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The winners of the 2018 Creative Arts Emmy awards for sound have been found - here they are (+ the stories behind the sound for five of them). A big congrats to all the winners and nominees!
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Best Sound Editing (One Hour Series)

‘Stranger Things’ — ‘Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer’

Bradley North, Sound Supervisor
Craig Henighan, Sound Designer
Tiffany S. Griffith, Dialogue Editor
Jordan B. Wilby, Sound Effects Editor
David Werntz, Sound Effects Editor
Antony Zeller, Supervising Foley Editor
David Klotz, Music Editor
Zane Bruce, Foley Artist
Lindsay Pepper, Foley Artist

Get the story behind the sound for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 here

Best Sound Mixing (One Hour Series)

‘Game of Thrones’ — ‘Beyond the Wall’

Onnalee Blank, CAS, Re-Recording Mixer
Mathew Waters, CAS, Re-Recording Mixer
Richard Dyer, Production Mixer
Ronan Hill, CAS, Production Mixer

Get the story behind the sound for ‘Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall’ here

Best Sound Editing (Nonfiction) and Best Sound Mixing (Nonfiction):

Best Sound Editing (Nonfiction)

‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ — ‘Seattle’

Brian Bracken, Sound Editor
Nick Brigden, Sound Editor

Best Sound Mixing (Nonfiction)

‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ — ‘Lagos’

Benny Mouthon, CAS, Re-Recording Mixer

Get the story behind the sound for ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown’ here

Best Sound Mixing (Variety)

‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

Thomas Holmes, Production Mixer
Ellen Fitton, Production Mixer
Anthony Lalumia, Re-Recording Mixer
John Harris, Production Music Mixer
Brian Flanzbaum, Music Mixer
Mark Weglinski, Music Playback Mixer
David Crawford, FOH Mixer
Dan Gerhard, FOH Mixer
Mike Bove, Monitor Mixer
Jason Sears, Monitor Mixer
Christian Schrader, Sweetening Mixer

Best Sound Editing (Half Hour Series)

‘Atlanta’ — ‘Teddy Perkins’

Trevor Gates, Supervising Sound Editor
Jason Dotts, Dialogue/ADR Editor
David Barbee, Sound Effects Editor
Jordan McClain, Foley Editor
Geordy Sincavage, Foley Editor
Michael Head, Foley Editor
Tara Blume, Foley Artist
Matt Salib, Foley Artist

Get the story behind the sound for ‘Atlanta’ here

Best Sound Editing (Movie/Mini)

‘USS Callister (Black Mirror)’

Kenny Clark, Sound Supervisor/Sound Effects Editor
Michael Maroussas, Dialogue Editor
Matthew Skelding, Dialogue Editor
Dillon Bennett, Sound Effects Editor
Dario Swade, Foley Editor
Ricky Butt, Foley Artist
Oliver Ferris, Foley Artist

Get the story behind the sound for an episode from ‘Black Mirror’ Season 3 here

Best Sound Mixing (Half Hour Series):

‘Barry’ — ‘Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast and Keep Going’

Todd Beckett, Re-Recording Mixer
Elmo Ponsdomenech, Re-Recording Mixer
Ben Patrick, CAS, Production Mixer

Best Sound Mixing (Movie/Mini)

‘Genius: Picasso’ — ‘Chapter One’

Bob Bronow, Re-Recording Mixer
Mark Hensley, Re-Recording Mixer
Tamas Csaba, Production Mixer


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