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Picture-perfect cinematic sounds

  • Fanta Flute by SampleTaxx designed phrases, textures and beds designed from a couple of six holes bamboo flutes and now available in Kontakt format too with dedicated Kontakt GUI and full control to realtime parameters.

    The new Kontakt version 1.1 of FantaFlute is a sound design instrument based on flute sounds and specifically designed for the creation of background sound textures, ambient track, tonal and atonal sound beds.

  • Featuring 280 vibrant Pings, Alarm and Bends sound effects ALERT has been created to serve cinematic trailer and soundtrack production.

    5 Ping folders for a total of 180+ sounds divided in hi and low metals, disturbing abstract, minimal (analog, percussive, synthetic), low key pings.

    58 soft and aggressive Alarms sound effects and 36 Bend sound effects.

  • Welcome to Cinematic Zither – over 2.2 Gb of audio inspired by the sounds of horror / thriller movies. Featuring 220 sound effects ranging from eerie stingers, bowed fx, drones, reverse out from one Zither.

    The Zither has a natural potential to create unnerving, panic and terrific tones, suspenseful atmospheres and layers of sound can produce horror- filled shocking effects.

    Cinematic Zither is ideal in horror, sci-fi, thrillers soundtrack to create a sense of urgency and unease in film score or trailer as well as raw material to any contemporary music production.

    This is a collaboration between SampleTraxx and talented sound designer Sebastian Emling.

    The Zither was played with fingers, bow, drum sticks, dices, metal sponge to get all possible sound and noise.For the recordings, a total of 6 mics were used: 2x Sennheiser MKH 8040 (XY), 2x Sennheiser 8040 (MS), a contact microphone and a handmade stethoscope microphone and 2 Sound Devices 702.

  • DopeSick blends organic cinematic, sci-fi and modern electronic sound design for the creation of percussive impacts and rhythmic sonic cues for film scores, hi energy movie trailers, IDM, Futuristic Hip-Hop and different forms of electronic music that require sophisticated sound design at its best.

    The library features a vast array of timbres with a high degree of playability and musicality: raw hits, heavy alien impacts, cinematic/electronic hits, stingers and sequences, one-shots tones, trailer kits and more.

  • For Old Broken Piano we have recorded an old piano manufactured in the 1940s by the brothers Manegold. It has not been maintained and tuned for decades, giving it a unique, dark and nostalgic sound character.
    The instrument was recorded with a Sennheiser MKH 8040 Stereo Pair connected to a Sound Devices 702T.

    MKH 8040 are microphones with extended frequency response up to 50.000 Hz, which is great if you want to further process, re-pitch or stretch audio files.

    Rather unconventional approaches were used to „play“ the piano: Not a single key was touched! It was performed using a violin bow, various mallets and sticks, kitchen utensils, sticky tape and bare hands. The casing of the piano was partly taken apart to get direct access to the strings and the interior components of the instrument.

    A wide array of interesting sounds have been achieved by bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body. For longer resonances, the sustain pedal was pressed down during almost all recordings.

    Old Broken Piano is a collabration between SampleTraxx and german sound designer Sebastian Emling.

    This library is the ideal companion for any professional sound designer, trailer or film composer.

  • SINGLE TOLL BELLS presents a rare gem in the sound effects market. A compact yet precious collection of 130 bell sound effects, meticulously organised into three folders.

    Church Bells: Experience the solemn resonance of single toll church bells, perfectly suited for poignant funeral scenes in movies, trailer campaigns and score.

    Hand and Mallet Bells: Discover pristine single toll bell sounds, showcasing warm overtones. These bells have been played with varying intensities using both hands and mallets to capture a range of dynamics overtones.

    Abstract Design: A dedicated folder of designed bell sound effects, broadening the creative possibilities for your projects.

    Single Toll Bells is a unique collection that is hard to find elsewhere. A must-have for every professional.


  • Mutilated Noise is a new  sound collection created for ultra modern music and foreboding sound design.

    Featuring 350+ disturbing sound effects from quiet suspense and tension, through to the most dramatic dark moments.

    Modern Cinematic Hits, Mutilated Signals, Electric Burst, Shocker and Flash, Orchestral Rise and Drop, Clock Loops, Atmospheric Field Recordings and Musical Drones.

    Whether you work as movie trailer sound designer or video editor, soundtrack composer or experimental musician, Mutilated Noise is for music creators of every level, from those just starting out, to professional composers.

  • Welcome to EMERGENCY our newest sound library charged with high voltage sound effects, warning signals, chaotic electric power and more.

    280 hyper detailed Wav sounds and 12 categories covering: Shockers, Cinematic Blast, Mega Alarms and Stutters, out of this world Slams+Bend, Electrified Stingers, Hi-Tech Reverse and Glitches, insane War Siren, Electric Rain Textures, Short Beep and Digital Malfunction, Sizzle Pass By, devastating Textures.

    Recorded and edited by sound designer Alessandro Romeo, Emergency is for everyone needing to supercharge music and sound design projects with a wide selection of detuned alarms, warning signals, electric burst and electricity sound effects.
    Create tension and danger adding extreme sound design elements in your project and shock your audience with a hi voltage sonic experience.
    For trailer, electronic music, sound design, score and for all the situations when disturbing the audience is needed.
  • Brutal yet minimal horror sound effects for intense sound design, trailer cues and sound scores with ease.
    Micro Horror comes with 350+ designed, ready to use signature sound effects to help you creating horror music from scratch.

    16 sound categories covering the three main sections of a horror trailer structure: INTRO, MID and CLIMAX. From subtle atmospheres and nuances to heavy peaks and everything in the middle, Micro Horror got you covered.

    Micro Horror contains:

    -Mangled truck horns samples, transformed into beautiful hi-mid and low orchestral sweeps and phrases, signature horns and creepy brass ensemble.

    -Groaning, moaning, stressed cello sound effects, screeches, pulses and frictions.

    -A complete set of large, massive yet minimal hits, boom, low hits and 808 horror sounds.

    -Hard risers and whooshes, long tonal swells, metal feedback resonances, deep sampled cymbals an Tibetan bells, stingers, micro glitches and more.
    “Packed with top quality sound effects, we honestly think that you are going to love Micro Horror, for years”
  • DEADBOW Contemporary Horror Strings

    SampleTraxx is proud to introduce “DEADBOW,” the newest addition to our organic sound effects series. DEADBOW is a premium sound collection entirely created from raw, live string recordings by sound designer Alessandro Romeo for SampleTraxx.

    Featuring 400+ premium WAV sounds from smooth and delicate to aggressive and extreme string mutation including bowed cello hard and soft, cello and violin phrases and reverse, crescendos, tick tocks, designed violin stutters, screeches, plucks, jetèz and a raw source folder with files at 96/24 resolution, for an ultra realistic yet mangled horror strings collection.

    The Kontakt instruments featured in DEADBOW turn into a powerful sound design instrument with a straightforward, easy-to-use  engine, including 27 Instruments and 10 Multis to combine and create unique horror sound design elements in seconds, from classic sounds to abrasive and gritty sonic signature.

  • SampleTraxx is proud to present ALIBI a new sound effects library with a very unique sonic character perfect for trailers, horror, soundtracks and more. ALIBI is two libraries in one, half rusty and aggressive – half antique upright piano sound effects and loops collection.

    The first part has been designed out of various source recordings such as harsh, disharmonic metal scrapes, rusted objects, scratches, slides and grinds to build deep and complex cinematic timbres. 

    The second one is designed out of an antique Roeseler upright  piano featuring exclusive dusty loops and one shots. 

    We had the chance to record an antique 1940 Roeseler upright piano in very bad condition but perfect for our purpose. It sounded terrific with they keys mixed with creaks and noises out of the mechanical parts, hammers and various broken strings, a true sonic treasure for sound designers. 

    ALIBI comes in both Audio and Kontakt 5 version with 280 Wav cinematic sounds and 30+ Kontakt Instruments. You’ll be able to either design your own unique material or just use the ready-to-go Wav designed sounds in your favorite audio daw or video editing software.



    Exploring Kontakt Patches

    SampleTraxx ALIBI - Rusty Sound Design and Antique Piano sound library

  • DARKO is an essential sound collection dedicated to modern tension and horror sound design and totally inspired by the work of composers such as Charlie Clouser, Joseph Bishara and Brian Reitzell.

    DARKO means emotional and disturbed states that unsettle the audience, discomfort or dread revealing a darker sonic narrative and mental disorder.

    Find industrial horror hits, designed horror stingers and impact, micro metals hit and signature percussive elemensts, flash reversed rips, leslie’d ambience and textures, signature blast, sonic objects and details, fragments of sonic beds, tones and thrills, psycological drones and more.

  • Dive into massive emotional force and create an unbelievably sincere and expressive raw feeling.

    Welcome to PLATFORM, a versatile and easy-to-use sample library and Kontakt Instrument with a huge variety of impressive modern-sounding and a futuristic//cyberpunk vibe a lot of character and personality.

    This is a collaboration between sonic mastermind Robert Dudzic and SampleTraxx.

    Designed with both acoustic and synth sources PLATFORM is aimed primarily for writing sound design tracks, score and cinematic projects but can perfectly fit in every genre of modern electronic music.

    With 570 Wav sounds and Kontakt’s sound shape possibilities PLATFORM can be an essential tool in the studio when you need that off/center non standard sound.

    This arsenal of high-end sound effects is now on your fingertips with 18 Kontakt Instruments and tons of sound shaping filters and envelopes, 13 effects, a rhythm section featuring a step sequencer, filter sequencer, 2 filter LFOs, and gain/pan/pitch LFOs.

    If you’re looking for instant inspiration and raw emotions PLATFORM is the right heavy-hitter for you.

  • Monochrome is a premium sound library for composers, sound designers and experimentalists fusing a rough electronic aesthetic with film and trailer sound design for a unique set of modern sonic tools.

    Heavily processed ambient field recordings, short and long build-ups and transition effects, hits, slams, abstract foley fx, a vast selection of risers, cinematic kicks and hyper detailed impacts, found sounds patterns played in real time, then chopped and sculpted into percussive textures.

    Monochrome is simultaneously alluring and disorienting with its experimental aesthetic. There are long, dissonant and amorphous echoes manipulated beyond identification, intimate atmospheres with an identifiable aesthetic and and hi peaks of emotional resonance.

    Monochrome is a collaboration between SampleTraxx and French sound designer Julien Caraz.

    450+ Wav sounds all labelled by key to guarantee ease of use when played with pitch-related compositions.

  • RAW CELLO FX features manipulated and mangled cello sound effects designed to provide the full character of the instrument and harmonic richness in order to create a completely unique set of organic samples between music and noise, intimate and vivid bold sounds expanding new possibilities out of this instrument.

    Different techniques and less-than-conventional microphone placement have been used to create gorgeous harmonics and a wide array of interesting sounds. We “played” with fingers and hands, different bows against the strings, objects and kitchen utensils, bowing, scraping or hitting single and multiple strings or parts of the wood body. 

    The collection features designed hits, bow, crescendo, screech, woosh, swell, bonus fx folder and is ready for trailer and soundtrack projects.



  • Clockworks Vol.2 is here. A new cinematic trailer loops collection of never-ending tick-tock, custom metal ticking, antique tick-tock, metronomes and grandfather clocks not recorded from traditional clock sources.

    Sounds have been designed out of field recording, found sounds and various organic sources processed to provide you a creative toolbox.
    Use loops as they come or combine them together to create your very own unique ticking sequences from simple clicking to the most complex mechanical clockworks.

    The sonic quality extends a large spectrum from modern to old, clean and rusty which allows you quick access to a range of clock-related sound effects organised in 4 WAV folders and 7 Kontakt instruments of rich, varied loops ready-to-use for any project.
    All sounds are looped and synced in Kontakt to perfectly match the bpm of your project.

  • Tormented hypnotic backgrounds, abstract noises, sonic mutations and cinematic evolutions, textural tones for visuals, trailers and film soundtrack, media sound design and ambient music that can be used individually or combined together to create infinite variations of sonic moods.

    The core concept of OPIUM is to create a collection of narrowband textures that sit between the 2nd and the 3rd octave, not completely filling the audio spectrum and leaving plenty of room for bass, melodic parts and other sound design elements.

    OPIUM has been produced with no synthesis at all, instead, all sounds have been processed from field recording and raw audio pieces, to present you an exclusive sound set.

    Each sound works perfectly as an immediate mood setter to create tense and uneasy dramatic pieces, dark and menacing sonic background. Furthermore, by laying together you can quickly create absolutely huge audio moments.

    For sound designers, composer and audio creatives at any level.


  • SampleTraxx BRAAMS Vol.2 is a new collection of organic, raw and emotive custom braams, low-end tones, processed double bass and field recording, bass morph, pitch motion and more.

    Braams Vol.2 delivers a vast spectrum of possibilities into a unique and personal sound design collection featuring 150 Wav sounds with key information and 10 Kontakt Instruments.

    • Big End
    • Dark Hybrid Braams
    • Double Bass Swell
    • Braams Elements
    • Low Dept
    • Melodic Braams
    • Noise Drop
    • Pitch Motion
    • Resonator
    • Reversed Braams

    • 390 MB of content
    • 150 Wav Sounds 48/24
    • 10 Kontakt Instruments – Full version 5.8 needed

    Kontakt Free Player not supported

  • AntiSystem, a brand new collection of 570+ Horror Sci-fi one-shot samples and loops with a technoid approach, created in collaboration with South American sound designer Matias Cerviño and SampleTraxx.

    Antisystem delivers tension and excitement with a genre-crossing, detailed hard-hitting sound design. Especially suitable for horror and sci-fi projects, it brings to the table a complete arsenal of unmistakable signature sound effects.

    1,6 GB of WAV samples with Key Information, 15 Categories, and 17 Kontakt Instruments ready to be fired in your next project.

    Inject a new wave of sonic madness!

    Atmospheric Elements
    Cinematic Movement
    Feedback Larsen
    Glitch Stutter
    Hit Design 1
    Hit Design 2
    Loops with Kontakt tempo sync
    Low Hit
    Low Key Elements
    Ramp Up Woosh By
    Topping Elements

    1.6 GB of content
    15 Categories
    570+ Wav samples 48/24 with key information
    17 Kontakt Instruments – Full version 5.8 needed
    Kontakt Free Player not supported

    40 %
  • A new sound collection of ticking metal and wooden clocks, designed watch and old clock, large mechanism, retro rusty clock, and mechanical gears.

    Create up and downtempo metronomic ticking time pass and hypnotizing ticking cues, uneasy ticking tick-tock, design gradually building clockworks, dark pulsating ticking clock, metallic clicks that build tension.

    SampleTraxx Clockworks features 4 loop folders at 80-90-100-120 Bpm evolving from half note to the sixteenth note beat plus an extra folder of spare mechanicals sound effects and processed field recording.



    Loops: 207 Wav – 48/24 – 80-90-100-120bpm – 2 bars

    Mechanism: 33 One-Shot Wav samples 48/24

    348 Mb of content

    100% Royalty-Free

  • Create state of the art seat jumper and modern glitches, delivers a fully immersive cinematic experience with a complete set of disturbing sound effects to enhance the action on screen and make spectacular experience for your audience.

    Shockwave offers rich and powerful digital glitch, dirty blast, heavy ping, electric shock, flash, buzz, stutters and source recordings ready to be dragged in your favorite DAW or sampler.

    For modern movie trailer, soundtrack, cutting edge electronic music, and audiovisual installation.

    A total of 150+ WAV Samples in 24 bit / 48 kHz.

  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Sonikscape Play Track 338 sounds included, 191 mins total $29

    SONIKSCAPE has been produced to create intense underscore, dark atmospheres and abstract textures.

    This collection comes packed with cinematic soundscapes, vocal atmospheres, textures out of processed flutes, ghost breaths and vocal effects, dark low oscillations and subsonic frequencies, bowed cymbals, psychological screech and more.

    Dedicated to the movie trailer, suspenseful film and television soundtrack, dark ambient music, audio-visual installation and sound artist.

    Sonikscape is a collaboration between SampleTraxx and German sound designer Sebastian Emling who already collaborated on Cinematic Zither and Old Broken Piano.

  • Cinematic & Trailer Sound Effects Rituals Play Track 550+ sounds included, 100 mins total $99

    Rituals is a new toolbox of unique sounds and production elements, organic instruments and hybrid processing, highly stylized cinematic sound design to compose epic and sinister tracks with dark and ominous mood that brings visuals to another level.

    Rituals has been produced for the modern horror trailer style and suspence score with eerie violin fragments and phrases, sinister soundscapes, dramatic benders, destructive glitch, distorted synths, heavy hitting sound design elements, clocks and much more.

    Featuring 550 cutting edge sounds and 16 categories, this is a collaboration between composer, sound designer and electronic musician Si Begg and SampleTraxx.


    01 Tortured Strings
    02 Bender
    03 Feedback Larsen
    04 Horror Hits
    05 Pulsing Sub
    06 Tonal Objects
    07 Dark Event
    08 Dark Textures
    09 Flute Swells
    10 Horror Loops
    11 Low Hits
    12 Raw Synth – Bass
    13 Swell
    14 Riser
    15 Reverse
    16 Spare Noise

  • Drops ‘n’ Braams brings to the table 137 new sounds of hybrid cinematic Braams and Drops to boost your production with time-bending elements and sonic manipulation brought to the max. The SFX library is produced from scratch by Alessandro Romeo, owner and lead sound designer at SampleTraxx.

    With Drops ’n’ Braams you can create massive stingers, deep impacts, trailer and score elements, morphing bass, transition woosh and much more.

    A great addition for trailer cue creators, score composers and cutting-edge electronic music producers.

    The library includes:
    • 86 Braams _ Design, Elephant, Granular, Larsen, Raw, Textures
    • 51 Hi Tech Drops/Downers/Sting/Power Down

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