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Multi-user licensing


asbjoern andersen Need a license for more than one user / workstation? Discounted multi-user licensing is available, and I’m happy to let you know that there’s a brand new system in place to help you get the correct license.

Best wishes from Asbjoern


How the new multi-user licenses system works:

1) When browsing the site, simply add the desired libraries to the cart
2) Once you reach the cart, enter your desired number of users & click Confirm (your multiuser discount is automatically applied)
3) Complete the checkout to get the libraries for your desired number of users
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Here’s how to update your existing single user licenses to multi-user licenses:

โ€ข Go to your account, click Re-Order next to a relevant order, and pick your desired number of users and complete the checkout

Go to your account
Single & multi-user definitions:

โ€ข Single user license: A) Youโ€™re a freelancer working on your own, or B) youโ€™re a company with 1 audio workstation and/or 1 sound designer = A single user license is needed

โ€ข Multi-user license: A) You have multiple workstations or a team of sound designers, and/or B) you run an audio server that can be accessed by multiple users = each workstation/user needs a license

Special licensing, bundles or subscriptions:

Looking for custom bundles, subscriptions, custom licensing terms, or license management? Be sure to visit our Custom Enterprise Solutions page below.
Visit the Custom Enterprise Solutions page
7 reasons to review your sound collection to see if your current licensing is right:

1. You have multiple workstations or a team of sound designers
2. Your audio team has grown in size
3. Sounds are stored on a company network/server
4. You only have single-user licenses (but the sounds are used by several people)
5. Your sound collection has been compiled over many years, with no clear licensing overview
6. Personal, contractor and company collections mixed up
7. No licensing exists, or documentation is missing


If you need help or have any questions, simply contact us below:


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