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Home Sound Effects Analog Sci-Fi Hardware / Interface SFX

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Analog Sci-Fi Hardware / Interface SFX


From subtle button clicks to satisfying scrolling sounds, each of the 91 sounds in this pack is crafted to enhance the interactivity between player and interface, ensuring a captivating and unforgettable gaming experience

Licensor: : Goldsmith Audio Category: .
Type: 91 sound effects / recordings
Specs: 91 sounds • 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz • 76 MB • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
These sounds were produced using analog synthesis to provide a sound pack that is faithful to the classic hardware sounds of sci-fi cinema. Containing 91 unique sounds, this pack is guaranteed to provide the ideal set of interaction sounds for your sci-fi devices, whether in-game or a menu system.
This pack contains the following:
Beep Echo x 4
Broken Beep x 18
Error x 1
Fuzzy Beep x 4
Generator Fast x 1
Generator Slow x 1
Menu Zap x 4
Scanner x 1
Screen Text Light x 1
Screen Text x 3
Scroll Light x 1
Scroll x 1
Sharp Bleep x 21 (+ wet reverb versions)
Soft Navigation Beep x 8
System Error x 1
Number of files: 91 Wav Files
Quality: 44.1kHz / 24bit / Stereo
Total Size: 75.7 MB

Full sound effects list for Analog Sci-Fi Hardware / Interface SFX:

Sharp Bleep 20.wav
Sharp Bleep 16.wav
System Error.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 4B.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 4A.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 3B.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 3A.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 2B.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 2A.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 1B.wav
Soft Navigation Beep 1A.wav
Sharp Bleep 21.wav
Sharp Bleep 21 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 20 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 19.wav
Sharp Bleep 19 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 18.wav
Sharp Bleep 18 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 17.wav
Sharp Bleep 17 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 16 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 15.wav
Sharp Bleep 15 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 14.wav
Sharp Bleep 14 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 13.wav
Sharp Bleep 13 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 12.wav
Sharp Bleep 12 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 11.wav
Sharp Bleep 11 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 10.wav
Sharp Bleep 9.wav
Sharp Bleep 10 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 9 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 8.wav
Sharp Bleep 8 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 7.wav
Sharp Bleep 7 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 6.wav
Sharp Bleep 6 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 5.wav
Sharp Bleep 5 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 4.wav
Sharp Bleep 4 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 3.wav
Sharp Bleep 3 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 2.wav
Sharp Bleep 2 Wet.wav
Sharp Bleep 1.wav
Sharp Bleep 1 Wet.wav
Scroll 1.wav
Scroll 1 Light.wav
Screen Text 1.wav
Screen Text Light.wav
Screen Text 3.wav
Screen Text 2.wav
Menu Zap 4.wav
Menu Zap 3.wav
Menu Zap 2.wav
Menu Zap 1.wav
Generator Slow.wav
Generator Fast.wav
Fuzzy Beep 2B.wav
Fuzzy Beep 2A.wav
Fuzzy Beep 1B.wav
Fuzzy Beep 1A.wav
Broken Beep 18.wav
Broken Beep 17.wav
Broken Beep 16.wav
Broken Beep 15.wav
Broken Beep 14.wav
Broken Beep 13.wav
Broken Beep 12.wav
Broken Beep 11.wav
Broken Beep 10.wav
Broken Beep 9.wav
Broken Beep 8.wav
Broken Beep 7.wav
Broken Beep 6.wav
Broken Beep 5.wav
Broken Beep 4.wav
Broken Beep 3.wav
Broken Beep 2.wav
Broken Beep 1.wav
Beep Echo 3.wav
Beep Echo 2.wav
Beep Echo 1B.wav
Beep Echo 1.wav


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