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Getting started as a sound designer can be daunting – and that’s something sound designer Philip Moroz wants to help make easier.

Philip Moroz is a recent graduate, co-founder of ‘noisecreations’ – and he’s just written a book called ‘To Become A Sound Designer’ highlighting the essential lessons he’s learned as a sound designer, important career choices to make in sound + tips and advice on how to advance your sound skills.

Here are five of his useful tips for upcoming sound designers, from the new book:



Setting yourself deadlines is a great way to keep motivated. When deciding on a deadline try setting the date slightly earlier than you think it is possible to achieve the project in. That way you are regularly pushing yourself. Being a little ambitious can’t hurt but be judicious with the deadline; try not to set your deadline so early that you sacrifice quality. Doing this could easily diminish enthusiasm and reduce your motivation. After all, having a catalogue of quality work will be more eye-catching for employers than how fast you can slam those deliverables on their desk.

Quality work will always take time, but improving your skills will help you work faster over time as you will get more and more familiar with your technique. For every career there are the initial steps that one has to experience. Whilst learning to become a sound designer it can often uncover a wide range of hurdles including where to begin, motivation, developing a unique style, using the equipment you have at the time and so on.


It is doubtlessly enjoyable to spend time sometimes thinking about the equipment that you could have right now that would make your life easier but don’t let it stop you from using what you have currently. My very first equipment duo, the Zoom H4n and RODE NTG-2, had lasted me well and I still use them when the occasion arises in which their abilities best suit the sound I am trying to record at the time.

A NTG-2 makeshift contact microphone

Given that these pieces of equipment are on the lower end of the quality and price scales when compared with the more expensive equipment out there, it is the ideal opportunity to push their original purpose over the edge; safely of course.

For example, a few times in the past I have wrapped up my NTG-2 in cling film and covered the tip of the mic in blu-tack as a makeshift contact mic. It worked surprisingly well for recording a slinky when put into contact with the opposite to where I tapped the slinky with a screwdriver.

I would have second thoughts using a more expensive microphone such as a Sennheiser MKH-60 for the same application if I had no contact mics around. That’s the advantage of cheap kit.


This has been one of my highest priorities for developing my craft. Being able to provide services other than just a ‘sound designer’, you will be much more valuable to a future work colleague or employer. This doesn’t mean transforming into a ‘jack of all trades’ selling counterfeit audio and pirated DVDs out the back of a van; the quality of your work must by no means deteriorate. Expand your knowledge in areas such as performing foley, camera operation and the international standards for mixing for film, television and games. You don’t have to become an expert in these fields because, as you know with sound design, it takes a long time to perfect your craft but a little knowledge goes a long way when working amongst future work colleagues.

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– Asbjoern



Without clip gain automation

With clip gain automation

Always search for new and exciting ways to improve the technical quality and usability of your sound effects. For example, what if the sound you are recording has a large inherent dynamic range, such as a typewriter?

In this case the audio clip could need preparing a little further before reducing the dynamic range if required using saturators/limiters for example. Try reducing the dynamic range of the significant sections of the sound by automating the clip gain. A visual representation is shown below.

This method to prepare the audio clip ensures the preservation of the natural characteristics of the sound whilst defining the nuances that would otherwise be lost in the depths of the noise floor. In a mix, the ‘noise floor’ could consist of the aggregated sections of the soundtrack such as ambience and music. This also relieves some of the pressure off of the saturators/limiters down the line.

Be judicious when automating the clip gain – you don’t want to display the inherent noise from the microphone or recorder. Every sound is different but give it a try and see if it works for you.

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  • GRANULAR is the ultimate source library for anyone looking to add compelling and distinctive granular textures into their sound design; it contains designed sounds, a large collection of processed sounds, and some additional raw recordings.
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    This comprehensive bundle totalizes 8771 files, more than 2850 unique sounds, recorded by 20 actors through more than 40 various actions and emotions.

    These sounds are meant to be as ubiquitous as possible, with no speech or actual wordings (only interjections and grunts).

    Meticulous edit and embedded metadatas

    Each of the 8771 files included are thoroughly edited, named and metatagged, making them easy to retrieve and ready to use!


    The meticulous categorization of the emotions follows the work of the professor/psychologist Robert Plutchik on the theory of emotions and its famous wheel helping us to distinguish and classify the variety of human being emotions.

    Thanks to “The Audioville” and “Vincent Fliniaux” for their support on the Edit and Metadata.

    This library comes with 2 download options included : the simple version 96KHz (1 simple file per sound), and the full version 192 Khz with 2 mics variations (2 files) per sound.

    What’s inside:
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    • Miscellaneous actions: sneeze, gargle, eat, shiver, sip, cough, smack, slurp, hail,…
    • Thorough metadatas: precise description with each sound onomatopoeia (written pronunciation)
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  • From the birdbrained creator of Squeaky Toys comes Squeaky Creatures, a fun, raucous library that offers you nearly 600 sound files of chattering, gabbing, squawking nonsense to use for your cute critters in any media landscape. Use them as one-off emotes or sew them together for complex, expressive phrases. Come meet:

    Come meet:

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    It features typical Streets, Temple, Funeral Mass, Procession Day, Markets, Traffic Sounds, Walla, Island Beaches, Nature/Jungle Sounds with Birds, Winds, Insects and Residential Village Sounds.

    It also contains some Bonus Tracks with wooden Door Sounds with open/close from int/ext, and Condominum Roomtones in the Heart of Bangkok.

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  • A versatile collection of interactive audio elements exploring both the abstract and the traditional side of User Interface sound design. From familiar notification tones and subtle alerts through to future computer processing sequences and manic glitch outbursts, these sonic assets were designed to fit a multitude of scenarios and will add a unique identity to a variety of interface types.

  • Drones & Moods Harmonic Series Drones Play Track 48+ sounds included, 48 mins total

    • Harmonic Series Drones is an extension of several of my music compositions. Over the past few years, I've been very interested in data sonification, writing several pieces that turn real-time weather data into music. This library was created using a drone generator that turns weather data into sound. I built this drone generator for my piece Sitka for piano and seasonal electronics.

    • Instead of pulling weather data from Sitka, Alaska, as I did in the piece, I used 2016 daily temperature data from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a fragile place wrapped up in current political drama and now open to drilling. This library is a sonification of 2016 temperature data in ANWR. The highest global temperature on record was recorded in 2016 (2016 Global Climate Report). It is even worse in the Arctic where temperatures are warming at twice the rate of lower latitudes (2016 Arctic Report Card). With this library, you'll be able to hear the warming, and I hope this library helps to draw attention to the rapidly changing environment of the Arctic.

    • Each of the forty-eight drones corresponds to the average temperature of a day in 2016, with twelve drones from each of the four seasons. The drones are built from pure tones made from tightly filtered pink noise. These pure tones are then stacked in harmonic series relationships. For instance, a winter drone might consist of the fundamental and four lowest partials. A summer drone could have the fundamental and partials seven, fourteen, and thirty-two.

    • The drones stand on their own without the story. If you never knew they started with weather data, you would still find a variety of pure, rich, microtonal drones with enough variety to fit the mood of any project.

    • Two percent of the price of this library is donated to an environmental cause. I view it as an “artist royalty” for the planet!

    • All files are sample seamless loops. So, there are no fade-ins and outs and the files are ready for looping in any DAW.
    • Consonant and dissonant drones
    • Simple and complex drones
    • Each of the 48 drones is between 1 and 1.5 minutes in duration
    • Non-periodic undulating drones
    • Each harmonic has a randomized gain, so the drones pulse non-periodically.
    • Drones were made from tightly filter pink noise, so drones have a small amount of soothing and airy pink noise.
    • Microtonal harmonic series relationships create beautiful beating between drone harmonics.
    • All drones have a fundamental of G1 (49Hz). Transpose them as needed to fit any project.
    • Partials are included in the metadata, for example, “fundamental_G1_harmonics_1_2_3_4_7_16”.
    • Weather data included in the Soundminer Description and BWAV description fields.
    • Temperature data was translated as a combination of lowest harmonic, number of harmonics, and highest harmonic.
    • Generally, lower temperatures include bass harmonics and higher temperatures include treble harmonics. For example, the hottest day of the year only included harmonics 18 and 24.
    • Location: weather data is from the NOAA station at Helmut Mountain, Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

    • View in Browser or Download CSV

    • Max/MSP 7
    • Harmonic series artwork by Jason Charney:
    • 2016 Arctic Report Card:
    • 2016 Global Climate Report:
    • NOAA Weather Data:
    33 %
    Ends 1519862400

Need specific sound effects? Try a search below:


There have been times where I have been asked to provide production audio for a short film, sometimes being a two to three day shoot and a fair distance from where I live. Before I head off to the shoot I sometimes feel like I’d much rather stay at home and relax, which essentially comes down to laziness and nerves. Often the shoots/projects you most often put off are the ones that you learn most from. Perhaps you will find your next work colleague. Push through. It’ll be worth it.
Similarly, if there are scenarios in which you don’t feel you have what it takes to provide a service, dispel those thoughts right away because if you don’t have a crack at it then you’ll never know. In the worst possible outcome where the whole project collapses around you like a food tent at the end of Ramadan, you’ll always gain valuable experience of where it went wrong and how to confront it next time.


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A big thanks to Philip Moroz for sharing his insights and experiences. Find out more about his new handbook, ‘To Become A Sound Designer’ here.

What advice do you have for upcoming sound designers and sound editors? Please share your tips and insights in the comments below:

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