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Home Sound Effects Falsus Sexus Vox

Falsus Sexus Vox


One for adults only! A collection of erotic female vocalizations.

Licensor: John Silke
Category: .
Type: Sexy sound effects / recordings
Specs: 62 files • 62 sounds • 16 bit / 48 kHz Mono • Not metatagged • 21.6MB
Approx. 5 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Single user, royalty-free - for a multi-user license, click here

“I’ll have what she’s having”. That’s what the lady said to the waiter in Katz’s Deli, right after Meg Ryan had put in her Oscar winning worthy fake orgasmic performance for Billy Krystal.
And that’s what we have here, a collection of simulated, female ‘pleasure and enjoyment vocals’. With moans, gasps, kisses and more, 3 voice actors doing their best ‘Faking It’ performances. ”FALSUS SEXUS VOX” you might call it.


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