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Stand-alone tools

  • The first VST/AAX/AU plug-in from SoundMorph, DUST is a synthesizer plugin based on a real-time particle simulation, where each particle is a separate granulating sound source. The motion of each particle is determined by the flow field, which determines the force applied to each particle at each point.

    Just like how the flow of a river determines the path of a leaf floating down in it. This is our most ambitious software release to date, and you are going to love it! Not only is DUST addictive to play with, but it generates some of the coolest sounds you've ever created.

    DUST highlights:

    • Presets by Richard Divine, Ivo Ivanov, Robert Clouth, Yan David
    • 8 particle emitters
    • convolution reverb
    • Binaural Audio Panning
    • Save and recall presets
    • Custom Flow Field equations
    • over 60 sounds included
    • import your own sounds
    • 4 modulation options on parameters
    • Available in VST, VST3, AAX and Audio Unit format
    • Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)
    • Compatible with most major Daws

    System Requirements:

    An Intelยฎ Mac with Mac OS X 10.9 (or later), OR a PC with Windows 7 (or later); Multicore processor; 2 GB RAM; 1024ร—768 display.

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  • Want to design your own whoosh sound effects? Wave Warper is a revolutionary new way to create your own amazing custom whooshes, passbys, morphed sounds, and sample mayhem. It is a standalone app that combines and loops up to 6 sound file layers to create one new dynamic file using multiple real-time controllable effects and optional VST plugins.

    For years sound designers and musicians alike have had to painstakingly layer sounds within DAWs and create time consuming midi controlling scenes to create whoosh, doppler, and passby effects.

    Wave Warper takes advanced concepts and simplifies them into one quick, fun, and intuitive software. It is incredibly addictive to use, and produces sounds like you've never heard before.

    Wave Warper features:

    • Load up to 6 sound files
    • Load up to 10 VST plugins within Wave Warper
    • Real-time user controlled XY pad allows you to 'perform' Wave Warper
    • Pitch, volume, panning, and filtering defined envelopes follow along in real-time
    • Randomizes your sound library folders to quickly generate new sounds
    • Sine, triangle and square LFOs
    • Wind and whistle generators
    • 2 compressors
    • 9 filter settings that follow along in real-time
    • Volume fluctuation on each file for creating dynamic sounds per layer
    • Leap Motion control option. Leap Motion sold separately here
    • Reverb
    • Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)

    System Requirements:

    An Intelยฎ Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 (or later), OR a PC with Windows 7 (or later); Multicore processor; 2 GB RAM; 1024ร—768 display.

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  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Metal Design Bundle Play Track 726 sounds included, 80 mins total $44.99

    Metal Hits, Scrapes & Squeaks + Metal Souls + Metal Forge Reaktor Ensemble

    This bundle includes our popular Metal source material library and ALL future derived sound design libraries from Metal Hits, Scrapes & Squeaks. The first derived library is Metal Souls.

    Bonus Reaktor Ensemble

    The Metal Forge ensemble included is a simplified version of our Forge ensemble. It comes pre-loaded with various Metal samples for the ability to quickly create new sounds from the provided material.

    Metal Souls

    I spent a great deal of time exploring pitch manipulation with this library. Much of it relied on rendered processing to acquire the aesthetic that I wanted. My vision was to make something ethereal and vocal but also a bit vague.

    Metal Hits, Scrapes & Squeaks

    Props include objects such as sheet metal, sledgehammers, paint cans, metal buckets, metal grating, metal marbles, cups, pots and pans, dry ice (contributing squeaks and squeals), metal bars, metal stands, chains and more.


    DEBIRD automatically recognizes bird noises in your recordings and removes them with surgical precision.

    Meet the involuntary #1 enemy of recordists and editors alike: Birds.

    While their lively and delightful song is a true asset in nature ambiences, it ruins just about everything else.

    As a result, countless hours are spent on the rather tedious task of cleaning recordings before one can get back to the fun part and focus on the creative process.

    Meet DEBIRD โ€“ your simple but powerful tool that utilizes Deep Learning to do all the cleaning work for you.

    Sit back and relax while DEBIRD effortlessly extracts all the unwanted chatter from your audio file within seconds!


    1. Select any sound you want to clean up and use DEBIRD on your DAWs audio tracks.

    2. Hit Play and enjoy DEBIRD removing all the birds from your sound in REAL TIME.

    3. You can see the removed bird sounds in the lower spectrum display. Adjust the built-in filters and sensitivity to your likings.

    THATโ€™S IT?
    Yes! It is really that simple. You need some more features? You can also do the following:

    Would you like to keep certain sounds that would otherwise be removed? No problem! Grab a boundary box or brush and show DEBIRD what to keep.

    Solo and export the extracted bird sounds if needed. DEBIRD can be used in the exact opposite way it was designed for.

    DEBIRD turns hours of work into seconds.

    No matter how fast you remove bird sounds, DEBIRD is faster.

    No more need to plan recording sessions at night or use invasive methods such as scaring off birds.

    DEBIRDโ€˜s Machine Learning capabilities help the tool to improve over time.

    DEBIRD works with a neural network that further improves the more input it gets. We will continuously feed the deep learning algorithm with recordings of birds to improve the results and to better handle edge-cases.

    You have a file and DEBIRD struggles to properly remove the bird sounds? Contact us via [email protected] and send us your audio file. We will include it into the machine learning routine and DEBIRD will handle such cases better over time.


    Please note: This plug-in requires an audio host software. It does not work as a standalone application.
    It works with the most common audio host software apps that support VST3, AU or AAX plug-ins:

    Windows Windows 7 (64-bit), 8 GB RAM, Intelยฎ Core i5
    Mac Mac OS X 10.11, 8 GB RAM, Intelยฎ Core i5

    Available licensing options:
    Machine License activation and USB Dongle


    SOUNDWEAVER helps you design new sounds from your existing sound library in less time.
    SOUNDWEAVER opens up a highly inspirational sound design workflow.
    SOUNDWEAVER explores the depths of your sound library.


    Offering you an unlimited wealth of sound design power, SOUNDWEAVER is a standalone application that unlocks the full potential of your sound library. Easily add textures and complexity to your sounds while seamlessly blending different layers together. Create massive rumbles, bone-crunching organic thuds, falling impacts, hyper-complex futuristic effects, snarling creatures โ€“ with SOUNDWEAVER anything from your library can be magically morphed and layered into a new sound.

    SOUNDWEAVER - Audio Layering Wizard | Trailer


  • Stretch, pitch & morph your sounds to infinity! 3.6Gb of custom sounds made by Ivo Ivanov & SoundMorph!

    TimeFlux: the ultimate time stretching, morphing, and spectral effects processing software. Just like time is endless, the possibilities in TimeFlux are endless as you Morph between 8 snapshots using our custom Sphere controller area. Control TimeFlux with your mouse, or as an added bonus control it with an optional Leap Motion controller and harness the powers of time in your hand! TimeFlux takes your sound to a whole new level of control and sonic manipulation.
    You can load up to 4 sounds and 4 VSTs in TimeFlux, record your performance, and export it as a .WAV file or record straight into your DAW.
    TimeFlux also contains 3.6Gb of custom made sound design revolving around the theme of time manipulation. All sounds included were carefully crafted by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov of Glitchmachines. Both experimental and practical, the included sound design library complements the TimeFlux software, and is also quite usable on itโ€™s own. Time and space will never be the same!


    Load up to 4 sound files
    Load up to 4 VST plugins within TimeFlux
    8 snapshot Sphere Controller
    Optional Leap Motion controller. Leap Motion sold separately here: http://www.leapmotion.com
    2 time stretchers
    1 morpher
    4 filters
    Record and Export your performance in WAV files
    3.6 GB TimeFlux sound design soundpack included made by SoundMorph and Ivo Ivanov
    Compatible with Mac and PC (32 bit and 64 bit)
    System Requirements:

    An Intelยฎ Mac with Mac OS X 10.11.6 (or later), OR a PC with Windows 7 (or later); Multicore processor; 2 GB RAM; 1024ร—768 display.

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  • Designed with innovation in mind.

    Each software application we provide pushes the limits of creating in its own way:

    Dust – synthesizer plugin based on a real-time particle simulation, where each particle is a separate granulating sound source.
    Wave Warper – for creating your own modern whooshes, passbys, and sample mayhem.
    – for morphing, bending, and stretching time and samples.
    Evil Twin – for cinematic sound and music design, granular effects, impacts, glitches, and bpm synced loops.
    Galactic Assistant – for creating endless user interface type sounds. The first ever UI synthesizer.
    DR01D – Included for free! Retro robot voice simulator.

    To learn more about each product, we encourage you to visit their individual pages, where you can watch tutorial videos, read more about them, and view the minimum system requirements.

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