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Introducing Docks, an authentic collection of industrial harbor sounds captured in Dunkerque, France. It features containers being loaded and unloaded, trucks, cranes, sirens, alarms, steam + huge pieces of metal creaking and scraping. You also get lots of loud impacts with nice reverb from the container ships.

Enjoy that industrial atmosphere! All Recordings are in Stereo AB ORTF.

Licensor: Original Sounds
Categories: , , , .
Type: Harbor sound effects / recordings
Specs: 17 files • 17+ sounds • 24bit/48kHz • 822 MB
Approx. 47 minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
• Dock’s Long Ambience With Trucks And Containers Charging Part 1 (07:04)
• Container Huge Metal Impact After Being Dropped (00:04)
• Dock’s Long Ambience With Trucks And Containers Charging Part 2 (07:04)
• Impacts Of Containers Being Putting Down In The Ship’s Hold (00:18)
• Trucks In Cu Charging Containers With Engine Idling And Accelerating At Stop (05:12)
• Containers Loaded On Trucks (03:34)
• Docks Huge Pieces Of Metal Creaking And Scraping Loud (03:21)
• Container Ship Being Loaded In The Hold Impacts With Nice Reverb (01:38)
• Trucks On Docks Passing In Cu And Charging Containers (02:04)
• Docks Siren Or Alarm Of A Working Machine At Various Distance (01:00)
• Huge Hiss Of Steam From A Big Broken Pipe In Close Up (02:52)
• Impact Of Huge Metal Plate Being Dropped In A Cargo’s Hold With Reverb (00:06)
• Container Ship Being Loaded On The Deck (04:06)
• Dock’s Truck Arrive Manoeuvre Accelerate Idle Pass And Stop In Cu (02:02)
• Dock Container Ship Being Loaded (01:08)
• Container Ship Being Loaded In Cu On The Deck With Nice Reverb (02:15)
• Bulk Carrier Ship Or Cargo Being Loaded With Grains By Aspiration On Docks (04:02)


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