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Halloween 101


Halloween 101 is a great collection of sounds for your spooktacular projects!  Inside are eerie ambiences; ghosts and zombies; human grunts, dying, screaming, and wailing; bloody gore; blade sounds, glass breaks, squeaky floors and doors, and so much more!

Halloween 101 includes:

• Strange, haunting ambiences
• Blades – impacts, hits, chainsaw, war-hammer, battle ax
• Fighting and Gore – punches, rib cage ripping open, splats, goops
• Footsteps – glass, creaky wood
• Glass Breaks
• Human Sounds – evil laughs, screams (solo and group), grunts
• Unhuman Sounds – Groups of ghostly voices, zombies (solo and groups), speaking in tongues
• Weather – thunder & wind
• Doors – creaking, “Demons Gate”

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Type: Halloween sound effects / recordings
Specs: 101 sounds • 101 files • 550 MB • Not metatagged
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More about Halloween 101:

Halloween 101 is a collection of 101 sound effects to get you started this All Hallows Eve! Scare your neighbors by playing panicked screams, hoards of zombies, or ghostly, gasping moans! Or use it in your sound design. Either way, you’re sure to have a great time with this Fall classic collection!

Thank you!

David Fienup

Owner/Sound Designer

Soundopolis, LLC


Full sound effects list for Halloween 101:

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Soundopolis, LLC is an American company based in Michigan.  David Fienup is the sole owner, sound designer, field recordist, sound-nerd, yadda, yadda.