7 new sound libraries Asbjoern Andersen

This week on A Sound Effect, we're taking a journey with diverse sonic themes!

In this recap, you can unwind with calming Swedish night ambiences, or travel over to Finland and craft traditional music with two meticulously-sampled kanteles.

For interiors, we have you covered with interesting door creaks and knocks, along with the haunting beauty of an abandoned oil tank.

And to top it off, unleash your creativity with a diverse collection of common appliances and wacky experiments, and explore the heartwarming cuteness of baby sounds. Happy listening!

Sound library highlight by Adriane Kuzminski
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The Nighttime Nature Library

'The Nighttime Nature Library' by Pole Position Production will immerse you in the sounds of the Swedish countryside at night. It features 22 recordings of birdsong, from the hushed chirps of evening to the gradual increase in bird activity into a vibrant chorus as dawn breaks.
Abandoned Oil Tank

'Abandoned Oil Tank' by Katrine Amsler lets you explore an abandoned oil tank in Denmark. With intriguing long reverb and low-frequency resonances from the giant wires inside, it offers a chance to experience the haunting beauty of an unusual location before it was demolished.
  • Cinematic & Trailer Sound Effects Abandoned Oil Tank Play Track 327 sounds included $50

    On a recording trip to the smaller Danish port town Struer, I came across an abandoned empty oil tank. Inside I found two giant wires attached to the floor and the ceiling of the tank, almost like a huge 2 stringed double bass. I’m telling you the reverb in there was longer than the Eiffel Tower on a cloudless day !

    On the outside this was just an empty abandoned building, but it turned out it was not empty at all because it was full of sound and a few dead birds. I’m glad I was curious enough to go inside for a closer investigation and not just pass by.

    After several hours of concentrated recording, it was nice to get my ears back out in dry air. I’m happy there are no open sends to Valhalla in real life but experiencing the eternal resonance on the low frequencies from the wires was absolutely amazing.

    Abandoned Oil Tank was recorded with a LOM basic Ucho stereo pair, a Zoom H6 and the LOM Geofon. All files are in 96 kHz/24 bit and contain the original recordings.

    The result is a unique sound effect library including balloon pop impulse responses from a truly unique location that very recently became even more unique since word says that the oil tank is no more and has abandoned this world.

    327 individual sounds – all tagged with Universal Category System (UCS) metadata.


Small Rantonen Kantele

'Small Rantonen Kantele' by Niklas Eurén is a virtual recreation of a 5-string kantele made in 1770. It aims to mimic the playing experience of a real kantele with features like pedals and different sound options, as well as independent string tuning.
  • The physical version of Small Rantonen Kantele is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, still playable 5-string kanteles in the world, as it was made in 1770. The kantele was made famous by kantele player Antti Rantonen, who owned it and played it during his career.

    NOTE: FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required (NOT Kontakt Player)

    Kantele, also called kannel, is a traditional Finnish and Karelian plucked string instrument. Similar instruments include the Estonian kannel, Latvian kokles, Lithuanian kanklės, and Russian gusli.

    Main idea for the virtual kantele was to create an instrument you can play live, almost like a real kantele. We used pedals, velocity layers, and special keyswitches to create a playing experience closer to the real instrument. Strumming is a crucial part of playing the small kantele, so we kept that in the middle of the development from start to finish.

    Samples were recorded using different parts of the kantele, with resonance and without resonance, to give more options for the sound of the instrument. During the sampling the strings were tuned using a diatonic scale (CDEFG). With the virtual instrument it is possible to tune every string independently, so you can achieve the traditional D-tuning and many other tunings.

    We captured long, damped, and dead notes, and harmonics. In addition we recorded percussion with the strings and the body of the instrument. Many other delicious samples are also present, including the sounds of hand damping the strings!

    Below you can view the walkthrough video for the instrument.

Large Rantonen Kantele

'Large Rantonen Kantele' by Niklas Eurén is a detailed VST of this 30-string Finnish instrument. Designed for a realistic playing experience, it incorporates pedals and other features to mimic the use of both hands on the physical kantele.
  • The physical version of Large Rantonen Kantele is an old, large 30-string concert kantele made in 1902. The kantele was made famous by kantele player Antti Rantonen, who owned it and played it during his career.

    NOTE: FULL Kontakt 6.7.0 or higher required (NOT Kontakt Player)

    Kantele, also called kannel, is a traditional Finnish and Karelian plucked string instrument. Similar instruments include the Estonian kannel, Latvian kokles, Lithuanian kanklės, and Russian gusli.

    Main idea for the virtual kantele was to create an instrument you can play live, almost like a real kantele. As both hands are on the strings when playing a physical kantele, we used pedals, velocity layers, and special keyswitches to create a playing experience closer to the real instrument.

    We recorded long notes, damped notes, harmonics, and mallet hits. For the virtual instrument, we expanded these notes to cover the missing sharps and flats, and even more lower and higher notes. We also added a virtual damping board, two play modes, and a large number of options to help you to create your own sound and playing style.

    Below you can view the walkthrough video for the instrument.


'Zody' by Eiravaein Works LLC captures the delightful sounds of babies throughout their first year. It features a range of vocalizations, from giggles and cries to babbling and coos recorded at various stages of development, as well as essentials like strollers, toys, and more.
  • Human Sound Effects Zody Play Track 1243+ sounds included, 151 mins total $55

    With abounding character and a penchant for speaking their mind, these little folk always have a lot to say. Wonder and amazement naturally follows.

    Having the honor to be able to observe these tikes in their natural habitats, it became clear how babies share a great deal across their mannerisms as the grow. A longitudinal family of vocalizations and sounds that span the first year of life and maturity, the heart of this library, centers on those personalities and mannerisms changing and taking shape over that period of time. The little ones have been recorded at infancy, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 1 year old. Each of these developmental milestones mark a significant step forward for all babies and at these stages their personalities and expressiveness grow remarkably. It is the constantly evolving language of exploration and examination; always learning. Each vocalization in this library, even within the same stage of development, is unique. From giggles to shouts, questioning to cries, babbles, cooing, and inventive phrases all the way around.

    Additionally, strollers, toys, diaper bags, bottles, pumps, swings, and more have been captured as compliments to represent all of those ubiquitous items in a baby’s world. The strollers were profiled on different surfaces and from different mechanical perspectives. The toys were recorded both in-play and as Foley. Bottles and diapers were used in their normal function and fashion, while other tools and devices of the dedicated and savvy parent were selected for their sound and utility.

    Joyfulness is easy to hear in this library.

Noisy Doors

'Noisy Doors' by BoaSound features recordings of 11 unique doors, chosen for their distinct sounds. It captures a wide range of door-related sound effects in detail, including opening, closing, knocks, bangs, and handle movements at various intensities.
  • Door Sound Effects Noisy Doors Play Track 500 sounds included $20

    This library contains recordings of eleven different types of doors specifically chosen for their interesting sound. I performed all actions with a lot of detail covering “open/close”, “knocks”, “bangs and thuds”, “handle grab and rattle” and when possible also “crackles and squeaks” (all recorded at various intensities)

Vaeyan V

'Vaeyan V' by Eiravaein Works LLC is the final chapter of this series that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a wild mix of sounds captured over several years. From everyday appliances to unusual experiments and even the sounds of sleep (human and canine!), it provides a treasure trove of unique audio elements.
  • Environments & Ambiences Vaeyan V Play Track 1133+ sounds included, 809 mins total $38

    Rounding out our set of libraries that gather beautiful offcuts from many a field recording expedition, our 5th and final installment of our variety SFX series, Vaeyan V is bigger, wilder, and more diverse than its predecessors. Recorded over a several year period, you’ll find everything from superposition array on common appliances to wacky experiments with unlikely materials. Fantastic captures of human sleeping habits (and some dogs as well), alongside of lively automated car washes and mics snuck into melodic bundles of twisted metal. And of course, a few peculiar off-beat ambience recordings as well.

    As with Vaeyan IIIIII, and IV, this is a huddling of field recordings and sound designs that do not quite form a library on their own. However, together they make up an audio FX treasure chest gleaming with precious audio loot. Dig in!

A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Bundles Mattia Cellotto – Complete Bundle Play Track 11100+ sounds included $1,068

    Mattia Cellotto’s extraordinary sound libraries are some of the most popular releases in independent sound effects – and here’s your chance to get them all at a nice discount. Here’s what’s you get:

    NEW: CATACLYSM is a collection more than 1400 sounds in 400+ files of recorded, synthesized and designed sounds created to support important destructive moments and add a stronger sense of extreme consequence to any sound.

    ANIMAL HYPERREALISM VOL I is a library containing themed animal vocalisations & sounds, from real to designed creatures totaling more than 1300 individual sounds in 290 files.

    ANIMAL HYPERREALISM VOL II is a library containing themed animal sounds & vocalisations, from real to designed creatures totaling more than 2000 individual sounds in 283 files.

    ANIMAL HYPERREALISM VOL III is a library containing sounds themed animal vocalisations, from real to designed creatures totaling more than 1700 individual sounds in 279 files.

    METAMORPHOSIS is a huge collection of recorded source, synthesized material and hybrid sounds – more than 2300 sounds total.

    GLACIER ICE is a library containing over 300 high quality sounds of ice cracking, breaking, shattering in various sizes of blocks – recorded entirely in the Italian Alps over the course of two winters.

    POLARITY delivers more than 950 sounds of electricity, science and technology – captured in several locations around the world, from electricity museums to science labs.

    ULTRASONIC DRY ICE is a library containing over 600 sounds themed metal resonances, scrapes and all sorts of weird.

    ROCKS MOMENTUM gets you more than 1100 sounds of rocks, bricks, wood logs, stones, impacting on different surfaces, rolling, being scraped one against the other and so on. The library was recorded in the Italian alps, and in Inverness, Scotland.

    WATER VOLUMES delivers you over 300 sounds of natural hot-springs, bubbles, and liquids of various densities boiling under the effect of dry ice.

    METAL GROANS AND SLAMS is a library for which metal was kicked, hammered, bowed and… induced to vibrate through feedback loops?! The collection features 346 unique sounds recorded through field trips in US, UK and Italy.

    CRUNCH MODE & THE BORAX EXPERIMENT are also included as a bonus: Crunch Mode features 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust & frozen goods, and The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy, gooey SFX.

    10 %
  • Every sound of clothes you need for a classic scene is in this library: walk, run, jump, fight, pat, rustle, etc. I used eight different types of material and recorded each action with a lot of detail and making sure I gave you a lot of variety.

    Clothing: Bomber jacket with zipper, Denim Shirt, Harrington jacket, Hawaiian shirt, Puffer jacket, Tuxedo, Windbreaker, Wool jacket

    32 %
  • Get ready for an immersive and thrilling gaming experience Sci-Fi Voices Volume 02 Big Battle Robot. This pack includes over 1090 high-quality, futuristic words and phrases that will bring your gameplay to life.

    With the Big Battle Robot Mech guiding you every step of the way, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the action.Whether you’re maneuvering through dangerous terrain or giving commands, the battle mech robot’s powerful, commanding voice will keep you on track.

    The voice lines range from authoritative to helpful, giving your in-game character the personality it deserves. Whether you need to issue orders for an attack, warn your crew members of threats, or provide information on the state of the mission, the MBig Battle Robot Voice Sound Pack has the perfect sound to suit your needs.

    Here are some example phrases to give you an idea of what’s included in the pack:

    My systems are always prepared for the next fight 

    My programming demands your destruction 

    Strategy remarkable 

    Your tactics are predictable. I know your every move 

    Your weapons are nothing compared to mine 

    Victory is inevitable I am programmed for greatness 

    Outcome outstanding 

    My thirst for victory is unquenchable 

    I”ve seen a lot in my time lets see if I”ve still got it 

    My weapons are at the cutting edge of technology 

    My advanced weaponry and fighting spirit make me a force to be reckoned with 

    My abilities are not up to the challenge 

    I”ll protect the team and ensure their safety 

    I may be old but I still have a lot of fight left in me 

    I am not equipped to handle this type of challenge 

    A robot with a thirst for victory always pushing for greatness 

    Good job!

    Closing Application 

    For a detailed listing of the words and phrases, take a look at the soundlist PDF document.


    All sounds are provided in 44,1khz/16bit and 48kHz/24bit


    50 %
    Ends 1722376800
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Environments & Ambiences Future Dystopia Play Track 626 sounds included, 142 mins total $44.95

    The sounds of a dark tomorrow… are here!

    Orbital Emitter is proud to present our first World Building Sound-Set, FUTURE DYSTOPIA!
    Future Dystopia is a meticulously crafted collection of audio atmospheres and sonic elements that can be used in any film, tv or streaming show, music production, game development, YouTube content creation and more!
    Future Dystopia embodies the dark yet intense world of cyberpunk sci-fi by providing everything you need to create vibrant environments, detailed locales and dynamic scenes.
    But the best thing about this sound-set is that you can create these rich and imaginative scifi soundscapes in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods!
    Our curated atmospheres and elements can be combined, dissected, and quickly customized so that you can achieve great results to rival any Hollywood production! And the diversity of our sounds means you can build audio scenes for urban districts, space stations, industrial sites, abandoned locales, power stations, vehicles and more, FAST!
    Simply drop a few of our audio files into any NLE or DAW and hear how quickly your scenes will come to life! And with our sound-sets, all of our sounds are organized, clearly titled and contains metadata for each audio file.

    Future Dystopia – our World Building Sound-Set is made up of 626 sounds across 151 WAV audio files. There are 54 atmospheres, 67 Elements, 7 foundation sounds, 12 speech sets and 11 vehicle builds… Our sound-files are 24bit/96k stereo (that can be folded to mono if desired.)
    Every sound in Future Dystopia is 100% original and created to help transport your audience to another world!
    Order now and receive our 19 page e-guide that explains how to get the most out of this sound-set absolutely FREE.

    SPECIAL NOTE: To celebrate the release of this brand new sound-set, we are offering a 25% OFF for a limited time!
    We hope you enjoy Future Dystopia our first world building sound-set!


    Quick note about the download:

    Please note that the Future Dystopia Sound-Set is 5.4GB when uncompressed. To make delivery more streamlined, we have compressed this file to the “.zip” format.
    Because Windows users might have issues opening a “.zip” file over 4GB, we have included a “.rar” version of the file so Windows users can avoid any issues.

    TLDR: If you are on a Mac computer, just open the “.zip” file and for Windows users, open the “.rar” file.


    25 %
    Ends 1719871199
  • Animal Sound Effects The Animal Symphony – Donkey Play Track 69+ sounds included, 10 mins total $10


    Product description:

    “The Animal Symphony – Donkey” offers a collection of 69 high-quality audio tracks, each with multiple sounds (between 3 and 6 variations). The audios are organized with an intuitive nomenclature, allowing you to easily swap the different microphone jacks, so you can choose which microphone to use or combine them all. Using two high-end microphones, the Sennheiser MKH 8050 and an EM258 capsule microphone, along with a Zoom H6 recorder for stereo sound, we have captured every detail and nuance of these sounds. Recordings were made at 24-bit and 192kHz/96kHz, ensuring professional clarity and depth.

    This collection offers a wide variety of braying, growling, donkeys eating, etc… these sounds are perfect for adding realism and authenticity to your projects. With multiple takes and variations, this library provides the flexibility needed for any type of production requiring sounds from these animals. All recordings have been carefully edited to eliminate external noises, such as birds, wind or people. Furthermore, thanks to the ultrasonic microphones used, it is guaranteed that whoever decides to lower the tone will continue to obtain frequency richness.

    Ideal applications:

    – Video games: Add realism and depth to the natural environments of your games.
    – Cinema and Documentaries: Enrich your audiovisual productions with authentic sounds.
    – Educational Applications: Use these sounds in educational projects to teach about wildlife and animal behavior.
    – Multimedia Projects: Ideal for any project that seeks to enrich the user’s listening experience.

    Technical details:

    – Total audios: 69 (Each audio contains between 3 and 6 variations)
    – Format: 192kHz – 96kHz/24bit
    – Equipment used: Zoom F6 recorder with Sennheiser MKH 8050 microphone and EM258 capsule microphone, plus a Zoom H6 recorder for stereo sound.


    The sounds from “The Animal Symphony – Donkey” are available under a royalty-free license, allowing them to be used in multiple projects at no additional costs. You can use these sound effects in your games, trailers, Kickstarter campaigns, and more, as many times as you like.

    17 %
    Ends 1719871199
  • Ribbiting Sounds for Your Next Project with our “Frogs” sound effects pack!

    This collection of high-quality, professionally recorded sounds captures the unique vocalization of frogs in their natural habitat.

    Ribbits, croaks, and chirps

    Perfect for aquatic or forest environments

    High-quality, 32-bit/192kHz


    Get Ready to Make a Splash with Your Next Project!

    15 %
    Ends 1719871199
  • Traffic Sound Effects Long Car Pass Bys Play Track 10-40 sounds included, 65 mins total $22

    This small library contains ten exquisite recordings in multiple variances of cars driving through a quiet and expansive landscape along a very long road. You can hear the car approaching from a very far distance, passing by close, and slowly fading away into the distance for a very long time as well. In other words; we capture the car’s journey from afar, stretching on until it disappears over the horizon.

    All recordings are clear and entirely devoid of external noise and human disruptions.

    All these recordings are recorded using two microphone setups: a Double MS Stereo setup and a spaced omnis setup, the latter also providing extended frequency response. This results in four variations for each recording: Stereo, Wide Stereo, Wide AB Stereo, and 5-channel 5.0 surround. The variances between these options range from subtle to more pronounced, offering flexibility for crosscutting within scenes.

    Get more than one hour of unique, royalty-free and notably high quality recordings with this library. Recorded in 24 bit / 96 kHz. Accurately edited and mastered to sound as natural as possible. With an average duration ranging from 40 seconds to 3 1/2 minutes per file. For more detailed descriptions of the recordings within this collection, please refer to the metadata provided in our file lists or listen to the preview montage.

    This library is UCS compliant (universalcategorysystem.com). In this new category system, all files contain extensive metadata like file description, Category & Subcategory. Metadata can be read and processed by the most common audio libraries management tools.

  • All files are recorded 32bit, 192 kHz, with Shure KSM 137, Line Audio Omni1, FEL Clippy XLR EM272, Sonorous Objects SO.3 and JrF C-Series Pro+ microphones, Sound Devices MixPre-6 II & Zoom F3 recorders. Library contains wav files of driving, interior and exterior foley, mechanical and electrical sounds. It is also available in UCS.


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