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Home Foley Sound Effects Cloth and Fabric Sound Effects

Cloth and Fabric Sound Effects

Fabric, cloth and clothes being worn, rubbed, slid around, shaken, dropped, hit, torn, ripped and more

  • Foley – Clothes Movement collection features 98 files with a total of 900 individual sounds.

    It includes various clothes-related sounds such as crumpling, impact hand, movements (short and long), pick up and throw for 9 different types of clothing: coat, winter coat, hoodie, t-shirt, casual jacket, casual pants, denim pants, ski pants, and shorts.

    These sounds are easy to navigate and were captured using a Rode NT4 and a Sony PCM D100.

    Update 1.1 : Add Coat

    Download freebie version SFX pack here.

  • Cloth and Fabric Sound Effects Cloth Play Track 340+ sounds included From: $45

    The Cloth sound effects library is dedicated to cloth and textile movement sound effects.

    It features a wide range of different materials being handled, such as backpacks, pillows, sheets, leather belts and jackets, table cloths, shirts, canvases, gloves, rain jackets, chinos, jeans, pullovers and much more.

    The Cloth SFX library was recorded using a highly sensitive Sennheiser MKH8040 microphone and a Sounddevices 702t recorder with ultra low noise preamps, to capture the sometimes subtle nuances these materials produce.

  • Cloth and Fabric Sound Effects Clothing Foley HD Play Track 429 sounds included, 29 mins total $35

    Clothing Foley HD is a collection of four different outfits performing walking Foley at various speeds without shoes. Also included are various body pats, buttons, zippers, and cloth sounds like shifting, reaching, rubbing, and pocket sounds.

    Clothing Foley HD highlights:OUTFITS:
    Jeans + T-shirt
    Khakis + Button Down Shirt
    Suit + Tie (suit pants, suit coat, button down shirt, necktie)
    Snow Pants + Winter Coat

    Walking Foley – without shoe sounds, various speeds for each outfit
    Material Sounds – reaching, shifting, rubbing
    Pockets – hands going in and out, rustling around, inserting and removing cell phone
    Body Pats – various strengths on each material, on belly, legs, back, arms
    Zippers – jeans, khakis, suit pants, winter coat
    Buttons – suit coat, winter coat, button down shirt
    Tie Sounds – tying, untying, adjusting

  • Our CLOSE COMBAT SFX library is definitely the place to go when you‘re in need of flying fists, roundhouse kicks and general hard-hitting combat action.
    CLOSE COMBAT Close comes in two variations:

    Designed, featuring 400+ SFX in 100+ 96kHz files. Delivers pre-designed, ready-to-use fight sounds

    Construction Kit with 2400+ SFX in 400+ 192kHz files. Gets you a huge arsenal of raw punches, kicks, clothes, whooshes, slaps, bone breaks and more to build from.

    You can also get them both together in the Close Combat Bundle – and save 20%!

  • Combat Cloth! was recorded to enhance the sound of fighting scenes with a variety of cloth movements.

    The library was recorded with a Neumann u89 (Hypercardiod) and Audient Mic Pre.
    All files contain metadata to quickly find the sounds you’re looking for.

  • Knight Armor Movement is a package designed for body movements sound design, both linear and interactive sound engines.

    It was recorded using an authentic hand made medieval armor replica.

    The movement actor performs various movements and walking sequences such as sword attacks, shield attacks, dash forward and sides, roll forward and sides, falling, raising, jump, walking, walking with high knees, running and more.

    All actions were recorded using a Neumann 103, and a matched pair of Neumann 184. The entire session was then carefully edited, mixed, and exported into 328 “one shots” samples. These samples are easily integrated into any game-engine, audio middleware, and ofcourse are great for linear sound designs.

  • Cloth and Fabric Sound Effects Fight Play Track 1246 sounds included, 66 mins total $119

    Fight is part of the comprehensive melee and hand combat series from Black Edge Sound Studios (formerly Output Audio). Recorded at Universal Sound, a dedicated foley stage in Amersham, UK with a wealth of experience in crafting sound for feature film, TV and video games.

    The Fight sound library has an extensive collection of of punch, kick, cloth, breaks, gore, whoosh and body fall. This includes all the core elements and original recordings needed to build bone crunching fist fights and ultra realistic combat action, whilst  providing polished compositions and arrangements of key combat moves in the designed section for quicker results.

    The library metadata has been designed to provide a fast, efficient workflow to picture and video game, ideal for quick turn arounds.

    Expanding the selection further with the original recordings means that editors can quickly create mixes and then refine and stylise. A Pro Tools session is included (2020.3) that takes all the effort out of arranging the content for mixing. The recordings have been edited and aligned with a choice of microphones. You can drop in your own routing, processing and mixing touches according to taste and quickly establish a new sound set for the picture or video game you are working with.

    Content Groups Included:
    Blood, gore, bone breaks, body fall, punches, kicks, cloth, whoosh, prop crashes and impacts, bat weapons, material debris, hand combat arrangements and more.

  • Hand Combat Sound Effects Fight Moves Play Track 188 sounds included, 8 mins total $19

    Whooshes are a key component for energy and drama in a fight scene, but can sometimes be over the top. So I recorded a simple but very useful library of cloth moves specifically for fights. They work like whooshes but sound a lot more natural.

    Three different fabrics: jeans, nylon shorts and a cotton pillow case. All with the same coverage: grabs, single moves (varying intensities), sequenced moves for more variation, and struggling moves for when your character is pinned.

  • The Character Pack 01: Humanoid contains nearly 5 hours (2338 files) of high quality body (falls, impacts & lands), multiple surface type texture layers, footsteps, armour movements and 4 types of vocalisation sets.
    Everything needed to bring a humanoid (Human male, Goblin, Ogre & Skeleton) character to life.

    The assets have been designed for use with computer game media that demands high asset variations, however this pack is suited for all forms of audio media.

    The included basic construction kit / original recordings enables further details to be created for more granular focus.

    All assets have been recorded & produced at 96kHz/24bit.

    This pack contains 7 of our humanoid related individual SFX mini packs (Footstep, Body, Armour & 4 vocal sets)

    Included in this pack:

    • Individual Designed assets: Body Fall, Body Lands Body Impacts, Footsteps, Armour Movements & 4 vocalisation exertion types. (including an human male narrator and dialogue)
    • Armour types included Chain-mail, Cloth, Leather, No Armour & Segmented
    • Surface types included: Concrete, Grass, Gravel, Leaves, Metal, Pebbles, Rock, Sand, Snow, Undergrowth, Wood & Water
    • All individual designed asset are also packaged up into single files aiding SFX creation and editing.
    • Basic construction kits of the original content recording with 2 microphone versions (where available, Note: not all CK content has 2 mic recordings)

  • This collection gets you more than 9000 fabric sounds recorded in isolation – for when you just don’t have access to a quiet enough space to record subtle foley movements.

    Designed with the idea that they can be combined in infinite ways to cover any movement you may need, it was recorded with a variety of microphones to provide multiple perspectives and cut down on time spent matching into the mix.

    It contains a wealth of fabric types, movements, rubs, rustles, tears and rips, and even a few zippers/buttons/velcro strips to give you the coverage you need.

  • The Armour Pack 01: Humanoid contains over 45 minutes (250 files) of nothing but high quality medieval types of armour movement actions for an humanoid entity.

    The assets have been designed for use with computer game media that demands high asset variations, however this pack is suited for all forms of audio media.

    The included basic construction kit / original recordings enables further armour details to be created for more granular focus.

    All assets have been recorded & produced at 96kHz/24bit.
    Included in this pack:

    • Individual armour designed assets (30 per armour type / action type)
    • Sets of individual armour designed assets (30 individual assets in one file)
    • Continuous loops of different armour speeds (these have been created in sync for the loops in our Footstep Pack 01: Humanoid)
    • Armour Types: Leather, Cloth, Chain-mail, Segmented.
    • Basic construction kits of the original recording
  • Foley Sound Effects Ultimate Prop and Cloth Collection Play Track 769-1585+ sounds included, 500+ mins total From: $90

    You get a huge amount of cloth and prop foley sounds in this one: 16 types of cloth and 15 surfaces with 15+ variations – captured by Foley Supervisor and sound designer Joshua Reinhardt, and professional Foley walker Lara Dale.

    Crunchy leather, crisp gun movement, trendy purses, big chains, smooth cloth, great sounding bags, and coats, this library has it all. This is hands down the most extensive cloth and prop library anywhere. Note: Does not contain embedded metadata, but features descriptive file names.

    Not only does this library contain walking but it’s pretty much every performance you can think of from scuffs to jumps and lands and scrapes. With this library you can cut foley for pretty much any film or game that comes your way. And EVERY PERFORMANCE SYNCS UP PERFECTLY TO ULTIMATE FOOTSTEPS! These recordings were recorded using the same tempo and performances as our first popular Ultimate Footsteps Library so this will add even more depth to your characters and project!

    • Every file is labeled with a description of the shoe, surface, performance type and microphone.
    • Combine cloth with different props and footsteps to get great sounds.
    • Same recording studio mics and preamps used in over 50 major motion pictures
    • Same boots and army gear that was used in THE EXPENDABLES
    • Mix and match shoes, surfaces and sweeteners to make your own custom characters.
    • Can be used as a stereo or separated and mixed/matched as a mono depending which mic works best for your project

    Library details:

    Props used: Rifle, hand gun, backpack school, backpack leather, heavy chains, dog tags, duffle bag, paper bags, plastic bags, keys, purse, purse cloth, small chains.

    Cloth Used: Heavy coat, coat wool, Denim, heavy denim, fringe suade, fringe, leather heavy, leather crunch, leather biker, sequin, shirt, shirt light, shirt heavy, silk, tutu, wind breaker.

    Performances: Extremely Slow Walk, Medium Slow Walk, Walk, Jog, Run, Stairs Slow, Stairs Fast, Stomp, Land, Scuff, Scrape 1, Scrape 2, Scrape 3, Scrape 4, Scrape 5.

  • Cloth and Fabric Sound Effects Clothes And Accessories Play Track More than 1000 sounds included, 38 mins total $30

    Clothes and Accessories is a library with several clothes, bags, hats, glove and many other Fabric/Tissue things. The bundle includes 747 files recorded at 96khz – 24bits.

    It’s a package of Manipulation, Slapping, Scratching, Shaking, and Tear up clothes. You can find inside, Fabric Backpack, Canvas Jacket, Pen housing, Cap, Carpet, Fabric Case, Cloths Impact, Fabric Belt, Lace, Ribbon, Flag, Jeans jacket, Pant, Leather belt, Handbag, and Jacket, Tissue Wallet, Mesh, Pillow, Plastic, Raincoat, Rubber Glove, Shirt, Sport bag, Sweater, T-shirt and Velcro sounds.

    All that you need for your clothing design.

    Each sound has been meticulously edited individually, All files were recorded and are delivered in 24bit 96kHz Broadcast Wave files, all embedded with metadata information for easy import and ensure fast and easy workflow.

  • The Original recordings for this library were made for a feature having multiple scenes of just that!

    The Cloth Flapping Sound Fx library is both multiple single, and multiple long recorded sounds, of fabric being manipulated by hand to imitate the sound of wind moving it around. All recorded exterior in a Swedish forest to give the sound a natural feel in a natural environment.

    This library covers both sounds of brutal, hard and softly sounding cloth movements. Performed in different tempos to match and cover as many sound situations as possible.

    70 UCS metadata tagged tracks, 2Gb, 96Khz, featuring:

    Large cotton canvas
    Cotton cloths, dry and wet
    Nylon and cotton fabric tent
    Nylon harness
    Rain coat
    Wet and dry nylon shirts
    Nylon umbrella
    Flags and pennants

    Recorders used: Sound Devices 702 and Mixpre

    Microphones: Sennheiser Mkh416, Mkh30

  • This library is a collection of cloth and sponge sounds on various surfaces at varying degrees of wetness. It’s a collection of Foley sounds that we always seem to need, but often can’t find. Each track includes multiple movements and surfaces. The recordings are mono and unprocessed, so they sound natural and can be easily placed in your stereo field.

    All tracks recorded with a Neumann KMR81 microphone.


    Embark on a sound adventure with “RPG Interface Essentials – Inventory & Dialogue”, the second part in our series of sound libraries specialized in user interfaces for RPG-style games. Featuring 157 unique sounds in 192kHz, 24-bits audio format, this collection is designed to bring your inventory, dialogue, and journal menus to life.

    – If you want to complement this library you can buy part 1 “Click Here

    Featured Features:
    Inventory Dive:
    – Enrich your gaming experience with key action sounds for each type of item, be it armor, pants, shoulder pads, helmets, shields, drinking potions, etc…
    Attractive Dialogues:
    – Enhance your game’s narrative with dynamic effects for dialogue options, screen appearances, and option scrolls. Create a truly interactive and engaging dialogue experience.
    Explore your Journal:
    – Immerse yourself in the narrative with sounds that indicate updates in the journal or when opening and closing its pages. Experience a seamless transition that adds depth to the story’s evolution.

    Exceptional Audio Quality:
    – With 157 sounds presented in 192 kHz and 24-bit, enjoy exceptional quality and clarity in every detail, immersing players in a captivating audio experience.
    Designed for Versatility:
    – This versatile sound set is ready to enhance any gaming project, whether it’s a classic RPG or a unique adventure.

    More about the pack
    – Intuitive file naming
    – Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    – Totally mono compatibility
    – All sounds have several variations.
    – Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound for other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.

    Technical details:
    – 157 RPG interface sounds
    – Number of Audio Waves: 157
    – Format: 192kHz/24bit
    – Sound Effects Loop: No
    – Total Duration: 2 minutes and 37 seconds

    20 %
  • Take advantage of 287 MB of high-quality recordings of clothing foley for your latest foley project. Recorded with a Sennheiser MKH-416 and a DPA 4062, this library contains a superb selection of various materials, from denim jeans to wool jackets and more.

    Works great with Reformer Pro but if you don’t own the plugin, you can still purchase and use the sounds in this pack separately.

    50 %
    Ends 1722808800
  • The Body Pack 01: Humanoid contains over 80 minutes (554 files) of high quality body falls, impacts & lands on multiple surface types.

    The assets have been designed for use with computer game media that demands high asset variations, however this pack is suited for all forms of audio media.

    The included basic construction kit / original recordings enables further body fall details to be created for more granular focus.

    All assets have been recorded & produced at 96kHz/24bit.
    Included in this pack:

    • Individual Body Fall, Lands and Impacts designed assets
    • Designed assets feature between 2>5 armour types: Chain-mail, Cloth, Leather, No Armour & Segmented
    • Sets of individual body designed assets (3>10 of the individual designed assets in one file)
    • Surface types: Concrete, Grass, Gravel, Leaves, Metal, Pebbles, Rock, Sand, Snow, Undergrowth, Wood & Water
    • Basic construction kits of the original body fall recording with 2 microphone versions (further creation detail can be added with our Armour Pack 01: Humanoid)
    • Bonus content – Surface texture pack: Grass, Leaves, Metal, Pebbles, Sand, Snow & Undergrowth, with various sweetener actions including 2 different mic tracks for each texture listed (excluding metal)
  • More is more!

    725 performances of everyday clothes, textile, and accessories / recorded in-studio.

    30+ types of clothes with variations including wear, flap, handle, fold, rustle, grab, and various accessories such as backpacks, bags, Velcro fastener and zippers.

    The sounds are broadly grouped as:

    Action: Flap, handle, fold, pat, grab, remove, straighten, dust, scratch, rustle, wear, take off, stretch and more

    Clothes: coat, pants, yoga pants, sweater, sleeping bag, ski jacket, outdoor jacket, anorak, mini skirt, knitted skirt, jean jacket, fabric piece, cardigan, trousers, pillow case, sweatshirt, trousers, cushion, t-shirt, shawl, tulle curtain, jean skirt, mousepad, backpack, belt, fringe, table cloth, rain jacket, skiwear and more

    Type: Leather, wool, metal, silk, suede, plastic, cotton, linen, polyester and mixed

    Style: Fast, hard, medium, slow, very slow, soft, in intervals, tonal, squeaky, windy

    What makes this collection desirable is the subtlety and diversity of the sounds. These meticulously recorded sounds and especially the manipulation of fabric have both practical usability and room for further sound design and interchangeability.

    You will get intuitive, detailed naming, UCS compatibility and the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail in 725 royalty-free pristine sounds. Recorded in mono 24bit-96kHz.WAV format on our sensitive Sennheiser MKH 8040 and Zoom F3.

    Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    What else you may need

    You may also want to check out our bestseller Crafting and Survival Sound Effects Pack for 1000+ survival, gathering, movement and crafting sounds and the new Foliage collection for 571 sounds of organic grass, branches, leaves, bushes, twigs, and lots of vegetation and rustle – manipulated through creative performances.

    40 %
    Ends 1725055200
  • Here’s an indispensable toolkit of more movement and handling sounds; falling, dropping, bouncing, smashing and debris sounds of different objects made of wood, plastic, metal, stone, ceramic, glass on various surfaces. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.


    About Drop & Fall

    927 pristine files that are clean, impactful and capture pretty much every material, surface and action.

    The sounds are broadly grouped as:

    Action: Fall, Drop, Bounce, Debris, Smash, Shatter, Break

    Material: Rock, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Cloth, Ceramic, Stone, Porcelain, Styrofoam

    Object: Household Objects, Furniture, Tools, Kitchenware, Office Objects, Food, Clothes

    Surface: Stone, Glass, Ceramic, Metal, Concrete

    Style: Close-Up & Distance Perspective, Fast, Hard, Medium, Slow, Soft, In Intervals, Single & Multiples, Rattle, Tonal, Squeaky


    What makes this collection handy is the clarity and diversity of the sounds. These meticulously recorded sounds have both practical usability and room for further sound design.

    You will get intuitive, detailed naming, UCS compatibility and the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail in 927 pristine sounds. Recorded in 24bit-96kHz.WAV format on our favorite Sennheiser MKH 8040, DPA 4060 and Zoom F3 in A/B and ORTF.


    What else you may need

    You may also want to check out Drag and Slide Pack for 477 sounds of dragging, sliding, scraping and friction sounds of different objects made of wood, plastic, metal on various surfaces. Our bestseller Crafting and Survival Pack is another option with 1000+ survival, gathering, movement and crafting sounds.

    40 %
    Ends 1725055200
  • The Rummage & Loot Sound Effects library contains 203 sound effects for looting and searching for items.

    Instances include:

    Search Backpack/Inventory
    Search through Drawers/Cupboards
    Search Trash/Rubbish Bins
    Search through Bushes/Foliage
    Search Toolbox/Metal Items
    Search Wallet/Coin Pile
    Search Corpses

    Other case uses include:

    Equip Clothing or Gear
    Inventory Sounds
    Item Collect/Pickup
    Handling various objects/items

    33 %
    Ends 1722376800
  • Every sound of clothes you need for a classic scene is in this library: walk, run, jump, fight, pat, rustle, etc. I used eight different types of material and recorded each action with a lot of detail and making sure I gave you a lot of variety.

    Clothing: Bomber jacket with zipper, Denim Shirt, Harrington jacket, Hawaiian shirt, Puffer jacket, Tuxedo, Windbreaker, Wool jacket

    32 %
  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Deadly Combat Sound Library Play Track 1164 sounds included $79

    The DEADLY COMBAT SOUND LIBRARY is a great option if you are looking for crunchy, beefy and gory sound effects for that extra layer of violence in you combat sequences.

    • It features 1164 Designed  SFX (48khz 24 bit) .wav files

    • Files are organized in folders and named under the Universal Category System (UCS)

    It’s all ready-to-use!

  • I know, I know, it’s best to have Foley sounds recorded by a Foley Artist. This sound pack is also not intended to replace that, but rather to complement it. In this library you will find meticulously recorded and precisely edited universal Foley performances of various cloth pieces and accessories that will help any sound designer without access to a Foley Artist. Whether it is just for polishing up existing performances with great sounding sweeteners, to create interesting inventory sounds, or when it comes to finding the right sounds for animation tagging. The Library consists of 70 field with a total number of 490 sounds. Each recording consists of 7 carefully selected variations to give you the flexibility and editing power you need in your work to create a vivid and engaging experience. Various items of clothing made of various textiles, backpacks, bags, velcro fasteners and zippers are included. But accessories such as wallets, belts, jewelry, keys, drinking bottles and a smartphone should not be missing here. All sounds are clean, noise-free and recorded in high quality with ultrasonic microphones in 192kHz and 32 bit float to ensure maximum quality and flexibility in the area of ​​Audio Editing and Creative Sound Design.

    Modern Cloth Foley 01 is part of the Sound Themes Series by Systematic Sound. The idea behind the SOUND THEMES SERIES is to record and portrait sound related to a certain theme, subject or object of interest. The goals is to create exciting and unique sounds and make them available to other creatives to help them make they’re production extraordinary, emotional and cinematic. I’m always on the hunt for unique, evocative and intriguing sound to add to this Library.

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