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Today’s an exciting day, as the brilliant Global Game Jam initiative kicks off, with a weekend of indie game development across the globe! Find out where an event is taking place near you right here.

And another reason it’s exciting: In the spirit of Global Game Jam, the great guys at Soundly have made access to Soundly Pro (and its 7500+ premium sound effects) FREE for everyone this weekend, via a special promo code.


Update: The special access offer is now over, but you can still download Soundly here:

Download for WindowsDownload for Mac

The Soundly versions above come with 300+ premium sound effects included for free

You can also get yourself 40 extra premium sound effects below:


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Core features in Soundly:

• Soundly PRO comes with 7500+ premium sound effects (the free version gets you 300 premium SFX)
• Access sound effects in the cloud from anywhere in the world
• Drag and Drop whole sound files – or snippets – from the Soundly cloud straight into your project
• Instant Search to quickly find the sounds across cloud libraries + local files
• Tweak & Edit pitch, speed and reverse on any sound, and hear the results in real-time
• Import Local Files – including metadata – to easily manage your existing SFX collections
• Supports wav, aiff, mp3 and flac files up to 192khz 32bit from mono to 5.1.
• Access additional SFX libraries + the extensive library directly from within Soundly
• Smart, lossless compression for lightning fast transfers, built on Google’s infrastructure
• Available for both Mac and Windows

Hope you enjoy the sounds, and a big thanks to the Soundly guys for their generous offer. Best of luck with your projects!

Best wishes,
– Asbjoern

PS: A Sound Effect is also on Twitter – hope to see you there too :)

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