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NoiseCreations is a new UK sound team consisting of Callum Tennick and Philip Moroz – and they’ve just launched GLASS, their very first SFX library. I’ve spoken to the team about their collaboration and the new library:


Hi Callum, please introduce NoiseCreations:

We are a couple of guys (Callum Tennick and Philip Moroz), based in Southampton, UK, who have been studying and practicing sound recording and sound effects creation for many years. We are currently working towards our BSc degree and we are using our spare time to produce projects of our own.

In 2013, we had an idea to combine our efforts and create a collection of sound effects recordings. We ended up deciding that we wanted to make sound effects libraries based around what other students may find harder to acquire themselves. After talking with some students who are creating films, and games, we compiled a list of suggestions based around what would be most useful to them.

Why did you decide to go for a glass library?

After talking with the students, glass was the most recurring answer, so we decided to make this one first. It is also something that we had talked about doing for quite a while, so it seemed like the obvious one to create first.

How did you go about making GLASS, and what’s included?

Firstly, we started collecting glass bottles, jars and pint glasses over the course of a month, before we started looking for bigger objects, such as mirrors and panes of glass. We also searched all over the internet for places that had old panes of glass for sale, and it took us a long time to finally acquire everything we needed. All this glass was then smashed and recorded over a period of two months. And then, the day after release, Phil ended up finding an old pane of glass buried underneath old boxes in the garage. Typical!

glass_sfx_libraryBut we got everything we needed, and tried to capture as much of each sound as possible, in the best possible way. We had microphones placed in various positions for lots of different takes, which allowed us to create a library that was very diverse in its range of sounds.

The collection includes glass debris on various surfaces, shard smashes, glass panes, mirrors, pint glasses, jars and bottle smashes, footsteps on glass, glass shakes and glass debris slides. You can find a full sound list on our website.

And, despite us looking like a bomb disposal unit when recording with all the protective gear we were wearing, we still managed to get some cuts and bruises!

What’s next for NoiseCreations?

Next on our list is a ‘Debris’ sound effects collection, containing a huge range of sounds to do with rocks, sand, rubble etc. But we are also in development of a small ‘Storms’ sound effects collection involving sounds of thunder, rain, wind, and more.

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Thanks to Callum Tennick and Philip Moroz for taking the time for this Q&A! Hear the demo below, and grab the full library for £8 here.


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