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Icy Snow 2 HD


Icy Snow 2 HD is a followup to Icy Snow HD.  This collection contains even more icy snow cracks, impacts, scrapes, debris and footsteps.  The weather produced a foot of snow covered in a 1/2 inch of ice.  Pretty unique sounds!  And it comes in two formats: “Individual Clips” & “Consolidated Tracks”.

Licensor: : Soundopolis Categories: , , , , .
Type: Ice sound effects / recordings
Specs: 453 sounds • 300 files • 24 bit / 96 kHz • 540 MB unzipped • Includes metadata
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Key Features:

  • Footsteps on ice, ice-covered snow, and heavy wet snow
  • Ice & Snow Impacts
  • Ice & Snow Debris
  • Ice Scrapping & Crushing
  • Snowball Impacts on coats, trees, and other snow

Icy Snow 2 HD (recorded in February/March 2018) is a follow up to Icy Snow HD (recorded in March 2015). This time, however, the collection comes in two formats: 1) “Individual Clips” – each audio clip in its own wave file, and 2) “Consolidated Tracks” – multiple audio clips per wave file. With one quick purchase, you get both, at the equivalent cost of just one set! So, whether you prefer each audio clip on its own, or the ease of bringing multiple iterations into your session in one file, we have you covered. I even broke up some of the footstep files into individual steps, so you can load up your sequencer and create your own patches!

***NOTE: The “Consolidated Tracks” and the “Individual Clips” are mirrors, and are not considered “unique material”. This is simply a new delivery method that allows users to choose which types of files they prefer.


Once again, the weather in Michigan produced 1.5’ of snow, with ~ 1⁄2” of ice on top. I just had to capture some more sounds. Battling a sinus infection, I trudged outside with my Sound Devices 633 and my trusty RØDE NT-4, and started recording. The background ambient noise on my first day of recording was remarkably quiet. This could have been due to the cold weather, and many schools and businesses were closed – so there just weren’t as many people or vehicles around.

The second day of recording was a bit noisier, but manageable with iZotope, and a lot of patience for the trains, planes, and garbage trucks buzzing around – what a headache! The weather had warmed up and the snow was a bit slushier. This helped me get some extra splatty sounds, and some much different footsteps.

A few weeks later, I ventured out again to get a bunch of extra snowball impacts after another small snowstorm that produced nice, heavy, packing snow. This time I set up a winter coat on a c-stand, and hurled snowballs at it. Then I turned my attention to a tree to get some really hard impacts.


Footsteps: This collection contains a whole new set of icy and snowy footsteps, including a metric ton of small movements, like shifting around, little ice cracks under your feet, and much more. There are slow, medium, and hurried footsteps, as well as footsteps where I dragged my feet through the thick layer of ice as I walked. For the individual clips, I tried to provide enough variation that the listener wouldn’t notice any looping.

Debris: Debris is a big part of this library. Included here is everything from huge chunks of ice from massive icicles, all the way down to powdery little bits of crumbled icy snow. And there’s enough variation to keep your scenes from all sounding the same.

Impacts: The impacts in this collection include snowballs, light, medium and heavy ice, boot stomps, big kicks, and a few miscellaneous sounds. Whether you need a simple snowball hitting someone, or a huge, snowy bodyfall, you should be able to construct it with these sounds. Add in a little debris, and presto! There are over 30 snowball impacts alone – hitting a coat, a tree, and other snow.

Miscellaneous: There are a few miscellaneous sounds throughout. There are icicle sounds, such as stabbing the icy snow, snapping, and icicles sliding across the ice layer. You get thin pieces of ice scrapping, as well as large blocks of ice scraping together. The corner of my house provided some pretty huge and gnarly icicles for this! One section was a foot thick. I’m surprised my little rain gutters could hold that beast!

Check out the track list for more details.

This collection provides some new and interesting sounds, as well as a ton of variations so your soundtrack never gets old! All Soundopolis tracks include metadata tags so they are easy to find using any search engine. All tracks are delivered as 96k/24bit .wav files. Collections come in easily downloadable zip files.


Full sound effects list for Icy Snow 2 HD:

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