21 new sound libraries Asbjoern Andersen

This week on A Sound Effect, dive into a world of sonic possibilities!

You can hear many new vehicles, like a zippy Renault subcompact and powerful truck, the fuel-efficient Toyota Yaris, a tiny Fiat Bravo, and even a dedicated collection of UK police cars.

For sounds of nature, check out lush mysterious forests, crisp autumn soundscapes, powerful Singapore thunderstorms, and a diverse bundle of Ambisonic wildernesses.

Once you feel like returning to society, you can also hear sounds of patrons at UK shops, production-quality set walla, thunderous train impacts, celebratory fireworks, planes landing overhead in Los Angeles and Barcelona, and even a horse and carriage.

And if you're looking for something more abstract, check out dark ominous sinister textures, rustic wood impacts, bright EMF illumination, a cinematic horror tool for Kontakt 5, and experimental electrical and mechanical sounds. Happy listening!

Sound library highlight by Adriane Kuzminski
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Renault 460T Truck

'Renault 460T Truck' by Vadi Sound Library collects every detail of this beastly truck, from engine starts and revs to cabin ambience and gear shifts. Its 68 pristine sound files in 96kHz/24bit let you manipulate and layer sounds for ultimate control. Dive into the full sound list for a roar-some experience!
  • Game Audio Packs Renault 460T Truck Play Track 68 sounds included, 57 mins total $29.40

    Hear the powerful sounds of RENAULT 460T: 68 pristine sound files are also included as separate engine channels so that you can manipulate them to match your exact needs.

    Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    What’s Inside

    This pack includes the multi-channel tracks of onboard perspectives of a RENAULT 460T from engine starts and stops, rev-up, idle, gearshifts, door, cabin, accelerating and decelerating to constant and high, medium, low RPM, driving slowly and fast.

    You will get the fuel tank and the cabin perspective such as indicator clicks and creaks and rattle and the cabin hum whilst driving on both the rural roads and the highways.

    Up your game with these 68 mono and stereo sound files in 96kHz – 24bit format, 1.46 GB, 57 minutes in duration. 100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs, middleware and video editing software.

    You can layer and shape all channels individually in vehicle sound design. Recorded in high detail so that you have the right tone for your related projects as both Foley and layers with room for further sound manipulation.

    Specs: RENAULT 460T, 4X2 TRACTOR UNIT – 2015 –powered by 338 kW engine power and weighs 18t.

    Gear used: DPA 4060s for the engine, Sennheiser MKH8040 in the cabin. Recorded on Zoom F3 x 2.

    Metadata: UCS compliant and comes with metadata.


    Vehicle, Truck, Lorry, Fleet, Cargo, Tractor, Renalt, 460T, Acceleration, Cabin, Engine, Idle, Decelaration, Start, Stop, RPM, Driving, Air Brake, Release, Interior, Exterior, Onboard, Door, Handbrake, Lock, Release, Manual, Gear, Shift, Button, Toolbox, Turn, Rev-up, Road, Highway, Creak, Rattle, Hum, Foley

    What else you may need

    You may also want to check out the Bavaria 36 Sailing Boat for 58 unique files of 32m 35s duration, including sailing, sail Foley, engine ignition starts and cut offs, water movements, different RPMs, interior and on-deck Foley and ambiences from different perspectives like front, rear, near the water, inside the hull.

    MERCEDES-BENZ AXOR 1840 is another bestseller with 54 pristine files of multi-channel tracks of exterior and onboard perspectives of a MERCEDES-BENZ AXOR 1840 from engine starts and stops, rev-up, idle, gearshifts, accelerating and decelerating to constant and high, medium, low RPM, driving slowly and fast.

    40 %
    Ends 1719698400
Ambisonic Horse Carriage

'Ambisonic Horse Carriage' by Stereotyp Sounds captures the essence of this classic vehicle, from the rhythmic clatter of wood and metal to the gentle breaths and hoofsteps of the two horses. Choose from 10 channels, including immersive ambiX B-format and stereo options.
  • Animal Sound Effects Ambisonic Horse Carriage Play Track 22 sounds included, 26 mins total $39

    This classic vehicle is drawn by two horses and produces mostly clank and rattle of wood and metal. You can also hear some leather creaks and the horses’ hooves and breaths. Occasionally the driver beatboxes some cues – clucking, smacking, monosyllables.

    Some of the files contain solely the rattle of the rolling carriage but no horses – these can be used for sound designing any old vehicle on a bumpy road.

    This selection of onboard sounds contains a variety of speeds, horse gaits and road surfaces. They have been recorded with the Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic, and, simultaneously, with two stereo sets. For each recording you get 10 channels:

    – ambiX B-format (4 channels)
    – Stereo XY (Audio-Technica BP4025)
    – Wide Stereo (DPA 4060) captured at the carriage’s chassis
    – Stereo Mix of all of the above

    The ambiX B-format files are ready to be encoded into all spatial sound setups: like 5.1, 7.1, 4.0, VR 360 degree experience, and more.

    The library is UCS compliant.

Illumination Designed Vol. 2

'Illumination Designed Vol. 2' by 344 Audio captures the electromagnetic hum of various light sources, from dim room lights to dazzling fairy lights, transforming them into haunting ambiences and ethereal drones. Expert sound manipulation and synthesis weave these raw recordings into soundscapes that will inject your projects with otherworldly textures.
  • Illumination Designed Vol. 2 is a collection of abstract ambiences and drones, designed using the electromagnetic signals from various light sources.

    Our Audio Craftsmen used a Lite2Sound photodiode amplifier to capture signals from a variety of light sources, such as; Dimmable room lights, RGB lights, Fairy lights, an oscilloscope screen, and many more. These sounds were then meticulously edited and manipulated in a variety of ways, including synthesis, to create a series of unique ambiences

    This library is a perfect addition to Film, TV & Game trailers, or productions with a cyberpunk, experimental or abstract edge. Use these sounds in sci-fi, horror and action projects to inject otherworldy textures into your sound design.

    All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 96kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

Seasons of Earth Bundle 3D Surround

'Seasons of Earth Bundle 3D Surround' by BOOM Library features exceptional sounds from all four seasons in stunning 3D surround. From spring's gentle rain and birdsong to summer's vibrant insects and owls, autumn's rustling leaves and coyotes, and winter's chilling winds, this library offers a true-to-life auditory journey.
  • Elevate your projects with the unparalleled realism of this exceptional ambience bundle.

    The unique “Seasons Of Earth – Bundle” features ambient sound recordings from all four seasons, meticulously captured using the unmatched Schoeps ORTF-3D surround microphone setup.

    Immerse yourself in the authentic sounds of nature – from the delicate rustle of spring to the lively buzz of summer, the nostalgic crunch of autumn leaves, and the serene stillness of winter.
    The Schoeps ORTF-3D ensures unparalleled audio fidelity, delivering an immersive experience that goes beyond standard recordings.

    The Seasons Of Earth Bundle offers a distinct and precise auditory journey through the changing landscapes of nature, making it an essential addition for audio enthusiasts and creatives seeking premium, true-to-life soundscapes. Elevate your projects with the unparalleled realism of this exceptional bundle.

Seasons of Earth – Autumn

'Seasons of Earth – Autumn' by BOOM Library gets you the enchanting sounds of autumn with this 3D surround sound library. With rustling leaves, chirping insects, and wind whispering through golden foliage, these evocative soundscapes bring the spirit of fall to life for your projects.
  • Amidst the gentle rustling leaves and the crisp, cool, air, autumn unveils its enchanting symphony.
    From the chirping evening insects to the whispering of the wind through golden foliage, the season resonates with evocative soundscapes.
    Now available in immersive 3D Surround.

    SEASONS OF EARTH - AUTUMN | 3D Surround | Trailer

    What’s Inside


    Seasons of Earth

    As the earth transitions into a new season, a symphony of change unfolds, bringing forth a rich tapestry of sounds that encapsulate the essence of autumn. We’ve embarked on a journey to capture the evocative timbres of this transformative time, delicately recording the vibrant and atmospheric locations teeming with the spirit of the season. Utilizing the exceptional Schoeps ORTF3D Surround Set, we’ve precisely preserved the highest quality sounds of fall, offering them in immersive 3D Surround or Stereo formats for an unparalleled audio experience.
UK Police Vehicle

'UK Police Vehicle' by In Motion Audio captures the unique sounds of a decommissioned UK Police Van. It includes everything from the ambience of the workshop and the interior of the van, to the opening and closing of doors, the clicking of seatbelts, and the movement of gears.
  • Foley Sound Effects UK Police Vehicle Play Track 215 sounds included, 26 mins total $20

    We recorded a decommissioned UK Police Van (Ford Transit)

    Capturing some unique sounds:

    Workshop Ambience
    Internal Police Van Ambience including the Cell
    A range of Door Open/Closes from the front doors, sliding door, back door and even the cell door
    Hinge movements from the back and Cell Door
    Lock mechanisms from the Cell Lock and handle lock, with various open and close options and general Handle movement.
    We recorded dials, levers, buttons and switches from the Police Van which includes, the 12 Volts flap, Air Con movement, Dials and Heating knobs, Indicators, Light switches and Window Switches
    Seat Belt clicks
    Gear shift movements
    Glove compartment open and close
    Foley of the seat/seatbelt
    Foley of movement within the Cell its self.

    This giving you the essence and character of a UK Police Van, not only will this be amazing for your Police based projects but you’ll be able to use these on other various projects. UK Police Vehicle has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Sinister Textures 3

'Sinister Textures 3' by In Motion Audio offers a collection of clock-inspired "tick/tock" sounds crafted from recordings of metal objects struck with various implements. Edited and processed with reverb, the samples come in single hits, multi-hit loops, and reversed versions for ultimate customization.
  • We recorded these samples using Ed Devane’s Magnetic Piezo, the Korg CM 300 and the LOM Geofon. We recorded a variety of metal objects being hit with a variety of different items and then edited these sounds to create clock based tick/tocks


    Single Hits
    Single Hits with Reverb
    Singles Hits Reversed
    Single Hits Reversed with Reverb
    Multi Hits (which is the Single Hit turned into a loop)
    Multi Hits with Reverb
    Multi Hits Reversed
    Multi Hits Reversed with Reverb

    We’ve given you the dry version to design your self or use the samples already pre drenched in the same reverb for consistency to use straight away in any project. You can mix the single hits to create unique tick/tock patterns as well. Not only are these great for clock based tick/tocks, but the single hits can also be used as percussion for compositions or to add to other layers to create impact hits.

    Sinister Textures 3 has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Renault Clio 2005

'Renault Clio 2005' by Krampfstadt Studio captures every detail of the car's driving experience, from interior ambience and Foley to engine mechanics and electrical hums. Available in both WAV and UCS formats, it is a comprehensive collection for filmmakers, sound designers, and car enthusiasts alike.
UK Shops

'UK Shops' by In Motion Audio immerses you in authentic Northern UK shop ambiences, from the natural chatter of customers to the hum of fridges and the bleeps of tills. It was discreetly recorded to capture genuine shopper interactions, plus trolley noises, announcements, etc.
  • City Life Sound Effects UK Shops Play Track 17 sounds included, 42 mins total $20

    This Sample pack was recorded in a variety of Small to Large Northern Shops in the UK

    Capturing the natural ambience of several shop tones as well as the Northern Shoppers going about their daily shop. When recording we wanted to be as disccrete as possible to get the northern shopper as natural as possible.
    We also managed to capture Fridge Tones, Till Bleeps, Self Checkout Announcements, Trolley Noises and General shopper movements

    UK Shops will give you enough audio to give your project the authentic sound of a UK Shop Ambience boosting your project to the next level. UK Shops has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Fireworks and Firecrackers

'Fireworks and Firecrackers' by Airborne Sound offers hundreds of meticulously captured sounds, from the sizzle of rockets to the booms of grand finales. Get a sonic arsenal of crackles, pops, whistles, whips - captured clean, without background noise, and in multiple perspectives.
Thunderstorm Sound Pack

'Thunderstorm Sound Pack' by Sylvain Livenais immerses you in 45 diverse rain and thunder ambiences, from gentle pitter-patter to a fierce storm's roar. Choose from one-shot or looping effects, ranging from 10 seconds to 1.5 minutes, categorized by intensity: medium, quiet, transitioning, strong, and a single bone-shakingly powerful rumble.
  • 45 carefully recorded stereo ambiences of rain and thunder.

    The sound pack includes weather variations from a calm rainy atmosphere to a strong thunderstorm.

    The collection comes with one shot and looping sound effects with various lengths from 10 seconds to 1 minute 30.

     Features 45 stereo wav files divided in 5 folders:

    • Medium: 12 files 11mn51
    • Quiet: 17 files 8mn46
    • QuietToStrong: 3 files 3mn48
    • Strong: 12 files 6mn46
    • VeryStrong: 1 file 38sec
Train Impacts (SB106)

'Train Impacts (SB106)' by Sound Brigade explodes with thunderous metal clangs, screeching brakes, and unique train sounds perfect for crafting whooshes, stingers, and other sonic mayhem. Go beyond realism with these bass-heavy impacts, ideal for shaking your LFE channel and building epic soundtracks.
    The SB106 TRAIN IMPACTS Sound Effects Library is a collection of massive metal hits, designed train pass-bys and metallic brake friction for sound design manipulation. The perfect package for creating your own whooshes, stingers and other unique sound design uses.

    We recorded massive metal impacts, closeup brake frictions and other interesting unique train sounds to use for sound design manipulation. Use these huge bass filled hits to create interesting stingers and booms — drop them into your LFE channel and really feel the sub bass rumble. These sounds are a little out of the ordinary, but that is what makes them so awesome. Combine this library with SB105 TRAINS, and you’ll be able to create everything from realistic to subjective train experiences. Every file has Soundminer compliant metadata embedded, and an organized file naming structure, for ease of use and quick searching.

Toyota Yaris 2011

'Toyota Yaris 2011' by Krampfstadt Studio offers a complete collection featuring this subcompact car. Recorded at 32bit/192kHz, you'll hear sounds of driving, interior ambiences, exterior Foley, and mechanical/electrical details - all with UCS compliant metadata for seamless integration.
  • All files are recorded 32bit, 192 kHz, with RØDE NTG1, Shure KSM 137, FEL Clippy XLR EM272, FEL Pluggy XLR EM272 and Sonorous Objects SO.3 microphones, Sound Devices MixPre-6 II & Zoom F3 recorders. Library contains wav files of driving, interior and exterior foley, mechanical and electrical sounds. It is also available in UCS.


'Wood' by In Motion Audio is packed with the wonderful (and slightly destructive) sounds of wood! You'll find recordings of snapping, breaking, bending, twisting, rubbing, scraping, creaking, hitting, dropping, knocking, hammering, and more. All the samples are royalty-free and ready to drop into your project.
  • Destruction & Impact Sounds Wood Play Track 77 sounds included, 2 mins total $20

    It made sense that whilst doing a Wood based tip run, that we should record the wood before actually taking it to the tip.

    Spoiler Alert: The wood was hurt in the making of this sample pack, but we recycled it.

    So this is exactly what we did, Wood consists of us:

    Moving various pieces of Wood (Think we covered all the actions lol)


    Well these can be good for any projects from tree branch snaps, to bone breaks to weird eerie horror based sounds. Wood has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Immersive Wallas on Set vol.2

'Immersive Wallas on Set vol.2' by Foley Collection & Surround Sound LAB gets you Ambisonic recordings from real productions, capturing everything from bustling scenes to quiet whispers. Enhance your storytelling with versatility and realism to transport your audience right into the heart of your story.
  • Introducing Immersive Wallas on Set vol.2 – the ultimate resource for filmmakers and sound designers. This collection of high-quality ambisonic recordings from various film and TV shows sets is designed to immerse your audience in the heart of the action.

    At Blacktone Studio, we understand the vital role sound plays in storytelling. Wallas, the ambient background chatter found in diverse locations, provides the foundation for creating realistic atmospheres in film and television. As always, we’ve taken our commitment to authenticity a step further by recording in ambisonic format.

    Our team meticulously captured the essence of real-life film sets, from the energetic buzz of big scenes to the subtle whispers on quiet studio lots. These recordings are a testament to our industry knowledge and commitment to delivering high-quality audio content.

    Whether you’re working on a feature film, a documentary, or a video game, our Immersive Wallas on Set vol.2 provides the versatility you need to enhance your project. Easily searchable and expertly categorized, this collection ensures you find the perfect background atmosphere effortlessly.

    Immersive Wallas on Set vol.2 is the ultimate solution for elevating your audio ambience creation. It’s a valuable asset for filmmakers and sound designers, allowing you to create immersive soundscapes that transport your audience into the heart of your story. With the authenticity and flexibility of Ambisonic Atmospheres and Wallas, your creative projects will reach new heights.

    All the recordings include metadata in English and Spanish, and they are compatible with software of sound library management like Soundminnner.

    We have decoded all the First Order Ambisonic recordings with HarpeX plugin into 7.1.2 Dolby ATMOS bed configuration, using the top channel to create totally outstanding ambiences tracks ready to use!

    All our libraries are UCS compliant (universalcategorysystem.com). In this new category system all files contain extensive metadata like file description, Category & Subcategory. Metadata can be read and processed by the most common audio libraries management tools . Starting with Full support from Soundminer and more audio tools adopting this system, we are adopting metadata UCS system in our files!

Ambisonic Flyovers – Planes of LAX

'Ambisonic Flyovers – Planes of LAX' by Cheviot Sound captures the thunderous symphony of jet engines taking off and landing at LAX. Pick from diverse aircraft including A380s, 787 Dreamliners, and more, in Ambisonics or decoded surround for 5.1, Atmos, or stereo. Get ready to launch your audio into new heights!
  • Close Flyovers During Takeoff and Landing

    Take to the skies with “Planes of LAX,” a sound library that thrusts you into the thunderous symphony of jet engines soaring down into and roaring up out of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Tailored for professionals in film, games, and immersive formats, this collection will take your jetliner flybys to the next level.

    Ambisonic and Decoded Surround Formats

    Immerse your audience in a three-dimensional auditory experience with Ambix Ambisonic recordings and decoded 7.1.2 Atmos Bed, 5.1, and Stereo versions.
    Decoded and referenced in Dolby Atmos at Cheviot Sound, ensuring top-quality playback.

    Stereo and Mono Options

    Along with decoded stereo files, choose from separately recorded stereo and mono recordings, adding flexibility to meet the unique demands of your projects. Stereo recordings were expertly captured using a Tascam X8 in an XY configuration, while mono recordings were taken with a Rode NTG5.

    Comprehensive Aircraft List:

    Immerse yourself in the distinctive roars, whines, and rumbles of various planes, including but not limited to:

    Airbus A320, A321, A350, A380

    Boeing 737-7H4, 737-823, 737-824, 737-825, 767-332ER, 777-223, 787-9 Dreamliner

    Boeing C32A Airforce Two

    Bombardier Challenger 605

    Embraer 175LR, E175LR-04, E175LL, Phenom 300, Phenom 300-02

    Mitsubishi CRJ-701ER

    Decode to 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, 7.1 and higher immersive formats, Change orientation, and Emulate microphone polar patterns using ambisonic decoder plugins:
     RODE SoundField – FREE
    Harpex B Converter – PAID

    Key Features:

      • Close Flyovers
      • Ambisonic and Decoded Surround Formats
      • Separately Recorded Stereo and Mono Options
      • Comprehensive Aircraft List
      • 157 files (3.22GB)
      • 24/48k broadcast .wav files
      • 100% Royalty-Free


    Jack Weiss

    Roy Berardo
    Jack Weiss
    Jethro Tai

    81 %
The Forest

'The Forest' by In Motion Audio will immerse your project in the authentic sounds of a UK forest and the beauty of Bowland on a slightly damp, windy day. With lush conifer trees, bird songs, and even the occasional sheep bleat, you can create a captivating atmosphere.
  • Environments & Ambiences The Forest Play Track 12 sounds included, 31 mins total $20

    So We’ve been wanting to record in a deep dense Forest for sometime and this one was not only enjoyable but absolutely beautiful

    We travelled to the Forest of Bowland, to record the beautiful sounds this Forest had to offer.

    We were surrounded by Dense Conifer tree’s on a slightly damp/windy day which added to the atmosphere and extraordinary sounds the Forest created, with a constant variety of Bird songs and on occasions Sheep Bleating, it truly added to the recording experience.
    Bowland was a hive of activity with some recordings capturing Aeroplane noises and vehicles driving around the Forest but we also got a variety of just natural Forest sounds without these disturbances.

    The Forest will give you enough audio to give your project the authentic sound of a UK Forest boosting your project to the next level. The Forest has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Substrate 2 + STEMS

'Substrate 2 + STEMS' by Auhmline Studio lets you dive into the world of electrical and mechanical tech. It includes 3 unique ambient tracks, various electricity, glitch, and mechanical glitch sounds, and over 450 sound effects in total from its sound pack and stems!
Amber: Cinematic Horror Tension Tool

'Amber: Cinematic Horror Tension Tool' by SwishSwoosh unleashes cinematic horror letting you craft chilling soundscapes with ease. Blend layers on the XY pad, build tension with one-shots, and sculpt fear with FX and EQ. From subtle whispers to jarring impacts, dark audio design is at your fingertips.
  • Experience true horror with SwishSwoosh’s Kontakt Instrument – AMBER

    The cinematic tension software instrument from SwishSwoosh. Take control of your soundscapes and bring your horror scenes to life with AMBER’s powerful and customizable features.

    ⦿ Create drones and add depth with the Color Layers
    ⦿ Use the XY Pad for simple and precise control
    ⦿ Build risers, tensions, and impacts with the One-Shot section
Ambisonic Aircraft Pass By – Low Altitude

'Ambisonic Aircraft Pass By – Low Altitude' by Sen6 lets you dive into the roar of low-flying airplanes. Recorded near Barcelona's runway, this pack features diverse airliners (A320, 737, etc.) in immersive Ambisonic format from multiple recording angles and formats (stereo, binaural).
  • Ambisonic Aircraft pass by – low altitude is a collection of airliner passes recorded at the Barcelona airport. Barcelona airport offers the advantage of proximity to the landing strip, allowing one to stand directly beneath low-flying airplanes and capture high-quality sound easily.
    A special rig was created for this recording session, holding a Sennheiser Ambeo VR mic, an XY stereo-matched pair of Neumann 184, and an AB stereo pair of DPA 4062. 

    Besides the natural differences between the microphones, The 1st order ambisonic signals allows rendering of the sonic sphere in multiple methods and changing the pass-by direction to meet your requirements.
    The Neumann 184 XY pair reflects a destructive and wide stereo image, with minimal background information. The DPA 6042 has a crisp frequency response. Rycote windshields were used for the Amber and Newmann mic, and Bubblebe was used for the DPA.

    Various aircraft were recorded for this release, including:

    • AIRBUS_A320-232
    • AIRBUS A320NEO
    • AIRBUS A319-100
    • EMB-500 Phenom 100
    • BOEING 737-800
    • BOEING 737 MAX

    This collection is great for post-production, VR/AR experiences, game developers, and any real-time 3D audio engine.

    Low altitude aircraft pass by Demo

    Supported formats: First Order AmbiX B-Format, Stereo Binaural, Stereo AB, Stereo XY (Total of 140 files).

Fiat Bravo 2007

'Fiat Bravo 2007' by Krampfstadt Studio features this mini-sedan in 32bit/192 kHz. It includes a wide range of sounds, from driving and interior foley to mechanical and electrical effects, all designed to add realism to your projects. As always, it is UCS compliant, making it easy to use in a variety of editing software.
  • Car Sound Effects Fiat Bravo 2007 compact car Play Track 226 sounds included, 29 mins total $60
    All files are recorded 32bit, 192 kHz, with RØDE NTG1, RØDELink Lav, FEL Clippy XLR EM272, Sonorous Objects SO.3 and Shure VP88 microphones, Sound Devices MixPre-6 II & Zoom F3 recorders. Library contains wav files of driving, interior and exterior foley, mechanical and electrical sounds. It is also available in UCS.

A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Human Sound Effects Crowds: Emotions And Reactions Play Track 400 sounds included, 90 mins total $39.50

    This SFX library contains a wide range of reactions and emotional responses varying from quiet crowds to roared battle cries to a large selection of exclamations generated by a group of passionate theatrical actors in indoor venues.

    Apart from the vocalizations, we’ve also included recordings of more unusual crowd ambiances like people walking around the mics, falling down, sitting down and getting up, jumping around, marching, or just being present in the space.

    Crowds library is split into the following two parts:

    Small Groups: Includes small groups of up to 30 people which you can layer together and quickly create the sound of any sized realistic groups of people.

    Large Crowds: Brings pre-designed, easy-to-use sounds of medium to large crowds in various types of reactions, moods, and surroundings.

    50 %
    Ends 1718575199
  • A complete collection of sonic exploration by Slava Pogorelsky.
    Grow your sound arsenal with an ever evolving collection of high-end cinematic and fresh sound effects!
    Here’s what to expect:

    RESONATING METAL FORCE offers a fresh sound palette of reverberant aggressive metal rampage, totaling 680 sound effects. Featuring creeping evolving metal pressure and resonating rattle, massive rumble, explosive impacts and nerve-racking squeaks.
    HORROR SERIES VOL.1: EVIL STRINGS TORTURED WIRES offers a unique toolset for nightmarish designs, totaling 564 sound effects. Featuring creeping dread of bowed metal wires, strings and double bass, providing exciting opportunities for unique layering.
    CINEMATIC MAGICAL ICE is offering a unique toolset for ice-cold freezing designs, totaling 267 sound effects. Great for fantasy genre with ice based magic, motion graphics, time lapse and flow motion freeze sequences.
    CINEMATIC WATER WHOOSHES AND TEXTURES is offering a unique toolset for water and underwater designs, totaling 285 sounds. Great for hyper realistic designs, water based magic, surreal underwater movement or motion graphics with liquid elements.
    CINEMATIC WOOD SYMPHONY is offering a variety of wood based recordings that were morphed into a unique audio experience that bends the boundaries between recognisable source and unusual wooden textures, totaling 611 sound effects.
    SCI – FI ELEMENTS VOL.1 is offering a variety of carefully crafted futuristic sound effects that vary from pleasant and musical to unpredicted and glitchy, totaling 364 sound effects.
    CINEMATIC METAL WHOOSHES is offering a unique collection of aggressive roaring metal whooshes and transitions with cinematic feel and mind bending characteristics, totaling 120 sound effects.


    Victor Mercader – AAA Sound Designer (Apex Legends)
    “I find myself continuously using Slava’s SFX libraries to blend it’s pristine and detailed sound designs into my own sounds. They always add that cutting edge I am missing and make my sound designs more unique and pristine. The Sci-fi Elements sound library is the perfect library to use and blend into my UI designs in Apex Legends.”

    Enos Desjardins – Sound Designer/Sound Effects Editor (Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Black Mirror)
    “Slava has been creating some really cool libraries which I find myself using time and again. Really high quality recordings to start with but then the cool processing he has used for example in his cinematic whoosh libraries really stand out. They are not just your standard generic whoosh sounds but are loaded with character and have a unique feel to them that is really fresh and cuts through in the nicest of ways.”

    Bjørn Jacobsen – AAA Sound Designer (CyberPunk 2077, HITMAN, DARQ)
    “Slava has for several years made high quality sound effects for me to play with. I use his sound libraries across multiple projects as lego blocks of my creations.”
    Yarron Katz – AAA Composer and Sound Designer
    “Slava makes some wonderful libraries. He’s relatively new on the scene and his libraries have come to critical acclaim. He takes some general ideas, like whooshes and he injects some extremely revolutionary and innovative ideas to them, so you’re not getting another whoosh library – you’re getting something very unique, very fresh. He brings some wonderful ideas to the table.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “‘Evil Strings Tortured Wires’ is an all-scary affair with plenty of really good, nightmarish, imaginative sounds from authentic materials, like double bass, dulcimer strings and metal wires. Sound-wise, this sample pack is clean and carefully recorded. The editing and processing of sounds is top notch, with sound design techniques applied very professionally. Overall, very gritty and not for the faint of heart.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “As far as the sound goes ‘Cinematic Magical Ice’ is both beautiful and mystical. I happen to like the icy textures that are oozing with coldness. Overall, this sound library boasts a good variety of effect samples ready to drop in various cinematic projects.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “The spotlight of ‘Cinematic Wood Symphony’ is the wide range of complex sounds that can be dropped in your sound design projects. I love the Wood Movement and Tonal sounds, and I’m sure thriller and horror music composers will be delighted with the Friction and Impact sounds. If your cinematic projects are lacking texture and impact sounds ‘Cinematic Wood Symphony’ is a library to be considered – especially if you’re looking beyond common wood sounds.”
    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Cinematic Water Whooshes and Textures is great for anything. You won’t be hearing recordings of calm rivers or relaxing streams, but cinematic whooshes and textures for soundtrack works and media projects. Whether you’re into this type of sounds, this pack was recorded quite well, professionally edited and processed with Slava’s own flair.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Slava is back with another aggressive and energetic sample library called Resonating Metal Force – a 680 strong collection of modern metal effects captured using various tools and high-end studio equipment. The source material was edited and processed professionally for instant use. These sounds are primed for experimentation – whether you add your unique processing, layer several WAV samples or slice and dice to your heart’s content, the sky’s the limit. This sound pack is another winner.”

    Ginno Legaspi – SoundBytes Music Magazine‎
    “Sound-wise, the quality of ‘Cinematic Metal Whooshes’ is clear and punchy, and very consistent from start to finish. The whole content promises to be a tool to get you going in your cinematic adventures – and it delivers.”

    50 %
    Ends 1719266399
  • Farm & Horse Sound Effects Animal Farm Play Track 165 sounds included $69

    This library is dedicated to popular farm animals, rural backgrounds and agricultural activities – all you need around farm life. It features 165 sounds in total, from 14 different species with multiple variations for each animal, 25 discreet rural backgrounds and 10 types of modern and traditional agricultural activities.

    Recorded and mastered at 24-bit/96kHz high-resolution, Animal Farm took over a year to get ready, since the goal was to capture as many seasonal work activities, weather conditions and animal habits, as possible.

    List of animals recorded: Cat • Chicken • Cow • Dog (Wolf hound, Sheepdog) • Duck • Fowl • Goat (Mediterranean) • Goose • Horse (Arabian, Andalusian) • Pig • Pigeon • Rooster • Sheep (Mediterranean) • Turkey

    Types of agricultural work recorded: Chopping • Feeding • Gardening • Loading Manure • Milking • Mowing • Olive harvest • Sowing • Tilling • Watering

Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Presenting the most malfunctioning, dirty old gritty sounding engine failure library out there

    Featuring a staggering 81 files with numerous takes in most tracks, the Kaput sound effects library will cover the bases of almost any broken false starting engine scene one can imagine.

    I can honestly say, that finding the vehicles and tools for this library, has been among the most challenging I have come by. Old and broken cars and trucks are hard to come by these days. Most cars are obviously either driving and dont have start problems, and many of the rest just wont start at all.

    Just as rare are broken petrol powered tools, which usually fit the latter category of not working at all.

    Still, with amazing recording help from recordist Michal Fojcik Soundmind Poland, and just as amazing help from recordist Erik Watland from Norway, the Kaput sound effects library is featuring no less then

    24 different cars, trucks, moped and motorcycles

    1 boat engine

    A few weird sounding power generators and water pump motors

    Back firing exhausts

    Petrol powered garden tools, chain saws, and hedge trimmers

    Brutal construction machines

    From old eastern european trucks, vintage US V8 muscle trucks, classic scandinavian cars, and more modern diesel and petrol engines to funny sputtering dying petrol power tools.

    There is even a few more recording sessions planned, that just didn’t make the deadline for the first batch of sounds in this library (buying a copy of this first of sounds, will of course make any future sounds added to the library free of charge).

    KAPUT is 81 stereo and mono files, 96/24. 1,6 gb big, all UCS ready!

  • Hear the majesty of tropical seas from soothing surf, trickling water laps, and crashing wave sound effects.

    The SB111 ACOUSTIC GUITAR FOLEY Sound Effects Library is a collection of handling movements, grabs and sets, string noise, drags, impacts, strumming, fingerpicking, tuning, and the smashing and destroying of an acoustic guitar.

    We’ve gone above and beyond just capturing the sounds of strumming and picking – we’ve recorded the nuances and details that make acoustic guitars so special. Like the subtle sounds of the guitar strap as it settles against your shoulder, string noise of fingers on the fretboard, the satisfying sound of the guitar being tuned, grabs and set downs, strings being clipped and even a full restringing sequence. Of course we’ve also included the playing of chords and riffs while strumming and fingerpicking – some played in tune and some out of tune. We did not forget to record your pick as it rattles around in the abyss of the guitar’s sound hole – and the satisfying sound of the guitar being smashed and destroyed. All the details you need to bring realism to your project.

    20 %
    Ends 1719525599
  • The Drawers & Cupboards SFX library is an essential collection for professionals seeking high-quality sound effects for their projects. This library features 63 meticulously recorded sounds of opening, closing, and rummaging through cupboards and drawers, making it perfect for game developers, animators, and filmmakers.

    This library offers a diverse range of sounds, including:

    • Opening and closing cupboard doors
    • Picking up glass bottles
    • Rummaging through various materials (glass, mixed materials, containers, plastic)
    • Metal and wooden drawers opening and closing
  • Car Sound Effects Broken Car Engine Play Track 5 sounds included, 28 mins total $27

    My car engine broke! As a result of making a huge costly mistake caused by accidentally skipping an oil change service from getting dates and miles mixed up (on top of being a higher milage car), my 2006 Volvo V50 T5’s engine starting making incredibly loud knocking, clicking and rattling sounds. Took it for one last drive before it was picked up by a junk yard, and recorded the process. I put a DPA 4061 and a Rode NT5 in the engine and drove it around the neighborhood, first on residential streets, then drove it harder on some faster streets (the engine was so loud you can’t hear any other cars in the recordings), abusing the manual mode for higher rpm recordings the whole time until it started overheating, smoking and dumping liquid (coolant I think? Oil? Both?). I Quickly took the DPA out because it was right near a section of the engine that was overheating, but I left the NT5 in. Satisfied with what I recorded but still a couple miles from home, after my car cooled a bit I continued to record my drive home, this time with the DPA inside the car to get an interior perspective (this drive is labeled “bonus drive” in the library).

    This library is just 5 files, totaling 27 minutes and 28 seconds, 24/96k, 956MB. Quality Soundminer metadata and UCS compliant. Recorded with a DPA 4061 and NT5 for starts, idles, off, revving, slow to moderate driving, harder faster driving, with lots of variation. One file is just the NT5 engine recording for an additional 5 and a half minute drive, and one is just the DPA for an interior perspective of that drive.

    I’ll miss that car a lot, but at least I got some great recordings out of it! I hope you find them useful.


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