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When it comes to sound, is there something you're particularly good at, or know a great deal about? If you have the time and energy, it'd be fantastic if you could share your knowledge with your friends and colleagues in the community.

A growing number of people in the sound community are already stepping up to help share knowledge, insights and socialize in live online events - but getting an overview of what's happening is tricky, so to help with that, we're launching the Sound Events initiative. Here's what it's all about:

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Upcoming Audio Community Events:

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What is the Sound Events initiative?


It’s quite simple: If you have some knowledge to share about game audio, film sound, audio post – or another area related to sound you know a lot about that you feel like sharing – well, by all means, please do.

So if you’re holding a live online class, Q&A, a social sound meetup or similar event to share knowledge and insights – or just to socialize & talk shop online – with others in the community, please share the details, and we’ll do what we can to help get the word out about it.


If you’re someone who’d like to stay updated on events like those just mentioned, we’re setting up a mailing list and overview on these pages too, to keep you informed of what’s happening so you won’t be missing out.

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Arranging a sound event? Please share your event details here:

Please share the details about your event below, and we’ll help get the word out – please fill out the following details and click Submit Event.
You’re also welcome to share info using the form below if you know about someone else holding an event.

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Want to stay updated on upcoming Sound Events? Here’s how:

We’ll be listing upcoming events on this page, and adding them to the Audio Events Calendar too.

If you want to be notified via email, you can subscribe below to hear about Sound Events so you don’t miss out. You can of course unsubscribe anytime:

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Why we need to stand together – a call-to-action by George Vlad:

A call to action from George Vlad
Hi there.

I’m George Vlad and I normally write about field recording. I’ve been working from home (and from remote places in the field) for more than a decade. I could say I was socially isolating before it was the norm! While this has its advantages and drawbacks, there are some downsides that are very important to anticipate.

As humans, we are social animals. We crave contact, meaningful interaction and validation. This goes out the window when you’re stuck at home for weeks or months. Social media, counter-intuitively, can only exacerbate loneliness and isolation. This effect is compounded when you’re blasted with bad news every second. To make a long story short, these emotions are difficult to identify and to see when they appear, but their effects are deep and lasting. These aren’t lessons you want to learn the hard way.

This is a very real call to action. Ask yourself, what can you do for your friends and colleagues?

We live in weird and surreal times. Some of our colleagues have never had to work from home. Others are seeing projects dry up for the foreseeable future. It’s our responsibility to do anything within our means to help. And I’m not stating this as a generic and abstract concept. This is a very real call to action. Ask yourself, what can you do for your friends and colleagues?
I went through that thought process over the past few weeks. I started by offering to hold 30-minute video calls in which I discuss a variety of subjects with whoever wants to join me. I can offer advice and feedback on field recording, game audio, expeditions and related topics. I’m happy to see the great response I received and I’m also a bit overwhelmed by the number of people contacting me.

It’s your turn now. Is there a particular discipline you’re good at? Do you have insight into something that others don’t? You can start by being generous with others and sharing your knowledge. It’s easier than ever to hold conference calls, and there’s no shortage of places where you can find people who need it.
Do you have suggestions or additions? Feel free to comment below. Stay safe and be strong.

– George

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Resources for running virtual classes, courses and talks:

Need to set up a course or online community event? Here’s a great overview of resources that’ll help you run virtual classes and courses. There’s also an excellent guide by Willy McCarter on how to run classes with the Zoom video conferencing platform here

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Please share this:


A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:
  • Destruction & Impact Metamorphosis Play Track 2328 sounds included $190 $165

    Metamorphosis is a huge collection of recorded source, synthesized material and hybrid sounds. The library was created to cover a wide range of themes, with rich textures, aggressive impacts and a large selection of pass bys, bass drops, pyrotechnics and many more types of material.

    All of the Recorded Section was captured at 384KHz with microphones capable of recording up to 200KHz among with more conventional mics. The resulting assets are sounds that can be stretched to new extremes for greater sound design opportunities.
    In many cases I took the liberty to slow down the assets while editing the sounds to deliver what I thought was the most useful version of a given recording though in most cases I have also included other takes at the original 384KHz sample rate to get the best of both worlds.

    All of the Synthesized Content was created in Serum while the Hybrid Section was created by manipulating the Recorded and Synthesized sounds.

    Techniques such as morphing were used to blur the lines in between the nature of the two sources, making for ambiguous yet extremely versatile material that can be employed on both realistic and abstract designs.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
    13 %
    Add to cart
  • Alchemy of Guns is a comprehensive weapon laboratory of single sounds made to be mixed, assembled and fit with each other.
    We built the library as an array of modular layers, each one bound to a specific alchemical element, each one made with a specific Xfer Serum setup, and since we enjoyed finding ourselves sketching on paper combinations of elements according to the combinations of the samples, we kept this general structure.

    30 %
    Add to cart
  • Foley Foliage Sweeteners HD Play Track 811 sounds included, 85.5 mins total $45

    Foliage Sweeteners are great for characters creeping around in the bushes, running through the trees, or just walking through the park.  You can add specific environmental sounds to your ambiences, such as individual leafy tree branches that dip into frame, or cattails and bushes reacting to a gust of wind. These sounds are also great for nature documentary, whether you have a squirrel climbing a tree, a bear plowing through a forest, a cheetah stalking from the underbrush, or just a cow eating grass.

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Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Welcome to “MOTION MODE”, an intense collection of sounds to induce movement and evoke excitement in your production.

    You will find whooshes, transitions, noises, granular textures, movements, stutters and hits with a powerful Sci-fi feel.

    Special attention was put in the dynamics of the sounds to ensure the creation of an energetic pack aimed to enhance atmospheres, add movement and enrich musical compositions.

    If you liked some of my previous libraries like “Dodge this” and “The Transition” you are gonna love this one.

    29 %
    Ends 1597183199
  • Huge deep and textural organic whoosh by’s. These are un-altered but a total blast. Want more fun, just (again) compress and pitch to fit, and hell, maybe add a little distortion.

    A great collection of organic sliding whooshes. They sound great, have lots of movement and are almost always complicated movements not just simple whoosh by’s.

    20 %
    Ends 1597183199
  • Assorted firework recordings, ranging from individual explosions to multiple fireworks going off at the same time.

    This collection has lots of nice sharp bangs, and includes a variety of firework sounds recorded close up and from a distance.

  • A small collection of horror sting sound effects, ideal for spooky, scary, Halloween and horror uses.

  • Bundle 2019 InspectorJ Bundle Play Track 4150 sounds included, 337 mins total $67.99

    4 InspectorJ SFX libraries created in 2019 at a permanent 50% discount, including:

    44.1 General Library (Volume II) (2.06 GB, $32)
    Party Pack (1.98 GB, $40)
    Sewing Machine (2.73 GB, $32)
    Toilet Flush (381 MB, $32)

    For a discounted total of only $67.99 (Originally $136 if bought separately)

    44.1 GENERAL LIBRARY (VOLUME II) (2.06 GB, $32)
    A hand-picked variety collection of 1,000 sound effects covering numerous categories at 44.1kHz and 16/24-bit stereo recordings. Here are some sound categories that can be found in Volume II:

    85+ Seamless Loops
    Ambiences: Deep Abysses, Train Stations, Seaside Waves, etc.
    Camera: Shutter Clicks, Flash Lifts and Falls
    Dialogue: A creepy, deep male voice
    Ice: Impacts (Small, Moderate, Large), Gathering
    Roller Coasters: Full Rides, Chain Hill Lift, Screaming
    Screaming: Crowds and Roller Coasters
    Toilet Flushing
    Trains: Arriving, Leaving, Passing, Idling, Doors, Clip-Clop
    UI: Dialogue Text Scrolling
    Vacuum Cleaner Hoovers
    Vinyl Record: Glitching, Needle On and Off
    Water: Streams, Bubbling, Swirling, Splashing, Movement
    Weather: Rain, Hail, Wind, Thunder
    Many, many more!(See the sound list below)

    PARTY PACK (1.98 GB, $40)
    An extensive collection of party-related sounds, “Party Pack” brings you 2,000 96kHz/24-bit stereo recordings of balloons, party horns, matches, sparklers, party poppers, confetti, various toys and more!
    SEWING MACHINE (2.73 GB, $32)
    This library brings you 800 mechanical sounds created entirely from an electronic sewing machine, including: 20 different rhythmic seams all recorded at up to 5 different speeds with 2 microphone positions; over 200 seamless loops; various gradual revvings, ramping up and down, clicks, ticks, movements and warm-up checks – all recorded at the standard 96kHz 24-bit stereo.
    UI – MECHANICAL (381 MB, $32)
    This library brings you 350 intricately designed user interface sounds with a mechanical aesthetic, recorded at 96kHz/24-bit stereo. These sounds were crafted from various machines, clockwork, buttons and switches alongside several other gadgets and tools. The library covers 10 UI categories, including:

    Cancel: A cancellation sound useful for backing out of a selection, or returning to a previous page.
    Confirm: A confirmation selection sound (more intense and fancier than the “Select” sounds) useful for a final confirmation or selection.
    Error: A negative error alert useful for a problem or issue.
    Loading: A loopable sound for a mechanical device that is loading, processing or analysing.
    Move: The quick, small movement sound as you move between different options in a menu or list.
    Notification: A notification alert useful for popups and messages.
    Select: A simpler selection sound for general confirmation and selections.
    Text Scroll: A loopable sound to accompany the scrolling of dialogue in a conversation or upon reading text
    Turning Off: A turning off or shutting down of a machine or device.
    Turning On: A turning on or booting up of a machine or device.

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