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This week on A Sound Effect, we have sounds that will help you express your interesting new worlds. If you’re looking for sci-fi movements, whooshing lightsabers, or futuristic user interface sounds, we have those. If you’re looking for orchestral percussion that sounds like it came from the bottom of the ocean, we have that, too. And if you want close-up sounds of wolves, seagulls, elevators, quadcopters, and tape machines, you’ll be happy with what you hear – and how they’ll inspire you to experiment!
  • Sci-Fi CyberSphere Play Track 339 sounds included, 30 mins total $29.99 $19.99

    CYBESPHERE is a collection of 340 carefully designed and rendered UI/HUD sound effects.

    CS consists of classic analog-like and FMish sounds, multi-layered, experimental ones-shots and sequences and
    hybrid, animated, organic-feeling sound effects you won't find anywhere else.

    UI/HUD beeps, alarms, calculations, opens and closes, glitches and more. Please have a look at attached SFX list.

     Pro Tools, Live, Reaktor, Modular.

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'CyberSphere' by PM:SFX is a collection of intricately designed UI and HUD sounds. From multilayered calculations to simple chirps, this library has a range of effects for your mobile games, futuristic consoles, and more. All together you get over 300 sounds of clicks, beeps, glitches, transmissions, text read-outs, holograms, glitches, and more! If you need an all-around useful user interface library, look no further.
Wolves & Coyotes
  • Animals & Creatures Wolves & Coyotes Play Track 150+ sounds included $50 $25

    This collection features 150 wolf and coyote sound effects.  This library includes howls, roars, barks and more from single and multiple coyotes and wolves.

    These sounds have been handpicked from the Sound Ideas General HD collections, Series 6000, Series 1000,  Just Birds & Animals and Wild World of Animals libraries, as well as the Digiffects Library and the Hollywood Edge Animal Trax, The Edge 1 & 2, Premiere Edition and Animal Planet libraries.

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'Wolves & Coyotes' by Audiohero features 150 wolf and coyote sound effects hand-picked from libraries by Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge, Digieffects. In this collection, you will hear vicious barks, growls, moans, and whines, as well as playful pups and, of course, those iconic howls. These sounds are great for adding both realism to your scene and giving voice to your game's predatory enemies. For a solid collection of these wild canines, give this one a listen.
Sci-Fi FX
  • Hum, Buzz & Glitches Sci-Fi FX Play Track 203 sounds included $29

    203 designed glitches, textures, robots, UFOs, machines and other effects. Everything from a malfunctioning robot to a shuttle launch sequence.

    Sound designed at 24-bit / 96Khz, these sound effects were designed to give flexibility to an editor looking for wild Sci-Fi sounds. These sounds can be used as they are, or treated as foundation audio for further sound design and manipulation.

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'Sci-Fi FX' by 3MAZE is an epic compilation of over 200 designed glitches, textures, robots, UFOs, machines, and more. This library will help you quickly layer your scene with sounds of android and spacecraft movements, glitchy ambiences, crucial malfunctions, and dramatic launch sequences. It really covers quite the scope in terms of both scenarios and frequencies! Whether you need sounds for your machines or a little futuristic spice, be sure to check out the demo.
Performed Orchestral Percussion
  • Drones & Moods Performed Orchestral Percussion Play Track 523+ sounds included, 505 mins total $119

    Sounds for this library were recorded in amazing sounding film scoring studio and performed on orchestral set of top-end Kolberg percussion instruments. The intention was to perform organic sound effects resonated by musical instruments and not regular musical samples.

    Sounds were generated with a few different rubbers, mallets and a bow. They were performed to be used for abstract sound design elements, as well as emotional big creatures vocalizations. You will find there many growls and moans, which can be used for example as designed whale vocalizations.

    Recordings were done on microphones with extended frequency range: Schoeps CMC6XT, Sanken CO-100k and Trance Inducer (which also records up to 50kHz), which makes them ideal source for pitch-shifting.

    Please note: Pitch shifted files in the demo are presented only to show potential of those recordings and aren't included in the library. No additional processing was done on all sounds.

    Instruments used:

    Timpanis • Taiko Drums • Gran Casa • Orchestral Toms • Orchestral Snares • Chinese Gongs • Chinese Wuhan Gongs • Chinese Opera Glissando Gongs • Burmese / Thai Gongs • Metal Plates • Vibraphone • Crotales • Bell Tree • Lion’s Roar • Ocean Drum • Rainstick • Ratchets • Vibraslap • Flexatone • Tibetan Bowl • Glass Chimes • Bamboo Chimes • Temple Blocks • Alpine Bells • Musical Saw

    Gear used:

    Schoeps CMC6XT MK41/MK8 MS kit • Sanken CO-100k • Sennheiser MKH-8060 • Trance Audio Stereo Inducer contact microphones • Sound Devices 702, 744, MixPre

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Imagine you are deep in the ocean, but replace the surrounding whales and dolphins with echoing gongs, drums, and Tibetan bowls... You might be in a world created by Michal Fojcik! In his new library 'Performed Orchestral Percussion', you will hear lots of concert percussion like timpanis, taiko drums, toms, gongs, vibraphones, rainsticks, chimes, and more that have been experimented with and could influence the entire direction of your sound. If you want something new and unique, this one will inspire you!
  • Animals & Creatures Seagulls Play Track 28+ sounds included $35

    The Seagulls sfx library includes 28 tracks of both single, isolated seagull screams, and bigger flocks of nesting seagulls, calling out to each other and their chicks. There are plenty of classic call sounds, but also some weird throaty and raspy screaming, and what could sound like seagull laughing sounds.

    All tracks are recorded with the very useful zoom function of the Telinga microphone and dish.
    Library includes both untreated tracks, and noise reduction processed tracks in two separate folders. Noise reduction processed tracks have carefully been cleaned up with a CEDAR NR system.

    Though these birds are in an abundance around most harbours and industry around here, they are not always easy to record. You mostly hear them from a distance, or from places not easy to access. When you try to get close to them, they will usually fly away.

    Many hours have been spent on rooftops, gardens, backyards, a junkyard, and different harbours to get this material.

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'Seagulls' by SonicSalute gets you 28 tracks with birds that signify a large body of water is nearby. This collection has plenty of scenarios - from flocks over the harbor to nesting colonies to isolated shrieks. It also covers their extensive calls with repetitive barks, high-pitched squeals, raspy wails, bullfrog-like bellows, and more. For over a half hour of a bird we simultaneously love and hate, check this one out.
Light Sabre
  • Electricity Light Sabre Play Track 63 sounds included, 5+ mins total $9

    Ok, ok, before you hit the preview button…back in school a friend made a short film with lots of fighting and light sabres. Who doesn’t want to try their hand at making those? This was my valiant attempt as a fledgling sound designer. They ain't the real thing but perhaps useful nonetheless. Enjoy!

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'Light Sabre' by Big Room Sound Inc. is a quick pack of sounds inspired by our favorite space opera. This library was born out of the curiosity of independent filmmaking to offer you lightsabers with their own personality. You will hear swings, clashes, retractions, and more - and though they weren't created by Ben Burtt, another award-winning sound designer had a hand in their creation. For over 60 sounds of these re-imagined weapons, give this one a listen.
Curious Drone-Quadcopter
  • Quadcopters / Drones Curious Drone-Quadcopter Play Track 60 sounds included, 30 mins total $20

    High quality unprocessed drone/quadcopter recorded using both binaural and mid-side microphone techniques. 4 different types of quadcopters were used in this sound library.

    Gear: Neumann KU-100 binaural dummy head microphone, Schoeps mid-side setup (Schoeps CMC6 MK8, Schoeps, CCM M4, Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6)

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'Curious Drone-Quadcopter' by Kevin Durr is an impressive collection of UAV sounds that captures their wide range of buzzing movements. With over a half hour of recordings, you will hear these fun little (and sometimes not so little) aircraft as they rush around the atmosphere, offering you sounds of buzzing, wobbling engines, zippy passbys, and fantastic crashes. Plus, it features drones by DJI and Hubsan with the metadata to back it up! If you need sounds of quadcopters, look no further.
Lifts & Elevators
  • Industrial Lifts & Elevators Play Track 223+ sounds included $50

    The ‘Lifts and Elevators’ library contains a collection of sounds sourced from 19 different elevators. Each model bringing their own unique sonic qualities and character. From slick and smooth modern elevators to weathered old freight and goods lifts, these high-quality recordings have been carefully captured in:

    • Hotels
    • Offices
    • Studios
    • Flats/Apartments
    • Schools/Universities
    • Warehouses/Industrial Units

    Each elevator has been recorded in motion, opening and closing its doors (manually and mechanically), producing metallic rattles, creaks, groans and more. Additionally, Button pressing, alarm bells, buzzers and stationary room tones, have been captured in crystal clear detail.

    All sounds have been recorded in high-quality 24 bit, 96 kHz using Sound Devices recorders and Sennheiser MKH8040, MKH416 and MKH30 microphones. Each file has been also tagged with detailed Soundminer metadata to speed up workflow and increase organisation.

    The majority of recordings contain both a stereo MS decoded and ORTF version. The midside has a narrower stereo image whilst the ORTF provides a wider version.

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'Lifts & Elevators' by If a Tree Falls gets you clean, up-close sounds from 19 different elevators. From modern lifts in hotels, universities, and offices to the tried and tested elevators in apartments and warehouses, you will be able to hear low ambient hums, rattling, screechy groans of the gears, and more! Plus, you will get sounds of alarms, chimes, announcements, buttons, and an impressive list of metadata. For a library that'll be your friend for industrial ambiences, indoor transportation, interesting doors, and more, you won't regret this purchase.
Vintage Tape Machine
'Vintage Tape Machine' by resonant features the sounds of a Nagra 3 open-reel tape recorder from a 1963 model. This interesting display of sounds includes its switches, buttons, and dials, as well as hand winding, opening and closing the lid, and the device playing with and without tapes. Overall, you get a bouquet of analog gems for your retro-futuristic (or just retro) gadgets and gear. For over 150 sounds of 20th-century high tech, check this one out.

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