rest is made outdoors in stereo with a Telinga.

    The library is UCS compliant.

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