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Rodent Sound Effects

Real recordings of rodents such as mice, possums, chipmunks, guinea pigs, rats, porcupines and many more

  • This collection features 200 rodent and reptile sound effects.ย  Included in this library are mice, bats, possums, chipmunks, guinea pigs, rats, porcupines, otters, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, toads, lizards, frogs and more!

    These sounds have been hand-picked from the Sound Ideas General HD collections, Series 6000, Series 1000, Series 4000, Just Birds & Animals and Wild World of Animals libraries, as well as the Digiffects Library and the Hollywood Edge Animal Trax, The Edge 1 & 2 and Animal Planet libraries.

  • Humaninal Mimicry is a handy collection of human vocalizations mimicking the sound of animals.

    These naturally-sounding samples are useful for shaping expressive creature sounds.

    Tens of actors were involved in the process, but also one metal singer. Recorded up to 192KHz with Sanken Co-100k, or 96KHz. Included are more than 60 various animals (imitated) such as Eagle, Koala, Tiger, Whale, Seal, Crane, Gopher, Dolphin, Elephant, Lion, Crow, Goose, Camel, Bear, Horse, Frog, Platypus, Raccoon, Seagull, Honey Badger, Squirrel, Wolf, Monkey,โ€ฆ

    The sounds delivered are well edited and meta-tagged. These are crisp, easy, and malleable sounds that will enrich your existing collection.

    Alternatively, these sounds can also be used for cartoon or comical effects.

    Whatโ€™s inside:

    • 60 animals, imitated by more than 10 different actors (including metal singer).
    • Variations of each sound
    • 2 versions: Separated (1 sound per file) & Glued (many variations per file)
    • Clear, malleable sounds, without background noises, up to 192 KHz for processing, or 96KHz.
  • Animal Sound Effects Guinea Pigs Ultrasonic Plus Play Track 500+ sounds included, 143 mins total $89

    A comprehensive anthology of Guinea pigs’ vocalisations and other characteristic sound effects. Single pigs: male, female, little ones, duets, trios and in groups of up to 9. Full spectrum of emotions from lively chatter to aggressive fast teeth clicking (yes, they click teeth!) and synchronous hysterical whining and scared ear-piercing squeals. Recorded simultaneously in EXTREME CLOSE UP with Nevaton and Sanken CO-100K microphones for full coverage from deep bass to rich ultrasonic content (and a mix of these two microphones is also provided for your convenience), as well as general CLOSE UP with Nevaton for more natural perspective. Guinea pigs are very social and vocal, but the sounds they make are so unexpected and weird, that they can greatly work not only for rodents, but for extraterrestrials or robots. Lots of ultrasonic content makes a perfect basis for speed and pitch manipulations.ย 10% of the library’s revenue goes to nature preserves and wild animal shelters.

  • Animal Sound Effects Alpine Marmots Play Track 14 sounds included, 5 mins total $29

    Want wilderness sounds ? Get genuine marmots whistles recorded in French Alps in quiet environnements. Those cute rodents emit loud sounds when they feel a danger. This library contains recordings from different distances, from a few meters to 200 meters. It also includes ultra realistic synthesized sounds, hard to differentiate from real ones, with zero background noise.


    โ€ข Recorded in French Alps, from 1900 to 2700 m altitude
    โ€ข Quiet background ambiances
    โ€ข Bonus ultra realistic synthesized sounds
    โ€ข 96 KHz/24 bit
    โ€ข Metadata UCS-compliant
    โ€ข Recorded with SD 633, Sennheiser 8040, 8050 and Sanken CO-100K
  • This library features a fine selection of Eurasian Mammals. The animals have been recorded both, in the wild and at animal care centres across Germany.

    The most prominent and unique animal sounds in this library are probably squeaky juvenille garden dormice, grunting boar and sniffing hedgehog.

    Also impressive recordings from deer rut are included and close up and very clean recordings from various bats, both flight calls and sounds during feeding.

    There are plenty of rodents and other animals, check the list at the end of the text or the file list for an even more detailed overview.

    Many of the recorded animals called in the ultra frequent range and have been recorded at 192kHz with microphones like the Earthworks QTC50, that go well beyond 90kHz. These noises are perfect for pitching and other sound design, I included some slowed down sounds as examples.

    If you want to buy the library as a bundle with my libraries Eurasian Insects and Eurasian Birds, please contact me directly.

    This collection is a great pool for realistic sound design as well as a source for editing monster, dragon and dinosaur sounds.

    No animals have been harmed or scarred during the recording sessions.

    Sound of the following animals are included:

    Bechstein’s Bat, Boar, Common Pipstrelle, Common Vole, Daubenton’s Bat, Eurasian Hedgehog, Fallow Deer, Garden Dormouse, Mouflon, Nutria, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Shrew, Whiskered Bat, Wolf, Wood Mouse, and more…

    Gear used: Klover 26″ Dish, Schoeps MK41, Neumann KMR81i, DPA 4060, Earthworks QTC50, Lewitt 540, SD 744t, Zoom F6

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