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Artificial Life

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Artificial Life is a collection of designed and raw sci-fi sound effects dedicated to non-organic lifeforms, alien machinery and abstract expressive articulations. Inside you will find sounds of energy bursts, piercing lasers, heavy sparks, warm synthetic drones and otherworldly textures, whimsical glitchy reactions, beautiful beeps and calculations, and much more.

This library will be a nice addition to your palette of futuristic sound effects, whether you are working on a video game, motion picture or a music track.

Artificial Life features sounds such as:

โ€ข Designed / Articulations – Abstract
โ€ข Designed / Articulations – Bursts
โ€ข Designed / Articulations – Reverses
โ€ข Designed / Articulations – Transitions
โ€ข Designed / Impacts and Hits
โ€ข Designed / Interface – Beeps
โ€ข Designed / Interface – Gestures
โ€ข Designed / Interface – Glitch
โ€ข Designed / Interface – Calculations and Telemetry
โ€ข Designed / Texures and Drones
โ€ข Raw / Impacts and Bursts
โ€ข Raw / Interface and Glitches
โ€ข Raw / Textures and Drones
โ€ข Raw / Whooshes

Licensor: : Lesser Vibes Categories: , , .
Type: Sci-fi sound effects / recordings
Specs: 477+ sounds • 477 files • 2.19 GB • Not metatagged
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Full sound effects list for Artificial Life:

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1 review

  1. Brian DiDomenico

    Good mix of designed and raw source. Most of the designed sounds are interesting but don’t depict what they are intended for. (i.e. Error doesn’t sound like an error). Many just miss the mark on what they’re intended to represent.

    Impacts and hits lack punch (including raw). There are some nice telemetry/computation/text scrolling sounds. Drone raw sounds are nice. Pitched up variations are included but since I can pitch up sounds myself, these variations are not useful to me. Overall, nice quality sounds but hit or miss on usability.

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Lesser Vibes is a small independent producer of sound effects libraries from Russia.
Website: http://lesser-vibes.com