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Home Sound Effects PWC – Jet Ski – Sea Doo | Volume 2

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PWC – Jet Ski – Sea Doo | Volume 2

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Ultra-high resolution Sea Doo recordings utilizing on-board microphone techniques, from multiple perspectives (driver perspective (mid-side) exhaust perspective & engine perspective).

This library provides perfectly seamless loops at every 500RPM interval from IDLE to MAX speed, giving you insanely detailed control for interactive dynamics in game audio, or film sync. Not only that but also start-ups, shut-offs, revs, both dry and wet.

Licensor: The Chris Alan
Categories: , , .
Type: Jet Ski sound effects / recordings
Specs: 54 files • 54+ sounds • 16-Bit / 192 kHz • 733.7 MB • Includes metadata
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HOT DEAL! Get Volume 1 & 2 at a discounted rate when bought together!

Volume 1 provides jet ski recordings at different techniques for use in all types of integration, including drag and drop samples, audio to picture, as well as video game implementation by use of Wwise of Fmod (utilizing the on – slow rev to full speed – slow decelerate – off), easily building an interactive PWC engine sound.

Music is only heard on demo, downloads are high resolution and without background music.


Full sound effects list for PWC – Jet Ski – Sea Doo | Volume 1:

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Download [120.71 KB]


Full sound effects list for PWC – Jet Ski – Sea Doo | Volume 2:

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Download [136.38 KB]

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As a recording engineer, artist, and sound designer, Chris Alan prides himself on a fully-percolated, sonically-polished sound palette. Chris is on an endless hunt for the world’s most unique and quality sounds that can be used in any production handsomely. Chris does sound design and production for video games and toys and also spends a lot of his time writing his own compositions with many of the custom sounds he’s captured.