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Want your audience to tremble with fear? Horror sound effects are a frighteningly effective tool for making that happen. And to help you find the best sounds for the job, we've found a selection of horror sound effects libraries that have proven particularly popular over the years.

You can also explore a selection of highlighted horror SFX libraries, as well as the very latest releases in the horror sound category - so brace yourself for some hair-raising sound effects releases below:

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Highlighted horror SFX libraries:

If you’re looking for great horror sound effects, these libraries could be just the ticket:

  • Gore Sound Effects Gore Play Track 894+ sounds included $149

    Gore is just plain & simple great high quality bloody impacts, splatters, and weapons. You can't go wrong with this library, and it will be a work horse go to for many years! GORE features more than 875 files, 2.92 GB of 24bit/96khz .WAV files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer and Basehead metadata. GORE was created in collaboration with Michael Leaning, a UK based Triple AAA video game sound designer.

    GORE includes the following:

    • 19 different weapon impacts, both dry and wet
    • Blood
    • Guts
    • Drips
    • Splatters
    • Head Explosions
    • Stabs
    • Extras
    • Source Recordings
    • Designed Files
  • Halloween 101 is a great collection of sounds for your spooktacular projects!  Inside are eerie ambiences; ghosts and zombies; human grunts, dying, screaming, and wailing; bloody gore; blade sounds, glass breaks, squeaky floors and doors, and so much more!

    Halloween 101 includes:

    • Strange, haunting ambiences
    • Blades – impacts, hits, chainsaw, war-hammer, battle ax
    • Fighting and Gore – punches, rib cage ripping open, splats, goops
    • Footsteps – glass, creaky wood
    • Glass Breaks
    • Human Sounds – evil laughs, screams (solo and group), grunts
    • Unhuman Sounds – Groups of ghostly voices, zombies (solo and groups), speaking in tongues
    • Weather – thunder & wind
    • Doors – creaking, “Demons Gate”

  • Horror Sound Effects Horror | Bundle Play Track 9001+ sounds included $251.20

    All the horror-related sound effects libraries in one huge bundle. That’s 15 libraries featuring all kinds of scary, shocking and gory sound effects. Build eerie to hard stopping atmospheres with the “ANGST | Surrounding Horror Soundscapes” – Series. Create terrifying stingers, shockers and transitions with “Just Transitions | Creepy Trailers”, the squeaking and scraping “Just Metal” libraries, Just Chains and “Unsettling Creaks & Squeaks. Get the audience fully immersed into brutal splatter scenes with “Just Gore” and its add-on “Just More Gore” and finally give any monstrous monster, crawling creature or frightened, despaired or dying human a voice with the three “Screams & Shouts” libraries.

    15 LIBRARIES | 9001 FILES | 98.51 GB

    60 %
  • 5 LIBRARIES – 20GB – 3,500+ FILES

    The SoundMorph Horror bundle provides all the essential ingredients for you to add to your tool box of horror sounds.

    From Creatures, Gore impacts, and Bloody Cinematic Impacts, to atmosphere and doom, you can’t go wrong with adding this collection to your workflow.

    With a savings of over $150 (regular price $450) you save big purchasing the “Horror Bundle” versus purchasing the individual products!

    Horror Bundle Includes:
    Doom Drones
    Bloody Nightmare
    Monster Within

  • 𝙅𝙪𝙢𝙥 𝙎𝙘𝙖𝙧𝙚𝙨 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙨 𝙖 𝙡𝙖𝙧𝙜𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙧𝙖𝙮 𝙤𝙛 𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙙𝙘𝙪𝙧𝙙𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙 𝙚𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙨, 𝙛𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙢𝙤𝙣𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧 𝙜𝙧𝙤𝙬𝙡𝙨, 𝙬𝙚𝙞𝙧𝙙 𝙨𝙘𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙨, 𝙝𝙤𝙧𝙧𝙤𝙧 𝙧𝙞𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙧𝙨, 𝙇𝙤-𝙁𝙞 𝙨𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙫𝙮 𝙨𝙡𝙖𝙨𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙞𝙢𝙥𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙨, 𝙬𝙝𝙞𝙘𝙝 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙜𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙚𝙚𝙙 𝙩𝙤 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙖𝙪𝙙𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙟𝙪𝙢𝙥 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙞𝙧 𝙨𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙨.
    ‘Jump scares’ are a common horror movie storytelling tool used to surprise the audience. It is a moment in a film where the soundtrack becomes quiet and the audience is shocked by a sudden dreadful event combined with a horrifically loud sound effect.
    To bring you this terrifying library, our Audio Craftsmen recorded human voices, abstract instruments, metal and glass impacts. We then designed and edited them so that you can drop them straight into your horror projects.
    The movies which inspired us were: Halloween, Saw, The Final Destination and The Conjuring. There are a total of 100 carefully crafted sounds which can be used in your, video games and other projects focused in the horror genre. All sounds are available in 24Bit 96KHz, allowing for further manipulation.
    The library includes five sections:
    Slasher Knives: A collection of sudden horror impact sounds designed from low frequencies, which gives the audience a heavy hit to the heart. A perfect complement for your slasher characters.
    Mangled Screams: This category consists of terrifyingly loud and weird screams designed from human voices. These piercing and bone-chilling sounds will truly raise the fear factor of your projects.
    Monster Growls: This folder contains bizarre growls and screams of monsters designed from vocalizations combined with gory foley. Perfect for scenes involving weird creatures, cannibals, and hungry monsters.
    Musical Stingers: This section consists of atonal horror risers and stingers designed from string instruments. These are perfect for creating a tense, horrific atmosphere in your projects.
    Radioactive Distortions: A vast collection of gut-wrenching, manipulated sounds built from manipulating recordings and pushing distortion plugins to their maximum limits. These are perfect for bizarre and disturbing scenes.
  • Summon twisted spirits from the dark realm with Nuances of Fear! A nuanced collection of scary sound effects, exploring the wide variety of different sub-genres of horror.

    This exclusive library was designed by a team of sound designers, with credits including Disney+, Facebook, League of Legends, Ratchet and Clank, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Ark: Survival Evolved, Oculus and many others.

    Upgrade your collection with over 312 bone-chilling designed and 270 source sound effects. All sound effects come in 24bit 96kHz, including detailed naming conventions and rigorous Soundminer-embedded metadata.

    All source sound effects were recorded with Sound Devices 788T and a LCR setup of two Sennheiser MKH 8040’s and one MKH 8050. The source audio was recorded in excellent conditions and post-processed additionally for crystal clear quality.

    Library Review:

    “RT Sonics’ Nuances of Fear library has some very innovative and detailed sounds that I find myself returning to again and again when I need some inventive elements and unique detail. Nuances of Fear is definitely one of my favorite horror libraries. Great work, guys!”

    Angelo Palazzo

    Supervising Sound Editor, Sound Designer. | Stranger Things 3, Frozen 2, Star Trek: Discovery, Alita: Battle Angel.

    Nuances of Fear features:

    Jump scares, Distorted SFX, Scary Resonances, Bowed Metal and Glass, Ominous Stingers, Distorted Screams, Metal Scrapes, Ghost Whispers, Psycho Stutters, Dark Magic, Reverses, Transitions, Scary Atmospheres, Psychological Drones, Pulses, Evil Vocal Growls, Granular Textures and much more

  • This Halloween, be prepared to be scared! From Carma Studio, comes the ultimate Halloween package.
    With over 1500 individual sounds, this collection has something for every media artist.  Whether you’re searching for vocal phrases, eerie ambiance, terrifying screams, or possessed toys, we’ve got you covered with a truly unique collection of Halloween delight!

  • Horror Sound Effects Spooky Halloween Audio Bundle Play Track 170 sounds included, 107 mins total $210

    Scare and Entertain your audience with this hugeDISCOUNTED BUNDLE of cutting edge horror sounds and haunting Halloween music , expertly recorded, designed, composed, mixed, and mastered to immerse your audience in a spooky cinematic experience the likes of which they will never forget! 

    Includes over 50 exceptionally eerie music tracks andhundreds of sound effects, all together coveringnearly 2 hours of highest quality scary audio, inspired by Hollywood Halloween classics such as “Monster House”, “Halloween”, “Goosebumps”, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, “Corpse Bride”, “Casper”, “Adams Family” and the darkest of Disney fairy-tails including “Hocus Pocus”, “Maleficent”, “Into the Woods”, “The Haunted Mansion”, “Tower of Terror” and many more!

    No matter what you're on working on, whether it's a horror video-game, a creepy cartoon, a spooky app for children, or even a huge Halloween party, this ghostly gathering of ready-to-use sound effects is guaranteed to send a shiver through your project!

    Need to go even darker? You'll love the Gore sounds and Creepy music tracks we've included, such as those you may heard in classic and modern horror such as Resident Evil, SAW, The Blair Witch Project, 28 Days Later, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

    Whether you need to shock your audience with sudden stings, awe them with memorable themes, or introduce some subtle spookiness into your project with unobtrusive background loops, everything you need is here!

    Whether you’re looking for creepy CHARACTER VOICES such as GHOSTS, WEREWOLVES, ZOMBIES and SCREAMS, intense ACTION SOUNDS including BUBBLING CAULDRONS, CREAKY DOORS, KNIFE ATTACKS and GORE SPLATTERS, EVIL LAUGHTER or spooky AMBIENCES like HOWLING WINDS, CREEPY CLOCKS and CHURCH BELLS, you're sure to be spooked by the huge range of sounds to be found inside!

    With moods ranging from WHIMSICAL to TERRIFYING, plus MULTIPLE INTENSITY LEVELS, LOOPING and NON-LOOPING versions, and LENGTH VARIANTS, whatever the situation – we've got you covered!

    Immerse yourself in over 500 audio files of expertly designed sounds, supplied in high-quality MP3 + SD and HD WAV formats, meticulously labelled for effortless searching. Each and every audio file in this phantasmal collection has been expertly mixed and mastered to fit into ANY audio environment – just drag, drop, and let the spooky festivities commence!

    Each track has been meticulously designed to fit seamlessly into any project, including LIVE EVENTS, CARTOONS/ANIMATIONS, GAMES, APPS, EDUCATION, FILMS, YOUTUBE VIDEOS, HALLOWEEN PARTIES, and more!

    With FREE UPDATES, FOREVER! and 35 FREE BONUS SOUNDS from our Best Sellers: Zombie Voices and Blood, Guts & Gore, there’s no better time to scare your audience with this ONE OF A KIND spooky sound pack!

    Hurry! Buy now to prepare the perfect paranormal project in time for next Halloween!


    • Video Games
    • Slot Games
    • Film / Animation
    • Ads / Trailers
    • YouTube videos
    • Live Events
    • Sound Design

    …and all other audio-visual productions


    • Huge variety of cutting edge music and sound effects for every spooky scene or situation.
    • Multiple variants and intensities for your convenience and additional edit options (lengths, looping versions and more)
    • Ready to use – requires no editing, labelling or splicing.
    • Categorized, organized and individually labeled files for maximum use efficiency
    • All SFX files are included in Hi-Rez WAV, High-Quality WAV and MP3 formats
    • All music files are included in High-Quality WAV and MP3 formats
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    • 510 Sound Effect Files (170 original sounds)
    • 110 Music Files (55 original music tracks)
    • WAV Format: 24 Bit/96 kHz and 16 Bit/44.1 kHz
    • MP3 Format: 320 Kbps
    • Unpacked Size: 1.35 GB
    • Total Run Time: 1h 47m 26s


    • Spooky Halloween Sound Effects Library
    • Spooky Halloween Music Library
    • BONUS #1, Selection from Gore Sounds
    • BONUS #2, Selection from Zombie Voices

    Thank you for your purchase!

    16 %

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The 30 most popular horror sound effects libraries out there:

We’ve taken a look at the stats for the past years, and here are some of the horror SFX libraries that have proven particularly popular:

  • Funny / Comedy / Cartoon Ultrasquish Play Track 400+ sounds included, 40 mins total $30

    Ultrasquish is an ultrasonic-rich library of squishes and squeezes, optimized for radical pitch shifting. It contains around 40 minutes of 192-kHz, UCS-compliant, icky goodness. Each file contains long takes with many variations, ideal for interactive content. From silly squishes to horrific scenes, Ultrasquish simply oozes usefulness.

    The performances of squished and squeezed water, gel, goo, and air begin as sharp, crisp, and immediately useful assets for representing cartoony action, sticky props, mud, blood, viscera, critical hits, or finishing moves. But once pitched down, they reveal creature growls, monstrous heartbeats, gurgling zombie breaths, gloopy footstep sweeteners, colossal digestive tracts, slimy monster movements, and bubbling alien slimescapes. A set of designed sounds are included to showcase the potential uses of the library, and for immediate use in quick-turnaround projects.

    All sounds were recorded in extreme close-up perspective with both a hypercardioid microphone and an ultrasonic-capable omni microphone, blended together for a punchy, full-range tone while preserving ultrasonic detail (reaching as high as 70 to 100 kHz, depending on the prop or material being recorded).

  • We enter the next round of absolutely striking new SFX! CINEMATIC DARKNESS is the fourth release in our grand CINEMATIC series and is absolutely no less exciting than its predecessors: dirty BLASTS, scary DRONES, digital GLITCHES, synthetic SCREAMS, disturbing STUTTERS, creepy NOISE – the list continues as we have packed more than 15 GB of high-quality SFX into this collection.

    CINEMATIC DARKNESS has been co-produced with sound designer Sebastian Johnson who left his footprints in the world of sound design starting in the 90s with the first commercial library for the Waldorf Microwave and sound design for Ensoniq, Clavia, DSI, and recently for more than 40 blockbuster trailers in the last 4 years such as Gravity, World War Z, Godzilla, Maleficient, The Hobbit, Transcendence, The Dark Knight Rises, Prometheus, Pacific Rim, Resident Evil 5, Star Trek & much more!

    Our new library comes all nasty, disturbing & unsettling. It’ll shake you to the core & without a doubt it will power your next project. Evil, murky, harsh, synthetic and edgy are only a few characteristics of CINEMATIC DARKNESS. You have the possibility to customize this collection to your very own needs: the CONSTRUCTION KIT offers you high-quality source recordings to be creatively processed, while the DESIGNED version comes in handy with pre-designed, “ready-to-use” sounds, ideal for time-scarce projects. CINEMATIC DARKNESS is the next generation of evil SFX – add a wicked new tone to your sound pool!

  • Looking for the ultimate collection of monster sounds for your video game development? Look no further than “Bestiary,” the ultimate bundle of monster sound effects from Khron Studio!

    SoundCloud playlist preview
    Monster Library Vol 1
    Monster Library Vol 2
    Monster Library Vol 3
    Monster Library Vol 4

    Featuring a total of 536 high-quality sound effects, this bundle includes four unique sound packs, each designed to bring your game to life with a variety of monstrous sounds. Here’s what you can expect from each pack:

    Monster Library Vol 1 features 141 organic monster sounds inspired by famous audiovisual products, including squawks, screams, attacks, and more. This pack is perfect for adding a touch of realism to your smaller and medium-sized monsters.

    Monster Library Vol 2 contains 107 sounds with a wide variety of monster characteristics, including breathing, different types of steps, eating, and more. This library is divided into categories such as attacks, deaths, growls, and more.

    Monster Library Vol 3 offers 168 sounds covering the most important actions of 5 types of monsters, including dragons, spiders, trolls, goblins, and orcs. With a large number of variations for each sound, this pack is perfect for making your monsters feel more alive than ever.

    Monster Library Vol 4 includes 120 sounds covering the most important actions of 5 types of monsters, including behemoths, insects, skeletons, aberrations, and specters. Like the previous pack, this library also offers a large number of variations for each sound.

    With “Bestiary,” you’ll have everything you need to create a truly immersive and terrifying experience for your players. Whether you’re creating an action-packed game or a spooky horror adventure, this bundle is a must-have for any game developer looking to take their sound effects to the next level.

    So what are you waiting for? Add “Bestiary Monster Bundle” to your audio library today and watch your game come alive with the sounds of monstrous beasts!

    More about the pack
    • Intuitive file naming
    • All you’ll ever need regarding magical elemental sounds [Use them again & again]
    • Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    • Totally mono compatibility
    • All sounds have several variations.
    • Use your imagination and feel free to use any sound for a creature other than the one described, remember that the world of sound is totally subjective.
    • For any questions or problems: khronstudio@gmail.com
    • 536 unique monster sounds
    • Number of Audio Waves: 536
    • Format: 44-48-96KHz / 16-24 bits
    • Do Sound FX loop: Some
    • Minutes of audio provided: 14 minutes & 57 seconds

    Monster Library Vol 1
    Monster Library Vol 2
    Monster Library Vol 3
    Monster Library Vol 4
    License Agreement

    30 %
  • Lots of creatures for your audiovisual project

    You will get a wide variety of monsters, from small, medium and large size. In this library we have tried to recreate all the characteristics of the monsters, breathing, gills, visceral movements, etc. This library is divided into:

    Danger Sounds.
    Friendship Call
    Footstep with Material
    Receive Attack


    More about the pack

    Intuitive file naming
    All you’ll ever need regarding magical elemental sounds [Use them again & again]
    Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    Totally mono compatibility
    All sounds have between 3 and 5 variations.
    The sounds of Breathe and Fly are in Loop format.


     141 unique monster sounds
    Most of the sounds are split into regular and caw versions so you can freely choose which one to use.
    Number of Audio Waves: 141
    Format: 44,100 Hz / 16 bits
    Do Sound FX loop: Yes
    Minutes of audio provided: 3 minutes and 12 seconds

    20 %
  • ‘Extinct Animals’ is a new series of Sound Effects Library by Articulated; aspiring to bring back to life creatures from the past which were never recorded before.

    ‘The Jurassic’, the first installment of this series, contains more than 400 sounds of various animals that were living about 100 million years ago, commonly known as dinosaurs.

    Every of the sound in this collection is of the highest quality, UCS-compliant, and presented in multiple
    layers and with a minimum of 5 variations.
    Created for maximum usability, this exclusive library is the result of collaborations with talented designers from Bruits Studio.

  • Magic & Fantasy Sound Effects Phantom Magic Play Track 545 sounds included, 31 minutes mins total $29

    Now you can harness supernatural powers in sound design and bring peak levels of mesmerizing magic to your next project. Phantoms in the night, mischievous wizards, sorcerers conjuring black magic, supernatural creatures and telekinetic objects all come to life in fantastic 96k/24bit sound with Phantom Magic. The library delivers game trinkets, spells and sparkles, casts and conjures, potions and power-ups, shields and revives, lightning impacts, transitions, whooshes, and more.

    41 %
  • A Complete collection of sonic exploration by Slava Pogorelsky. Here’s what to expect:

    RESONATING METAL FORCE offers a fresh sound palette of reverberant aggressive metal rampage, totaling 680 sound effects. Featuring creeping evolving metal pressure and resonating rattle, massive rumble, explosive impacts and nerve-racking squeaks.
    HORROR SERIES VOL.1: EVIL STRINGS TORTURED WIRES offers a unique toolset for nightmarish designs, totaling 564 sound effects. Featuring creeping dread of bowed metal wires, strings and double bass, providing exciting opportunities for unique layering.
    CINEMATIC MAGICAL ICE is offering a unique toolset for ice-cold freezing designs, totaling 267 sound effects. Great for fantasy genre with ice based magic, motion graphics, time lapse and flow motion freeze sequences.
    CINEMATIC WATER WHOOSHES AND TEXTURES is offering a unique toolset for water and underwater designs, totaling 285 sounds. Great for hyper realistic designs, water based magic, surreal underwater movement or motion graphics with liquid elements.
    CINEMATIC WOOD SYMPHONY is offering a variety of wood based recordings that were morphed into a unique audio experience that bends the boundaries between recognisable source and unusual wooden textures, totaling 611 sound effects.
    SCI – FI ELEMENTS VOL.1 is offering a variety of carefully crafted futuristic sound effects that vary from pleasant and musical to unpredicted and glitchy, totaling 364 sound effects.
    CINEMATIC METAL WHOOSHES is offering a unique collection of aggressive roaring metal whooshes and transitions with cinematic feel and mind bending characteristics, totaling 120 sound effects.


    Victor Mercader – AAA Sound Designer (Apex Legends)
    “I find myself continuously using Slava’s SFX libraries to blend it’s pristine and detailed sound designs into my own sounds. They always add that cutting edge I am missing and make my sound designs more unique and pristine. The Sci-fi Elements sound library is the perfect library to use and blend into my UI designs in Apex Legends.”

    Enos Desjardins – Sound Designer/Sound Effects Editor (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Black Mirror)
    “Slava has been creating some really cool libraries which I find myself using time and again. Really high quality recordings to start with but then the cool processing he has used for example in his cinematic whoosh libraries really stand out. They are not just your standard generic whoosh sounds but are loaded with character and have a unique feel to them that is really fresh and cuts through in the nicest of ways.”

    Bjørn Jacobsen – AAA Sound Designer (CyberPunk 2077, HITMAN, DARQ)
    “Slava has for several years made high quality sound effects for me to play with. I use his sound libraries across multiple projects as lego blocks of my creations.”
    Yarron Katz – AAA Composer and Sound Designer
    “Slava makes some wonderful libraries. He’s relatively new on the scene and his libraries have come to critical acclaim. He takes some general ideas, like whooshes and he injects some extremely revolutionary and innovative ideas to them, so you’re not getting another whoosh library – you’re getting something very unique, very fresh. He brings some wonderful ideas to the table.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “‘Evil Strings Tortured Wires’ is an all-scary affair with plenty of really good, nightmarish, imaginative sounds from authentic materials, like double bass, dulcimer strings and metal wires. Sound-wise, this sample pack is clean and carefully recorded. The editing and processing of sounds is top notch, with sound design techniques applied very professionally. Overall, very gritty and not for the faint of heart.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “As far as the sound goes ‘Cinematic Magical Ice’ is both beautiful and mystical. I happen to like the icy textures that are oozing with coldness. Overall, this sound library boasts a good variety of effect samples ready to drop in various cinematic projects.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “The spotlight of ‘Cinematic Wood Symphony’ is the wide range of complex sounds that can be dropped in your sound design projects. I love the Wood Movement and Tonal sounds, and I’m sure thriller and horror music composers will be delighted with the Friction and Impact sounds. If your cinematic projects are lacking texture and impact sounds ‘Cinematic Wood Symphony’ is a library to be considered – especially if you’re looking beyond common wood sounds.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Cinematic Water Whooshes and Textures is great for anything. You won’t be hearing recordings of calm rivers or relaxing streams, but cinematic whooshes and textures for soundtrack works and media projects. Whether you’re into this type of sounds, this pack was recorded quite well, professionally edited and processed with Slava’s own flair.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Slava is back with another aggressive and energetic sample library called Resonating Metal Force – a 680 strong collection of modern metal effects captured using various tools and high-end studio equipment. The source material was edited and processed professionally for instant use. These sounds are primed for experimentation – whether you add your unique processing, layer several WAV samples or slice and dice to your heart’s content, the sky’s the limit. This sound pack is another winner.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Sound-wise, the quality of ‘Cinematic Metal Whooshes’ is clear and punchy, and very consistent from start to finish. The whole content promises to be a tool to get you going in your cinematic adventures – and it delivers.”

  • Creature Sound Effects Monster Library Vol 2 Play Track 107 sounds included, 4 mins total $12

    Lots of creatures for your audiovisual project

    You will get 107 with a wide variety of sounds for your monsters, we have tried to recreate some characteristics of creatures, such as breathing, deaths, different types of steps according to materials, eating, etc. This library is divided into:

    Performing attacks (different intensities)
    Receiving attack sounds


    More about the pack

    Intuitive file naming
    All you’ll ever need regarding magical elemental sounds [Use them again & again]
    Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    Totally mono compatibility
    All sounds have several variations.
    Include Dragon sounds


     107 unique monster sounds
    Number of Audio Waves: 107
    Format: 44,100 Hz / 16 bits
    Do Sound FX loop: Some
    Minutes of audio provided: 4 minutes and 1 second

    20 %
  • Need the sound of objects being pushed, pulled, dragged, moved – or perhaps sliding and scraping over different surfaces? The Drag & Slide SFX library gets you exactly that: More than 500 dragging and sliding sounds that are ready to be used as they are – or for intense sound design.

    Drag & Slide features recordings from sources such as:

    Bags, Barrels, Blades, Bottles, Cabinets, Chairs, Coat-hangers, Crates, Dining Tables, Fridges, Frying Pans, Iron Boxes, Iron Tables, Metal Cans, Metal Chairs, Nightstands, Pallets, Paper bags, Plates, Racks, Rakes, Shoes, Shovels, Sledgehammers, Spray cans, Stones/rocks, Toolboxes, Vacuum Cleaners, Various heavy objects, Wooden Boards – and more!

    Technical details:

    All sounds were cleaned, edited and filled with BWF-Metadata for instant use in your projects – and many of the files in the pack contain more than one sound. Recorded with Sound Devices 744T, 788T, Sennheiser MKH8050, Ambient ATE208, Sony PCM-D100

  • 1,500 Monster & Creature sounds!

    We’re proud to announce our newest sound library: Monster Within! Clocking in at 1,500 files, we’ve not only included 18 different creatures, monsters, and aliens, but also 25 categories for them! Everything from Attacks, Roars, Giant Footsteps, to detailed foley, vocals and flesh ripping. We think this is a must have Monster and Creature library to add to your collection.


    Monster Within is massive. Just look at the list below or download the PDF excel sheet to get an idea of all that you get. Monster Within features more than 1,500 files, 2GB GB of 24bit/96khz .WAV files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer and Basehead metadata. Monster Within was created by Rick Hernandez, a Los Angeles based professional sound designer. Rick is an accomplished AAA video game sound designer and field recordist. He also works on feature films & television. Learn more about Rick and his company Melee Sound Design.

    Monster Within includes the following:

    – 18 different creatures and monsters
    – Attacks
    – Body Movements
    – Breathing
    – Charges
    – Damage
    – Death
    – Enter
    – Exit
    – Foley
    – Footsteps
    – Footsteps Giant
    – Grunts
    – Hits
    – Idles
    – Impacts
    – Jumps
    – Melee
    – Pain
    – Reactions
    – Screams – Roars
    – Spawns
    – Special Effects
    – Swings / Swipes
    – Taunts
    – Vocals

  • Gore Sound Effects Just Gore Play Track 820 sounds included $40

    Welcome to the Bloodfeast. Welcome to 496 files containing over 820 goregeous bone breaking, blood soaking and flesh slicing Splatter SoundFX.

    This huge hardgoreconstruction kit contains all the sounds of gore you need for your horror-, action-, thriller-, slasher-, monster-, martial-arts-, zombie- or fantasy-, movie or video-game.

    …and, there is a chainsaw too, of course.


  • You are the chosen one to defeat these horrible creatures
    You can face a dangerous Dragon, enter the dangerous caves of the Spiders, face the giant Trolls, challenge the skilled Goblin or fight with the terrifying Orc.

    From Khron Studio we have created a total of 168 sounds, divided into simple categories and covering the most important actions of 5 types of monster. You will be able to find a large number of variations for each sound that will make your monsters feel more alive than ever.

    All creatures have sounds from:
    – Attack
    – Roar
    – Steps
    – Pain
    – Die
    – Some special abilities like flying.
    More about the pack
    • Intuitive file naming
    • All you’ll ever need regarding magical elemental sounds [Use them again & again]
    • Use the sound effects over and over, in any of your projects or productions, forever without any additional fees or royalties. Use the SFX in your game, in your trailer, in a
    Kickstarter campaign, wherever you need to, as much as you want to.
    • Totally mono compatibility
    • All sounds have several variations.
    • Include Dragon sounds
    • 168 unique monster sounds
    • Number of Audio Waves: 168
    • Format: 96 Hz / 24 bits
    • Do Sound FX loop: Some
    • Minutes of audio provided: 4 minutes and 18 second

    20 %
  • The “Screams & Shouts 2 – Humans” sound effects library brings you over 1.200 human shouts of pain and death, disturbing screams plus grunts of anger, struggle and attack from several men, women and children.

    All sounds have been edited precisely and cut clean for instant use in your projects.

  • Horror Sound Effects Wind Through Metal Gates Play Track 77 sounds included, 156 mins total $14.99

    The resonant and tonal squeaks, bangs, rattles and scrapes of 10 different metal gates in winds of varying strengths in remote countryside areas of Iceland.

    Recorded with Stille and Klang contact mics and the LOM Geofon into Sound Devices Mix Pre 10ii

    77 looped files of varying lengths totalling 2 hours and 36 minutes.

    Perfect for ambient and atmospheric sounds for Abandoned Buildings, Castles, Cemeteries, Churchyards, Country Gates, Dungeons, Graveyards, Prisons, Security Fences and similar.

    Suitable for Creepy, Dark, Eerie, Fearful, Hostile, Isolated, Lonely, Lost, Tense and Unsettling atmospheres.

    Files are stamped with UCS compliant metadata in Soundminer.



    The Horror Jumpscares library contains terrifying stinger and riser sound effects and gives you everything you need to create sudden and scary shocks. Designed from the source material of screams, strings, synths and metal, these sounds are a must-have for horror projects.

    Use the sounds to build up creepy atmospheres and bring the nervous tension to a climax with an unexpected jumpscare. Loud and painful noises are a fundamental part of horror films and games, perfectly underlining fast-cut and action-packed sequences.

    Included are 111 sound effects that guarantee goosebumps and are not for the faint of heart.

  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Desolate Atmospheres Play Track 66 sounds included, 189 mins total $14.99

    Wind sounds are captured through various metal objects using a LOM Geofon . 

    Jack Hughes, audio craftsman at 344Audio in Manchester, has designed these into Desolate Atmospheres ranging from dark, ominous, textures to haunting, etherial, tones.

    Perfect for adding atmospheric background sounds to your creative projects.

    30 original designed files, 6 bonus designed files, 30 source files

    Files are stamped with UCS compliant metadata in Soundminer


  • 'Organic Lifeform Textures' by Bluezone Corporation is an inspirational sound effect library offering a selection of 99 ( 24 bit / 96 kHz / stereo ) unusual and mysterious sounds : From huge organisms to tiny insects, unexpected groans to invertebrate creatures moving through mud, this SFX library will offer you ultra high quality malleable textures for all your projects. This downloadable sample pack is very usefull for pro editors, film makers, music producers and video game sound designers.

    All sounds were recorded using various sources and processed meticulously using high-end gear. These sound effects have been layered to give you ready-to-use elements. You can easily pitch, modulate, mangle and stretch these sounds to create thousands of variations. 'Organic Lifeform Textures' has been designed to enhance science fiction, mystery, suspense and fantasy video game and scoring projects. Note: The background ambience in the demo is not part of the product but is added free of charge.

  • Bowed Bass features over 30 drones and swells created from the sound of a bowed Electric Fender Jazz Bass, which was then sent through various hardware reverbs, delays and distortion all aiding to create a catalogue of developing rich textural sounds. If you’re caught short and what you really need to do is create a powerful sense of dread, bowed bass has the answer.

    From chaotic scratchy swells to deep rumbling murmurs this collection of twisted bowed bass sounds is a fantastic selection to add to your sonic palette.

    Bowed Bass contains 887MB (over 20 minutes total) of high quality 24bit/96kHZ Stereo WAV files, labelled in UCS format and metadata embedded.


    25 %
  • This release features 873 screams, shouts, moans, grunts, hisses from female/male humans, zombies, monsters and creatures. Fantastic for horror, suspense, thrillers, action movies and games

    All sounds are 100% dry. Reverb was just applied for the demo.

  • DEADBOW Contemporary Horror Strings

    SampleTraxx is proud to introduce “DEADBOW,” the newest addition to our organic sound effects series. DEADBOW is a premium sound collection entirely created from raw, live string recordings by sound designer Alessandro Romeo for SampleTraxx.

    Featuring 400+ premium WAV sounds from smooth and delicate to aggressive and extreme string mutation including bowed cello hard and soft, cello and violin phrases and reverse, crescendos, tick tocks, designed violin stutters, screeches, plucks, jetèz and a raw source folder with files at 96/24 resolution, for an ultra realistic yet mangled horror strings collection.

    The Kontakt instruments featured in DEADBOW turn into a powerful sound design instrument with a straightforward, easy-to-use  engine, including 27 Instruments and 10 Multis to combine and create unique horror sound design elements in seconds, from classic sounds to abrasive and gritty sonic signature.

  • Gore Sound Effects Brutality – Gore and Combat FX Toolkit Play Track 2,381 sounds included, 144 mins total $150

    Brutality is a gore, combat, and weapon FX toolkit packed with the most gruesome and hard hitting effects that are guaranteed to make all audiences squirm. This library includes 638 carefully designed and 1,743 meticulously recorded source sound effects. This enables you to jump into any bloody fight and start chopping away, or craft all new sounds that are only limited by your imagination; the horrific possibilities are endless.

  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects Alien Jungle Play Track 138 sounds included, 144 mins total $23

    Explore the new planets with strange fauna and flora! Designed, yet organic sounding natural soundscapes and individual animal voices. Exclusively on A Sound Effect!

    Ambience Organic28 files x 150 seconds of fantasy forest soundscapes, including giant aggressive crickets, huge ugly frogs and colorful mixture of bizarre insect swarms

    Roar Sequence101 files of undiscovered species shouting, barking, gaggling, croaking, chirping and more, mostly without any background noise

    Ambience Abtract9 files x 150 seconds of diffused eerie drones with taste of the distant planets

    – including different perspective / environment variations, such as “close“, “distant forest“, “bright meadow“, and more

    – normalized to -18 lufs

  • Haunted Doors [D&S] is a collection of 209 old doors sound effects.

    HD consist of of 45 designed sounds (Opens, Closes, Cinematic Door Impacts @ 96kHz 24Bit) & 164 source recordings (Door creaks, knob twists & turns, rattling, squeaking, opens, closes, locks, bolts and more! @ 192kHz 24Bit).

    All audio files have been recorded at superb 192KHZ 24BIT. Multiple mic positions to capture all
    the little details such as loose lock mechanisms, inner rattling, stuttering creaks and rich natural reverbs of empty corridors.

    Comprehensive Soundminer's metadata. Over 25 different door knobs and handles,
    over 10 pairs of hinges, 10 different doors and more! Perfect for horror movies, games and more.

    LOCATION: Spain, Costa Blanca. Traditional Spanish hacienda before renovation.
    RECORDED WITH: Sound Devices MixPre 6 + Sennheiser MKH 8060
    EDITED AND MASTERED WITH: Pro Tools, iZotope RX (mildly),Fabfilter, Zynaptiq, Waves.

    20 %
  • Abstract Sound Design is a budget-friendly collection of unique audio material sourced from digital feedback loop experiments and granular processing sessions. Featuring 25 abstract atmospheres and 35 abstract FX, this library is perfect for those moments when creativity may be running dry, serving as an inspiring starting point for some serious sound sculpting. Of course, they may just fit your needs as they are, too!

  • Breathe life into your CREATURES, MONSTERS, BEASTS, DINOSAURS or DRAGONS with this gigantic pack of realistic, royalty-free, high-quality creature voice overs, foley, and just about every other creature sound you’ll ever need! Inspired by Jurassic Park, Pacific Rim, Alien vs. Predator, The Lord of The Rings, Godzilla, Walking With Dinosaurs, King Kong, The Wolfman, as well as the creatures found in Skyrim, Elder Scrolls, this sound pack comes with over 3,000 audio files (1,070 original sounds) that include but are not limited to:

    • Attack Roars
    • Idle Creature Sounds
    • Warning Roars
    • Breathing Loops and Single Sounds
    • Hurt and Die Sounds
    • Claw Attacks, Stabs, Rips and Tears
    • Body Movement Foley
    • Wings and Footsteps
    • Motion Through Air and Water
    • Dead or Hurt Body Drops

    …and many more – all in cutting-edge cinematic fantasy quality, with multiple premium WAV and MP3 formats for your convenience.

  • Gore Sound Effects Stethoscope Play Track 32+ sounds included $25

    Get the sounds of the human body with the Stethoscope sound effects library: The gurgling and murmuring of various digestion processes in the abdomen, the beating heart, blood rushing through vessels and the respiratory sounds of the lungs.

    All sounds were recorded from male and female volunteers using multiple stethoscopes and a Sound Devices 633 recorder, final clean up was done with Izotope RX 4.

  • A massive haunted voices collection with fully 596 audio files and 2 hours of otherworldly audio to cover all of your haunted voice needs for film, games, television and interactive web.

    All files were carefully selected from hours upon hours of ultra high resolution recordings of talented vocal actors, then designed and processed using state of the art hardware and software audio manipulation tools.

    Performances include ghostly moans, growls, yells, casting spells, whispers, goblins, fairies, small creepy creatures, infants, breathing, seance sfx, screeches and more!

    The creepy eeriness of a soul’s voice penetrating through the borders of life and death to communicate with the living – bring your listeners into the terrors of boldly and tastefully designed otherworldly communication with… Voices From Beyond.

    Voices From beyond - Paranormal Vocal Sound Effects
    20 %
    BOOM Library’s newest sound effects outgrowth has surfaced: MUTATE ORGANIC, the deliciously abnormal collection of mutating and morphing lifeforms and rogue organic matter. Discover the full spectrum of size, dampness and gut-wrenching movement this library provides in its ready-to-use Designed collection as well as the ultra-detailed comprehensive Construction Kit.


  • Door Sound Effects Angry Door 192 Play Track 1400+ sounds included, 103 mins total $42

    The doors are very kind, but don’t make them angry. They could lose their temper resulting in a very noisy bang.

    This library enriches the sfx world with new door and gate objects, both source and designed, with variety of expressive actions and perspectives. The everyday usual noises along with fantasy stimulating sounds – e.g. deep “dungeon” metal door, high pitch squeaking wire-netting gate, heavy church gate and so on. To make the slams and smashes even more hard, heavy and dirty, wildly designed “Angry” versions have been added.

    Library highlight:
    18 door and gate objects, recorded in old, gloomy houses and a church
    • 6.29 GB, 645 files, several takes for each action
    • “Close-Up”, “Near”, “Middle” and “Behind” perspectives in selected cases, plus mix of them
    192khz/24 bit including ultrasonic information- the greatest resolution for next design processes
    Sound Devices MixPre6, Sanken CO100K, Sennheiser MKH30, DPA 4007, DPA 4060, Schertler Dyn Uni P48
    Photo reference for each object

  • Nature & Countryside Ambiences Eerie Forest Play Track 30+ sounds included, 154 mins total From: $140

    Eerie Forest is a collection of subtle ambiences recorded at night in dense forests in the regions of Transylvania and Moldova, Romania over two trips in Spring and Autumn 2017. The library features soft wind, distant hum, vegetation rustles, dogs barking at various distances, church bells tolling, a variety of owl species and other birds like ravens and woodcocks. All these elements are not foreground, but rather washed-out, echoey and atmospheric.

    Eerie Forest is not suitable for foreground sound elements as the recordings are very soft and subtle. Make sure you check out the demos before you purchase.

  • Drones & Mood Sound Effects DARK Play Track 15+ sounds included, 30 mins total $15

    ‘DARK’ by Badlands Sound delivers you 15 scary, ominous dark drones that will add an added layer to terrify the audience. You will hear low-end rumbles, sinister drones, creepy atmospheres and more! This sound library includes 15 high-quality 96k / 24-bit dark drones. All audio files are two minutes long subtly changing over time.

  • If you need sounds of gore, this SFX collection is truly something special. Delivering more than 600 sounds of blood, guts, bone breaks, sword and knife stabs and cuts, splatters, spurts, flesh tears, impacts – and sawing – its gets you a brutally effective collection of sounds to work with, both raw and designed.

Find more popular horror sound effects libraries here

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Newest Horror sound libraries:

Want to hear the latest releases in the horror sound category? Check out the newest libraries below:

  • These recordings were made from a variety of sources and then manipulated To create our Sinister Textures Sample Pack

    We recorded Ambiance/Atmospheres, Appliance hums, Contact Movement on a variety of surfaces and Water and then carefully manipulated and designed each sound to make them Eerie, Scary, Horrorfull and down right Sinister so that you can use them as tones and or tension within your project.

    We used a variety of Microphones to capture the base sounds such as the NTG4, H4N Pro and our contact pickup

    Sinister Textures will give you enough audio to give your project the authentic sound of Horror boosting your project to the next level. Sinister Textures has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

  • We’ve Bundled together our Sinister Textures Sample Packs

    This includes:

    Sinister Textures 1
    Sinister Textures 2
    Sinister Textures 3

    This has to be the most Sinister Bundle ever, full of Sinister Sounds and Textures to fulfil your Horror based needs

    Sinister Textures will give you enough audio to give your project the authentic sound of Horror boosting your project to the next level. Sinister Textures has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples


  • We’ve followed up Sinister Textures Volume 1 with something more Ghoulish and Sinister

    These recordings were made from a variety of Electronical sources, Geofone recordings and Software Synths/Instruments and then re-mangled and tortured till there was nothing left but fear, making them suggestively Eerie, Scary, Horror full and down right extra Sinister

    Sinister Textures Volume 2 contains 50 terrifying audio samples and has a total running time of 1 Hour and 36 mins and 10 seconds, which is exactly the same amount of time you wait in the cue to enter through the gates of Hell……… or so we’re told.

    Sinister Textures 2 will give you enough audio to give your project an undertone of Horror boosting your project to the next level. Sinister Textures 2 has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Torturing Metal Play Track 750 sounds included, 29 mins total $23

    420 files • 96 kHz/ 32 Bit • 3.05Go • 28:53 mins

    Torturing Metal is a plus to have to create Metal movement, sword, armor and shield handling, Beast screaming, horror stinger and more impactful sounds. It can be used as a construction kit to build awesome sounds with Metallic texture, sci-fi creature, medieval battle, thrill sequences or to pick as-is sounds or add to your productions.

    It contains several sounds such screeching metal, Rubbing, rattle, impact, twist, piercing and scratching manipulations.

    Each sound has been meticulously edited individually, All files were recorded and are delivered in 32bit 96kHz Broadcast Wave files, all embedded with metadata information for easy import and ensure fast and easy workflow.

  • We recorded these samples using Ed Devane’s Magnetic Piezo, the Korg CM 300 and the LOM Geofon. We recorded a variety of metal objects being hit with a variety of different items and then edited these sounds to create clock based tick/tocks


    Single Hits
    Single Hits with Reverb
    Singles Hits Reversed
    Single Hits Reversed with Reverb
    Multi Hits (which is the Single Hit turned into a loop)
    Multi Hits with Reverb
    Multi Hits Reversed
    Multi Hits Reversed with Reverb

    We’ve given you the dry version to design your self or use the samples already pre drenched in the same reverb for consistency to use straight away in any project. You can mix the single hits to create unique tick/tock patterns as well. Not only are these great for clock based tick/tocks, but the single hits can also be used as percussion for compositions or to add to other layers to create impact hits.

    Sinister Textures 3 has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

  • Experience true horror with SwishSwoosh’s Kontakt Instrument – AMBER

    The cinematic tension software instrument from SwishSwoosh. Take control of your soundscapes and bring your horror scenes to life with AMBER’s powerful and customizable features.

    ⦿ Create drones and add depth with the Color Layers
    ⦿ Use the XY Pad for simple and precise control
    ⦿ Build risers, tensions, and impacts with the One-Shot section
  • Indian forest tribe percussion, rainforest sourced textures & more!

  • Bundles Geodrone Bundle Play Track 91 sounds included, 222 mins total $25

    We’ve bundled together GEODRONE and GEODRONE Designed to give you more audio for a reduced price

    GEODRONE was created by recording various objects using the LOM Geofon, we recorded items such as a Cooker, Dish Washer, FishTank, Fan, Freezer, Fridge, Dryer and Electronic Devices, we then edited these recordings to give you full on Drone and Bass effects, we then redesigned these samples to create GEODRONE Designed

    GEODRONE/GEODRONE Designed can be used to layer up or to create massive amounts of tension and unease within any project. GEODRONE/GEODRONE Designed has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Find more new horror sound effects libraries here

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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Metal Sound Effects MetalMotion Play Track 2000+ sounds included, 239 mins total $110

    MetalMotion is a sound design construction kit that contains four hours of moving metal mayhem: clicks and clanks, rolls and drags, wronks and squeals, scrapes and rattles, ranging from from tiny to monstrous. Nathan Moody’s unique performances with unusual combinations of props produce everything from Foley-like movements to intense groans and howls.

    Whether you’re covering a robot’s movements, sweetening weapon Foley, making crafting or pick-up sounds in a game, placing unusual layers beneath a kaiju’s roar, or crushing a submarine with undersea pressure, this collection covers the full range of subtle to raucous. Each file has many performance variations for creative choice and game audio asset creation.

    While there are some tasty impacts within, this library’s true focus is on characterful movements: handling, rummaging, opens, closes, ratchets, swirls, rolls, drags, drops, spins, rubs, zuzzes, and bows. Metal containers, filing cabinets, modern appliances, vintage (and very rusty) tools, cymbals, bells, grills, plates, bars, rods, and tubes, and many other props lent their voices to this collection.

    This UCS-compliant library was recorded with a combination of standard, contact, and ultrasonic-capable microphones through Millennia preamps. Sample rates vary based on the amount of ultrasonic content in each file. The audio files are mastered for realism, ready for extreme processing and pitch shifting of your own, but still useful in more grounded contexts.

  • A comprehensive sound library from the enchanting world of the Middle Ages featuring meticulously recorded elements that come together harmoniously to create a realm of realism that transports your audience back in time, including isolated elements, acoustic impulse responses, noiseprints, and ambience loops.

    Medieval Towns and Villages - Full Library Presentation
  • Environments & Ambiences Curated Rain Play Track 39 sounds included, 183 mins total $44.99

    CURATED RAIN – is an extensive sound library containing 39 unique files of rain in varying environments and conditions ranging from city streets, back alleys, parks, forests and windows and heavy walls of rain to gentle and lite drizzles. Including isolated sections of rain as well as rain storms in their entirety. All of our libraries comply with the Universal Category System naming convention standard as well as traditional embedded metadata, allowing for accurate and easy granular searches. Original recordings were captured at 192kHz and 32bit float. Curated Rain (RAW – 192kHz 24bit) comes out to 11.7 GB and 3 hours 3 minutes and 10 seconds in overall length.

    25 %
    Ends 1709852399
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Empower Your Compositions with Authentic Medieval Phrases.
    [Note: This product requires a FULL version of Native Instruments’ KONTAKT or Steinbergs free HALion Sonic]

    Embark on a journey through time with the latest addition to the MEDIEVAL PHRASES series: FIDDLE & NYCKELHARPA. With the Fiddle, with its rich and expressive tones, coupled with the Nyckelharpa’s distinctive resonant strings, we invite you to capture the mood of medieval times. Composers and producers can now use dramatic live performances by outstanding performers or freely play their instruments with varied articulations.

    Imagine the bustling markets and vibrant festivals of late medieval Europe, where the rhythm and bounce of the Fiddle & Nyckelharpa set feet tapping and light the hearts of weary travelers. These instruments were the lifeblood of celebration, often heard at markets and taverns above the chatter of merchants and the laughter of children. Their history is woven through countless generations, where they not only provided entertainment but also served as a cultural heartbeat during times of both hardship and prosperity.

    MEDIEVAL PHRASES FIDDLE & NYCKLEHARPA carry within tales of the past, each string resonating with stories untold. The Fiddle’s bow dances across strings to produce a vibrant, rhythmic melody, while the Nyckelharpa’s keyed fiddle design adds an otherworldly depth. These sounds, once echoing through medieval tavern halls and open markets, are now crisply captured for the modern composer. With MEDIEVAL PHRASES, breathe new life into your medieval compositions, delivering an authentic experience that is both profound and exhilarating.

    20 %
    Ends 1709765999
  • Volleyball Match Ambience provides three distinct soundscapes spread through long, evolving and captivating sound recordings from Portugal’s primary masculine and feminine leagues, in addition to a regional match.

    This is a highly intense and balanced sport characterized by its fast-paced nature, emphasis on teamwork and strategic play, where players use a combination of spiking, blocking, setting, and serving techniques to gain an advantage and outmaneuver their opponents. The game is played on a rectangular court divided by a net, with each team aiming to score points by grounding the ball on the opposing team’s side.

    All recordings were attained from a centered front-row seat position in crystal-clear stereo, meaning you have all the necessary field-of-play interactions, in addition to varied crowd reactions ranging from diverse support chants, booing, casual conversations, clapping, local team speaker asking for crowd backing, referee whistles, coach instructions and air horns. This versatility of content guarantees full immersion, drama, excitement, intensity and realism for film, television, videogames, podcasts and more. Your audience will be transported courtside in no time.

    The regional match sound files are the longest with a constant stream of clapping and chants from supporters and the players themselves championing their respective team, interspersed with quieter moments, making it ideal for a more balanced volleyball match ambience. Also included in this section are pre-match drills.

    With over three and a half hours of content, this library is your all-access pass to the dynamic, exhilarating world of volleyball.

  • Environments & Ambiences Curated Rain Play Track 39 sounds included, 183 mins total $44.99

    CURATED RAIN – is an extensive sound library containing 39 unique files of rain in varying environments and conditions ranging from city streets, back alleys, parks, forests and windows and heavy walls of rain to gentle and lite drizzles. Including isolated sections of rain as well as rain storms in their entirety. All of our libraries comply with the Universal Category System naming convention standard as well as traditional embedded metadata, allowing for accurate and easy granular searches. Original recordings were captured at 192kHz and 32bit float. Curated Rain (RAW – 192kHz 24bit) comes out to 11.7 GB and 3 hours 3 minutes and 10 seconds in overall length.

    25 %
    Ends 1709852399
  • Human Sound Effects Applauses Play Track 50 sounds included, 11 mins total $30
    It took me 2 years to create this sound library and for the first time I used AI to create a cover image! 50 applause recordings made in various interior and exterior places, small and big audience, some with cheering and some with only clapping. All files are recorded 32bit, 192kHz with FEL Pluggy EM272 and Sonorous Objects SO.3 microphones, Zoom F3 recorder. The library is also available in UCS.
  • Environments & Ambiences WINTER SCAPE Play Track 33 sounds included, 148 mins total From: $119

    Feel the coldness of winter landscapes. In the heart of the Cantal mountains in France, immerse yourself in a soothing nature or in the cold winter wind.

    All files are embedded with extensive UCS compliant metadata.


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