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Matt Script Sound Design

In my libraries you will find a great variety and high quality. I don’t focus on any particular area of sound, rather, I seek out new and different opportunities to record the most interesting and useful sounds I can think to find. I spend a large amount of time picking the best sounds from my recording sessions and delivering them to you at the best quality. All sounds have metadata that are labeled thoughtfully with the user in mind. Please peruse my libraries and feel free to reach out with any questions, thoughts, opportunities, etc.

Gear Used:

Sony PCM M-10

Sound Devices MixPre 6

Audio-Technica BP4029

Rode Blimp 2

  • The Harley Sportster is an iconic motorcycle whose sound captures the essence of Harley. This library gives you three unique perspectives (engine, exhaust, and field) of the same moments so you can time transitions, angles, etc. with the sounds you use. This library includes a bonus option of the engine and exhaust microphones carefully blended together so you get a robust option for every sound ready to go.

    Featuring drive bys up to 60 MPH, engine braking, honking, accelerating, decelerating, on board city driving, and more! Don’t miss out on this total package Harley sound library of the Harley Sportster XL 1200CX Motorcycle!

  • Car Sound Effects 2009 Subaru Forester Play Track 77 sounds included, 56 mins total $49

    The Subaru Forester is a classic four door, four cylinder bomber style SUV with a lot of character. This library includes all of the ins and outs of the car: Static Engine Revs, engine revs in motion, acceleration, deceleration, braking, idling, drive bys up to 50 MPH, doors opening and closing, electric car seats, dashboard sounds, Air Conditioning, electric sunroof, windshield wipers, power side mirrors, and more!

    For many of the sounds you get 3 different perspectives: An Interior Mic, an exterior mic on the exhaust, and an engine mic under the hood. This gives you a robust soundscape to choose from when crafting your sounds of this vehicle. At 96 kHz/24 bit you get high quality audio and a ton of options! Enjoy the 2009 Subaru Forester Sound Library!

  • This is a vintage classic and highly sought after make and model of cafe racer. It’s just enough grit to give some bite and just enough age to give it character. This library includes drive bys, static revs, city driving, straight aways, engine braking, and more! With two very different sounding and unique microphone perspectives on the exhaust and engine you get a variety of options to choose from. Enjoy this rippin’ classic!

  • This Suzuki SV motorcycle is modified from the original with a beefier exhaust. It sounds unique by itself but with two different perspectives on the exhaust and engine you get total control of what elements you want. Each engine and exhaust recording has a custom blend option so you don’t have to make any edits, they’re ready to go. This library includes drive bys at various speeds up to 60 MPH, static revs, moving revs, idling, engine on, engine off, engine braking, and more! Add this grizzly motorcycle to your library for some mad maxian, dystopian goodness!

  • The Yamaha FZ07 is a naturally aggressive sounding motorcycle. This library includes revs, drive bys, street riding, engine braking, gear shifting, and more! You get multiple angles and microphones from the same moment so you can blend, switch, or choose which perspective of the bike you want. At 96 kHz these sounds are high fidelity and ready to go. Choose from a short rev, a long ride, or screamin’ gear shifting. Enjoy!

  • The 2016 Harley Fat Bob is a powerful workhorse of a motorcycle. Obviously you get the classic Harley Potato-Potato exhaust rhythm and the 1600 CC engine displacement is noticeably huge. In this library you get two mics at two different perspectives of the motorcycle, an engine mic and an exhaust mic, to give you a full sound when blended or different unique recordings by themselves. A pre blended option is available in the library so it is ready to go. A field mic captures drive bys up to 60 MPH so you can pair camera angles from the same drive by moment with up two four recordings (engine mic, exhaust mic, engine and exhaust mic blend, and field mic). This robust library includes static revs, revs in motion, city riding, engine braking, idling, drive bys, accelerating, decelerating, and more! Bring your project to life with this huge library of a huge motorcycle!

  • Foley Sound Effects Organic VS Machine Play Track 548 sounds included, 10 mins total $79.99

    Get ready to take your UI to the next level with this massive dual library of organically recorded sounds and machine generated sounds. This is not your average UI Library.The process for creating this library was simple: record every day sounds that happen organically. That includes pen clicks, paper crinkles, wood blocks, garbage rustling, paper shuffling, elemental material impacts and movements, etc. Then take those sounds and send them through a chain of modules in a modular synthesizer that is patched specifically to mangle, tangle, distort, pitch shift, warp, and rearrange. The result is somewhere between alien and mech, familiar and unfamiliar; a treasure trove of refreshing and unique sounds at your disposal.

    You might call it Future UI, Alien UI, Biotech, or Bio-Mech. Whether your project needs material, organic, clean UI sounds or futuristic, sci-fi, biotech UI sounds, this dual library gives you the freedom to pick one or the other or somewhere in between. All sounds were recorded at 192 kHz and with over 540 sounds your options are vast. Keep a clean sonic palate and choose from the Organic sounds. Build something refreshingly out of this world with the Machine sounds. The choice is yours, enjoy Organic vs Machine!

  • Water & Ocean Sounds Beach Resort: Ambience & Walla Play Track 18 sounds included, 19 mins total $10

    Take a trip to the Caribbean with this beach resort walla and ambience library! You’ll get the sounds of the beach, various pools and poolside bars, quiet outdoor/open air balcony tones, noisy beach ambience, quiet beach ambience, birds and palm trees, dining halls, waves breaking, and people splashing and having a good time in the sun! Enjoy the Beach Resort Sound Library!

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  • Pack your bags! This sound library has everything you need to recreate the sonic experience of flying on a commercial airline or waiting to line up at the airport!

    All aircraft recordings are taken from inside the aircraft, all airport ambiences were taken from the Dallas, Chicago, or Buffalo airports. Sounds include airport ambiences, inflight cabin room tone, inflight walla, airport walla, engine sounds, flaps, take-offs, landings, runway bumps, overhead compartment opening and closing, seat belt buckles, airplane bathroom sounds, captain and flight attendant intercom correspondence and more!

    You might think your ears are popping as the subtle sounds of change in altitude are captured in this library. Whether you need short wallas or ambiences or an entire recording from take-off to 10,000 feet this library’s got you covered! All sounds recorded at 24 Bit / 96 kHz.

    14 %
  • Who’s ready for the great outdoors? This sound library of a 1990 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon has all the essentials to recreate a camping trip in an awesome retro camper van! With 70+ 192 kHz / 24 bit sound files and 100+ total sounds, you have everything you need in the highest audio quality. In this library you get drive-bys up to 30 mph,  different onboard engine perspectives while driving, turning the engine on and off, idling, revs, the unique interior sounds of the doors, windows, fans, wipers, the popup, gear shifting and of course the classic VW horn! If your project needs camper van sounds, look no further than this library!

  • Go for a ride on one of Japanese engineering’s finest motorcycles! The Honda Rebel 300 has a classic sound, classic look, and at 192 kHz sounds surprisingly heavy for a 300 cc engine. In this library you get all the options with onboard mic recordings ranging from 0 to 50 mph, engine breaking, gear shifting, slowing down, hitting turns and curves, accelerating, decelerating, and idling. You get isolated key turns, kickstand, and gear shifting. On board files are mono and pass bys and “drive aways” from 0 to 40 mph are in stereo recorded using mid-side technique for a great realistic stereo spread. You get separate left to right and right to left pass bys and drive bys at 10, 20, 30, and 40 MPH. Isolated stationary revs and idling recorded at different angles of the bike give you all the perspective you need whether you need up close and personal detail or sounds from a distance. This library gives you everything you need to recreate a good ride on this fine motorcycle! Enjoy the Honda Rebel 300 Motorcycle sound library!

  • It’s lit! Become engulfed in different types of flames, fires, and torches with this immense high resolution fire sound library! Recreate the perfect fire pit or discover the remnants of a burning building with sounds captured from indoor and outdoor open and closed flames from ignition to roaring flames. Uncover the darkest depths of hidden temples or send a fireball blazing through the sky with sounds captured from handmade torches in motion. Create a thick rocket engine with sounds sourced from blue flamed butane torches. Or recreate the most earth scorching armageddon with the fine details provided by the highest quality stereo recordings at 192 kHz. Many of the larger flames were recorded using a mid-side technique to give you a huge sound making you feel engulfed in the flames. Other sources include matches, lighters, lit paper, lit pine needles, gasoline ignited flames, put out flames with snow and water, and more! Enjoy the depth and detail of Lit: Flames, Fires, and Torches!

    Pair it with “You, Me, and Debris” Sound Library to create the ultimate impact and destruction pack!

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Electric Lawn Mower Play Track 17 sounds included, 11 Minutes 23 Seconds mins total $10

    No gas? No problem! This little 192 kHz library of raw electric power gives you everything you need for basic electric lawn mower sounds from moving the mower, mowing grass and debris, different angles of isolated motor sounds without mowing, mowing from close perspective and from a distance, and bagging up freshly mowed grass.

    Get creative by using these sounds for other things besides mowing: The 192 kHz sample rate lets you play with octaves so you can turn this little mower into so much more – enjoy Electric Lawn Mower!

  • Blast into the mechanical past with this vast library of fantastic antique engine sounds from Coolspring Power Museum. Over 250 sounds of clicks, pops, clacks, exhaust, cranking, gears, rhythmic pumps and chugs, air pressure releases, metal grinding, engines running, revs, and more!

    Isolated sounds from different perspectives of the same running engine will serve any project needing the perfect mech sounds. These 192 kHz samples are excellent for octave lowered other worldly mechanical transformations or high fidelity crispness. Create an entire steam punk inspired mech world by combining sounds of different engines or add grinding, cranking motion to moving vehicle of the future! The world is your mechanical oyster with this extensive mech library. Enjoy Sputter! Glug! Stutter! Chug!

  • Sports Sound Effects Downhill Skiing Play Track 37 sounds included, 13 minutes 08 seconds mins total $35

    Get ready to hit the slopes with this wintery gem of a sound library!

    Taken from many trips up and down the slopes in Upstate New York, this library gives you in your face gliding swishes, crunching carves, turns, stops, passbys from the left and right, falls, jumps, landings, poles poking and scraping the snow, chairlift machine sounds, bindings, and more!

    If you need authentic skiing sounds this library has you covered. Whether you need to create loops and insert carves in a video game or film project or if you need lengthy recordings of full trips from the top of the mountain to the bottom this library will give you it all. Enjoy Downhill Skiing!

  • Sports Sound Effects Snowboarding Play Track 29+ sounds included, 10 mins total $35

    Get ready to shred with this wintery gem of a sound library!

    Taken from many trips up and down the slopes in Upstate New York, this library gives you in your face gliding swishes, crunching carves, turns, stops, passbys from the left and right, falls, jumps, landings, chairlift machine sounds, bindings, and more!

    If you need authentic snowboarding sounds this library has you covered. Whether you need to create loops and insert carves in a video game or film project or if you need lengthy recordings of full trips from the top of the mountain to the bottom this library will give you it all. Enjoy the Snowboarding sound library!

  • Human Sound Effects The Mouth Play Track 1200+ sounds included, 51 minutes 13 seconds mins total $25

    Experience The Mouth like never before in this highly dynamic and creatively adventurous sound library! In this library we explore the many varieties of sounds the human mouth is capable of making. Jam packed full of whistles, yawns, throat singing, gargles, licks, slurps, grunts, throat croaks, beat boxing, monster breaths, deep breathing, consonants, experimental throat sounds, kisses, pops, clicks, teeth biting, teeth grinding, alien howls, explosions, weapons and so much more! Each sound file comes with multiple variations so you can pick the perfect take.

    This library is perfect for organic humanoid creations or organic otherworldly sound design. The Mouth gives you the full dynamic experience from carefully recorded loud vocal exclamations to quiet mouth/throat movements. Use the consonants for speech editing or combine many sounds to create natural movement and depth. Add a beat box to your new track for that unique human element or create a natural and creative sound design landscape.

    The sounds were created from one male voice actor in stereo at 96 kHz 24 bit. The equipment used was a Sony PCM-M10 and the files were processed, edited, and mastered in Reaper.

  • Game Audio Packs Billiards Play Track 243 sounds included, 12 mins total $25

    Who’s breaking? This sound library has everything you need to recreate a billiards game and more! With different table perspectives including on the table perspective recordings this library has it all.

    It includes multiple breaks, misses, direct hits, combo shots, empty pocket falls, full pocket falls, close up rail bumps and pass bys, cue stick play, chalk play, racking and more! With over 200 files you’ll be sure to have the variety you need for your project.

    Use some of the more close up recordings for interesting sound design or rack ’em up and recreate a sonic game from scratch! Enjoy the Billiards Sound Library!

  • Destruction & Impact Sounds You Me & Debris Play Track 369 sounds included, 11 mins total $25

    Impacts, friction, and destruction of large objects on wood, various metals, dirt, leaves, glass, plastic, brick, and concrete! There’s no shortage of destruction and debris in this library with over 350 sounds to choose from.

    These files were recorded at a destination of a heaping pile of debris waiting to be hauled to a landfill. Whether you need smashes, thuds, heavy falls, glass breaking, shingles scraping, shovels digging, wood and metal bending and creaking, and hoisting large objects followed by destruction this library has got your back. Combine these files to create the most epic destructions or use them by themselves for direct impacts or friction of materials. Enjoy You Me & Debris!

    ​The sounds were recorded in stereo at 96 kHz 24 bit. The equipment used was a Sony PCM-M10 and the files were processed, edited, and mastered in Reaper.

  • Door Sound Effects Squeaks & Creaks (MS) Play Track 313 sounds included, 19 minutes 29 seconds mins total $25

    The squeakiest of the squeaks and the creakiest of the creaks! Halloween came early!

    In this library you will find everything from deep, wrenching creaks to high piercing squeaks; quiet door knobs and twisting, turning plastics. Many of these sounds were recorded in a turn of the century old victorian home with decades of wear and tear to give the most authentic, creepy sounds that your heart desires.

    Here you'll find drippy, squeaky faucets, loose boards on stairwells, creaking door hinges, squealing old door coils, metal scraping on metal, rending wood and plastic, quiet, airy floorboards, bone crushing twist and turns, gripping leather and rubber and so much more! With 300+ sounds you're sure to maximize your imagination's spookiest or maybe just that perfect sound design element you needed!

    The sounds were recorded in stereo at 96 kHz 24 bit. The equipment used was a Sony PCM-M10 and the files were processed, edited, and mastered in Reaper.

  • Get up close and personal with British engineering in this superb motorcycle sound library!

    This library is sampled from a brand new 2017 Triumph Street Twin 900 cc motorcycle. It combines classic motorcycle engineering with modern technology to create a truly unique sound.

    In this library you get a large variety and perspectives of revs, idles, drive bys up to 50 mph, drive ups, drive aways, engine breaking, onboard driving, accelerating and more! Enjoy feeling like you’re riding this brand new modern vintage motorcycle!

  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Destroyed Piano Play Track 134 sounds included, 5 mins total $35

    Get ready for the most sonically satisfying library of piano destruction sounds! We give you every sledge hammer, every axe hit, every plier pinch, and every grinder that went into the demise of this Wurlitzer Upright Piano.

    With this truly unique library you get smashes followed by short, medium, and long tails of the strings and body (or what’s left) of the piano. You also get out of tune and buzzy strings that can be used as the source material for something really dark and ominous. Use the impact sounds for one of a kind impacts or sample the tails to create tension, strange atmospheres, and more!

    The axe and body files range from attacks on the wood, strings, keys, hammers, legs, frame, metal, and more. A grinder was taken to the strings and pliers were used to snap, bend, and pop the strings out of their places as well as general string play. Whether you need something unique to add character to your project or some really great source material of impacts that come pre baked with extra harmonic material this library will suite your needs. Enjoy the Destroyed Piano Sound Library!

  • Whoosh Sound Effects Rise & Fall Play Track 202 sounds included, 20 mins total $22

    This is the ultimate combo pack of over 200 short, medium, and long rising and falling swells, digital glitches and impacts, ramps, risers, wobbles, warped transformations, and transitions.

    Created from a Make Noise Shared System modular synthesizer this sound library was carefully curated to have everything you need to enhance your sci-fi sounds or create movement with varying speeds, pitches, and sonic textures .

    Elevate your next video game's sound scape with out of this world rises and falls. Create the sounds of the unknown on an alien spaceship, loop a siren or impact sound, take samples for your UI project, start a futuristic car with a ramp, or add a riser or sub to your electronic music track – the possibilities are endless! Take advantage of this widely useful and versatile sound library – enjoy the Rise & Fall!

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