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Home Sound Effects Eurasian Mammals – Dormouse, Boar and more

Eurasian Mammals – Dormouse, Boar and more


This library features a fine selection of Eurasian Mammals. The animals have been recorded both, in the wild and at animal care centres across Germany.

The most prominent and unique animal sounds in this library are probably squeaky juvenille garden dormice, grunting boar and sniffing hedgehog.

Also impressive recordings from deer rut are included and close up and very clean recordings from various bats, both flight calls and sounds during feeding.

There are plenty of rodents and other animals, check the list at the end of the text or the file list for an even more detailed overview.

Many of the recorded animals called in the ultra frequent range and have been recorded at 192kHz with microphones like the Earthworks QTC50, that go well beyond 90kHz. These noises are perfect for pitching and other sound design, I included some slowed down sounds as examples.

If you want to buy the library as a bundle with my libraries Eurasian Insects and Eurasian Birds, please contact me directly.

This collection is a great pool for realistic sound design as well as a source for editing monster, dragon and dinosaur sounds.

No animals have been harmed or scarred during the recording sessions.

Sound of the following animals are included:

Bechstein’s Bat, Boar, Common Pipstrelle, Common Vole, Daubenton’s Bat, Eurasian Hedgehog, Fallow Deer, Garden Dormouse, Mouflon, Nutria, Red Deer, Roe Deer, Shrew, Whiskered Bat, Wolf, Wood Mouse, and more…

Gear used: Klover 26″ Dish, Schoeps MK41, Neumann KMR81i, DPA 4060, Earthworks QTC50, Lewitt 540, SD 744t, Zoom F6

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Type: Mammals sound effects / recordings
Specs: 250+ sounds • 105 files • 1,99 GB • Includes metadata
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Full sound effects list for Eurasian Mammals - Dormouse, Boar and more:

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Sound of Essen started in 2017 as an official project for the European Green Capital 2017. 12 selected places from the rivers Ruhr and Emscher in Essen were introduced via sound. I offer free downloads of atmos, animals, machinery, vessels and many more along pictures, texts and maps of my trips in Essen. In 2018 the blog continued with the project Assindia X, a 10 year recording project in Essen, also supported by the city of Essen. In addition, I will continue to feature soundscapes of places and events in Essen and even offer libraries for sale with sounds from my hometown.