50+ new sound libraries Asbjoern Andersen

Though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have passed, the excitement has not ended. We have over 50 new sound libraries on the site for you - but for a highlight of some of our favorites, keep reading!

In this recap, you can hear intriguing sounds of animals like German deer, boar, and hegdehogs, 50 wild animal species, 56 breeds of European birds, and a bundle of human, animal, and monster vocalizations.

If you're looking for something mechanical, we have sounds of quadcopters of various sizes, a '20 Toyota Tacoma, a '21 Triumph Street Twin, a Russian off-road van, a '99 tractor, a '71 VW Kombi, a P-51 Mustang WWII fighter-bomber, textures for vehicles and weapons, and even robotic personalities!

We also have new virtual instruments, with bundles featuring world flutes, strings, and vocals, and another with dark allure and delicate richness.

For something different, we have a variety of cartoon sounds, immersive RPG interfaces, anime effects, detailed mechanisms from various firearms, Romanian assault rifles, powerful liquid textures, creative drones, radio and analog sounds, high voltage effects, organic whooshes, mountain rain, US Midwest soundscapes, and harbor and coastal ambiences.

And be sure to check out the elaborate bundles by Krotos, Surround Sound Lab, Antisample, Just Sound Effects, and Bjarne Taurnier. Happy listening!

Sound library highlight by Adriane Kuzminski
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'Quadcopters' by Sound Ex Machina has nearly 200 96kHz / 24-bit recordings of radio-controlled quadcopters. The library covers a wide range of quadcopter sizes, from 3-inch to 9-inch models, and includes sounds for startup, landing, hovering, maneuvering, flybys, and acceleration.
  • Introducing QUADCOPTERS.

    This extensive collection includes 192 sound files of radio-controlled quadcopters, ensuring the highest audio quality at 96 kHz and 24-bit.

    With a focus on versatility, this library offers a comprehensive range of quadcopter sizes, including 3-inch, 5-inch, 7-inch, 8-inch, and 9-inch models.

    Each sound file is tailored to capture the essential actions of each quadcopter. From the exciting startup and smooth landing to the mesmerizing hover, precise maneuvering, dynamic flybys, and acceleration, you’ll find everything you need to get an authentic sound.

    Whether you’re a filmmaker, game developer, or audio enthusiast, QUADCOPTERS is a must-have resource for bringing the captivating world of quadcopters to life in your work.

Toyota Tacoma

'Toyota Tacoma' by Watson Wu features a 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR5 v6. The library includes onboard sounds from four separate microphones (Cabin Left, Cabin Right, Engine, and Exhaust), as well as external perspective sounds from fixed positions and Foley effects recorded from a stereo mic.
  • Car Sound Effects Toyota Tacoma Play Track 200 sounds included, 348 mins total $89

    Specification: 2020 Toyota Tacoma, model SR5 v6, 3.5 liters, 278 horse power.

    Onboard sounds are from four separate microphones.
    Cabin Left, Cabin Right, Engine, and Exhaust
    Two stereo microphones were used to capture External perspective sounds from fixed positions.
    There are MS (Mid Side) stereo and rendered stereo files from each of the external 1 perspective
    performances. Foley effects were recorded from a stereo mic.

Motorcycle Sound Pack

'Motorcycle Sound Pack' by Sylvain Livenais features a Triumph Street Twin 2021 motorcycle. It includes sounds of the engine, exhaust, passby, rev, startup, constant RPM loop, accelerations, decelerations, designed impacts, and designed whooshes.
  • Mechanical Sound Effects Motorcycle Sound Pack Play Track 280 sounds included, 45 mins total $29.99

    280 stereo 900cc motorcycle sound effects including engine, exhaust, passby, rev, start up, constant loop in various rpm, accelerations, decelerations, designed impacts, designed whooshes, etc. More than 40 mn of recordings. Ready for integration. Perfect for video games, trailers or films. UCS compliant.

    Motorcycle model: Triumph Street Twin 2021 – 900cc TwinCylinder.



'UAZ-452 INT' by Ambience Occlution gets you sounds of a UAZ-452 vehicle's interior. Hear recordings of the engine starting, idling, and driving, as well as door, trunk, wiper, and fuel filler neck sounds - all recorded in 96 kHz / 24-bit stereo.
  • Car Sound Effects UAZ-452 INT Play Track 45 sounds included, 75 mins total $50



    – External recording

    – 1 Spots, 2 mics

    – Eng start, idle, drive, get in out, reverse, shtdwn, passby, doors, trunk, wipers, fuel filler neck and etc

    – Slow, medium and fast

    – 96 KHz, 24 bit

    – 2 x schoeps ccm (omni), sys AB, Zoom F8

    – 1h 15min

    SPOT – sys AB – approx. 0,5 м. 2 x schoeps ccm3 (omni)

    P.S. See more our products

The World Music Bundle

'The World Music Bundle' by Sonuscore features Ethnic Flute Phrases, Ethnic String Phrases, and Ethnic Vocal Phrases. Each VST was recorded and designed to preserve authentic human musicality. It includes 2,170+ phrases, 48+ themes, and 4 legato types.
  • The first instrument of the WORLD MUSIC BUNDLE, the Ethnic Flute Phrases, was put together on the back of the success of our Lyrical Phrases series. We decided to start a new series to bring together unique voices from around the world and have them contribute to the music we compose.

    Each instrument included in the WORLD MUSIC BUNDLE has been recorded and designed to preserve their authentic human musicality. Use these very expressive and straightforward compositional tools to create truly original music. Get these three together as a bundle and take advantage of the reduced price.

Pain and Passion Bundle

'Pain and Passion Bundle' by ASTS Sound Design is a symphony of opposites, fusing the dark allure of 'Hurt' (created from recordings of an old, broken piano) with the delicate richness of the 'Delicata' toolkit to provide an unparalleled sonic journey.
  • Introducing the “Pain & Passion” Bundle, a harmonious blend of contrast featuring our flagship products, “Hurt” and “Delicata.”

    “Hurt” is the epitome of dark and intense sound design, derived from recordings of an old, broken piano masterfully resurrected by sound designer James F Brown III. This collection offers a unique array of tormented piano blasts, booms, drones, hits, impacts, and more, providing a cinematic edge to your productions.

    On the other end of the spectrum, “Delicata” unveils a lighter composing toolkit with meticulously crafted drones, guitars, vocals, percussion, pulses, and more, showcasing the power of precision and artistry in sound design across 11 versatile categories.

    The Pain and Passion Bundle is a symphony of opposites, fusing the dark allure of “Hurt” with the delicate richness of “Delicata” to provide an unparalleled sonic journey. Elevate your compositions, explore the depths of emotion, and captivate your audience with this dynamic bundle that embodies the essence of Pain & Passion.

    HURT – “Ultra Dark & Intense Sound Design” Sample Library: COMPLETE EDITION: Hurt is our flagship sample library, the one that started it all. These sounds were created by sound designer James Brown, and were all sourced from his old, broken piano. Who said this poor piano doesn’t have character? We certainly didn’t, and so we gave it new life.

    We wanted to create a product of dark and cutting edge sound design, and the piano was the medium of choice. Since its initial launch it’s been used by tons of composers who let us know just how much they love using it on their projects. Just drag and drop our samples on your timeline and see how unique a tormented piano can be for a cinematic production!

    Includes Piano blasts, booms, drones, hits, impacts, rumbles, sirens, stingers, pulses, transitions, and plenty more.

    Delicata – “TV, Film, and Drama Toolkit” Sample Library: Immerse yourself in a world of sonic wonders as Delicata opens up a trove of carefully curated sound effects, each beautifully sampled with extreme detail to capture every nuance, texture, and emotion. From delicate vocals to thunderous booms, each sound in this remarkable collection is a testament to the power of precision and artistry in sound design.

    Featuring 11 categories: Bass Synth, Drones, Guitars, Percussion, Pings, Pulses & Arps, Risers, Signature Sounds, Sub Booms, Whooshes, and Vocals

    Delicata provides an unparalleled level of versatility, allowing you to explore a vast landscape of sonic possibilities. From dramatic scenes that demand emotional depth to action-packed trailer sequences that require a taste of hybrid sound design, Delicata empowers you to express your creativity with unmatched precision. Get Delicata now and unlock a world of sonic mastery that will leave your listeners spellbound.

    Vocals by Jessica Jarvis, additional synth pulses and percussion by Adam King.

Radio & Analog 209 Files – Nolan Sound Library

'Radio & Analog 209 Files – Nolan Sound Library' by Nolan Sound Library has 209 radio and analog interference, LW/FM frequencies swiping, phone tonalities, analog glitches, and noises. It was recorded in 96kHz / 24-bit and also includes loopable and raw versions.
Midwestern America Vol. 1

'Midwestern America Vol. 1' by 344 Audio is a versatile sound library featuring a rich collection of ambiences captured in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Nashville. It offers a diverse range of soundscapes, from bustling city streets to tranquil rural environments, all recorded in 96kHz / 24-bit format.
  • Midwestern America Vol. 1 features recordings captured in a variety of locations around Chicago, Indianapolis and Nashville.

    Journey through cities bustling with pedestrians and vehicles, take a ride on the icon Chicago CTA trainlines, and relax in the blissful surroundings of rural Indiana. This varied collection of ambiences will allow you to build immersive soundscapes that transport audiences to a range of American settings.

    All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 96kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

Collected Transients Bundle: Combustion, Implosion, Thermal Flux, rOtation

'Collected Transients Bundle: Combustion, Implosion, Thermal Flux, rOtation' by Collected Transients collects these 4 sound libraries, giving you a range of audio elements for weapons, whooshes, vehicles, impacts, and more.
Drone Sounds Vol. 4

'Drone Sounds Vol. 4' by Ferreira the Sound Guy features 15 drone sounds recorded with plugins and effects. The sounds are available in 48kHz / 24-bit WAV format and have a total duration of approximately 16 minutes. The library is royalty-free and can be downloaded instantly from Bandcamp.
  • This soundlibrary arises from recordings with plugins and effects.

    After working these sounds in post production, this library comes with 15 incredible drone sounds that will bring your vídeo, trailer or movie to life.

    Size: 276 MB
    Files: 19 • Including metadata
    Sample Rate: 48kHz – 24 Bit WAV
    Duration: Approx. 16 min
    Gear: Virtual Plugins
    Delivery: Instant – blazingly-fast – digital download on Bandcamp
    License type: Royalty-Free

    Come to say hello:


'Cartoon:Animation' by Ni Sound is a library of 225 cartoon sound effects. It includes SFX for games like 8-bit sounds, alarms, buffs, magic coins, winning music, and UI, as well as sounds of fighting, cheering, cars, countdowns, doors, eating, failing lectures, laser guns, life voices, monsters, phones, and roulette wheels.
High Voltage

'High Voltage' by Rescopic Sound captures the essence of electricity, energy, magic, and sci-fi, providing endless possibilities for sound designers, music composers, and game developers. Get both source sounds and designed sounds, all meticulously created to be 100% dry and fully UCS compliant with detailed metadata.
  • High Voltage is a must-have for sound designers, music composers, game developers, and audio enthusiasts who want to take their projects to the next level. This versatile collection offers a wide range of dynamic sound effects that perfectly capture the essence of electricity, energy, magic, and sci-fi, providing endless possibilities for creativity and imagination.

    With High Voltage, you can access an immersive collection of sounds that can help you create futuristic ambiences, cyberpunk movements, modern UI sounds, magic spells, loops, shock waves, or sparks, among others. The expertly crafted sound effects will inspire you to explore new horizons and experiment with different combinations to achieve the desired effect.

    Whether you’re working on a video game, a film, a TV show, a podcast, or any other project that requires high-quality sound effects, High Voltage has got you covered. The collection is perfect for those who want to add a unique and dynamic touch to their projects and bring out the best in their creativity. So why settle for ordinary sounds when you can have extraordinary ones? Get your hands on High Voltage today, and let your imagination run wild!

    Source of Inspiration
    Get ready to take your productions to the next level with High Voltage, a collection of high-quality electrified sounds. The collection is carefully organized into two main categories: Source Sounds and Designed Sounds. The Source Sounds folder offers a diverse range of electricity and energy sounds that you can customize further to your liking. On the other hand, the Designed Sounds folder features a rich selection of pre-designed sci-fi and magic sounds. With this collection, you’ll have everything you need to create an immersive soundscape that will captivate your audience.

    Curation Applied
    Our top priority is always to deliver an exceptional experience to our end users. To achieve this, we have invested considerable time and effort into perfecting the audio content customizing it to meet your specific production needs. Additionally, we follow rigorous editing protocols to guarantee seamless performance in every possible use-case scenario.

    Creative Freedom
    All our sounds have been meticulously created to be 100% dry, without any application of reverb. Our ultimate goal is to empower you with complete freedom and endless possibilities to craft your own distinctive masterpieces without any limitations or boundaries. We aim to enable you to unleash your creativity and imagination to the fullest extent. Our dry sounds serve as a canvas for you to give life to your vision.

    UCS Compliant and detailed Metadata embedded
    High Voltage is fully universal category system (UCS) compliant. Additionally, to optimize your workflow and enhance productivity, our audio files are equipped with detailed metadata, allowing you to locate and access the sounds you require easily. Leading audio management software such as Soundminer and BaseHead are fully equipped to read and process the metadata, providing an intuitive and seamless user experience.

    What’s Inside

    510 Designed Sounds • 751 Source Sounds • 30 Designed – Abstract Glitches • 43 Designed – Drone, Ambience Loops • 33 Designed – Energy Bursts • 74 Designed – Impacts • 128 Designed – Magic Spells • 10 Designed – UI Calculation Loops • 24 Designed – UI Confirmations • 96 Designed – UI Menu Sounds • 8 Designed – UI Scan Loops • 64 Designed – Whooshes • 29 Source – Energy Drones (with loopable versions, 58 files) • 122 Source – Glitches • 150 Source – Impacts • 55 Source – Particle Loops • 198 Source – EMF Recordings • 40 Source – Sparks • 18 Source – Synth Loops • 110 Source – Whooshes

European Birds 2

'European Birds 2' by Sound Armoury features over 950 isolated recordings of 56 different bird species found in Europe and Asia. It includes a wide variety of sounds, from pleasing songbirds to raspy crows, and is available in both Multi and One Shot files. All sounds are in 24-bit 96kHz WAV format and are UCS compliant.
  • “European Birds 2” is a sound library containing many recordings of 56 different species of birds, with a focus on isolated recordings of individual birds. All sounds were recorded in England, and all recorded species can be found in continental Europe. Many recorded species can also be found in varying areas of Asia.



    • Pleasing sounds from songbirds such as Robins, Blackbirds, Finches and Wrens
    • Familiar sounds of Pigeons and Doves
    • A variety of water birds including Moorhens, Coots, and Geese
    • Raspy calls of Crows and other birds from the corvid family
    • Melodious birds of open farmland, such as Skylarks and Yellowhammers
    • Chaotic songs of summer migrant warblers
    • Forest birds such as a Tawny Owl, Cuckoo and Green Woodpecker
    • and more! (For a full list of species, see the contents summary)



    • 950+ audio files in 24 bit 96kHz quality
    • WAV format
    • “Multi” and “One Shot” files provided
    • UCS compliant file naming and metadata, allowing for easy searching in sound library management tools
    • Available for commercial or personal use without attribution


    View a summary of included sounds here

    View a full list of included files here

RPG Interface Essentials – Inventory & Dialog

'RPG Interface Essentials – Inventory & Dialog' by Khron Studio lets you create an immersive RPG experience with sound effects designed to bring your game's menus to life. Enhance your inventory management, dialogues, and journal interactions with 157 unique sounds in 192kHz / 24-bit format.
  • Embark on a sound adventure with “RPG Interface Essentials – Inventory & Dialogue”, the second part in our series of sound libraries specialized in user interfaces for RPG-style games. Featuring 157 unique sounds in 192kHz, 24-bits audio format, this collection is designed to bring your inventory, dialogue, and journal menus to life.

    – If you want to complement this library you can buy part 1 “Click Here

    Featured Features:
    Inventory Dive:
    – Enrich your gaming experience with key action sounds for each type of item, be it armor, pants, shoulder pads, helmets, shields, drinking potions, etc…
    Attractive Dialogues:
    – Enhance your game’s narrative with dynamic effects for dialogue options, screen appearances, and option scrolls. Create a truly interactive and engaging dialogue experience.
    Explore your Journal:
    – Immerse yourself in the narrative with sounds that indicate updates in the journal or when opening and closing its pages. Experience a seamless transition that adds depth to the story’s evolution.

    Exceptional Audio Quality:
    – With 157 sounds presented in 192 kHz and 24-bit, enjoy exceptional quality and clarity in every detail, immersing players in a captivating audio experience.
    Designed for Versatility:
    – This versatile sound set is ready to enhance any gaming project, whether it’s a classic RPG or a unique adventure.

    More about the pack
    – Intuitive file naming
    – Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    – Totally mono compatibility
    – All sounds have several variations.
    – Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound for other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.

    Technical details:
    – 157 RPG interface sounds
    – Number of Audio Waves: 157
    – Format: 192kHz/24bit
    – Sound Effects Loop: No
    – Total Duration: 2 minutes and 37 seconds

    20 %
Eurasian Mammals – Dormouse, Boar and more

'Eurasian Mammals – Dormouse, Boar and more' by Sound of Essen has 192kHz sounds of animals both in the wild and at German animal care centers. Highlights include squeaky juvenile garden dormice, grunting boars, sniffing hedgehogs, rutting deer, and close-up bats.
  • This library features a fine selection of Eurasian Mammals. The animals have been recorded both, in the wild and at animal care centres across Germany.

    The most prominent and unique animal sounds in this library are probably squeaky juvenille garden dormice, grunting boar and sniffing hedgehog.

    Also impressive recordings from deer rut are included and close up and very clean recordings from various bats, both flight calls and sounds during feeding.

    There are plenty of rodents and other animals, check the list at the end of the text or the file list for an even more detailed overview.

    Many of the recorded animals called in the ultra frequent range and have been recorded at 192kHz with microphones like the Earthworks QTC50, that go well beyond 90kHz. These noises are perfect for pitching and other sound design, I included some slowed down sounds as examples.

    If you want to buy the library as a bundle with my libraries Eurasian Insects and Eurasian Birds, please contact me directly.

    This collection is a great pool for realistic sound design as well as a source for editing monster, dragon and dinosaur sounds.

    No animals have been harmed or scarred during the recording sessions.

    Sound of the following animals are included:

    Bechstein’s Bat, Boar, Common Pipstrelle, Common Vole, Daubenton’s Bat, Eurasian Hedgehog, Fallow Deer, Garden Dormouse, Mouflon, Nutria, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Shrew, Whiskered Bat, Wolf, Wood Mouse, and more…

    Gear used: Klover 26″ Dish, Schoeps MK41, Neumann KMR81i, DPA 4060, Earthworks QTC50, Lewitt 540, SD 744t, Zoom F6

Anime Studio

'Anime Studio' by Rogue Waves has 1100+ classic and modern anime sounds. It includes a wide range of sounds, such as charge-ups, charge-downs, lasers, punches, explosions, pings, mecha sounds, cute creature sounds, swishes, and whooshes. The library is perfect for anime-style animations and video games.
  • Anime Studio Trailer

    Includes 1103 Anime Sound Effects.

    Anime Studio is a complete package of classic and modern anime sound effects.

    We used a wide array of analog/digital synths and field recordings to recreate the iconic sounds of Japanese anime.

    The library provides the perfect arsenal of charge ups, charge downs, lasers, punches, explosions, pings, mecha sounds, cute creature sounds, swishes and whooshes.


Massey Ferguson 6290 1999 tractor

'Massey Ferguson 6290 1999 tractor' by Krampfstadt Studio has a wide variety of sounds, including driving sounds, interior and exterior Foley, mechanical sounds, and electrical sounds of this tractor recorded with Shure KSM137, Line Audio Omni1, and FEL Clippy XLR EM272 mics.
  • All files are recorded 32bit, 192 kHz, with Shure KSM137, Line Audio Omni1 and FEL Clippy XLR EM272 microphones, Sound Devices MixPre-6 II recorder. Library contains wav files of driving, interior and exterior foley, mechanical and electrical sounds. It is also available in UCS.
    50 %
    Ends 1709161200
1971 Volkswagen Kombi

'1971 Volkswagen Kombi' by Aftertouch Audio is an all-encompassing collection of edited and mastered sounds of a minivan camper. It was recorded from 29 locations in the vehicle with different professional mics, giving you intricate sounds of the engine, interior, exterior, and Foley sounds.
Creature Bundle

'Creature Bundle' by Articulated Sounds gets you eclectic animal, monster, and human sounds from their popular libraries like 'Born Wild', 'Yeti Monster', 'Camel Growl Vocalizations', 'Humanimal Mimicry', 'Extinct Animals – the Jurassic', and more!
  • Animal Sound Effects Creature Bundle Play Track 7435+ sounds included $589

    This bundle includes 8 libraries of animals and monsters from Articulated Sounds:

    Born Wild is a massive collection of wild animals sounds and wild sounds of animals, highly focused, from a large panel of species, recorded thoroughly through 40 various National Parks, reserves, wildlife centers, and sanctuaries on all continents.

    Yeti Monster is an extensive collection of rare humanoid creature sounds. They were carefully recorded, edited, classified, thoroughly metatagged. It comprises expressive cinematic designed sounds with over 25 different type of articulations, actions and reactions; as well as cartoon-like interpretations.

    Nature in the City is a collection that depicts a wide spectrum of natural sounds existing in cities. With many isolated animals, ambiences, and weather, water elements. Inside you’ll find high quality content from Articulated, well edited and instantly useable sounds.

    Camel Growl Vocalizations is a library containing very useful source material of animal growls, recorded in Morocco in a very dry acoustic environment (the desert). These sounds will prove to be a very good source for creating your own monster, creature sounds.

    Pig Farm Animal Groan is a library in which you will find various close-up of single pigs grunts recorded in different farms, well edited, ready to use in your projects. Files includes glued, and separated version.

    Humanimal Mimicry is a handy collection of human vocalizations mimicking the sound of animals.

    These naturally-sounding samples are useful for shaping expressive creature sounds.

    Extinct Animals – the Jurassic is a new series of Sound Effects Library by Articulated; aspiring to bring back to life creatures from the past which were never recorded before.

    40 %
P-51 Mustang

'P-51 Mustang' by Endorphin Sound Library is a collection of recordings of authentic P-51 Mustang exterior sounds. Hear dramatic flybys, takeoffs, landings, taxis, runups, and formations, all captured at various speeds, distances, and microphone patterns.
  • A large, ambitious and carefully assembled collection of authentic P-51 Mustang exteriors. It contains dramatic flybys, takeoffs, landings, taxis, runups, and formations at various speeds, distances, and microphone patterns. All sounds are recordings of real events and have not been designed or altered aside from basic clean-up. Recorded and meticulously edited and tagged for over a decade. Perfect for documentaries, war movies, and video games.

    224 files – 153 Stereo, 71 Mono. 98 minutes of audio.

Robotic Creations Bundle

'Robotic Creations Bundle' by Boom Box Library will bring your robotic creations to life with 5 unique robotic personalities: Mimo, the buddy; Q5, the vintage robot; NGage, the exosuit; Gregory, the android; and Firewall, the mech suit. It also has sounds of futuristic weapons, heads-up display sounds, and vocalizations.

'Lock/Load' by SoundMorph encompasses a wide range of popular and unique models. From the tactical crispness of the Romanian AMD-63 assault rifle to the historical resonance of the Winchester Model 1892 lever-action rifle, this collection caters to the most demanding audio professionals.
  • Unveil a new dimension in sound design with SoundMorph’s Lock/Load library, an expansive arsenal of over 7,000 sounds housed in a commanding 20GB collection.
    Lock/Load elevates the bar with a meticulously captured array of firearms, highlighting not just popular guns but also those unique models that provide fresh and distinctive sonic characteristics. From the tactical crispness of the Romanian AMD-63 assault rifle to the historical resonance of the Winchester Model 1892 lever-action rifle, this collection is crafted to satisfy the most demanding audio professionals.

    Key highlights include:

    • Assault Rifles: Engage with the refined sounds of the IWI Tavor Bullpup series and the raw power of the Rugar AR-556.
    • Pistols: Appreciate the subtle complexities of the Beretta M1951 and the commanding presence of the FN Highpower.
    • Rifles: Traverse a world of sonic details with the bolt-action precision of the Remington 700 series and the swift action of the SKS rifles.
    • Shotguns: Command attention with the authoritative pump of the Mossberg 590 and the Kalashnikov KS-12’s tactical operation.

    To capture the nuanced details of these firearms, many of the files were recorded using the high-resolution Sanken Co-100k microphone, ensuring a wide frequency range and capturing the most delicate of mechanical sounds that can be pitched up or down severly while still maintaining fidelity.

Gun Mechanics (SB104)

'Gun Mechanics (SB104)' by Sound Brigade captures the intricate sounds of real firearms, including slide racks, hammer cocks and releases, magazine inserts/ejects, bullet loading, chamber release, trigger dry fires, handling sounds, and more.
    The SB104 GUN MECHANICS Sound Effects Library has a variety of detailed gun mechanics and gun foley.

    We recorded the mechanical intricacies of real firearms including slide racks, hammer cocks and releases, magazine inserts/ejects, bullet loading, chamber release, trigger dry fires, handling sounds and much more of the following guns: Smith & Wesson 22LR, Smith & Wesson Model 39 9MM, Smith & Wesson Snub Nose .357 Magnum, Taurus Judge, Colt 1903 32ACP, Glock 23, Glock 26 9MM, Rimfire Beretta U22, Smith and Wesson .39 9MM, Sig Sauer P229 9MM, Taurus PT99, WWII Luger, XD40, AK-47, AR-15, Enfield British 303, Mossberg MVP, Mosin Nagant, Remington 700 7MM, Remington Tactical 30-30, 12 Gauge Remington Versa Max, Double Barrel Shotgun, 12 Gauge Mossberg 500 Shotgun and Single Shot Shotgun. Every file has Soundminer compliant metadata embedded, and a structured organized file naming structure. This library can be used as a stand-alone sound effects library for any of your gun mechanics and gun foley needs, or use it as a complement to our SB103 GUNSHOTS Library.


'Surge' by echo | collective goes beyond the usual splashes and splatters. It features beautifully textured, powerful liquid propulsion sounds designed to drench, soak, and saturate your projects with a different level of aquatic force.
Wild Animal Calls

'Wild Animal Calls' by Thomas Rex Beverly features 50 animals species in their natural environments. Hear a wide range of sounds, including haunting deer bugles, curious grizzly bear sniffs, antiphonal turkey gobbles, electric insects, angst-ridden coyote vocals, and more.
  • Animal Sound Effects Wild Animal Calls Play Track 1250 sounds included, 102 mins total From: $250

    • In Wild Animal Calls, get a large collection of animals in their natural environments. Hear haunting Sika deer bugles and curious Grizzlys energetically sniffing my microphones. Hear antiphonal gobbles of dueling turkeys and sharp ribbits singing across still water. Hear electric insects arcing with energy and angst-ridden vocals of lonely coyotes. Hear hawks circling above their clifftop nest and astonishingly dense melodies of Swainson’s thrushes. Hear wild pigs grunts and hummingbirds aerial acrobatics. Hear lonely Loons singing on boreal lakes and stately woodpeckers knocking.
    • This library offers you a wide assortment of sounds from a wild animals of North America. These are the healthy and happy sounds of the wild, not the depressed sounds of sad animals confined to cages.

    All animal calls have been isolated for use in sound design or as spot FX.
    Each clip contains only the named species. For example, you are purchasing coyotes alone, not coyotes with background crickets.
    • Sika deer and Roosevelt elk bugling
    • Haunting coyote howls and eerie fox barks
    • Wild pigs grunting and rooting
    • Grizzly bear sniffs and grunts
    • Lonely Loons singing over still water
    • Aerial hummingbird acrobatics
    • Visceral hawk and osprey cries
    • Eerie owl hoots
    • Temperamental ravens and crows
    • Stately woodpecker knocking
    • Melodic songbirds
    • Ruffed Grouse drumming on hollow logs
    • Playful waterbirds
    • Wilson’s Snipe eerie winnowing
    • Ultrasonic bat clicks
    • Swarms of millions of Mexican free-tailed bats
    • Piercing cicadas and lush cricket choruses
    • Playful frog croaks
    Full list of 52 species: American Crow, American Pine Martin, American Robin, Bat, Bewick’s Wren, Black-billed Magpie, Blue Jay, Boreal Owl, Brown Creeper, Burrowing Owl, Canyon Wren, Cassin’s Vireo, Chihuahuan Raven, Chipmunk, Cicada, Clark’s Nutcracker, Common Loon, Common Poorwill, Common Raven, Coyote, Golden Crowned Kinglet, Great Horned Owl, Greater Yellowlegs, Grey Catbird, Grey Fox, Grizzly Bear, Hummingbird, Javelina, Loggerhead Shrike, Mourning Dove, Montezuma Quail, Mule Deer, Northern Saw-whet Owl, Osprey, Pacific Tree Frog, Pacific Wren, Roosevelt Elk, Ruffled Grouse, Sandhill Crane, Sika Deer, Spotted Sandpiper, Spring Peeper, Swainson’s Hawk, Swainson’s Thrush, Varied Thrush, White-crowned Sparrow, White-throated Swift, White-winged Dove, Wild Turkey, Wilson’s Snipe, Various Woodpeckers, Yellow-rumped Warbler
    File List
    • A spectrogram is included for each audio file. Double click on the photo in the file list to enlarge.
    • Named markers are included in some files to help find interesting events in an otherwise uniform waveform.
    Stereo Only: recorded in AB or ORTF (L/R) – these recordings do not include a Quad version
    Stereo: Double Mid/Side decoded to Stereo (L/R)
    Quad: Double Mid/Side decoded to Quad (L/R/Ls/Rs)
    • Sennheiser MKH8040 pair and MKH30 in Double Mid/Side
    • Sennheiser MKH8040 pair in ORTF
    • Sennheiser MKH50 and MKH30 in MS
    • Sennheiser MKH8040 and MKH30 in MS
    • DPA 4060s in AB
    • LOM Usi in AB
    • Sound Devices 702
    • Sound Devices MixPre-6
    • Sound Devices MixPre-3 II
    • Sony D100
    • Cinela Pianissimo Double Mid/Side Blimp
    • Rycote MS and ORTF Blimps
Mountain Rain

'Mountain Rain' by PMSFX features recordings of rain and thunder. It was captured in a remote location in the mountains along the Montenegro-Albania border. The sounds range from the gentle patter of light drizzle to the intense drama of a severe downpour and thunder.
  • Environments & Ambiences Mountain Rain Play Track 75 sounds included, 173 mins total $59.99
    192KHZ 24BIT • 11.95GB • 75 FILES • 173 MIN • UCS 

    Embark on an auditory journey with “Mountain Rain: Rain & Thunder” the debut release from our Mountain series.

    This meticulously recorded sound effects library features 75 high quality recordings (173 minutes total) of rain and thunder. Captured in a remote location, 1500m MSL, in the mountains along the Montenegro-Albania border, that is only accessible by trailing for hours in a capable 4×4.

    Thoroughly scouted locations ensured a pristine, human-free soundscapes, free from any noise pollution.
    All microphones were carefully places under DIY rain shields that resulted in clear and fantastically sounding recordings. 

    Explore a diverse range of sounds, from the gentle patter of light drizzle to the rhythmic aftermath drips  making leaves and twigs crack, moderate steady rain and the intense drama of a severe downpour and thunder . Immerse yourself in an auditory experience that goes beyond sound – it’s a sonic exploration into the heart of the mountains.

    For more details check the SFX LIST

    EDITED AND MASTERED WITH: Acon Acustica, Pro Tools
    RECORDED WITH: Sennheiser MKH8040, Audio Technica BP4025, DPA 4060, DPA 4062, ZOOM F3

    14 %
Organic Whooshes 2

'Organic Whooshes 2' by Airborne Sound offers a treasure trove of whoosh sound effects, crafted from real-world recordings and processed creative accents. From organic whooshes emanating from branches to processed swooshes inspired by magnesium flares and chemical burns, this library is a treasure trove.
  • Design inspiring transitions with whoosh sounds from real-world recordings and pre-processed creative accents.

    Key Features

    • 1645 sound clips (plus 1436 bonus mono mix downs).
    • 96 kHz, 24-bit stereo WAV files.
    • 1.8 gigabytes.
    • Top quality clips: professionally recorded, expertly mastered, and lovingly curated.
    • Quick access: instant, secure download.
    • Smooth workflow: extensive descriptive embedded metadata in multiple formats helps find sounds fast.
Sea, Coastline, Harbour, Port Ambiences

'Sea, Coastline, Harbour, Port Ambiences' by IVO VICIC SOUND LIBRARIES captures the essence of the sea, coastline, harbor, boats, and other maritime elements. Get a comprehensive collection of sounds, from close-up intricacies to distant ambiances.
  • Textures, recordings and soundscapes of the sea, coastline, harbour, harbour-industry, port, beach in summer, boats, ship, seagulls and other

    (for film and multimedia ready)

    This sound library contains:

    Recordings of the boats, fisherman boat/ship (in navigation, in the port), powerboat, big ship, etc. Variety of sound perspectives, from super close to distant ones. Some recordings are intentionally recorded in mono with shotgun microphone (Sennheiser MKH 60-P48) to get direct clean sound (for use in video Foley or in audio post) on vessels in navigation.

    Close up recordings of the sea (surface), cavity in the rocks, peddles washed by the sea, walking on the beach,…many different sea waves sounds are captured, sound of the sea storms, rough sea, etc. Check the sound list for additional info.

    Soundscapes of the seaside (remote ones included), shores, harbour (industry)small port ambiances; soundscapes of the coastline. Nocturnal sounds/recording included.

    17.2 GB or 5h 24min of high quality recordings recorded over years in all seasons and in all weather/sea conditions.

    Recorded with professional audio equipment, Sound Devices Recorder/mixer, and Sennheiser mics mostly. Majority of the recordings are recorded in MS stereo (excellent mono compatibility for film, radio program etc.), but in other stereo techniques like XY, AB, NOS as well for more precise focus on detail or wider stereo image (regarding the object of rec.). Metadata tagged with a detailed description of mic positioning, mic tech. and equipment used.

     Max peak level is around -5dBFS. No compressors or dynamic tools were used in editing nor limiters during recording (natural dynamic of the recordings maintained).




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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Metal Sound Effects MetalMotion Play Track 2000+ sounds included, 239 mins total $110

    MetalMotion is a sound design construction kit that contains four hours of moving metal mayhem: clicks and clanks, rolls and drags, wronks and squeals, scrapes and rattles, ranging from from tiny to monstrous. Nathan Moody’s unique performances with unusual combinations of props produce everything from Foley-like movements to intense groans and howls.

    Whether you’re covering a robot’s movements, sweetening weapon Foley, making crafting or pick-up sounds in a game, placing unusual layers beneath a kaiju’s roar, or crushing a submarine with undersea pressure, this collection covers the full range of subtle to raucous. Each file has many performance variations for creative choice and game audio asset creation.

    While there are some tasty impacts within, this library’s true focus is on characterful movements: handling, rummaging, opens, closes, ratchets, swirls, rolls, drags, drops, spins, rubs, zuzzes, and bows. Metal containers, filing cabinets, modern appliances, vintage (and very rusty) tools, cymbals, bells, grills, plates, bars, rods, and tubes, and many other props lent their voices to this collection.

    This UCS-compliant library was recorded with a combination of standard, contact, and ultrasonic-capable microphones through Millennia preamps. Sample rates vary based on the amount of ultrasonic content in each file. The audio files are mastered for realism, ready for extreme processing and pitch shifting of your own, but still useful in more grounded contexts.

  • A comprehensive sound library from the enchanting world of the Middle Ages featuring meticulously recorded elements that come together harmoniously to create a realm of realism that transports your audience back in time, including isolated elements, acoustic impulse responses, noiseprints, and ambience loops.

    Medieval Towns and Villages - Full Library Presentation
  • Environments & Ambiences Curated Rain Play Track 39 sounds included, 183 mins total $44.99

    CURATED RAIN – is an extensive sound library containing 39 unique files of rain in varying environments and conditions ranging from city streets, back alleys, parks, forests and windows and heavy walls of rain to gentle and lite drizzles. Including isolated sections of rain as well as rain storms in their entirety. All of our libraries comply with the Universal Category System naming convention standard as well as traditional embedded metadata, allowing for accurate and easy granular searches. Original recordings were captured at 192kHz and 32bit float. Curated Rain (RAW – 192kHz 24bit) comes out to 11.7 GB and 3 hours 3 minutes and 10 seconds in overall length.

    25 %
    Ends 1709852399
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Empower Your Compositions with Authentic Medieval Phrases.
    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT or Steinbergs free HALion Sonic]

    Embark on a journey through time with the latest addition to the MEDIEVAL PHRASES series: FIDDLE & NYCKELHARPA. With the Fiddle, with its rich and expressive tones, coupled with the Nyckelharpa’s distinctive resonant strings, we invite you to capture the mood of medieval times. Composers and producers can now use dramatic live performances by outstanding performers or freely play their instruments with varied articulations.

    Imagine the bustling markets and vibrant festivals of late medieval Europe, where the rhythm and bounce of the Fiddle & Nyckelharpa set feet tapping and light the hearts of weary travelers. These instruments were the lifeblood of celebration, often heard at markets and taverns above the chatter of merchants and the laughter of children. Their history is woven through countless generations, where they not only provided entertainment but also served as a cultural heartbeat during times of both hardship and prosperity.

    MEDIEVAL PHRASES FIDDLE & NYCKLEHARPA carry within tales of the past, each string resonating with stories untold. The Fiddle’s bow dances across strings to produce a vibrant, rhythmic melody, while the Nyckelharpa’s keyed fiddle design adds an otherworldly depth. These sounds, once echoing through medieval tavern halls and open markets, are now crisply captured for the modern composer. With MEDIEVAL PHRASES, breathe new life into your medieval compositions, delivering an authentic experience that is both profound and exhilarating.

    20 %
    Ends 1709765999
  • Volleyball Match Ambience provides three distinct soundscapes spread through long, evolving and captivating sound recordings from Portugal’s primary masculine and feminine leagues, in addition to a regional match.

    This is a highly intense and balanced sport characterized by its fast-paced nature, emphasis on teamwork and strategic play, where players use a combination of spiking, blocking, setting, and serving techniques to gain an advantage and outmaneuver their opponents. The game is played on a rectangular court divided by a net, with each team aiming to score points by grounding the ball on the opposing team’s side.

    All recordings were attained from a centered front-row seat position in crystal-clear stereo, meaning you have all the necessary field-of-play interactions, in addition to varied crowd reactions ranging from diverse support chants, booing, casual conversations, clapping, local team speaker asking for crowd backing, referee whistles, coach instructions and air horns. This versatility of content guarantees full immersion, drama, excitement, intensity and realism for film, television, videogames, podcasts and more. Your audience will be transported courtside in no time.

    The regional match sound files are the longest with a constant stream of clapping and chants from supporters and the players themselves championing their respective team, interspersed with quieter moments, making it ideal for a more balanced volleyball match ambience. Also included in this section are pre-match drills.

    With over three and a half hours of content, this library is your all-access pass to the dynamic, exhilarating world of volleyball.

  • Environments & Ambiences Curated Rain Play Track 39 sounds included, 183 mins total $44.99

    CURATED RAIN – is an extensive sound library containing 39 unique files of rain in varying environments and conditions ranging from city streets, back alleys, parks, forests and windows and heavy walls of rain to gentle and lite drizzles. Including isolated sections of rain as well as rain storms in their entirety. All of our libraries comply with the Universal Category System naming convention standard as well as traditional embedded metadata, allowing for accurate and easy granular searches. Original recordings were captured at 192kHz and 32bit float. Curated Rain (RAW – 192kHz 24bit) comes out to 11.7 GB and 3 hours 3 minutes and 10 seconds in overall length.

    25 %
    Ends 1709852399
  • Human Sound Effects Applauses Play Track 50 sounds included, 11 mins total $30
    It took me 2 years to create this sound library and for the first time I used AI to create a cover image! 50 applause recordings made in various interior and exterior places, small and big audience, some with cheering and some with only clapping. All files are recorded 32bit, 192kHz with FEL Pluggy EM272 and Sonorous Objects SO.3 microphones, Zoom F3 recorder. The library is also available in UCS.
  • Environments & Ambiences WINTER SCAPE Play Track 33 sounds included, 148 mins total From: $119

    Feel the coldness of winter landscapes. In the heart of the Cantal mountains in France, immerse yourself in a soothing nature or in the cold winter wind.

    All files are embedded with extensive UCS compliant metadata.


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