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This week on A Sound Effect, we have nine new libraries that will get you the lush ambiences and detailed sound effects you’ve been looking for. You can hear human Yeti vocalizations that will trick your imagination, sounds of brick and pebble-filled debris, wood impacts from a demolition, interior and exterior sounds from an English car, and subtly emotive drones and interference. You’ll also hear relaxing ambiences from Chile, Thailand, American backyards, and ponds near Chicago. There’s something for everything in this recap, so we hope you enjoy!
Yeti Monster
  • Animals & Creatures Yeti Monster Play Track 300+ sounds included, 17+ mins total $39 $31

    Extensive humanoid creatures actions, emotions and reactions.
    The “Yeti Monster” library is an extensive collection of rare humanoid creature sounds. They were carefully recorded, edited, classified, thoroughly metatagged. It comprises expressive cinematic designed sounds with over 25 different type of articulations, actions and reactions; as well as cartoon-like interpretations.

    Library highlights:
    • 247 epic, designed humanoid creature sounds
    • 25+ various types of articulations, actions, emotions and reactions, including breath, gasp, growl, snore, grunt, movement, mumble, roar, footstep, …
    • included additional 53 Cartoon-like recordings of funny, friendly yeti monster
    • 192 KHz High samplerate sounds recording and processing
    • Well focused editing and extensive metadata -> ready-to-use sounds
    About The Yeti Monster Library:

    Ultra High Samplerate
    More than 10 real voice actors were recorded for this library. The unique Sanken Co-100K microphone captured an astounding broad frequency spectrum, up to 100KHz. Thus allowing for extra pitching and treatment on the signal while keeping its natural character! The impressive result are authentic realistic ape-like creature sounds which will surely bring an added value to your projects.

    Versatile Humanoid Sounds
    Over 25 different articulations, actions, emotions and reactions included. These sounds are suitable for yetis, bigfoots but also for any humanoid or ape-like monsters! It is delivered in 192Khz which allows for additional pitchings and treatments.

    21 %
'Yeti Monster' by Articulated Sounds gets you 247 designed creature sounds from 10 voice actors that are as intricately realistic as they are fun to listen to. This collection has breaths, gasps, growls, snores, grunts, mumbles and more from beasts that exist somewhere between folklore and moonless nights. The library also has movements and footsteps, as well as additional cartoon-like designs and room tones from a traditional Amerindian hut. If you need humanoid monster vocalizations that you could swear are raw recordings of the beasts themselves, give this one a listen.
Mid-Size Car
  • Cars Mid-Size Car Play Track 86 sounds included, 7 mins total $20

    86 sounds of a British mid-size family 2017 1.6 litre manual car. Doors, windows, seat, horn, wipers, glovebox, trunk, hood, driving and more. Nice clean new sounds, recorded in the Summer of 2017.

'Mid-Size Car' by John Silke is a quick pack of 86 sounds from a UK-built car. You'll hear this mid-size vehicle's electric windows and seats whirring, glove box and center console opening and closing, seat belts being fastened, and the doors opening, closing and locking. You'll also get recordings of the engine revving, as well as sounds of the window wipers, parking lights, air conditioner, and hood and trunk, or - if you'd rather - bonnet and boot. It's a pack that will save you in a pinch or delightfully add to your existing library.
  • Environments Backyard Play Track 30+ sounds included, 167 mins total $15

    ‘Backyard’ by Badlands Sound puts you right in the middle of America's backyard. You will hear in the morning the peaceful sounds of mourning doves, robins, and other song birds along and at night you will hear a distant American School Football Game with crowds cheering and a sports announcer among with crickets and distant dog barks and yelps.

    It includes 30 high-quality 96k / 24-bit ambiences of the backyard, perfect for your projects. All sounds are long – Five and a half minutes each!

    The library features four different times during the day; morning, afternoon, evening, and night.

'Backyard' by Badlands Sound has the slightly serene, slightly noisy sounds of residential areas in the US. You'll hear peaceful morning bird choruses, the wash of crickets, pleasant wind chimes, and a passing thunderstorm, as well as the more noticeable sounds of dogs barking, distant trains, and faraway crowds cheering at a football game. You'll get small town atmospheres from morning till night, and each track is over five minutes long! For residential ambiences that have interesting natural details, give this one a listen.
  • World Sounds Chile Play Track 47+ sounds included, 104 mins total $50

    The Chile Faunethic sound library is a unique collection of 47 sounds recorded during a month and produced with high-quality equipment.
    From the north mountains above 4000 meters surrounded by lakes and deserts, to the southern wet Patagonian landscapes, this collection includes:

    -Villages from desert environments to wet Patagonia.
    -Shy wildlife, Flamingo and southern birds.
    -City of Santiago de Chile, Puerto Montt and Valparaiso.
    -Forests, always wet and rainy.

    This collection provides authentic sounds recording with high-quality equipment. All Faunethic tracks includes metadata carefully edited with Soundminer. All these sounds are delivered at 24/96Khz .wav files downloadable as a zip file.

    Gear Used: DPA and Neumann mics, powered by an Atea 4minX.

Faunethic has a new library out - and for some of you, that is reason enough to check out the demo! This time we are transported deep into South America in the new library 'Chile'. With 47 recordings, from the sharply formed mountains to the country's capital city, you'll hear rainy ambiences, interesting birds (including flamingos), village chatter, bustling commercial areas, distant ferry boats, and much more. Each track lasts from 1 to over 3 minutes, giving you well over an hour and a half of the beautiful, immersive sounds we've come to expect from Faunethic.
  • Sci-Fi Sense Play Track 75 sounds included, 29 mins total $25 $15

    “Sense” is an exciting collection of textures to enrich the sonic world of your Sci-fi production. If you need that extra ingredient when you are creating a dense and deep Sci-fi atmosphere, this library can help you to achieve that.

    Movements, atmospheric elements and energies are some of the things you will find in this pack of sounds. Sounds with a strong and futuristic feeling, elements that are a great addition to your collection.

    Categories:Atmospheric element • Energy • Feedback • Glitch • Impact • Interference • Movement • Robotic

    In addition to being a great library for Horror or Sci-fi games and movies, this collection works well for trailers too.

    40 %
    Ends 1527717600
'Sense' by MatiasMacSD is an engaging library that melds texture and tone to create menacing drones and glitchy movements. You'll hear 75 unique sounds that portray energy, interference, feedback, and atmosphere and will fit in your sci-fi and horror games - or any project that requires a sinister quality. These sounds are also available in 96kHz, so you can bend and twist them however you'd like! For a half hour of ear-catching sounds, check out this library.
Suburbs of Chicago: Lagoon
  • Nature & Countryside Suburbs of Chicago: Lagoon Play Track 300+ sounds included, 123 mins total $12 $9

    Suburbs of Chicago: Lagoon is the second installment in the Suburbs of Chicago Series. This package contains ambiences from a suburban lagoon. There is no shortage of bird chirps, leaves and grass rustling in the wind, and bike pass bys. Canoe Paddling, both distant and close, can be heard as one of the outdoor activities. As in any suburb, there are distant cars and distant planes. There is also 20 minutes of various car passes on a side road. 18 files wrap up this small package and over 300+ sounds for a duration of over 2 hours! All files are metadata tagged using Basehead and exported at 48kHz, 24 Bit.

    25 %
'Suburbs of Chicago: Lagoon' by All You Can Eat Audio extends the 'Suburbs' theme to where Chicagoans like to spend their time outdoors. This library has over 2 hours of peaceful canoe paddling, people swimming and fishing, and birds that prefer the view of a lake instead of yards or concrete. It also has rustling grass and leaves, as well as distant planes and traffic, plus the files are tagged with comprehensive metadata. For sounds that will make you miss the summer, give this one a listen.
Torturing Wood
  • Wood Torturing Wood Play Track 100 sounds included $10

    Torturing Wood is a compact bundle of cracking, tearing, and breaking sounds – from the destruction of an old wooden garage. It offers 100 files, each meticulously edited, and embedded with metadata information for easy import and ensure a fast and easy workflow.

'Torturing Wood' by Mechanical Wave has those creaking, cracking sounds of destroying an old wooden garage. With sounds of heavy debris, wood on wood impacts, squeaking and rubbing planks, hammering wood, and more, this detailed library give you - excuse the pun - a lot of bang for your buck. It also saves you a lot of hard work, especially if you don't have a garage handy to tear apart! If you need sounds of destruction of the wooden variety, this library has you covered.
Rock, Brick, and Dirt 02
'Rock, Brick, and Dirt 02' by Mechanical Wave has over 130 sounds of, well, rocks, bricks, and dirt! This library has the distinct textures of falling pebbles, colliding bricks, sliding gravel, rocky impacts, and more for plenty of varied textures of the rocky sort. These high-quality sounds can also be stretched to layer your action-filled avalanche scenes, footsteps, and other interactive sounds, so if you need debris, check this one out!
Ambiences from Thailand
  • Ambiences from Thailand is a collection of sounds from busy and exotic Bangkok, idyllic Railay Beach and Khao Sok with oldest evergreen rainforest in the world. You will hear tourists’ excitement, local Thais conversations, traditional gongs at world-famous temples and cricket chirps and other insects in middle of the night. Additionally you will find soundscapes generated by Asian means of transportation: boats, tuk tuks, buses and planes.

    Sounds have been captured in Bangkok, Ao Namm, Railay Beach, Phra Nang Beach, Krabi, Khao Sok and Surat Thani.

Robert Kubicki took a trip to the world's oldest evergreen rainforest to capture some 'Ambiences from Thailand'. This collection has sounds with other tourists on motorists, boats, tuk tuks and planes, as well as local conversations in cafes and monks speaking in temples. It also brings you straight into the heart of the famous rain forest with lush ambiences of crickets, frogs, distant birds, and small waves. If you need sounds of people on their personal adventures, check this one out.

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Popular sound effects this week:

  • Game Audio Packs & Bundles Mobile Game Play Track 578 sounds included, 30 mins total $59 $35

    Need sound for a mobile game? With Mobile Game you get 578 files of musical stabs, modern & retro pickups, crafting essentials, tonal and organic game trinkets and upgrades, power ups, a variety of coins, bubbles, UI and so much more mobile game fun. ​It’s a pack that will bring instant familiarity to the users of your game or video productions.

    Inspired by app market hits like Clash of Clans and Candy Crush, we present to you Mobile Game, our most fun and gameplay-inspired sound library yet!

    Mobile Game features sounds such as:

    Bubbles • Building • Coins • Crafting • Mechanisms and Contraptions • Musical Stabs • Objective Completes • Pick Ups • Potions • Tonal Designed Organic fx • UI/Menu • Upgrades

    41 %
  • Sports Soccer SFX Play Track 100 sounds included $20

    Want the sound of soccer (or football, if you like)? This library delivers a wide range of soccer sounds, including various kicks and ball impact sounds.

    It also packs keep-up, knee, chest and header sounds + ball impacts on various surfaces / items. And finally, soccer boot footsteps, keeper sounds and ref whistles are also included.

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