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Beretta 1201 F


The Beretta 1201 F sound effects library includes multi-take gunshots as well as performed effects.

The Beretta 1201 F sound effects library features firing and performed effects from a 1990 Italian semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun in 55 clips and 1.73 gigabytes of audio.

The collection includes 22 perspectives across 44 channels of audio (including an Ambisonic perspective) of firing, failed ranking movements, grabbing, handling, movement, rattling, and safety movements, and more. The gunshots were captured from close to over 150 distant from mono, stereo, up to 8-track Holophone recordings.

The sound library includes 18+ fields of Soundminer metadata, BWAV, and iXML metadata and MacOS Finder comments, as well as Pro Tools and Reaper sessions with all fx pre-aligned to allow editors to begin mixing and editing immediately.

Licensor: : Pole Position Production Categories: , .
Type: Shotgun sound effects / recordings
Specs: 55 sounds • 55 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 1.73 GB • Includes metadata
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