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DEADBOW Contemporary Horror Strings

SampleTraxx is proud to introduce “DEADBOW,” the newest addition to our organic sound effects series. DEADBOW is a premium sound collection entirely created from raw, live string recordings by sound designer Alessandro Romeo for SampleTraxx.

Featuring 400+ premium WAV sounds from smooth and delicate to aggressive and extreme string mutation including bowed cello hard and soft, cello and violin phrases and reverse, crescendos, tick tocks, designed violin stutters, screeches, plucks, jetèz and a raw source folder with files at 96/24 resolution, for an ultra realistic yet mangled horror strings collection.

The Kontakt instruments featured in DEADBOW turn into a powerful sound design instrument with a straightforward, easy-to-use  engine, including 27 Instruments and 10 Multis to combine and create unique horror sound design elements in seconds, from classic sounds to abrasive and gritty sonic signature.

Licensor: : SampleTraxx Categories: , , , , , .
Type: Strings sound effects / recordings
Specs: 420 sounds • 420 files • 24 Bit / 48 kHz • 600MB • Not metatagged
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

Full sound effects list for DEADBOW:

Cello_Bow_Clean Accent 04.aif
Cello_Bow_Clean Accent 03.aif
Cello_Bow_Clean Accent 02.aif
Cello_Bow_Clean Accent 01.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 14.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 15.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 18.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 17.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 13.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 16.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 15.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 14.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 13.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 12.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 11.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 10.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 09.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 08.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 07.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 06.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 05.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 04.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 03.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 02.aif
Cello_Tortured Strings_Stretch 01.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 12.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 11.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 10.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 09.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 08.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 07.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 06.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 05.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 04.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 03.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 02.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 16.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 15.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 14.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 13.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 12.aif
Cello_Pass By_Chaotic 01.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 11.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 10.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 09.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 08.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 07.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 06.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 05.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 04.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 03.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 02.aif
Cello_Bow_Crescendo_Drive 01.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 10.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 09.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 08.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 07.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 06.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 05.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 04.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 03.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 02.aif
Cello_Stretch_Low Stroke 01.aif
Cello_Stretch_Hi Stroke 03.aif
Cello_Stretch_Hi Stroke 02.aif
Cello_Stretch_Hi Stroke 01.aif
Cello_Low Getez 06.aif
Cello_Low Getez 05.aif
Cello_Low Getez 04.aif
Cello_Low Getez 03.aif
Cello_Low Getez 02.aif
Cello_Low Getez 01.aif
Cello_Hit_Strumming Low 05.aif
Cello_Hit_Strumming Low 04.aif
Cello_Hit_Strumming Low 03.aif
Cello_Hit_Strumming Low 02.aif
Cello_Hit_Strumming Low 01.aif
Cello_Drone_Stretch_Mood 01.aif
Cello_Drone_Stretch_Mood 02.aif
Cello_Drone_Stretch_Mood 03.aif
Cello_Drone_Stretch_Mood 04.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 13.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 14.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 15.aif
Cello Megabow 01.aif
Cello Megabow 02.aif
Cello Megabow 03.aif
Cello Megabow 04.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 23.aif
Cello Megabow 05.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 18.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 17.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 16.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 12.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 11.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 10.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 09.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 08.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 07.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 38.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 37.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 36.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 35.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 34.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 33.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 32.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 31.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 30.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 29.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 28.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 27.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 26.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 25.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 24.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 22.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 21.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 20.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 19.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 18.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 17.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 16.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 15.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 14.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 13.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 12.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 11.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 10.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 09.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 08.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 07.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 06.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 05.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 04.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 03.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 02.aif
Cello_Drive_Mutant 01.aif
Cello_Drone_Crescendo_Tremolo 02.aif
Cello_Drone_Crescendo_Tremolo 01.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 06.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 05.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 04.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 01.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 03.aif
Cello_Stretch_Bowed 02.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 13.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 06.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 07.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 08.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 09.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 10.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 11.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 12.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 11.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 01.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 02.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 03.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 04.aif
Violin_Raw_Jetèz Screech 05.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 05.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 06.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 07.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 08.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 09.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 10.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Long 04.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Long 05.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 01.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 02.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 03.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Short 04.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 01.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Long 01.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Long 02.aif
Violin_Raw_Grattato_Long 03.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 02.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 07_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 08_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 09_Eb.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 02_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 03_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 04_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 05_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 06_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 09.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 10.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 11.aif
Cello_Raw_Low Pluck 01_Ab.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 01.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 02.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 03.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 04.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 05.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 06.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 07.aif
Cello_Raw_Jetèz 08.aif
Cello_Raw_Harmonics 01.aif
Cello_Raw_Harmonics 02.aif
Cello_Raw_Harmonics 03.aif
Cello_Raw_Harmonics 04.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 06.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 07.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 08.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 09.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Grit 03.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Grit 04.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Grit 05.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 01.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 02.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 03.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 04.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Soft 05.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 15.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 16.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Grit 01.aif
Cello_Raw_Bow Grit 02.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 11.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 12.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 13.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 14.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 03.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 04.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 05.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 06.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 07.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 08.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 09.aif
Cello_Chaotic Pattern 10.aif
Cello_Reverse_Pitch MOD 04.aif
Cello_Reverse_Pitch MOD 03.aif
Cello_Reverse_Pitch MOD 02.aif
Cello_Reverse_Pitch MOD 01.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 14.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 13.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 12.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 11.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 10.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 09.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 08.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 07.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 06.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 03.aif
Cello_Reverse_Degraded Strings 02.aif
Cello_Reverse_Clean Accent 07.aif
Cello_Reverse_Clean Accent 06.aif
Cello_Reverse_Clean Accent 05.aif
Cello_Reverse_Clean Accent 04.aif
Cello_Reverse_Clean Accent 03.aif
Cello_Reverse_Clean Accent 02.aif
Cello_Reverse_Clean Accent 01.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 13.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 12.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 11.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 10.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 09.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 08.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 07.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 06.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 05.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 03.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 02.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 01.aif
Cello_Raw Reverse 00.aif
Metal Bow_Hi Pitch Ring 07.aif
Metal Bow_Hi Pitch Ring 06.aif
Metal Bow_Hi Pitch Ring 05.aif
Metal Bow_Hi Pitch Ring 04.aif
Metal Bow_Hi Pitch Ring 03.aif
Metal Bow_Hi Pitch Ring 02.aif
Metal Bow_Hi Pitch Ring 01.aif
Glass Bow_Reverse Design 08.aif
Glass Bow_Reverse Design 06.aif
Glass Bow_Reverse Design 05.aif
Glass Bow_Reverse Design 04.aif
Glass Bow_Reverse Design 03.aif
Glass Bow_Reverse Design 02.aif
Glass Bow_Reverse Design 01.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 09.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 08.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 07.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 06.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 05.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 04.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 03.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 02.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 01.aif
Glass Bow_Hit Pitch Phrase_Elemental 00.aif
Bowed Cymbal_Neutro Rever 06.aif
Bowed Cymbal_Neutro Rever 05.aif
Bowed Cymbal_Neutro Rever 04.aif
Bowed Cymbal_Neutro Rever 03.aif
Bowed Cymbal_Neutro Rever 02.aif
Bowed Cymbal_Neutro Rever 01.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 14.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 13.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 12.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 11.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 10.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 09.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 08.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 07.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 06.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 05.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 04.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 03.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 02.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 01.aif
Bow_Long Metal Bar 00.aif
Violin_Pluck Tonal 01.aif
Violin_Pluck Tonal 02.aif
Violin_Pluck Tonal 03.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 14.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 13.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 12.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 11.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 10.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 09.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 08.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 07.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 06.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 05.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 04.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 03.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 02.aif
Cello_Tick_Clock 01.aif
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 02.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 04.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 15.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 28.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 12.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 13.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 27.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 14.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 23.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 24.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 25.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 26.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 10.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 11.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 22.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 19.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 20.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 21.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 17.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 18.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 01.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 03.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 05.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 16.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 09.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 08.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 07.wav
Violin_Tick_Clock_Single 06.wav
Violin_Reverse_Scrape Strings 06.aif
Violin_Reverse_Scrape Strings 05.aif
Violin_Reverse_Scrape Strings 04.aif
Violin_Reverse_Scrape Strings 03.aif
Violin_Reverse_Scrape Strings 02.aif
Violin_Reverse_Scrape Strings 01.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 20.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 19.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 18.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 17.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 16.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 15.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 14.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 13.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 12.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 11.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 10.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 09.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 08.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 07.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 06.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 05.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 04.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 03.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 02.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 01.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 23.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 22.aif
Violin_Reverse_Clean 21.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 21.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 20.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 19.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 18.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 17.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 16.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 15.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 14.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 13.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 12.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 11.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 10.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 09.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 08.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 07.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 06.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 05.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 04.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 03.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 02.aif
VioCello_Pass By_Tremolo_Stutter 01.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 14.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 13.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 12.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 11.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 10.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 09.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 08.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 07.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 06.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 05.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 04.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 03.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 02.aif
Cello_Reverse_Fast_Pitch 01.aif


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