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Abandoned Oil Tank

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On a recording trip to the smaller Danish port town Struer, I came across an abandoned empty oil tank. Inside I found two giant wires attached to the floor and the ceiling of the tank, almost like a huge 2 stringed double bass. I’m telling you the reverb in there was longer than the Eiffel Tower on a cloudless day !

On the outside this was just an empty abandoned building, but it turned out it was not empty at all because it was full of sound and a few dead birds. I’m glad I was curious enough to go inside for a closer investigation and not just pass by.

After several hours of concentrated recording, it was nice to get my ears back out in dry air. I’m happy there are no open sends to Valhalla in real life but experiencing the eternal resonance on the low frequencies from the wires was absolutely amazing.

Abandoned Oil Tank was recorded with a LOM basic Ucho stereo pair, a Zoom H6 and the LOM Geofon. All files are in 96 kHz/24 bit and contain the original recordings.

The result is a unique sound effect library including balloon pop impulse responses from a truly unique location that very recently became even more unique since word says that the oil tank is no more and has abandoned this world.

327 individual sounds – all tagged with Universal Category System (UCS) metadata.


Licensor: : Katrine Amsler Categories: , , , .
Specs: 327 sounds • 327 files • 24 Bit / 96 kHz • 6,07 GB • Includes metadata
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1 review

  1. barney.oram1

    This is a SERIOUSLY impressive library. I bought it as soon as I heard the demo. These sounds are so evocative and useful. Brilliant work!

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