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Destruction Zone


Destruction Zone library brings 1570+ HQ audio material, centered around debris and destruction sound effects. We spent great lengths of time recording on-site, in metal scrap yards and quarry mines, construction sites, and a tank graveyard, and we had fun popping balloons, dropping firecrackers into canyons, and sending barrels rolling downhill.

In the studio, we recorded a wide range of materials, covering everything from dust and gravel drops to glass breaks and porcelain smashes and we even recreated volcanic rockslides using authentic rock pieces from Etna volcano (Italy).

The highlights of our Destruction Zone library include high car drops using cranes and clarks, car window breaks using sledgehammers (what a stress relief 🙂 ), the reverberated pops of balloons and firecrackers in one of our beautiful local canyons, sounds of an old corroded metal barrel being thrown downhill and “meticulously vandalized” in order to capture larger than life rolling textures, metal impact, and loud squeaks.

In addition to those raw material-based sounds, we included a number of designed sounds of low-frequency impacts, rumble drones, and different types of ground movements and disaster scenarios, such as rockfalls, mud and lava flows, landslides, earthquakes, avalanches, building collapses, car crashes, and explosions – all you need to design the Second Coming and beyond…

Our motivation behind this collection is to offer opportunities for:

Creating your own mixture of debris sounds
Using our pre-designed mixes unaltered to create the ambiance of weather phenomena, natural disasters, or structural failures and collapses.

Licensor: : Sound Ex Machina Categories: , .
Type: Destruction sound effects / recordings
Specs: 1573 sounds • 1573 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 12 GB • Includes metadata
Instant - blazingly-fast - digital download
License type:
Royalty-free - you can select the number of users on checkout

What’s in the Pack

Material-based debris sounds of metal, glass, ceramic, gravel, dust, dirt, porcelain, plastic, cardboard, stone, boulder, marble, and volcanic rocks
Sweeteners: Blasts, Low-frequency Impacts, Low Rumbles
Pre-designed debris and natural disaster scenarios like building demolition/collapses, earthquakes, explosions with various types of debris falls, avalanches, and more.


All files have comprehensive filenames and descriptive metadata produced using the Soundminer Asset Management tool, which can be read by various applications and services, making them very easy to find and edit.


    • 1573 royalty-free sounds in total
    • 24bit/96 kHz in Stereo Wav format
    • Library size is 12 GB
    • Metadata in CSV to import the data into your favorite software
    • Duration: 90+ minutes
    • PDF, XLS files included


Full sound effects list for Destruction Zone:

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