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Travel & Transportation

Recordings and ambiences related to travelling and transportation in trains, planes, buses and more

  • Travel & Transportation Wooden Ship Ambiences Play Track 50 sounds included, 85 mins total $129

    Ahoy Mateys! Step aboard the finest sailing ship sound effects library in the land.

    Whether you’re working on an exciting Pirates of the Caribbean style video game or a relaxing sea-faring romance, the hours of exceptional background loops and additional cutting edge ship sounds contained within this sound pack will set your project on a course to excellence!


    Whether your adventure takes place in the MAIN DECK, CABIN, BELOW DECK, atop the CROWS NEST, in a MEDIEVAL PORT, or on a DISTANT SHIP in the HIGH SEAS we’ve got you covered! Each ambience contains MULTIPLE VARIATIONS, ALL-WEATHER CONDITIONS, and MULTIPLE INTENSITIES to cover every part of the ship, on the rough and calm seas, this sound effects library is perfect for every situation you need.


    Our expert team of sound designers has meticulously crafted each ambience into CONTINUOUS, NON-REPETITIVE, DRAG AND DROP-READY LOOPS that will serve as perfect background audio for your game, film, animation, live event, or even as relaxing background audio! We have even included FULL and SIMPLIFIED MIXES, ISOLATED WEATHER, OCEAN and WOOD CRACKING versions, SHORT and LONG non-repetitive variants, and numerous other options for your convenience!


    With FREE UPDATES, FOREVER! and FREE BONUS AMBIENCES: MEDIEVAL PORT and isolated, SEA, SAILS, and FLAG FLAPPING, Ship’s BELL RINGING, WEATHER, and WOOD CRACKING SOUNDS, all supplied in industry-standard Hi-Rez WAV and Hi-Quality MP3 formats, there’s no better time to set sail on the high seas with this ONE OF A KIND sound pack!

    So what are you waiting for? Take command of this UNIQUE library and begin your journey on the high seas today!


    • Huge variety of Old Wooden Ship Interior and Exterior Ambiences, All Weather Conditions and Additional Useful BONUS Sound Effects for every scene or situation.
    • Multiple variants and intensities for your convenience and additional edit options (lengths, looping versions, stingers, etc.).
    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing. Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
    • All files are included in Hi-Rez WAV, High-Quality WAV and High-Quality MP3 formats
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    14 %
  • Travel & Transportation Ambisonic Steam Trains Play Track 55+ sounds included, 218 mins total From: $45

    Ambisonic Steam Trains features recordings of 3 different narrow-gauge railways in Saxony/Germany where they meander through narrow valleys and bends.
    The library includes more than 3.5 hours of recordings that are taken directly at the train drivers position in the cabin as well as from wagon platforms and passenger seats.
    Also recordings of train pass-bys, shunting and service operations in the depot are included.
    With the Ambisonic format it is guaranteed that the acoustically rich and diversified surroundings of steam trains in action are captured spherical in each and every detail.

    Ambisonic Steam Trains is available in two versions:
    Ambisonic and Stereo

    The Ambisonic version delivers 4 channel A-Format files recorded with the Ambeo VR microphone in upright position.
    These files need conversion to B Format prior to further processing.

    The Stereo version contains the same number of files with equal playing length, but, as the name suggestions, only in stereo versions. All takes are already decoded to 180° stereo that can be manipulated with any stereo width plugin.

    About Ambisonics:

    This is an Ambisonics sound effects library – and by using the free SoundField SurroundZone 2 plugin you can convert the included A-format files into your preferred format (stereo, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0 or 7.1 surround). Note: The library also contains ready-made stereo mixdowns for your convenience.

  • Vehicle Sound Effects Closely Recorded Trains Play Track 63 sounds included, 79 mins total $40

    Closely Recorded Trains delivers interior spot effects of a 1950s UK steam-hauled train carriage, plus rides, station atmospheres and passes.

    Over 60 sounds to enhance your period productions.

  • Motorcycle Sound Effects Helmet Wind Noise Play Track 21 sounds included, 97 mins total $19

    This library gets you 97 minutes of binarual recordings of wind noise, captured inside the helmet as a motorcycle rides along the highway. The speed ranges from a slower pace all the way up to 100 – 130 km/h, and features both acceleration, variable and constant speeds, as well as occasional sounds of passing traffic as captured from inside the helmet. The helmet is a flip-up type of helmet, and the motorcycle is a Honda NC 700D.

    Recorder: Tascam dr100 mk/III, Microphone: DPA 4060 miniature omni

    46 %
  • Travel & Transportation Italian Rails: Trams Trains & Subways Play Track 270 sounds included, 96 mins total $50

    A collection of rail sounds captured in Italy, including sounds of trams (cable cars), trains and subways.

    The library contains sounds like arrivals, departures, pass-bys and on-board recordings. Metallic wheel sounds, pneumatic doors opening and closing, crowds / passengers, and engine sounds are also captured.

    Both interior and exterior recordings are included, as well as PA announcements in Italian.

    Each sound file has been carefully named and tagged for easy search in Soundminer and is Universal Category System (UCS) compliant.
    (see the full track list below).

    Just updated with more sounds:
    111 new recordings have been added to this library, including high-speed train pass-bys, cable car sounds and more – bringing the total number of files in the library to 270

  • Vehicles: Transit Train Sound Effects features 230 sound clips of dozens of transit trains: subways, monorails, people movers, streetcars, and more, totalling 4.66 gigabytes

    Includes recordings from Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin, New York City, and Mexico City.

  • Travel & Transportation Air Travel Play Track 62+ sounds included, 240 mins total $99

    Need the ambience of airports, security areas or on-board a commercial airliner during an international flight?

    This library delivers: Getting you 4 hours of crowds and atmospheres recorded at 10 different international airports  – and on-board multiple airliners with different seat perspectives in-flight, landing, taxi and crew announcements included.

    Update: 16 recordings of 6 new airports now included, as well as two new, long airliner on-board recordings – a total of 1h 23 minutes of additional audio!
  • Travel & Transportation Subway Play Track 58+ sounds included, 133 mins total $49

    An in-depth collection of subway recordings, captured in Kyiv, Ukraine. There are platform ambiences, train interior and exterior, escalators, underground tunnels with people.
    Recorded in quadro on Nevaton MC 50 QUAD; in double-MS on Oktava MK-012 set; in stereo on AKG C414 pair. The double-MS recordings were encoded to quadro and the sources (Mid, Side, Rear) included as well.
    DMS at the end of file name means Double-MS recording; Quadro means direct quadro recording; AKG means stereo recording.

  • City Life Sound Effects American Public Spaces Play Track 95+ sounds included, 278 mins total From: $49

    'American Public Spaces' is a library that focuses on North-American ambiences of English-speaking public areas. This collection is mainly recorded stealth in the cities of: Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, Miami, Trenton, Ottawa.
    The library is available in stereo, and surround (Quad).

    95 authentic ambience recordings (83 are surrround) between 1 to 5 minutes long each, non-disturbed indoor city life using our SSS technique (Stealth Surround System) – locations include:

    Cafe • Airport • Store • Hospital • Library • Metro • Bank • Courthouse • Museum • Terminal • Gym • Hall • Washroom • Post Office • Supermarket • Swimming Pool • Tramway • Zoo • Restaurant • Greenhouse • Arena • Market • Hall • Hotel • Shopping Mall • Hallway • and more!

  • Travel & Transportation Japan Train and Platform Play Track 43 sounds included, 103 mins total $10

    Train and ambience library recorded in Tokyo, Kobe, and Osaka. Bullet and regional trains, platforms, and station ambiences. Recorded at 96kHz stereo.

  • This sound library features 60 sound clips of passenger locomotives and commuter cars. The tracks feature riding a train at various speeds in both first class and coach.
    There are train takes from both interior and exterior perspectives, as well as some doors and horns and toilet flushes while moving.

    Each engine is diligently labeled by engine type and version and detailed in full Soundminer metadata.

  • Travel & Transportation Inside Bridges Play Track 30 sounds included, 103 mins total $34

    This library gets you very rare sounds from the inner sound of bridges.

    Recorded inside of two differnet box girder bridges, this collection features deep metallic thuds from traffic above, metallic creaks of steel and iron, low rumble and eerie atmospheres.
    Recorded using Schoeps MK4/MK8 MS microphones and paired with a Sound Devices 702 recorder. All files in this collection use the Universal Category System (UCS) and are tagged with detailed metadata.

    Sounds includes:
    Interior sounds of box girder bridges, Elevator shaft inside a bridge pylon. Elevator ride and sounds from the stairwell, Wind and distant traffic from the top of a bridge pylon, Sounds under a bridge with metallic rattling caused by traffic above it.

    • 30 sound effects / 30 Files
    • 96kHz / 24bit stereo WAV files
    • 3,5 gigabytes / Approx. 103 minutes total
    • Includes Soundminer Metadata, UCS

  • This library is quite self explanatory, ” Planes – Takeoffs & Landings ”  is a collection of various commercial jets taking off and landing on a runway.

    We recorded as close as possible to the airport fences with a multi microphones setup giving you different sonic perspectives.

    The “Source” folder contains 130 files corresponding to 34 different recordings :
    – AB stereo (LOM Usi)
    – Cinela LCR array (Sennheiser MKH8040 ORTF + MKH8050 Center)
    – a shotgun mic following the plane (Neumann KMR81)

    The “ Designed” folder contains 46 files / 28 processed sounds such as fast jet fly by or sonic boom.

    All the files are 96kHz /24bits and embedded with rich metadata ( Soundminer, Basehead, iXML ) .


  • Surround Sound LAB Complete Collection

    Unlock the full potential of your audio projects with the Surround Sound LAB Complete Collection. This bundle offers our entire Surround Sound Lab catalog in one comprehensive, perpetual one-time subscription.

        The Ultimate Audio Resource

    Our Complete Collection is the ultimate audio resource, meticulously curated and updated with our newest releases. Deliver your best work with the most extensive collection of world-class sound effects we’ve ever offered. This flagship collection is perfect for creators, post-production professionals, video editors, game developers, and more.

    Our equipment is proudly part of Blacktone Studio team in Madrid, a studio with over 10 years of experience in sound post-production for cinema and TV.

        Exclusive Benefits

    • 🚀 Future Releases Included: Purchase once and receive all future libraries for free, directly to your inbox.
    • 🔊 Ambisonic and Surround Recordings: Experience the richness of third-order ambisonic and surround recordings, capturing the most immersive audio environments.
    • 🎧 Pristine and Consistent Quality: Enjoy pristine, high-quality sounds with consistent audio fidelity across all files.
    • 🎤 State-of-the-Art Recording and Mastering Equipment: We utilize the best recording gear available, including cutting-edge third-order microphones and the latest technologies. Your sound experiences are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, edited, and mastered in our 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos immersive mixing stage.
    • 📦 Massive Library: Over 5,500 files, totaling more than 500 GB of premium audio.
    • 🏷️ UCS Compliant: Fully compliant with the Universal Category System.
    • 📋 Detailed Metadata: Each file comes with descriptive, embedded UCS metadata. View the sound list in XLS format.
    • 💻 Flexible Delivery: Choose between download and hard drive delivery options.
    • 💰 Royalty-Free: Use all sounds without any additional fees.


    80 %
  • The LAX Aircraft library features descending aircraft flyovers at Los Angeles International Airport. One advantage of LAX is that it’s nestled in the city, making it easy to stand directly under very low flying airplanes to capture a great sound.

    A range of aircraft was recorded for this release, including the Airbus A330, Boeing 737, 747, and Bombardier 800.

    Two different microphone positions were used: One facing the oncoming aircraft, and the other pointing in the opposite direction to capture the flyover and further decent as the aircraft lands.

  • This is your library for making authentic background train ambiences in movies, games or radio plays. It features over 40 indoor ambiences in 5.1 surround sound. Recorded in 2017 with an INA 5 surround microphone array for realistic room impression. Finish your next project in light speed. Simply drag and drop the interleaved surround sounds into your DAW and get perfectly balanced and panned surround sound train ambiences.

    Key features:

    • More than 40 indoor (cabin) train ambiences/room tones in 5.1 surround sound (3 GB)
    • Fans, rails, machines, motors (diesel and electric), humming, heating, buzz, natural noise
    • Doors, passengers, rattling, air conditioning, toilet, speed-up, slow down, pass-by noise
    • Realistic room impression and sound location, true to original sound color
    • Compatible with ITU-R BS.775 recommendation, no Ambisonics, no plug-in needed, just drag the 5 tracks into your DAW
    • Perfect balanced surround sounds for drag and drop integration
    • 24 Bit / 96 kHz / low noise recording
    • Interleaved surround sound file (L/R/C/LFE/LS/RS), simply drop into your DAW
    • EBU/BWF and WAV-Metadata made with Soundminer for use in any DAW
    • Equipment: INA 5 surround microphone array, RME UCX, RME Quadmic 2

  • 67 %
  • Travel & Transportation Vintage Tram Play Track 28+ sounds included, 40 mins total $35

    Vintage Tram features sounds of a fully working light rail vehicle in small valley near Dresden/Germany. The 2-axle railcars were built from 1957 until 1967 with reference to concepts from the 1930s.
    The recorded tram drives along an 8 kilometer track through a small valley that is surrounded by reverberant rock faces of various intensity.

    The Library contains recordings from the driver´s seat, from several positions in the wagon, both with and without passengers. Also included are exterior recordings of squeaky approaches and pass-bys, couplings, doorbells, and door openings/closings.

    Recorded in 192 kHz the material allows for extensive downsampling to generate versatile soundscapes far beyond the original. Please listen to Audio Demo No.2

  • Train Sound Effects Sydney Australia Trains Play Track 55 sounds included, 46 mins total $10

    Sydney Australia Trains consists of 55 beautifully recorded and edited sounds, tagged with rich metadata. From pass bys and ins and outs, to atmos' and more.

  • Environments & Ambiences Traffic Tones Play Track 500+ sounds included, 480 mins total $220

    ‘Traffic Tones’ will help build flavorful air tones and atmospheres in order to support urban or suburban environments.

    This sound library is divided into 2 main sections

    1) Traffic Loops
    2) Single Event Sounds

    The first part of this library comprises a wide variety of long undisturbed traffic loops;
    exempt from excessive dynamic fluctuations, and without any incongruous noises (such as birds).
    These are non-disruptive atmospheres that you can easily layer up.
    Ready to be inserted into your project, they will help you build the foundation of your own soundscape.

    The second part of this library consists of ‘single event’ sounds.
    They will bring character to your sound-bed and help soundify any story/visual cues.
    You will find in this section well-classified eclectic sounds such as whistles, sirens, brake squeals,
    but also more than 110 individual horns, and a massive collection of 300+ pass-by of all kinds…

    The diversity of sounds delivered in this library reflects the large-scale recording process that took us 5 years to gather the right material, recorded throughout 30 cities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, from various perspectives in space and time, various weather conditions, various terrain type, and vehicle types.

    What’s inside:

    • 88 selected ambience loops, well edited (9 of these ambiences are Quad Surround recordings), Organized by sub-section folders:

      • At Street Level
      • Distance Away ( Diffused)
      • From Above Perspective
      • From Inside (Vehicles  or House)
      • Near Bridges
      • Special Flavor
    • 400+ ‘single event’ sounds (204 files) are included in the library. These are +100 Horns, +300 Pass Bys of all kinds, + Miscelleneous single event sounds such as: brake squeals, sirens,  whistles, …

    • well-grounded Soundminer metadata, UCS-compliant

    • Recorded in 30 cities and areas throughout 5 continents, during the last 5 years


    ***Most of the library were recorded in 192KHz, however, in the majority of the recordings, there was no reason to keep this sample rate. Hence we saved some space and converted it to 96KHz unless interesting spectral information was found in these high ranges, in this case, we kept them at 192 kHz.

    Alternatively, the pass-by section, which contains around 300 sounds, can be very useful to help design transitional sound effects such as dramatic accents, wooshes, or any other creative process.

    + Added Free Bonus: the library ‘Budapest Siren Pass-Bys’

  • Contained in this library are authentic Chicago environmental and transportation ambiences.  You will find ambience inside and outside the famous L train, street cars and Chicago bus routes.  As well, as a few memorable ambiences from the street-side and also down by the water. Recorded in high resolution, this library will put you right in the virtual seat of the city of neighborhoods!

  • Anybody familiar with travelling on the London Underground will be aware of the distinct soundscapes beneath the streets of London; from the clatter of the ticket hall barriers to the eerie rumbles from the tunnels, waiting in anticipation for the next train to come rushing past before stopping with the squeal of the brakes.

    Each type of train on the network has its own distinct characteristics such as the moaning of the electric traction motors or the peculiar sound of the 1996 Stock used on the Jubilee Line.

    All of these sounds have been beautifully captured in 24-bit 48KHz quality- recorded both with XY stereo microphones and binaurally- creating a highly realistic experience for headphone users.

    Note to users:
    As many of you will know, like many urban transit systems, the London Underground is littered with pre-recorded public announcements.
    These recordings have been extensively edited to the highest quality to ensure that these pre-recorded announcements have been removed where possible.
  • An imaginative and supercharged collection of the next generation of modern, futuristic, and sci-fi vehicles, energy and engine sound effects. Introducing, Game Engines Sound Kit, a new breed of designed vehicle sound fx featuring a massive 10GB sound bank that fulfills all your needs related to spaceship engines, machines, robotics, mechs, power ups, power down, and super useful space background ambiences. The range of creative sound design and attention to quality in Game Engines is incredibly versatile and created for those who want to build compelling futuristic scenes in AAA games, film and TV. All game & production ready.

    *800 royalty-free sound FX
    *99 glued WAV files (multiple variations of same sound glued in 1 file)
    *10.8 GB

    32 %
  • Distant Trains Sound Library delivers impressive multi-channel recordings of trains that pass by in a distance of at least 300 meters up to 1.5 kilometres.

    Included are pass bys of freight, commuter and passenger trains plus single locomotives.
    In order to capture the impressive walls of sound caused by passing trains an arrangement of 6 microphones was used. This setup encompasses stereo-pairs of MKH3040-MS, MKH8090-ORTF and MKH8040-WideAB. All pairs are recorded to separate files that are now available as time-aligned Reaper sets.
    Each recording session took place at nights so that it was possible to capture extremely long approaches and tails that fade out to natural and calm night ambience without any disturbance by road traffic or other unwanted noises.

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