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Designed Game Footsteps

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Designed Game Footsteps is a game footstep sound library featuring 5442 footstep sound effects, 325+ sound sets across 25+ surface types, and shoe aesthetics. This focused sound library gives you a hybrid mix of realistic and imaginative sound sets for common and abstract characters like game creatures, robots, NPCโ€™s, dinosaurs, giants, monsters and humanoid characters running and walking. With game developers and sound designers in mind, we carefully handcrafted these game ready audio assets so that you can have a multitude of options. This library will cover all your bases and needs in regards to pacing, footstep speeds, surfaces, all delivered as neatly organized completed sound sets.

* 5442 footstep sound effects
* 325+ sound sets
* 326 glued files
* 20 GB of sounds
* All in 96k 24bit .wavDesigned Game FootstepsDesigned Game FootstepsDesigned Game Footsteps

Licensor: : Epic Stock Media Categories: , .
Type: Footstep sound effects / recordings
Specs: 5442 sounds • 5442 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 20 GB • Includes metadata
Approx. 578 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Designed Game Footsteps sound effects library provides you with the perfect footstep sfx you will need to complete almost any of your projects. You can hear the soldiers boots stomping through the gravel, units walking with gear bags & amour, snow trolls thumping through the snow as well as classic footsteps of dinosaurs, cyborgs, mech, robots, cowboys with spurs, beasts, humanoids, knights & much more. Most of the designed sounds come with a matching pair of sets: Walking & Running sound sets so you can easily add the perfect dynamic and stride of footstep sound in your video games and film. Designed Game Footsteps is an excellent library to bolster your existing sound banks or starter pack for those who need to have a solid foundation of footsteps on surfaces, ground types, flooring and more.

Endless Possibilities & Uses

Explore through an inspired by futuristic, fantasy and MMORPG game footstep library and youโ€™ll hear an interesting range of hard to find sounds from exosuits, exoskeletons and war robotics to military soldier boots, slime, & cartoon footsteps. Designed Game Footsteps comes with a huge source/organic library with over 2900+ SFX, truly giving you endless possibilities. Both the designed and source sections of the library are game ready but versatile enough to further edit, mix and match to your liking! The library was developed to be a modular and useful sound bank allowing you to unique sonic aesthetics for years to come. It will be like a gift that keeps giving. Weโ€™ll add that a lot of these sound sets have many different use cases. For example Dirt_Fire_Summon sound set could be fire spells, Snow_Ice_Summon set could be big, thumping ice impacts & more.

UCS Compliant & Soundminer Metadata

All sound effects labeling is UCS compliant & is organized into categories to make it easier to navigate with understandable folder structures: Designed – Concrete, Dirt, Grass, Gravel, Metal, Retro, Robot, Slime, Snow, Stone, Water, Wood, Layers, Glass, Mechanical, Movement, Deep & more. On top of UCS, Designed Game Footsteps – Creature & Character Sound Sets features extensive metadata embedded in the files using soundminer metadata to help you find the right sound at the right time as well.

Includes Entire Library In Multiple Formats

All of the 5442 sound files are designed to make your life easier, production workflow faster and delivered in 96kHz/24bit .WAV file format to maintain top-notch audio fidelity. Plus, you get a Glued version (all single sounds – exported into single sound set files) & a 44.1k 16 Bit .WAV version of the entire collection is provided so you never need to convert files. Designed Game Footsteps – sound packโ€™s premixed audio is ready to drag and drop into your game or film. Simply choose the format that suits your project best and let your production sound great!

Product Details:
5442 footstep sound effects files
20 GB of samples
All in 96k 24bit .wav
2461 designed footsteps
2981 source footsteps & organic sound effect layers
326 footstep sound sets
25+ surface types
Includes multiple formats of the entire library: 96kHz/24bit .WAV, 44.1k 16 Bit .WAV, Glued
Includes embedded Soundminer metadata
UCS Compliant
45 minutes of audio
82 Designed – Concrete
292 Designed – Dirt
213 Designed – Grass
194 Designed – Gravel
64 Designed – Metal
200 Designed – Retro/Cartoon
533 Designed – Robotic
192 Designed – Slime
146 Designed – Snow
228 Designed – Stone
137 Designed – Water
180 Designed – Wood
165 Source – Concrete
78 Source – Deep
202 Source – Dirt
93 Source – Glass
167 Source – Gore
335 Source – Gravel
302 Source – Layers
154 Source – Mechanical
305 Source – Metal
140 Source – Movement
148 Source – Mud
39 Source – Stone
197 Source – Water
418 Source – Wood
All sound effects are youtube friendly & royalty free
RTU-OTB (Ready to be used out of the box)


Full sound effects list for Designed Game Footsteps:

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1 review

  1. Cornelius Wilkening

    This library offers a wide range of footsteps for a lot of applications. From cute robot over heavily equipped soldier to yeti, there are footsteps for different movement speeds on different surfaces that should help for a lot of crazy (and not so crazy) footstep requirements.
    The sounds are all clean and well-edited. You can just put a set of the (single) files into a playlist and assign them to your animation immediately.
    The metadata is well done: Filename and description give you enough keywords to find fititng sounds while UCS categories and folders give you a good overview.
    I happily recommend this as a general library for mythical and fantastical projects!

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