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This week on A Sound Effect, we have new libraries that may be just what you are looking for. We have designed elements for cinematic soundscapes, RPG games, smooth and gritty transitions, and eccentric guitar textures. We also have clean recordings of Japanese shores, musical toys, Spanish ambiences, dumpster doors, and cameras that are 50 to 90 years old. Happy listening!
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20th Century Cameras
  • Discover the obscure sounds of 24 film cameras designed between the 1930s and 1970s. Carefully organised into 159 files, the 20th Century Cameras library offers over 3900+ sounds recorded at pristine 24bit/96kHz, thus allowing you to not only use the mechanical sounds of the cameras for their intended purpose, but also for sound design.

    In order to help you navigate through the plethora of sounds available, rich SoundMiner metadata has been carefully crafted in order to describe the sounds as simply as possible, using multiple keywords and terms, where needed.

    The library contains mostly mechanical sounds, such as the sound of shutter release at different shutter speeds, knobs, latches, wheels, and more, in addition to some Foley sounds as well.  Due to the age of the cameras, most of the shutter release sounds have slight variations between them, even at the same shutter speed.

    The library also comes with a free eBook which can be viewed and downloaded here.

    In addition to the SoundMiner metadata sheet down below, the eBook provides information as to how older cameras work, and more details as to how each of the cameras recorded for the library work. The book goes into a fair bit of detail as to what sounds each camera offers, without getting too technical.

    If you have any questions about this library, feel free to quickly send me an e-mail. I tend to reply within minutes.

    If you would like to hear more, here is a slightly extended version of the video preview:

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'20th Century Cameras' by SKYES Audio has sounds of 24 film cameras from the 1930s to the 1970s. In this collection, you'll get over 3,900 sounds, giving you a wide variety of mechanical sounds that are great for user interface design, console controls, abstract elements, and of course cameras. You'll also get detailed SoundMinter metadata that includes the make and type of each camera as well as the type of mechanism, shutter speed, movement pace, and more. For a thorough camera library (that is currently 50% off), you won't go wrong with this one.
AC Guitar FX
  • A unique collection of 141 useful effects, created knocking, scraping and disturbing a 12-string acoustic guitar.

    These sounds were recorded and processed with the intention of providing an interesting , different and unique set of audio effects.

    This collection is divided into two folders, for clean recordings, and processed sounds:

    • Clean (71 Sounds): hits, knocks, scrapes and various string sounds.

    • Processed (70 Sounds): Processed and re-designed hits, drones and swells.

    All sounds were recorded, edited and processed at 24-bit / 96kHz, with embedded meta data.

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'AC Guitar FX' by 3MAZE is an interesting library you may not expect from the title. Instead of spring reverb pedals and feedback, you get immersive ambiences, drones, and cinematic effects from the aggressive handling of an acoustic guitar. With 141 sounds, you'll hear echoing knocks, forceful scrapes, tense tonal drones and swells, and much more. You'll also get these sounds separated into two folders of clean and processed takes so you can find what you need quickly. For an emotive library that will save your own guitar from abuse, this is one to hear.
  • Water & Oceans Shores Play Track 62+ sounds included $39

    This collection includes small to big waves on surfaces such as cliffs, beaches, rocky coasts, tetrapods.
    Captured from close, middle, and distant perspectives at the Bousou peninsula, Chiba, Japan.

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'Shores' by Anti-Node Design has over 60 ambiences from the shores of the Bousou peninsula in Japan. This library has several hours of aggressive waves, windy shores, rocky sand beaches, claps along the cliffs, twittering cicadas, and more. Plus, you get ambiences from different mics and perspectives to help you find the perfect take. For a relaxing library that has 12GB of beach atmospheres, check this one out.
Production Elements: Designed
  • We’ve raided the SFX Source vaults to bring you a 500+ sound collection of the best, most popular and most useful designed production elements to add to your audio box of tricks. Created for those moments when inspiration may be running dry, all of the sounds are ready to drop straight into your project to use as they are, or can be chopped, layered, mangled and processed to your liking.

    A’mixed-bag’ sound library featuring deep tones, scary atmospheres, ambient textures, whooshes, transitions, loops, user interface sounds and much more. This one is really handy to have around, you never know what you may find to bring that idea to fruition!

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'Production Elements: Designed' by SFX Source is a collection of 545 sounds that will give your project a cinematic edge. With whooshes, transitions, UI sounds, horror and sci-fi elements, choir phrases, and lots of other interesting textures, you'll have an arsenal of sounds that can be used as-is or as a final layer of extra impact. These recordings also last anywhere from a few seconds to over half a minute, giving you lots of variations. For a unique, abstract library, give this one a listen.
RPG Magic 2
  • Brand new Magic SFX Pack 2 with 446 high-quality magic sound effects for your RPG, Battle Arena and more! SFX comes in flexible layers, variations, and combos for you to Mix & Match to create and sync them easily to your magic animation!

    This collection contains basic whooshes, magic attacks and impacts, elemental spells (fire, wind, water, plant, electric and ice), magic spells (JRPG-style and modern RPG) and ‘weapon’ spells (magic punches, sword slashes and more!).

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W.O.W Sound is back with another set of highly useful SFX for your brave explorers, shrewd mages, and evil beasts. In 'RPG Magic 2', you get 446 sounds for not only your role-playing games but also your MOBAs, turn-based fantasy games, and more. With magic spells of ice, wind, and fire, melee and sword impacts, powerful whooshes, and modern JRPG design, you will have everything you need for battles both brutal and fantastic. And with each sound on its own file and mastered at 44.1kHz/16-bit, this library is ready to be implemented. Give the demo a listen and decide for yourself!
Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures
  • Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures features 64 sound elements ready to bring an extra dimension to your cutaways, wipes, time shifts or any kind of motion change.

    From subtle swooshes and smooth synth tones to glitched-out, abstract phrases and dramatic noise rushes, as well as serving as a ready-to-go sonic toolkit, this highly malleable bag of tricks is also useful for sound designers looking for inspiring source material to mangle.

    With a raw, dark and edgy feel to a lot of the sounds, they are particularly well-suited to Science Fiction, Horror and Dystopian projects. If you're looking for quick fix scene stitch sounds, this one is handy to have around!

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'Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures' by Glitchedtones has 64 sounds to give your cutaways, wipes, time shifts, and motions the memorable characteristics they deserve. These sounds cover a range of sources with gritty signals, smooth synth delays, high-frequency passbys, whooshes, shimmers, alien sonar, and more. Plus, they will fit right in with your sci-fi, horror, and dystopian projects, too. For a collection of stylish sounds that will move your audience in space and/or time, look no further.
Viva North of Spain
  • Environments Viva North of Spain Play Track 59 sounds included, 328 mins total $90 $44

    Viva North of Spain is a massive sound effects library featuring authentic sounds of the northern part of Spain, along the route of the Camino de Santiago.

    This collection contains sounds of Cities, Villages, Beaches, Nature, Cathedral of Santiago, Highway Bridges and the basque country’s national sport Pelota.

    It features typical Streets, Walla, Traffic Sounds, Beaches, Nature Sounds with Birds, Residential Village Sounds.

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'Viva North of Spain' by Soundklemmi takes you to northern Spain to areas along the Camino de Santiago. You will hear a variety of locations like vibrant cafes, quiet beaches, ringing cathedrals, nighttime ambiences, industrial complexes, and more. Plus, the metadata includes key information like the time of day and the main events featured. If your setting is in the Land of the Setting Sun, this is the one you need.
Musical Oddities — Bells, Whistles, Horns, Percussion & More
  • This library contains a wide selection of musical and non-musical instruments, toys and noisemakers.

    You will find a wide variety of bells, whistles, cymbals, horns, blocks, drums, toys, shakers, crankers, etc. Can be utilized in a multitude of ways. For example, fill out a musical arrangement, for cartoon effects, goofy UI, etc!

    Music is only heard in the demo. Downloads are high resolution and without background music.

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'Musical Oddities - Bells, Whistles, Horns, Percussion & More' by The Chris Alan has classic musical sounds for your cartoons, comedies, cheery user interfaces, and overall silliness. With 66 recordings, you'll receive sounds of cowbells, whistles, cymbals, shakers, bell trees, toys, drums, and more. Each track lasts from a few seconds to almost 2 and half minutes, so you'll get hundreds of musical sound effects for a good refresh of your cartoon sound library. Whether you're honoring Mel Blanc or looking for something new, you'll find it here.
Dumpster Door
  • Foley Dumpster Door Play Track 43 sounds included $9

    This is a metal dumpster door with a really emotive creak. It’s pretty heavy sounding on it’s own but you’ll notice in the demo, as each sound plays, a one octave lower version of the same sound plays immediately after to show how well these pitch. The last slam is two octaves below the original.

    Awesome source material for designing larger doors, creepy atmospheres and dramatic booms.

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'Dumpster Door' by Big Room Sound Inc. features a metal door with a personality of its own. With long droning squeaks, heavy thuds and slams, and a ringing chain lock, you'll have the perfect sounds to create creepy ambiences, cinematic destruction scenes, and doors that welcome your player into an immersive and secret place. You can also hear in the demo what these sound like when they're pitched down. For a library dedicated to an iconic sound, you won't be disappointed.


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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:
  • Foley Switch Play Track 124 sounds included $20

    124 recordings of various switches and buttons, flipped, pressed and clicked. This collection contains household light and lamp switches, radio buttons and a variety of other activate and click presses.

    Recorded in 2018 and 2019 with a stereo shotgun microphone.

    All sounds were recorded and edited at 24-bit / 96Khz resolution and mastered to broadcast quality, with only the best final sounds selected for this collection. Each audio file includes embedded meta-data.

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  • Destruction & Impact Modular Explorations: Bristol Play Track 700+ sounds included, 90 mins total
    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Modular Eplorations: Bristol features cinematic alien arcades and cities, deserted crystalline caverns, vast hives of digital insects, distressed metal impacts and abstract user interface sounds.

    Created in Bristol with Eurorack equipment (Mutable Instruments, Intellijel, Doepfer, Erica Synths, Make Noise, Arturia, Expert Sleepers, 2hp, Ladik) recorded into an Emu E5000Ultra Sampler, then processed digitally using a variety of techniques and high-end effects in Berlin.

    Modular Explorations: Bristol is an experimental collaboration between Gregor Quendel and ARC Noise.

    Professional metadata provided and edited by Kai Paquin.

    Modular Bristol highlights:
    • 546 24bit / 96kHz WAV files / 700+ Sounds / Meta-tagged (Soundminer)
    • 104 Alien Textures
    • 46   Harmonic Textures
    • 30   Simple Textures
    • 50   Ambient Effects
    • 108 Chaotic Effects
    • 93   Nano Effects
    • 38   Organic Effects
    • 77   Transition Effects

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  • Destruction & Impact Bullet Impacts Play Track 320 sounds included
    Rated 4.00 out of 5

    Prepare for impact! This EFX Bullet Impact collection features a huge number of impacts into cars, metal, walls, water, body impacts, as well as passbys, ricochets and underwater passbys.

    A must-have for for actual bullet and combat sounds – and for adding oomph to many other types of impact sounds too!

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Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Introducing Foam Gun Fun! Over 300 fun-filled plastic toy gun sounds to share with your friends. Featuring small to large sizes of gun cocks, dry gunshots, and bullet fires. Also featuring designed, processed or effected sounds such as rapid-fire and sci-fi blasts! New from Carma Studio! 44k/24bit and 96k/24bit metadata enabled.

  • Fire Medieval Play Track 605 sounds included $59

    The Dark Ages are calling! With this curated package full of high-quality sound effects everything in your medieval world is brought to life. From objects like doors, chests and fire over foley sounds like steps, chains and gore to weapons such as the crossbow, sword, hammer and axe. This compilation provides a solid foundation of „ready to use“ sound effects to give your project an authentic medieval feeling.


    The Library includes:
    Horse, Textile, Impact, Whoosh, Armor, Chain, Gore, Step, Chest, Door, Drawbridge, Fire, Gate, Mechanical, Flag, Portcullis, Carriage, Axe, Blade, Bow, Catapult, Crossbow, Hammer, Knife, Quarterstaff, Sickle, Sword

  • Environments Sports Crowd Cheer! Play Track 41 sounds included, 15 mins total $9.95

    Welcome sports fans to Sports Crowd Cheer sound library.  Be in the crowd up close with this mini-pack of over 40 crowd reactions including cheers, boos, your ups, and downs, down to the buzzer, score and more!  Short crowd bursts to longer reactions with sirens and horns.  With sounds from the arena, ballpark, stadium, and court, it's a score from Carma Studio!

  • Environments Comedy Stand-Up Crowd Play Track 33 sounds included, 4 mins total $9.95

    Hi folks and welcome to the Comedy Stand-Up Crowd sound library.  We’re here tonight from Carma Studio delivering you a mini pack of over 30 sounds including laughter, applause, and cheers to add comic relief to any of your production work whenever that comedic moment is desired.  Very short bursts to extended fill-ins.  Great for television audience reactions too.  Try it out, it’s a laugh!  44k/24bit with metadata added.

  • Vehicles Classic Vehicles Play Track 40+ sounds included $20 $15

    Classic vehicles is a jam packed high-quality classic vehicle sound library filled with fantastic engine starts, engine revs, engine idles, door opening/closing, kick starts and much much more! Recorded at 24 bit/192 kHz you'll be able to pitch/bend these sounds to your hearts desire to create some truly monstrous sounds! The vehicles in this library are: a custom 1930 Ford Model A with a V8 flathead engine & a 1967 Triumph Bonneville. Let this pack be a small but powerful addition to your sound FX library.

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