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In celebration of free online conference AirCon24 (June 10-14th) running in an exclusive partnership between Airwiggles and A Sound Effect, a number of independent sound creators are offering superb deals on some of their most popular sound effects libraries.

Check out their offers below - and remember, when you get sounds on A Sound Effect, you get extra free sounds with ANY order:

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AirCon24 SUPERDEALS can come and go during the sale - so if you see anything you like, get it while you can:

  • Coll Anderson ‘s famed Battle Crowds library is the world’s largest collection of battle crowd sound effects, covering huge crowds as they’re deep in battle, celebrating and cheering, screaming, yelling, protesting, begging, crying and much more, as well as troop movements and marching through fields, forests, and around buildings, individual call-outs, marching and more. If you’re looking for the ultimate collection of battle crowd sounds for huge clashes, civil unrest and protests, or smaller skirmishes – captured from multiple perspectives – this is it!

    This special version brings you both the Battle Crowds Core and Add-On libraries in one powerful bundle.

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  • A complete collection of sonic exploration by Slava Pogorelsky.
    Grow your sound arsenal with an ever evolving collection of high-end cinematic and fresh sound effects!
    Here’s what to expect:

    RESONATING METAL FORCE offers a fresh sound palette of reverberant aggressive metal rampage, totaling 680 sound effects. Featuring creeping evolving metal pressure and resonating rattle, massive rumble, explosive impacts and nerve-racking squeaks.
    HORROR SERIES VOL.1: EVIL STRINGS TORTURED WIRES offers a unique toolset for nightmarish designs, totaling 564 sound effects. Featuring creeping dread of bowed metal wires, strings and double bass, providing exciting opportunities for unique layering.
    CINEMATIC MAGICAL ICE is offering a unique toolset for ice-cold freezing designs, totaling 267 sound effects. Great for fantasy genre with ice based magic, motion graphics, time lapse and flow motion freeze sequences.
    CINEMATIC WATER WHOOSHES AND TEXTURES is offering a unique toolset for water and underwater designs, totaling 285 sounds. Great for hyper realistic designs, water based magic, surreal underwater movement or motion graphics with liquid elements.
    CINEMATIC WOOD SYMPHONY is offering a variety of wood based recordings that were morphed into a unique audio experience that bends the boundaries between recognisable source and unusual wooden textures, totaling 611 sound effects.
    SCI – FI ELEMENTS VOL.1 is offering a variety of carefully crafted futuristic sound effects that vary from pleasant and musical to unpredicted and glitchy, totaling 364 sound effects.
    CINEMATIC METAL WHOOSHES is offering a unique collection of aggressive roaring metal whooshes and transitions with cinematic feel and mind bending characteristics, totaling 120 sound effects.


    Victor Mercader – AAA Sound Designer (Apex Legends)
    “I find myself continuously using Slava’s SFX libraries to blend it’s pristine and detailed sound designs into my own sounds. They always add that cutting edge I am missing and make my sound designs more unique and pristine. The Sci-fi Elements sound library is the perfect library to use and blend into my UI designs in Apex Legends.”

    Enos Desjardins – Sound Designer/Sound Effects Editor (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Black Mirror)
    “Slava has been creating some really cool libraries which I find myself using time and again. Really high quality recordings to start with but then the cool processing he has used for example in his cinematic whoosh libraries really stand out. They are not just your standard generic whoosh sounds but are loaded with character and have a unique feel to them that is really fresh and cuts through in the nicest of ways.”

    Bjørn Jacobsen – AAA Sound Designer (CyberPunk 2077, HITMAN, DARQ)
    “Slava has for several years made high quality sound effects for me to play with. I use his sound libraries across multiple projects as lego blocks of my creations.”
    Yarron Katz – AAA Composer and Sound Designer
    “Slava makes some wonderful libraries. He’s relatively new on the scene and his libraries have come to critical acclaim. He takes some general ideas, like whooshes and he injects some extremely revolutionary and innovative ideas to them, so you’re not getting another whoosh library – you’re getting something very unique, very fresh. He brings some wonderful ideas to the table.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “‘Evil Strings Tortured Wires’ is an all-scary affair with plenty of really good, nightmarish, imaginative sounds from authentic materials, like double bass, dulcimer strings and metal wires. Sound-wise, this sample pack is clean and carefully recorded. The editing and processing of sounds is top notch, with sound design techniques applied very professionally. Overall, very gritty and not for the faint of heart.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “As far as the sound goes ‘Cinematic Magical Ice’ is both beautiful and mystical. I happen to like the icy textures that are oozing with coldness. Overall, this sound library boasts a good variety of effect samples ready to drop in various cinematic projects.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “The spotlight of ‘Cinematic Wood Symphony’ is the wide range of complex sounds that can be dropped in your sound design projects. I love the Wood Movement and Tonal sounds, and I’m sure thriller and horror music composers will be delighted with the Friction and Impact sounds. If your cinematic projects are lacking texture and impact sounds ‘Cinematic Wood Symphony’ is a library to be considered – especially if you’re looking beyond common wood sounds.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Cinematic Water Whooshes and Textures is great for anything. You won’t be hearing recordings of calm rivers or relaxing streams, but cinematic whooshes and textures for soundtrack works and media projects. Whether you’re into this type of sounds, this pack was recorded quite well, professionally edited and processed with Slava’s own flair.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Slava is back with another aggressive and energetic sample library called Resonating Metal Force – a 680 strong collection of modern metal effects captured using various tools and high-end studio equipment. The source material was edited and processed professionally for instant use. These sounds are primed for experimentation – whether you add your unique processing, layer several WAV samples or slice and dice to your heart’s content, the sky’s the limit. This sound pack is another winner.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Sound-wise, the quality of ‘Cinematic Metal Whooshes’ is clear and punchy, and very consistent from start to finish. The whole content promises to be a tool to get you going in your cinematic adventures – and it delivers.”

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  • The whole 9 yards.
    Comprised of seven heavy hitting libraries, this bundle includes INTERACTIVE, SCI FI, GEARBOX, SORCERY, HERO, BROKEN, and MELEE. Save by bundling all SEVEN in a single library.

    Boutique analog mechanical contraptions, steampunk gadgetry, gizmos and machines big and small.

    Spells, deflects, casts, blocks, beams, and more. Unrivaled wizardry at your fingertips.

    Car crashes, explosions, crumbling buildings, earthquakes, ripping earth and metal, to debris, and more.

    HERO – Sword fights, stabbing, guillotines, impaling, battle cries, shields, drawbridges, armor, foley and more.

    Punches, kicks, blocks, bodyfalls, grabs, slaps, bone breaks, blood splatters, and more.

    SCI Fi:
    Spaceships, machines, mechanicals, weapons and more. Technologies exceeding your boldest visions of the future.

    The ultimate Game UI SFX library including clicks, pops, whooshes, musical and tonal elements, and ready to use designs for every UI action and game style.

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  • Take a journey back in time with Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle! Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    About Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle

    With this collection you will have access to a carefully curated collection of Medieval Warfare, Medieval Town and Green Witch’s Cauldron sound effects. It covers your most essential historical needs with 1.200+ sounds, recorded and designed professionally.

    You can find rope stressing sounds, listen to the rain on a beach from a bush perspective, bottle up potions, and hear a soldier as he gets ready for a battle. Listen to barn animals, horses, weapons and tools; town ambiences, mine, blacksmith, tavern, field, church bells; dried seeds and herbs, defensive spells and transfiguration spells. Go ahead and check out the contents of these three different collections included in the Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle one by one and start imagining a story already!

    You’ll find yourself first on a brutal battlefield, then come back to the busy town a little. Don’t be afraid to ask for some healing magic from the Green Witch! Travel back to the Middle Ages and take Ultimate Medieval SFX Bundle with you!

    These sounds are available in 24-bit / 96kHz, were recorded delicately with DPA 4060s and Neumann KM184 pairs, have clarity and room for further sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for customization.

    About Medieval Town SFX Pack

    400+ sound effects from a simple town’s parts such as; barn, field, grassland, tavern, blacksmith, carpenter, library, church, graveyard, mine, and many more a medieval town could offer. With the Medieval Town Sound Effects Bundle you will have access to dressage sounds, kitchenware sounds, church bells, town ambiences, medieval mechanical devices, mining sounds, animals, tools, weapons and more. Medieval Town Sound Effects Bundle was recorded and designed delicately for all your historical needs.

    What’s Inside
    Medieval, Town, Ambience, Object, Church, Bell, Bird, Animal, Duck, Food and Drink, Lake, Horse, Blacksmith, Hammering, Fire, Tool, Metal, Nail, Chest, Materials Wooden Metal Iron Fire objects chest, iron bell vegetation nail tools bench firewood coin opening action closing creaking hammering breathing dropping ringing shaping picking rolling breaking church bell sunny peaceful weather with and without animals lake fire castle locations barn blacksmith church lake campsite animals actions birds chirping, flying ducks quaking cows mooing horse eating hay, from trainer’s hand, breathing, licking, chewing, bridle clicking perspective texture middle distant close very close heavy breaking pile ceramic tress rattling wallet heat blade shovel sand pebble doorbell saddle cart earthquake farrier book cough cloth cricket kitchen pottery frog mechanical winch copper lock rock axe mining pouring sailing boat rooster footstep rope tavern treasure water light.

    About Medieval Warfare SFX Pack

    Medieval Warfare Sound Effects Pack brings the most realistic 350+ medieval sound effects that you may need for your game/film/creative projects. It includes sound effects of; warriors, explosions, barn animals, horse sound effects, medieval life sound effects, weapons, and tools, human voices, and many more to find out.

    You will have access to weapon sound effects, animals, horse items, ambiences, medieval life items, sword hits, catapult, crossbow, arrow whooshes, battle cries, castle gates, foley sound effects and more. Medieval Warfare Sound Effects Pack is specifically designed for all your historical needs, with the texture of the sounds flexible for customization. Plus, you get the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail!

    Great for film, video, game, advertisements, Foley and suitable further as sweeteners outside of the medieval genre as well.

    What’s Inside
    Medieval war warfare armor impact scrape leather punching footstep rattle arrow whoosh axe breaking bone gore hitting carriage castle gate chain catapult fire drag & drop ground rumble crossbow Leonardo style attack dagger sword destruction explosion flag wind flapping gate opening stabbing mechanical knife hammer hitting horse galloping concrete sand mud metal mount katana male grunt angry textile step chest inhale exhale hurt pain yell falling pushing laughter scream strong leg prisoner siege town arrow falchion buzzing shaking throwing shield clanking.

    Green Witch’s Cauldron SFX Pack

    Green Witch’s Cauldron brings you the 450+ sounds of healing white magic and spells of a playful and sometimes wicked witch. It includes collecting and drying herbs, bubbling boiling potions, bottling, casting spells with elemental magic, and many more you can find in a cauldron. With this pack, you will have access to cat sounds, witch reactions, dried seeds, dried herbs, defensive spells, attacks, transfiguration spells, whooshes and transitions and elements.

    Green Witch’s Cauldron Sound Effects Bundle was recorded and designed exquisitely for all your magical needs and covers all sound effects needs for any white magic, potion-brewing, voices and subtle sounds of a witch’s life for the relevant projects and games that you are working on.

    These meticulously recorded sounds have clarity and lots of room for further usage and sound design with the flexible texture of the sounds for further customization. With 24-bit / 96kHz Wav format and easy to navigate naming, you can now set the bar higher for all your film, game, motion and video projects, advertisement, animation and all witchy projects.

    What’s Inside
    Medieval, town, ambience, fantastic magic magicka object, witch cauldron maddening opponent laughter mind air attack destruction burst element transition whoosh crackle wall braking hiss bubbling potion zinc bowl fireplace sizzling animal cat angry reaction eating food meowing attack basket dried seed plant falling shell braking boiling metal burning chained bush rustle stone glass chemical reaction glass lid bottle coin purse crumbling lavender palm wooden finger defensive shield destructive hand dusting off sprinkles creature pass by roaring cork casting healing glittery spice earth vacuum pouring acid pebble leaves leaf shaking shiny tree branch squeezed shuffling stirring grinder water bending ladle summoning teleporting time travel transfiguration imitating groaning laughing screaming wicked giggle eerie.

    What else you may need
    You may also want to check out our Gore for warfare, Essential Magic for darker magic and spells and All About Games Master Collection for a mega collection of 23 different packs for game audio sound effects.

    40 %
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  • Whoosh Sound Effects Evolved Whooshes Play Track 1300+ sounds included $89.55

    The Whoosh: sound in motion.

    The explosive rush of audible energy that paces the sonic horizon for so many wonderful stories. SoundMorph has joined forces for an artist exclusive collaboration with world-renowned sound designer Robert Dudzic. (HBO, NBC, Disney, Warner Brothers, Native Instruments). We wanted to create a whoosh library like you’ve never heard before. Evolved Whooshes was recorded and designed by Robert Dudzic with a special focus on modernized genre blending motion. Robert has an impressive track record spanning from HBO to Rode Microphones, and he conjured up a truly wicked collection here. Evolved Whooshes captures the sonic whoosh realm with a full spectrum of lush lows, dialed mids, and high frequencies that reach into unexplored territory. With Evolved Whooshes you will find sounds that will warp your sci-fi game or film into light-speed, weaponized whooshes for a horror flick, cutting-edge Hollywood trailer whooshes for the next big release, or the perfect blend of sounds to make any audio/visual display come to life. Welcome to the evolution. Evolved Whooshes. You wont want to let this one pass you by!

    A few words from Robert:

    Evolved Whooshes is my first release in partnership with SoundMorph. This collection is a very unique sound design collection. Recorded and developed with one goal: to be used to help with all the challenges you face. The sounds were originally recorded and designed specifically for this release. I didn’t want Evolved Whooshes to sound like any other whoosh sound effects library. I strived to make each sound set unique with their own personality, with inspiration for you in mind.” – Robert Dudzic

    SoundMorph - Evolved Whooshes  -  Behind The Scenes

    55 %
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  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Matter Mayhem Play Track 1397+ sounds included $112.50

    Need the sound of utter destruction, debris, bomb blasts, and chaos – recorded in high definition sound, with multiple perspectives and tons of different materials? That's what you get right here:

    As sound designers, we always need these types of highly useable sounds, and with the creation of Matter Mayhem, we've gone above and beyond. Spanning 5 months of recording out in the field and designing in the studio, SoundMorph is very proud to bring you one of our largest produced libraries ever! If you need debris and destruction, Matter Mayhem is a solid choice to add to your collection!

    Matter Mayhem was created in collaboration with Frederic Devanlay (Sinematic, Solar Sky) and Cedric Denooz (Future Weapons), and contains 1,500+ sounds / 5.75Gb of 24bit/96khz .WAV files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metadata.

    The library includes sounds like Big Blow Ups – Stoney Structures • Big Blow Ups – Wood Structures • Near, Mid, and Far Perspectives • Bomb Blasts • Blow Ups – Stone, Pebble, Metal, Wood • Debris – Stone, Wood, Glass, Plastic • Collapses • Scaffold Impacts • Whoosh Objects • Designed Debris • First Person Debris • Metal Objects.

    So if you're looking for the sound of destruction, this one delivers!

    55 %
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  • 1,500 Monster & Creature sounds!

    We’re proud to announce our newest sound library: Monster Within! Clocking in at 1,500 files, we’ve not only included 18 different creatures, monsters, and aliens, but also 25 categories for them! Everything from Attacks, Roars, Giant Footsteps, to detailed foley, vocals and flesh ripping. We think this is a must have Monster and Creature library to add to your collection.


    Monster Within is massive. Just look at the list below or download the PDF excel sheet to get an idea of all that you get. Monster Within features more than 1,500 files, 2GB GB of 24bit/96khz .WAV files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer and Basehead metadata. Monster Within was created by Rick Hernandez, a Los Angeles based professional sound designer. Rick is an accomplished AAA video game sound designer and field recordist. He also works on feature films & television. Learn more about Rick and his company Melee Sound Design.

    Monster Within includes the following:

    – 18 different creatures and monsters
    – Attacks
    – Body Movements
    – Breathing
    – Charges
    – Damage
    – Death
    – Enter
    – Exit
    – Foley
    – Footsteps
    – Footsteps Giant
    – Grunts
    – Hits
    – Idles
    – Impacts
    – Jumps
    – Melee
    – Pain
    – Reactions
    – Screams – Roars
    – Spawns
    – Special Effects
    – Swings / Swipes
    – Taunts
    – Vocals

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  • Sci-Fi Sound Effects SCI FI Play Track 2300 sounds included, 279 mins total $99

    SCI FI - Rock The Speakerbox Professional SFX

    Dive into a new era of sonic exploration with Rock the Speakerbox’s triumphant return, introducing their latest masterpiece: The ultimate Rock The Speakerbox SCI FI library.

    Unlock your imagination with this meticulously crafted collection that unleashes 2,300 sounds across spaceships, machines, mechanicals, weapons, user interfaces, ambiences and more. We merged professional real-world recordings and hand-crafted synthetic SFX to inspire.

    This SCI FI sound effects library gives you three sonic realms:

    • Construction Kit:
    1,475 sounds blend raw yet clean and professional recordings with synthetically crafted SFX for highest flexibility.
    • Building Blocks:
    Swiftly create your scenes with 566 ready-to-use, designed SFX, fueling your creativity.
    • Designed:
    Elevate your projects instantly with 263 complex and meticulously conceived SFX.

    The complete sound library arrives in WAV format, 24 bit and 96 kHz, preserving every nuance. It’s compacted to a substantially size of 11.7 GB within 696 files, neatly categorized with the UCS category system. This collection is a true powerhouse of potential.

    Get ready to reshape sound – your auditory voyage awaits.

    34 %
    Ends 1718661599
  • Electricity Sound Effects A Fluorescent Bulb II Play Track 12+ sounds included, 37 mins total $25

    This library is a continuation of my first library A Fluorescent Bulb. This contains 6 more fluorescent light hums/buzzes with nice plinks and warming sounds. For each light there is at least 2 minutes up to 5 minutes of tone, and a second file with a manipulated light switch where you get multiple plinks and buzzes. The tone of this library is a bit higher pitch than the first 6 bulbs from the first library

    29 %
  • Funny / Comedy / Cartoon Anime Comedy Sound Effects Pack 2 Play Track 314 sounds included, 16 mins total $62.30

    314 Anime Comedy Sound Effects that are perfect for video games, visual novels, animations, and more!

    This Anime Comedy Sound Effects Pack 2 brings all of the charms of your favorite classic Japanese anime series to your collection! There are 21 different categories of anime comedy sounds, ranging from bell dongs, school bells, bubbly sounds, boings, farts, slips, flashbacks, rewinds, squeaks, and musical transitions! This library is created with different synthesizer sounds and recordings of many percussion instruments, the go-to sound pack for anime comedy sounds! Perfect for any anime-inspired games and media!

    Instruments Recorded

    Slide whistle, siren whistle, referee whistle, cuckoo whistle, rattle drum, tambourine, maracas, handbells, wood sounder, sleigh bell, flute, jingle stick shaker, toy xylophone, toy vibraslap, glockenspiel, thunder drum tube, wood stirring drum, balloon, squeaky bath toy, and more.

    Anime Comedy SFX Pack 2 | Behind the scenes by WOW Sound
    30 %
  • Human Sound Effects Crowds: Emotions And Reactions Play Track 400 sounds included, 90 mins total $39.50

    This SFX library contains a wide range of reactions and emotional responses varying from quiet crowds to roared battle cries to a large selection of exclamations generated by a group of passionate theatrical actors in indoor venues.

    Apart from the vocalizations, we’ve also included recordings of more unusual crowd ambiances like people walking around the mics, falling down, sitting down and getting up, jumping around, marching, or just being present in the space.

    Crowds library is split into the following two parts:

    Small Groups: Includes small groups of up to 30 people which you can layer together and quickly create the sound of any sized realistic groups of people.

    Large Crowds: Brings pre-designed, easy-to-use sounds of medium to large crowds in various types of reactions, moods, and surroundings.

    50 %
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  • Animal Sound Effects Guinea Pigs Ultrasonic Plus Play Track 500+ sounds included, 143 mins total $76

    A comprehensive anthology of Guinea pigs’ vocalisations and other characteristic sound effects. Single pigs: male, female, little ones, duets, trios and in groups of up to 9. Full spectrum of emotions from lively chatter to aggressive fast teeth clicking (yes, they click teeth!) and synchronous hysterical whining and scared ear-piercing squeals. Recorded simultaneously in EXTREME CLOSE UP with Nevaton and Sanken CO-100K microphones for full coverage from deep bass to rich ultrasonic content (and a mix of these two microphones is also provided for your convenience), as well as general CLOSE UP with Nevaton for more natural perspective. Guinea pigs are very social and vocal, but the sounds they make are so unexpected and weird, that they can greatly work not only for rodents, but for extraterrestrials or robots. Lots of ultrasonic content makes a perfect basis for speed and pitch manipulations. 10% of the library’s revenue goes to nature preserves and wild animal shelters.

    15 %
    Ends 1719784799
Huge Bundle Deals:

  • Game Audio Packs Everything Bundle (PMSFX) Play Track 18642 sounds included, 1500 mins total $599.99

    Thousands of high quality sound effects (48-192kHz 24Bit) from PMSFX recorded with top tier gear (Sennheiser, DPA, Sound Devices, Ambient, Sony etc) and processed with some of the best plugins and outboard on the market.

    All SFX have baked-in Soundminer’s meta data.

    Included packs:





    CineDrop (96KHZ 24BIT | 414.5MB | 57 FILES | STEREO | META DATA)

    Cinescapes II (96KHZ 24BIT | 962.75MB | 20 FILES | STEREO | META DATA | LOOPS SEAMLESSLY)

    Cinescapes (96KHZ 24BIT | 741.5MB | 20 FILES | STEREO | META DATA | LOOPS SEAMLESSLY)

    Cinenergy (96KHZ 24BIT | 550.4MB | 130 FILES | STEREO | META DATA)



    Industrial Terror – Hits & Transitions (96KHZ 24BIT | 804.5MB | 145 FILES | STEREO | META DATA)

    Industrial Terror – Textures (96KHZ 24BIT | 731.1MB | 66 FILES | STEREO | LOOPS SEAMLESSLY | META DATA)

    Industrial Terror (96KHZ 24BIT | 690MB | 210 FILES | STEREO | META DATA)


    MicroBots  (96-192KHZ 24BIT | 187.7MB | 293 FILES | STEREO + MONO | META DATA)

    IN MOTION (96KHZ 24BIT | 1.59GB | 40 FILES | META DATA)


    BLOODBATH (96-192KHZ 24BIT | 959.9MB | 360 FILES | META DATA)




    BONE BREAKS (192KHZ 24BIT | 56.1MB | 57 FILES | META DATA)





    Haunted Doors [DESIGNED & SOURCE] (96-192KHZ 24BIT | 420MB | 209 FILES | MONO&STEREO | META DATA)

    Books Alive (192KHZ 24BIT | 488.4MB | 434 FILES | MONO | META DATA)

    Point and Shoot (96KHZ 24BIT | 94.3MB | 200 FILES | MONO | META DATA)

    Kitchen Foley (96KHZ 24BIT | 240MB | 241 FILES | MONO | META DATA)

    Mediterránia (96KHZ 24BIT | 2.18GB | 30 FILES | 62 MINUTES | META DATA)

    Tactical Backpack (96KHZ 24BIT | 42.4MB | 72 FILES | MONO | META DATA)

    Back Alley Rain (192KHZ 24BIT | 1.1GB | 20 FILES | STEREO | META DATA | LOOPS SEAMLESSLY)

    Just Coins (192KHZ 24BIT | 289.2MB | 287 FILES | MONO | META DATA)

    Old Drawers (192KHZ 24BIT | 209.35MB | 151 FILES | MONO | META DATA)

    Along The Grid (48KHZ 24BIT | 321MB | 8 THEMES | 54 LOOPS | META DATA | LOOPS SEAMLESSLY)

    SynthRunner (96KHZ 24BIT | 107.5MB | 3 FILES 1 MIN EACH | META DATA | LOOPS SEAMLESSLY)



    STEPS: Dirt & Gravel (96KHZ 24BIT | 120.5MB | 96 FILES | MONO + STEREO | META DATA)

    WASHER (96KHZ 24BIT | 2GB | 121 FILES | MONO + STEREO | 56m 35s | META DATA)

    Empty City Rain (96KHZ 24BIT | 437MB | 12 FILES | STEREO |  META DATA)

    Costal Spain (96KHZ 24BIT | 2.57GB | 21 FILES | STEREO | 74m 04s | META DATA)

    Point and Shoot Fuji Cam (192KHZ 24BIT | 357MB | 346 FILES | META DATA)

    Abstract Guns (96KHZ 24BIT | 86MB | 165 FILES | META DATA)

    Shattering Bricks (192KHZ 24BIT | 647MB | 232FILES | META DATA)

    Rocky Impacts (192KHZ 24BIT | 647MB | 262FILES | META DATA)

    Glitchy Circuits (96KHZ 24BIT | 613MB | 220FILES | META DATA)

    STEPS: Dry Grass & Shrubs (192KHZ 24BIT | 202MB | 226FILES | META DATA)

    Ancient Sea Ruins (192KHZ 24BIT | 3.7GB | 10FILES | META DATA)

    Foundation Series SCI-FI 2 (96KHZ 24BIT | 1.1GB | 627FILES | META DATA)

    Mini Printer (192KHZ 24BIT | 328MB | 178FILES | META DATA)

    NanoTech (96KHZ 24BIT | 180MB | 226FILES | META DATA)

    Back Alley Rain II (192KHZ 24BIT | 1.1GB | 12FILES | META DATA)

    Phone Foley (192KHZ 24BIT | 85MB | 76FILES | META DATA)

    Windy Hill (192KHZ 24BIT | 1.7GB | 8FILES | META DATA)

    Magic Metal (96KHZ 24BIT | 1.1GB | 160FILES | META DATA)

    Lethal Blow (96-192KHZ 24BIT | 0.5GB | 983FILES | META DATA)

    Rain Designer (96-192KHZ 24BIT | 7GB | 396FILES | META DATA)

    Sci-fi Gunnery (96KHZ 24BIT | 404MB | 580FILES | META DATA)

    Bullet Bys & Impacts (96KHZ 24BIT | 3.7GB | 130FILES | META DATA)

    Timeless SLR’s (192KHZ 24BIT | 2.12GB | 1392FILES | META DATA)

    Mechanical Morphs & Mutationss (96KHZ 24BIT | 1GB | 336FILES | META DATA)


    Citroen C2 (192KHZ 24BIT | 7.8GB | 443FILES | META DATA)

    Erika Typewriter (192KHZ 24BIT | 217GB | 166FILES | META DATA)

    Continental Wanderer Typewriter (192KHZ 24BIT | 882MB | 681FILES | META DATA)

    Dark Future (96KHZ 24BIT | 1.74GB | 414FILES | META DATA)

    Steps: Snow & Ice (192KHZ 24BIT | 110MB | 119FILES | META DATA)

    Microbots 2 (96KHZ 24BIT | 720MB | 922FILES | META DATA)

    Glitchy Circuits 2 (96KHZ 24BIT | 2.7GB | 1494FILES | META DATA)

    Rocky Impacts 2 (96KHZ 24BIT | 669MB | 585FILES | META DATA)

    CEM RIVER (192KHZ 24BIT | 3.8GB | 32FILES | META DATA)






    68 %
    Introducing the JSE Everything Bundle, your one-stop-shop for all your audio needs. This bundle includes every JUST SOUND EFFECTS sound library ever created by our team of sound designers and field recordists, giving you access to an extensive collection of high-quality sound effects.


    75 %
  • Bundles LT Everything Bundle Play Track 6488+ sounds included $231

    ***added Ambience Colors***

    The basic price includes 10% discount, plus the additional active product discount.

    High quality equipment used – Sanken Co100k, Sennheiser MKH30, DPA 4007, DPA 4060, 4062, Shertler DynUni, Aquarian H2a, Ambient SoundFish MKI ASF1, Rode Soundfield NTSF1, Sony PCMD100, Telinga Dish, Sound Devices Pre6, Zoom F8, and more

    High-quality sounds, ultrasonics-grade (some), 96 or 192khz.

    All-around realistic and designed SFX and ambiences: underwater, science fiction, monsters, mechanical and gears, and much more!

    Libraries included in the bundle:
    AMBIENCE COLORS | 319 individual sounds | 45 GB
    BREAK’N’SHARDS 192 | 405 individual sounds | 3.52 GB
    LIFT ME UP | 157 individual sounds | 7.89 GB
    BEASTIE GIRLS 2 | 2227 individual sounds | 1.57 GB
    SPACE DIVERS | 367 files / 1000+ individual sounds | 8.56 GB
    6 MONSTERS | 135 files | 73 MB
    BEASTIE GIRLS 192 | 989 files | 783 MB
    DIVE DEEP 2 | 53 files | 3.48 GB
    ANGRY DOOR 192 | 645 files / 1400+ individ. sounds | 6.29 GB
    WOODEN GEAR 192 | 215 files | 24 GB
    DISTANT BLAST | 81 files | 259 MB
    ALIEN JUNGLE | 138 files | 5.07GB
    DIVE DEEP | 57 files | 6.14 GB
    MONSTER SOURCE 192 | 310 files | 407 MB
    DESIGN SOURCE 192 | 683 files / 1000+ individ. sounds | 9.3 GB
    CITY DISTANT | 14 files | 9.14 GB
    THE HORRID | 22 files | 2.41 GB
    BMX TRICK 192 | 71 files / 150+ individual sounds | 1.06 GB
    ISRAEL LIFE | 29 files | 4.55 GB
    OLD TOWN VR | 32 files | 6.2 GB
    BOAT RIDE | 94 files / 100+ individual sounds | 7.34 GB
    70 %
  • Bundles Nature / Wildlife Bundle Play Track 550+ sounds included, 3429 mins total From: $2,065 From: $1,600

    The Nature and Wildlife bundle by Mindful Audio is a collection of libraries that covers a wide variety of natural environments and animals. These recordings have been captured in pristine areas like deserts, rainforests, cloud forests, temperate forests, woodlands and wetlands. The wildlife includes elephants, baboons, monkeys, frogs, cicadas and a varied assortment of bird species, all recorded wild in their habitats. This is the content you’re getting:

    Atacama Desert
    African Jungle
    Amazon Jungle
    African Cloud Forest
    African Desert
    African Wild West
    Woodland Atmosphere
    Eerie Forest
    Wetland Atmosphere
    Wild Rain
    Arabian Desert
    Whale Song

    23 %
    26 %
    26 %
  • Surround Sound LAB Complete Collection

    Unlock the full potential of your audio projects with the Surround Sound LAB Complete Collection. This bundle offers our entire Surround Sound Lab catalog in one comprehensive, perpetual one-time subscription.

        The Ultimate Audio Resource

    Our Complete Collection is the ultimate audio resource, meticulously curated and updated with our newest releases. Deliver your best work with the most extensive collection of world-class sound effects we’ve ever offered. This flagship collection is perfect for creators, post-production professionals, video editors, game developers, and more.

    Our equipment is proudly part of Blacktone Studio team in Madrid, a studio with over 10 years of experience in sound post-production for cinema and TV.

        Exclusive Benefits

    • 🚀 Future Releases Included: Purchase once and receive all future libraries for free, directly to your inbox.
    • 🔊 Ambisonic and Surround Recordings: Experience the richness of third-order ambisonic and surround recordings, capturing the most immersive audio environments.
    • 🎧 Pristine and Consistent Quality: Enjoy pristine, high-quality sounds with consistent audio fidelity across all files.
    • 🎤 State-of-the-Art Recording and Mastering Equipment: We utilize the best recording gear available, including cutting-edge third-order microphones and the latest technologies. Your sound experiences are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, edited, and mastered in our 9.1.6 Dolby Atmos immersive mixing stage.
    • 📦 Massive Library: Over 5,500 files, totaling more than 500 GB of premium audio.
    • 🏷️ UCS Compliant: Fully compliant with the Universal Category System.
    • 📋 Detailed Metadata: Each file comes with descriptive, embedded UCS metadata. View the sound list in XLS format.
    • 💻 Flexible Delivery: Choose between download and hard drive delivery options.
    • 💰 Royalty-Free: Use all sounds without any additional fees.


    80 %
  • Ultimate Car Bundle features 48 sound libraries (46 cars + two libraries with race track ambiences). It’s a complete package that covers a wide variety of cars. From small regular daily cars with petrol/diesel engine, through luxury cars, off-road vehicles, tough machinery like excavator and tractor, import tuned cars up to Japanese exotic legends.

    If you need more informations about specific libraries, just click on the link down below. As for the detailed informations about recordings inside each library, you can check the table with all informations. 46 cars / 2 race track ambience packs / 231 GB of audio / 4800+ files / 8700+ minutes – it’s a complete package that covers a wide variety of cars for both games and linear media!

    72 %
Need specific sound effects? Try a search below:

Exclusively on A Sound Effect:
Get premium sound libraries for free when you order:

Any order includes 30 premium sound effects from Celine Woodburn as a bonus
Buy 3 libraries or more to get the SoundBits Bonus Pack (40 sounds) included for free too
✔ You also get the free 60+ page Sound Success Guide e-book
Free sound effects with your order
Order from

Get this free:
Electromagnetic BlackCrowSound

- worth $25

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Get these free:
Upright sound effects library

- worth $25

Electromagnetic BlackCrowSound

- worth $25

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Get 1 of these free:
Monsters by SmartsoundFX

- worth $59

Space Station

- worth $55

Analog Days

- worth $49

+ you ALSO get Upright & Electromagnetic included as well
Order from

Get 1 of these for free:
SmartsoundFX Starter Pack

-worth $100

Footsteps sound effects library

-worth $79

Dog Sound Effects

-worth $79

+ you ALSO get Upright & Electromagnetic included as well

Order for $999+:

Get 1 of these free:
Rock The Speakerbox & Digital Rain Lab sound effects


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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Human Sound Effects Crowds: Emotions And Reactions Play Track 400 sounds included, 90 mins total $39.50

    This SFX library contains a wide range of reactions and emotional responses varying from quiet crowds to roared battle cries to a large selection of exclamations generated by a group of passionate theatrical actors in indoor venues.

    Apart from the vocalizations, we’ve also included recordings of more unusual crowd ambiances like people walking around the mics, falling down, sitting down and getting up, jumping around, marching, or just being present in the space.

    Crowds library is split into the following two parts:

    Small Groups: Includes small groups of up to 30 people which you can layer together and quickly create the sound of any sized realistic groups of people.

    Large Crowds: Brings pre-designed, easy-to-use sounds of medium to large crowds in various types of reactions, moods, and surroundings.

    50 %
    Ends 1718575199
  • Electricity Sound Effects A Fluorescent Bulb II Play Track 12+ sounds included, 37 mins total $25

    This library is a continuation of my first library A Fluorescent Bulb. This contains 6 more fluorescent light hums/buzzes with nice plinks and warming sounds. For each light there is at least 2 minutes up to 5 minutes of tone, and a second file with a manipulated light switch where you get multiple plinks and buzzes. The tone of this library is a bit higher pitch than the first 6 bulbs from the first library

    29 %
  • Game Audio Packs Mobile Game Play Track 578 sounds included, 30 mins total $42

    Inspired by app market hits like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, we present to you Mobile Game – a truly fun and genuinely gameplay inspired sound effects library. Filled with a thorough selection of popular game ready audio assets, Mobile Game gives you sounds that you can quickly implement inside any game to give it a familiar “hit app” game feel.

    • Includes 578 files
    • All files in .Wav 96k 24bit
    • Plus game ready mp3 files
    • Inspired by today’s best App Games
    • Includes Soundminer metadata
    • 891.9 MB of samples

    Mobile Game features sounds such as:

    Bubbles • Building • Coins • Crafting • Mechanisms and Contraptions • Musical Stabs • Objective Completes • Pick Ups • Potions • Tonal Designed Organic fx • UI/Menu • Upgrades

    14 %
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Presenting the most malfunctioning, dirty old gritty sounding engine failure library out there

    Featuring a staggering 81 files with numerous takes in most tracks, the Kaput sound effects library will cover the bases of almost any broken false starting engine scene one can imagine.

    I can honestly say, that finding the vehicles and tools for this library, has been among the most challenging I have come by. Old and broken cars and trucks are hard to come by these days. Most cars are obviously either driving and dont have start problems, and many of the rest just wont start at all.

    Just as rare are broken petrol powered tools, which usually fit the latter category of not working at all.

    Still, with amazing recording help from recordist Michal Fojcik Soundmind Poland, and just as amazing help from recordist Erik Watland from Norway, the Kaput sound effects library is featuring no less then

    24 different cars, trucks, moped and motorcycles

    1 boat engine

    A few weird sounding power generators and water pump motors

    Back firing exhausts

    Petrol powered garden tools, chain saws, and hedge trimmers

    Brutal construction machines

    From old eastern european trucks, vintage US V8 muscle trucks, classic scandinavian cars, and more modern diesel and petrol engines to funny sputtering dying petrol power tools.

    There is even a few more recording sessions planned, that just didn’t make the deadline for the first batch of sounds in this library (buying a copy of this first of sounds, will of course make any future sounds added to the library free of charge).

    KAPUT is 81 stereo and mono files, 96/24. 1,6 gb big, all UCS ready!

  • Hear the majesty of tropical seas from soothing surf, trickling water laps, and crashing wave sound effects.

    The SB111 ACOUSTIC GUITAR FOLEY Sound Effects Library is a collection of handling movements, grabs and sets, string noise, drags, impacts, strumming, fingerpicking, tuning, and the smashing and destroying of an acoustic guitar.

    We’ve gone above and beyond just capturing the sounds of strumming and picking – we’ve recorded the nuances and details that make acoustic guitars so special. Like the subtle sounds of the guitar strap as it settles against your shoulder, string noise of fingers on the fretboard, the satisfying sound of the guitar being tuned, grabs and set downs, strings being clipped and even a full restringing sequence. Of course we’ve also included the playing of chords and riffs while strumming and fingerpicking – some played in tune and some out of tune. We did not forget to record your pick as it rattles around in the abyss of the guitar’s sound hole – and the satisfying sound of the guitar being smashed and destroyed. All the details you need to bring realism to your project.

    20 %
    Ends 1719525599
  • The Drawers & Cupboards SFX library is an essential collection for professionals seeking high-quality sound effects for their projects. This library features 63 meticulously recorded sounds of opening, closing, and rummaging through cupboards and drawers, making it perfect for game developers, animators, and filmmakers.

    This library offers a diverse range of sounds, including:

    • Opening and closing cupboard doors
    • Picking up glass bottles
    • Rummaging through various materials (glass, mixed materials, containers, plastic)
    • Metal and wooden drawers opening and closing
  • Car Sound Effects Broken Car Engine Play Track 5 sounds included, 28 mins total $27

    My car engine broke! As a result of making a huge costly mistake caused by accidentally skipping an oil change service from getting dates and miles mixed up (on top of being a higher milage car), my 2006 Volvo V50 T5’s engine starting making incredibly loud knocking, clicking and rattling sounds. Took it for one last drive before it was picked up by a junk yard, and recorded the process. I put a DPA 4061 and a Rode NT5 in the engine and drove it around the neighborhood, first on residential streets, then drove it harder on some faster streets (the engine was so loud you can’t hear any other cars in the recordings), abusing the manual mode for higher rpm recordings the whole time until it started overheating, smoking and dumping liquid (coolant I think? Oil? Both?). I Quickly took the DPA out because it was right near a section of the engine that was overheating, but I left the NT5 in. Satisfied with what I recorded but still a couple miles from home, after my car cooled a bit I continued to record my drive home, this time with the DPA inside the car to get an interior perspective (this drive is labeled “bonus drive” in the library).

    This library is just 5 files, totaling 27 minutes and 28 seconds, 24/96k, 956MB. Quality Soundminer metadata and UCS compliant. Recorded with a DPA 4061 and NT5 for starts, idles, off, revving, slow to moderate driving, harder faster driving, with lots of variation. One file is just the NT5 engine recording for an additional 5 and a half minute drive, and one is just the DPA for an interior perspective of that drive.

    I’ll miss that car a lot, but at least I got some great recordings out of it! I hope you find them useful.


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