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  • Introducing “Presage – Boutique Horror Instrument,” our inaugural Kontakt Instrument designed to evoke spine-chilling terror and suspense. Featuring an array of meticulously crafted sounds including Dark Impacts, Slams, Attic Rumbles, Bowed Wood and Cymbals, Bells, Clock Ticks, Typewriter SFX, Drones and Atmospheres, Scrapes, Stingers, a Victrola Needle, and much more.

    Presage is a comprehensive toolkit for composers and sound designers seeking to immerse their audiences in a world of fear and unease. Every sound in this horror sample library is meticulously twisted and distorted, ensuring maximum impact in your compositions.

    The intuitive GUI boasts our signature “Trepid Knob,” a blend of compressors and transient designers that allows you to manipulate and distort sounds with ease. Additionally, our “Frenzy Knob” offers a choral effect tailored for maniacal delays of madness, while the “Fever Knob” adds saturation to further enhance the intensity of your creations. Unleash your creativity and unleash terror with Presage – your ultimate horror sound solution.

    Requires the full version of Kontakt 6.8.0 (or higher)

  • Soundtrack Radio is a collection of music tracks spanning various genres and concepts – ideal for any game, movie, advertising videos and other media.

    Powerful and engaging soundtracks of sporty and futuristic interaction, EDM pack is an elegant, yet energetic addition to the completion of your vision. This pack of music tracks sets up a perfect soundstage for victory, success and an engaging modern music experience with their intro, outro, looped and full versions. These tracks are packed in various resolutions, ensuring compatibility across a range of media platforms. Visual excitement meets the rhythm of life โ€“ EDM pack โ€“ feel the thrill of the race and ride the wave of electronic sound power!

  • Introducing “COSMIC CHARGES,” an innovative sound effects library meticulously developed by Matteo Milani at U.S.O.‘s headquarters. This collection represents a major advancement in our commitment to crafting distinctive audio assets that that reinvent our approach to sound design. “COSMIC CHARGES” uniquely specializes in tonal blasts and impacts, each thoughtfully created from the ground up to ensure unmatched creativity and originality in your projects.

    Designed to enrich a variety of media, such as video games, films, TV series, and more, each sound in “COSMIC CHARGES” integrates musical elements, providing a unique sonic identity that can intensify emotional resonance, enhance dynamics, and add richness to your works.

    Discover the features of “COSMIC CHARGES”:

    1. Organic and Synthetic Fusion: Experience a unique blend of real recordings and synthesized sounds, offering a versatile palette for cutting-edge sound design.
    2. Electric Guitar and Percussion Elements: Created in collaboration with proficient musicians, these components add genuine, vibrant energy to your projects.
    3. Customizable Layers: Each sound is available in both a full stereo mix and isolated tracks, providing quick and extensive customization options.
    4. Infinite Headroom: 32-bit float BWF to ensure your sounds remain pristine without any risk of clipping.
    5. UCS Metadata:ย the definitive metadata standard we’ve embraced for seamless integration and organization in your workflow.
  • Materials & Texture Sound Effects Dissonant Langspil Play Track 204 sounds included, 24 mins total $15

    Experimental sounds made with an Icelandic Langspil using bows, bottleneck and fingers.

    A series of dissonant, atonal drones, scrapes, scratches and squeaks played by Chris Foster.


    Excellent source material for designing creative textures and sound morphing into alien and creature sounds. Also for adding to tense, eerie atmospheres.

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  • Introducing Devils Bane Trailer, a chilling symphony of horror encapsulated in 533 meticulously crafted sound files, ready to unleash terror upon your audience. Dive into a nightmare realm where every creak, whisper, and shriek is meticulously designed to send shivers down your spine.

    • 533 files
    • 3.5 GB of game audio assets
    • All in 96k 24bit .wav
    • Dark Horror Movie Trailer Sound Effects Library
    17 %

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