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  • Summoning my inner nostalgic child, I have created 270 authentic, 16-Bit Fantasy Adventure Sound Effects and Stingers. This pack is designed for 16-bit, Fantasy, Adventure, RPG games. Or anything you want to give a fun, retro 16-Bit sound. This Bumper Audio pack has high quality, professional sounds, and is the perfect addition to bring your game to life.

    In addition, you will receive 6 FREE Fantasy Style Ambient Loops!

  • Got a film or other production that has a ringing smartphone/mobile phone/cellphone, but you can’t use the ringtones from the original manufacturer? Well, this sound library is for you!

    19 unique but not too complex smartphone ringtones or notification tones made with a marimba. Because these are made with a marimba, the tones are soft and easy to listen to. Ringtones are in both mono and stereo format, and also without EQ and with EQ. EQ’d versions are designed to sound straight from a smartphone, so you can just insert those into your project!

  • Analog Tape Transitions contains dozens of genuine vari-fi effects created with a restored Akai 4000DS MK-II 1/4 inch tape recorder.

    Get plenty of tape stops, rewinds, fast-forwards with 7 different tapes containing music, voice and noise.

    Tired of using the same digital rewind sound again and again? Experience the variety and the smoothness of reel-to-reel analog sound.



    Vari-fi, rewinds, fast-forwards
    Mechanical tape recorder sounds included
    Ultrasonic content up to 48 000 Hz for easy pitch adjustment


    • 96 KHz/24 bit
    • Metadata UCS-compliant
    • Recorded with AKAI 4000DS MK-II and Sennheiser 8040

  • inspired by app market hits like fall guys and tunic! with kids games you unlock a lovable mixture of musical stabs, footsteps, percussion cartoons & comics and 45 original game music, upgrades, bubbles, ui, tiny pianos, guitars, organs, metallophones, bells, shakers, moo-cans, music boxes, talking toys and more! you’re sure to find unique and charactered sounds, a fun, lighthearted collection of popular app game sounds is here!

    all royalty free.

  • Take your projects on a journey through time with the sound effects from our brand new library, Antique Gramophone. Sounds created in this pack are from a genuine antique portable gramophone, manipulated in our acoustically treated Foley suite. Included in this pack is each of the wanted characteristics from an antique gramophone. Including; the needle sliding off the track, hand cranking, record scratches, slowing and speeding up the record and movement of the actual case itself.

    Film-makers, Composers and sound designers alike; each sound within this library can be utilised creatively within any film or video game project. All sounds have also been recorded in 24Bit 96kHz and made UCS compliant with extensive metadata, helping to speed up your workflow and stay on track within the organisation of your session.

    Each sample delivered to you will give you an authentic, historical gramophone sound. However, the high sonic quality delivered in this pack gives you the freedom to sound design to your heart’s content, letting your imagination run wild throughout history.

  • Flysound presents, for the holiday season, a joyful, enchanting library of all the essential sounds of winter magic. The literal jingle of bells, and other blessed chimes; the clinking of glasses and the popping of bottles of champagne. These are the sounds of Christmas, Hanukkah, and a very special New Year’s Eve and beyond.

    Flysound is proud of the work it has done in this challenging year, and we are happy to face the coming new one, with the people we love and care for, and with the colleagues we respect and cherish. So here we present a celebratory collection of triumphant professional sounds, to stimulate the holiday mood and to joyously ring in the New Year. Cheers!

    Flysound Christmas Library

  • Game Audio Packs RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX) Play Track 700 sounds included, 65 mins total From: $10

    “RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX)” is a collection of 700 diverse musical effects covering every essential purpose. Each of the 30 themes have 11 different variations using different orchestral instruments, all provided with a DRY version (with minimal reverb) and a WET version (with optimized reverb) for the utmost utility. Provided in high-quality WAV, OGG, MP3 and M4A files.

    README & Theme List & Suggested Uses

    All themes are available as separate packs, or you can grab them all for a heavily discounted bundle for ~50% off!

    RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX – BUNDLE) (1.22 GB, $50)
    All 700 music effects (Discovery, Failure, Mystery, Save, Shock & Success) bundled into a heavily discounted pack.
    RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX – DISCOVERY) (187 MB, $10)
    A collection of 60+ diverse musical effects for discovering new areas, new story chapters, and more!
    RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX – FAILURE) (291 MB, $30)
    A collection of 180+ diverse musical effects for quest fails, item breaks, negative statuses, game overs, and more!
    RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX – MYSTERY) (202 MB, $10)
    A collection of 100+ diverse musical effects for ominous events, hidden areas, discoveries and more!
    RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX – SAVE) (191 MB, $10)
    A collection of 60+ diverse musical effects for saving the game, resting at inns and more!
    RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX – SHOCK) (54 MB, $10)
    A collection of 60+ diverse musical effects covering shocking stingers, jump scares and more!
    RPG Orchestral Essentials (Music FX – SUCCESS) (329 MB, $30)
    A collection of 180+ diverse musical effects for successful events, quest clears, item finds, craft success and more!
  • DEADBOW Contemporary Horror Strings

    SampleTraxx is proud to introduce “DEADBOW,” the newest addition to our organic sound effects series. DEADBOW is a premium sound collection entirely created from raw, live string recordings by sound designer Alessandro Romeo for SampleTraxx.

    Featuring 400+ premium WAV sounds from smooth and delicate to aggressive and extreme string mutation including bowed cello hard and soft, cello and violin phrases and reverse, crescendos, tick tocks, designed violin stutters, screeches, plucks, jetèz and a raw source folder with files at 96/24 resolution, for an ultra realistic yet mangled horror strings collection.

    The Kontakt instruments featured in DEADBOW turn into a powerful sound design instrument with a straightforward, easy-to-use  engine, including 27 Instruments and 10 Multis to combine and create unique horror sound design elements in seconds, from classic sounds to abrasive and gritty sonic signature.

  • Signature Strings┃Music SFX Library┃Trailer
    Keep your audience at the edge of their seats with our brand new Signature double bass pack! Created by our team of award-winning sound designers, whose credits include Soul, Bullet Train, Finch, Disney+, The Outsider, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Mortal Shell, Minecraft Dungeons and many others. Our team will help you transform your trailers and music into Hollywood level productions.

    Signature Strings includes over 270 highly detailed designed signature and source sound effects.

    All designed  sound effects come in 24bit 96kHz and our source files come in 24bit 192kHz. We also included detailed naming conventions and rigorous Soundminer-embedded metadata.

    All source sound effects were recorded with professional high-end equipment, including Sound Devices MixPre6 MKII, Sanken CO-100K, Rode NT5, DPA4060 and others.

    Library Review:

    RT Sonics’ libraries are awesome and irreplaceable – not only do they feature ready-to use-designed assets that stand out from the crowd, but also have immaculately recorded construction kits that I keep coming back to! You can tell that these libraries are created by sound designers, for sound designers.” –

    Alex Previty

    Sound Designer Audio Lead | Spider-Man (PS4), PlayStation

    Signature Strings features:

    Heavy Impacts, Stingers, Whoosh Hits, Low Booms, Sequences and Clock Loops, Scary Risers, Pings, Ambiances and much more.

  • Attention: Extreme Subwoofer Rumbles! After making our first volume of Bass Drops & Downers, we decided to go even lower! Handmade by our Audio Craftsmen, these 50 effects are designed to bring drama and energy to your productions. Handcrafted using analogue synthesisers and hardware effects, they are guaranteed to give your audience the excitement and suspense you’re looking for; all recorded and supplied to you at 192khz 24bit.

    Each sound is individually crafted featuring it’s very own unique and sensational character, ranging from applied low-end mulit-band distortion to extreme envelope modulation, to reinforce those intense moments! Not to mention, included in this pack is all of your absolute imperative, must have, bass-drop tones, coming straight to you from our collection of eloquent, stereo analogue synths programmed by our in-house specialists.

    Composers, Producers and Film-Makers alike; this pack provides you with powerful bass drops, breathtaking blasts and explosive bass rumbles for your most sensational and electrifying projects yet. Due to their inherent high resolution, you are free to further manipulate these sounds by any means you could possibly desire. Push your low-end to the next level!

  • Cinematic & Trailer Sound Effects Substantial Play Track 68 sounds included, 15 mins total $25

    SUBSTANTIAL is a collection of 68 direct and powerful trailer booms aimed for trailer composers (24 Bit / 48 kHz, WAV, UCS).

    You will find the classic sub hits, raw elements, delayed booms but also some cool alerts, pings and mangled signals giving you a must have kit to grab the attention of your listener.

    If you are a trailer composer or you need to enhance the drama of your track, this is the library for you.

  • Music Detective Games Play Track 280 sounds included $50

    Now you can live out your detective dreams, so grab your deerstalker hat and magnifying glass, you’ll need them… Welcome to the world of detective games! All the detective deduction sound elements you want here!

    185 loop music and various game sound effects! you’ll have no problem creating frightening, shocking, dark, evil, & tension-filled audio experiences.

    All music has been post-processed, plug and play! Evil moriarty theme music, Sherlock Holmes theme music, etc., will take you to enjoy the feast of reasoning!

  • Ensembles of traditional Buddhist instruments and chanting, with throat singing.

  • This is Part 01 of the “GlitchFX Percussion Sounds 02” Sample collection: It contains over hundreds of dirty, glitchy percussive sounds to spice up your tracks.

    Noisy hats, dirty percussion sounds, devestated kicks and mutilated snare drums. Everything far from clean.
    Fits perfectly for electronic music like GlitchHop, EDM, Trap, Dubstep, HipHop and many others. And of course for any kind of sound design.

    • 102 x Claps & Snares
    • 80 x Kicks
    • 45 x Hats & Noise
    • 104 x Percussions
    • 180 Glitch, Dirty & SFX
    50 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • SINGLE TOLL BELLS presents a rare gem in the sound effects market. A compact yet precious collection of 130 bell sound effects, meticulously organised into three folders.

    Church Bells: Experience the solemn resonance of single toll church bells, perfectly suited for poignant funeral scenes in movies, trailer campaigns and score.

    Hand and Mallet Bells: Discover pristine single toll bell sounds, showcasing warm overtones. These bells have been played with varying intensities using both hands and mallets to capture a range of dynamics overtones.

    Abstract Design: A dedicated folder of designed bell sound effects, broadening the creative possibilities for your projects.

    Single Toll Bells is a unique collection that is hard to find elsewhere. A must-have for every professional.


  • KING OF STRINGS is the first Octobass sample library for Ni Kontakt.

    Featuring the sampling of the unique  custom made “Bohr-Moneta” Octobass.

    There are only 4 octobasses in the world, this instrument is the perfect way to add the power of a rare bass instrument to your music compositions, giving an organic flavor without sacrificing the natural rough sound of a string instrument.

    NOTE: KING OF STRINGS is an instrument for Ni Kontakt, it requires full version of Kontakt 5.8 or highter versions

  • Cinematic & Trailer Sound Effects Disquiet Play Track 122 sounds included, 4 mins total $25

    DISQUIET is a collection of 122 energetic and intense cinematic kick sounds (24 Bit / 96 kHz, WAV) aimed to bring energy and excitement to your production.

    Thanks to their perturbed and broken nature these sounds are great for horror trailer music or any production that needs a boost in energy or a scare jump.

    Categories included: Distortion, granular, glitch, alert and corrupted signal.

    A simple and direct library that can become your secret weapon.

  • Game Audio Packs 8bit Game Madness Play Track 163 sounds included, 22 mins total $18

    “8bit Game Madness” by SpillAudio consists of 163 8bit music loops inspired by different video games and arcades, combined with a touch of modern melodic and harmonic concepts. These tracks will provide your projects with a sought-after authenticity, rhythmic stability, and melodic diversity which could elevate your track to the desired level. This pack includes 23 distinguishable melody tracks which add color and articulation with a specific sense of originality.

  • This is Part 01 of the “GlitchFX Percussion Sounds 01” Sample collection It contains over hundreds of dirty, glitchy percussive sounds to spice up your tracks.
    Noisy hats, dirty percussion sounds, devestated kicks and mutilated snare drums. Everything far from clean.
    Fits perfectly for electronic music like GlitchHop, EDM, Trap, Dubstep, HipHop and many others. And of course for any kind of sound design.

    • 102 x Claps & Snares
    • 80 x Kicks
    • 45 x Hats & Noise
    • 104 x Percussions
    • 180 Glitch, Dirty & SFX
    50 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Ambient, dream-like synth sustains and drones providing tension and suspense.  Great for adding to slow-motion video and montages, or setting up your audience for an emotional moment grabbing their attention.

  • Designed Risers!

    Recorded using cymbals

    Risers perfect for Sci-Fi and Horror projects OR for Cinematic Trailers!

    Recorded and exported in 24/192Khz

  • Music Dark Ambient Pack 1 Play Track 9 sounds included, 16 mins total $19.99

    The ultimate sound pack featuring dark ambient sound textures for your project. This ambient sound pack includes 9 royalty free .wav tracks, ready to use background music. These dark and mysterious music track include deep pads, eerie melodies and a mysterious ambiance. Great background music for videos, mysterious cave music and mysterious film music.


  • Music Bright Ambience Play Track 13 sounds included, 24 mins total $19.99

    The ultimate sound pack featuring bright ambient sound textures for your project. Includes 13 royalty free .WAV tracks ready to use background music. Includes light melodies, pad textures and uplifting ambiance. Great background music for videos, video games, tv and film.

  • Fanta Flute by SampleTaxx designed phrases, textures and beds designed from a couple of six holes bamboo flutes and now available in Kontakt format too with dedicated Kontakt GUI and full control to realtime parameters.

    The new Kontakt version 1.1 of FantaFlute is a sound design instrument based on flute sounds and specifically designed for the creation of background sound textures, ambient track, tonal and atonal sound beds.

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