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Home Sound Effects V7 – Sonic Springs

V7 – Sonic Springs


Finalist – Best Sound Effects Libary – Indie Sound Awards 2022

The sound ‘Kind Creature’ made with the V7 library won the British Sound of the Year Award presented by The Museum Of Sound and The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Custom made sounds made with the V7 are used in the scores for Control, Wolfenstein and newer projects by award winning game composer Martin Stig Andersen.

is a home-built metal spring sound-tool made from an old measurement-unit found at a flea market. Now – disassembled, rebuilt and mounted amongst other things with a 33 foot long Giant Spring that connects the measurement box to an open metal staircase and creates a natural spring reverb.

I Played with a bow, friction rubber clubs, metal slides, whipped cream gas cartridges and a souvenir Eiffel Tower.

The result is a unique sound effect library of massive metallic hits, gongs, scrapes, squeaks, friction, rumbles and rattles. From subtle, soft squeaks and harsh, brutal metal shrieks to long and deep musical metal moans.

V7 is recorded with an Ehrlund EHR-E microphone placed inside the metal box. All files are in 96 kHz/24 bit and contains the original acoustic recordings.

73 files with 700 + individual sounds – all tagged with detailed Universal Category System (UCS) metadata.


Licensor: : Katrine Amsler Categories: , , , , , , .
Type: Springs sound effects / recordings
Specs: 73+ sounds • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 4.48 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
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V7 - Sonic Springs


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