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Home Sound Effects UK Ambiences Pack 1

UK Ambiences Pack 1


Over 100 stereo ambiences from across the UK, including city, countryside, beaches, interior and exterior – available for instant download. View the full list of sounds below.

Comes with comprehensive metadata – and in total, this library gives you more than 6 hours of pristine, authentic recordings from the UK!

Licensor: RS Audio
Categories: , , .
Type: UK Ambience sound effects / recordings
Specs: 100 files • 100+ sounds • 24bit/96Khz • 11 GB
Approx. 370+ minutes total
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout
Alley Narrow Rain Pedestrians Footsteps (03:09)
Art Gallery City Street Distant Traffic (03:51)
Art Gallery Exhibition(04:02)
Balcony Tower Block High Rise Flats (01:27)
Bar Beach Pub (03:50)
Beach Cove Seagulls Waves (03:58)
Beach Gentle Waves Water(04:12)
Beach Pier Evening Seagulls Waves Boats (03:46)
Beach Waves Seagulls(03:23)
Bird Observation Hut Rain (02:50)
Brook Water Stream Wind Field (04:16)
Brook Water Stream Wind in Trees(04:00)
Bus London Evening Interior Upstairs(03:47)
Bus London Interior Downstairs(03:58)
Bus Station Exterior Busy Rain(02:02)
Cafeteria Kitchen Daytime (03:18)
Cafeteria Large (04:09)
Cafeteria Small Empty (04:03)
Car interior Rain on Roof (03:07)
Car Park Exterior Supermarket (03:51)
Car Park Multi-Storey City Distant Traffic(04:09)
Car Park Underground Evening(04:00)
Cemetary Wind in Trees Birds(02:03)
Central London Street Daytime Cars(02:49)
Central London Street Daytime (03:30)
Changing Room Leisure Centre(02:57)
Children’s Playground Summer London Distant Traffic (03:54)
Chinatown London Daytime Busy (04:10)
City Street Exterior Bar Night(04:54)
Construction Building Site Exterior Small (04:00)
Construction Building Site Street Exterior Large(04:09)
Council Estate Evening Exterior Birds Distant Traffic (02:46)
Council Estate Exterior Late Evening Distant Traffic(03:19)
Country Lane Light Wind in Trees(03:26)
Country Path Light Wind (04:02)
Craft Market Corridor Interior Busy Crowd (04:04)
Craft Market Interior Busy Crowd(04:11)
Dance Studio Empty(04:02)
Dry Ski between Slopes(04:04)
Dry Ski Slope (04:00)
Extractor Fan Exterior Street (02:01)
Field Wind in Trees Sheep and Children in Distance(04:03)
Fitness Gym Interior Leisure Centre (04:05)
Five-A-Side Football Soccer Exterior(04:06)
Food Court Interior Busy Crowd(04:03)
Food Market Exterior Busy Crowd (04:13)
Food Market Interior Busy Crowd (04:21)
Hyde Park Exterior Daytime Summer Boating Lake(03:52)
Hyde Park Exterior Daytime Summer Distant Traffic (04:01)
Launderette Interior(03:09)
Leicester Square London Daytime Busy Cafe Exterior(04:11)
Library Interior(04:02)
Lift Elevator Moving Up Down Interior Short (01:38)
Lift Elevator Moving Up Down Interior Long(02:10)
Lobby Foyer Quiet Room Interior (02:49)
Local Shop Interior (04:00)
London Street Daytime (03:05)
Marina Seagulls Birds Distant Traffic (04:00)
Market Street Exterior Busy (04:27)
Market Street Exterior Busy Brick Lane(04:05)
Nature Reserve Hill Night Distant Traffic Wind in Long grass(03:56)
Overground Train Interior (03:53)
Pizza Fast Food Take away Late Evening(03:59)
Pub Busy Bar Late Evening (03:11)
Public Toilet Interior(03:39)
Quayside River Evening(03:39)
Residential Garden Morning(03:55)
Residential Street Afternoon Distant Train(03:48)
Residential Street Evening Seagulls (04:00)
Residential Street Evening Cars (03:38)
Residential Street Wide Night (04:10)
Restaurant in Cave Stone Walls(04:00)
Rubbish Dump Tip(03:37)
Seaside Exterior Auditorium (04:02)
Shopping Centre Mall Interior Busy Crowd(04:04)
Skate Park Exterior Seaside (04:00)
Skate Park Interior (04:00)
Skate Park Interior from Balcony(04:06)
Sports Hall Large Archery (04:24)
Stairwell Concrete Evening(03:54)
Subway Underground Interior (03:46)
Supermarket Checkout Interior (04:15)
Tennis Court Exterior (04:02)
Town Centre Evening Cars(03:37)
Town Centre Street Evening(03:16)
Trafalgar Square London Daytime Busy Traffic Exterior (04:10)
Traffic Junction Exterior Busy Oxford Circus(04:48)
Train Station Exterior Evening(02:20)
Train Station Exterior Evening on Bridge(05:05)
Under Canopy Rain Busy City Street(04:00)
Underground Ticket Hall Busy Crowd(03:59)
Underground Train Interior Short(03:56)
Underground Train Interior Long (06:00)
Underground Train Interior Piccadilly Line(02:53)
Underground Train Platform(03:34)
Warehouse Empty Distant Radio (03:17)
Waves Medium Splashes (04:10)
Wildlife Sanctuary(04:00)
Wind in Large Trees (04:03)
Wind in Trees and Bracken (03:44)
Detailed metadata overview (xls) of what’s included.


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