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โ€ข Special offer: Get 3 libraries or more = receive the SoundBits Bonus Pack (40 premium sounds) for free

  • We freely confess: we love the idea of the magical sound of glitter. We love it when it sparkles, shines and shimmers. But no other sound libraries seem to get itย right.

    So we madeย Glitterย to offer a huge range of designed and source sparkling magic sound effects to your arsenal. Whether you need to complement particles effects, magical spells or any other fabulous wizardry, you can count on this minty fresh library to deliver dazzling audio, over and over again.


    The Glitter sound library is built in two distinct sections: Source and Designed. The Designed section offers rich and inspiring sounds ready to be dropped in your project. The source folder includes various recordings used to create this library, should you want to wander down the path of creating your own glittering adventures.

    Created with crackling passion by our fairy own sound designers, this masterful curated library will be sure to bring your project to a sparkling new level of awe-inspiring wonderment.

    34 %
  • Electricity Sound Effects A Fluorescent Bulb II Play Track 12+ sounds included, 37 mins total $25

    This library is a continuation of my first library A Fluorescent Bulb. This contains 6 more fluorescent light hums/buzzes with nice plinks and warming sounds. For each light there is at least 2 minutes up to 5 minutes of tone, and a second file with a manipulated light switch where you get multiple plinks and buzzes. The tone of this library is a bit higher pitch than the first 6 bulbs from the first library

    29 %
  • Foley Sound Effects Pickups and Small Item Sounds Play Track 280 sounds included, 7 mins total $4.16

    Great Audio is Essential

    Essential Audio Pickups and Small Item Sounds contains 280 Foley sounds designed specifically for Video Game Sound Designers who need the usual Pick-Up sounds and SFX for common small items, including: Keys, Coins, Access Card, Pills/Health, Latches, Locks, Chains, Bags, and many many more!


    • ย 280 sounds
    • Bags
    • Coins
    • Keys
    • Pill Bottle
    • Cable Ties
    • Camera
    • Lighter
    • Access Card
    • Chains
    • Locks
    • Clips and Clasps
    • Computer Mouse
    • Boxes
    • Papers
    • Clicks and Ticks
    • Tools
    • Scissors
    • Wood Game Pieces
    • Zippers

    Number of Audio Waves: 280

    Sample rate / bit rate: 44,100 Hz / 16 bit

    75 %
  • Materials & Texture Sound Effects Explainer Video Sound Kit Play Track 1222 sounds included, 120 mins total $66

    Skip all the hassle and wasted time trying to find the right sounds. Explainer Video Sound Kit has everything you need to create dynamic sound tracks for video ads, commercials, animations, marketing and explainer videos. Importantly, itโ€™s all royalty-free and an unbeatable time saving value.

    As you know, creators of motion graphics, animations and explainer videos struggle mightily with finding the right sound effects for their projects. Sadly, wasting lots of time and energy. Thatโ€™s why we created the Explainer Video Sound Kit. Itโ€™s an all-in-one power pack that gets your project done fast. 1200 designed sounds, cinematic elements, transitions, Foley, natural and organic sounds and a sweet selection of background music all ready to go.

    Instantly take your production to a new level of engaging sound. Create compelling audio/video experiences easier than ever. Save time and level up your audio skills like a pro with the Explainer Video sound library!

    31 %
  • Game Audio Packs Mobile Game Play Track 578 sounds included, 30 mins total $42

    Inspired by app market hits like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, we present to you Mobile Game โ€“ a truly fun and genuinely gameplay inspired sound effects library. Filled with a thorough selection of popular game ready audio assets, Mobile Game gives you sounds that you can quickly implement inside any game to give it a familiar โ€œhit appโ€ game feel.

    • Includes 578 files
    • All files in .Wav 96k 24bit
    • Plus game ready mp3 files
    • Inspired by todayโ€™s best App Games
    • Includes Soundminer metadata
    • 891.9 MB of samples

    Mobile Game features sounds such as:

    Bubbles โ€ข Building โ€ข Coins โ€ข Crafting โ€ข Mechanisms and Contraptions โ€ข Musical Stabs โ€ข Objective Completes โ€ข Pick Ups โ€ข Potions โ€ข Tonal Designed Organic fx โ€ข UI/Menu โ€ข Upgrades

    14 %
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