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Last week, I launched a small survey to find out what sound libraries you’d like to see made – and now the results are in! There are some really good ideas in there, so a big thanks to all of you who took part.

I’ve included a few ones from last year’s survey too (these are marked with a *), as I still think these ideas are quite relevant. I’ve also added a comment here and there, for suggestions where there might be something useful available already.

Have something to add to the list? Leave a comment and I’ll add your idea to the list too!


Ideas for new sound effect libraries:

• Animals such as dolphins, whales, cats, big cats, bears, deer, moose and others. (There’s a library with stag sound effects here)

• Bicycles – clean and modern, as well as old and rusty

• Birds, people, nature sounds WITHOUT planes, cars, cities. We need this for historical films.

• Circus

• Computer Beeps (both basic, and sci fi) – beeps, Interface sounds for zooming, swiping etc. (some of these UI libraries could come in handy)

• Cute, non-annoying dolphin sounds.

• Deep space phenomenon (black holes, quasars, neutron stars, supernova etc)

• Deserts

• Doors – Various wooden ones, big small, plastic doors, sliding doors, every type of door. / Doors and Lockers! Every Sound with different Intensities and performances, to match performances on-screen as much as they can. (this door SFX library could be useful for that)

• Electricity: Zaps and Sparks (the Electronic Drain or Sci-fi Electric libraries could be useful for that)

• Electric cars: Teslas, hybrids

• Farm animals / machines and tools / farm life (there’s an extensive Farm Animal library SFX here)

• Flyby/passby library (there are a number of passby collections in the Whoosh sound effects category)

• Fire / flame (this fire SFX library might fit the bill for that)

• Grains (everything starting from fine sand, to debris)*

• Global events (Olympics, World Cup, Tour De France etc) *

• Heavy Machinery

• Heavy Metal Implements

• Historical village and townscapes, taverns, traffic-free city noises, horses on cobblestone, tanners, blacksmith’s forges etc.

• Knocking / banging on various items such as doors, walls etc – different speeds, intensities, bare-handed, with gloves

• Laboratories

• Large Electric Motors: Everything from large industrial servos, to the drive motor of an electric car, to the AC motors on subway railcars, maybe even all the way up to electric motors on certain ships. There are also the highly unique sounds of the Formula E. An ideal recording would include sustained power at several RPMs, as well as varied acceleration and deceleration.

• Monster sounds – I can find some stuff and other I’ve recorded, but it be nice if there were a library with scuttling, high-pitched screeches, growls (something like Creatures – Designed or Creatures could be useful for this. More in the Animals & Creatures sound effect category)

• Non-car vehicle engines and sounds, motorcycles etc, but scifi styles too (there’s a selection of non-car vehicle sounds in the Vehicles category)

• Old Vehicles (Clunky Engines) (this make-and-break engine, or this 1932 Ford might come in handy)

• Pens, pencils, brushes, chalk – drawing, painting and other creative uses

• Physical hits, misses and impacts, eg. hand-to-hand combat, melee combat etc. (these two – Punch and Close Combat – could come in real handy for the hand combat elements)

• Positive, upbeat, happy, sparkling, swooshy, shiny, shimmery sounds a la Blastwave’s POP! library.

• Prison

• Quality footsteps library, several surfaces, several footwear, several perspectives (this footstep library might be useful for that – and there are some other alternatives here)

• Reptile recordings

• Rolling loops of different size, weight, texture and if possible by layers organized in frequencies of wood, metal, plastic and their corresponding squeaks. For example, loops of tree logs rolling, or different size metal tanks or pipes rolling downhill on concrete etc etc.

• Rowing boats (there’s a Rowing Boat SFX library here)

• Scifi/fantasy weapons/spells etc (good ideas – for spells and fantasy sounds, check out the Magic sound effects library)

• Sci-Fi vehicle engine sounds – continuous, not just pass-bys. There are lots of pass-by sounds out there, but continuous engine sounds are harder to come by. Could be for spacecraft, as well as for ground vehicles too.

• Skids and Peel outs

• Slingshot bys library

• Small “fire” (candle, lighter, old lamps)

• Steampunk (gears, steam, rusty, etc)

• Swoosh/fx sweetener element library would be pretty fun. Just have lots of gunshot canyon tails, flames and bursts, zings, hits and low end sweeteners. (there might be something useful in the Whoosh category)

• Tiny gears, cranks, mechanisms etc *

• Vintage cars from the early days of the automotive industry (this 1932 Ford might come in handy)

• Walkie talkie (beep, voices in different languages, interference, feedbacks) (there are several walkie talkie SFX libraries available here)

• Wind in grass (this wind / rustle library could be useful)

• WALLA that can be used internationally in M&E! Most walla has distinct words in a language and will be rejected by TV stations in other countries. We need a wall library that has been carefully edited to take this stuff out.

If you’ve got more ideas, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list. Once again, thanks a lot to everyone who shared their ideas – and hopefully this will prove inspiring to the sound effect creators out there!


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    The content has been recorded at 192KHz with a Sanken CO100K plus a Sennheiser 8050 for center image and a couple of Sennheiser MKH8040 for stereo image.
    A special section of the library features samples recorded at 384KHz. For these sounds an additional microphone was employed, specifically the CMPA by Avisoft-Bioacoustics which records up to 200 KHz. This microphone was actually used to record most of the library but the 384KHz format was preserved only where energy was found beyond 96KHz not to occupy unnecessary disk space.
    All files are delivered as stereo bounce of these for mics, though in some instances an additional couple of CO100K was added to the sides.
    The resulting ultrasonic spectrum is rich and allows for truly extreme manipulation of the content.

    Bonus: Two extra libraries included for free:
    This library also includes two additional releases from Mattia Cellotto - for free: Crunch Mode delivers 230 crunchy sounds made with a variety of vegetables, fresh bread, pizza crust and a selection of frozen goods. The Borax Experiment gets you 158 squishy, gory, slimy and gooey sounds.
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    Drag & Slide features recordings from sources such as:

    Bags, Barrels, Blades, Bottles, Cabinets, Chairs, Coat-hangers, Crates, Dining Tables, Fridges, Frying Pans, Iron Boxes, Iron Tables, Metal Cans, Metal Chairs, Nightstands, Pallets, Paper bags, Plates, Racks, Rakes, Shoes, Shovels, Sledgehammers, Spray cans, Stones/rocks, Toolboxes, Vacuum Cleaners, Various heavy objects, Wooden Boards – and more!

    Technical details:

    All sounds were cleaned, edited and filled with BWF-Metadata for instant use in your projects – and many of the files in the pack contain more than one sound. Recorded with Sound Devices 744T, 788T, Sennheiser MKH8050, Ambient ATE208, Sony PCM-D100

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    Bluezone Corporation presents 'Cargo – Spaceship Sound Effects', a new sci-fi sample library covering a wide range of elements including cockpit and interior ambiences, interface and beep sounds, reactor rumbles, spaceship passby sounds and more. Created with a large selection of high quality recordings and then meticulously layered, this downloadable sample pack will enhance your creative potential with as many as 138 highly usable sounds.

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    The library is available in two versions & a special bundle:


    CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN sounds massive from start to finish. This Construction Kit in particular starts off with an unusual amount of kick. While foley and other, more meticulous applications are certainly possible, the main purpose here is to bring out the big guns and stomp any hint of moderation into the ground.

    Supplement your designs with detailed, high-end metallic sounds. The Construction Kit allows you to build unique, multi-accent effects that not only impress in scale, but also in fidelity, rhythm and character. This library particularly shines in situations, where the visible picture doesn’t necessarily produce the envisioned sound, but warrants its own supernatural emphasis.

    Files: 700 • Sounds: 4200 • Size: 10.9 GB


    Optimized for trailers, action scenes, in-game cinematics and special effects, the Designed edition brings fresh and exciting sounds to the table.

    Discover the force of aggressive, low, soft, processed, clean and tonal HITS, BRAAMS, IMPACTS, SCREECHES, STINGERS and SLAMS.

    Paint a sense of dread and awe – CINEMATIC METAL – TITAN Designed can evoke fear of the unknown but just as easily kick into rampage mode: Empowered, ready for battle and thirsty for revenge. Find your perfect blend of haunting thriller and jacked, gritty anti-hero.
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    Included sounds – keywords:

    Braam, impact, rattle, squeak, rumble, clang, crunch, bell, groan, squeak, creak, cymbal, stinger, rusty, gate, container, flam, click, chain, dragging, thwack, bolt, door, train, metallic, iron, sliding, pole, oil drum, scrap, nail, gutter, break, steel, rim, scaffold, crowbar, swell, brass, hook, grate
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  • Environments New Zealand Ambiences Play Track 27 sounds included, 88 minutes mins total $30

    New Zealand Ambiences is a beautifully crafted ambience library exploring the incredible country and sounds of New Zealand (mainly focusing on the South Island). This library will take you on a sonic adventure exploring the many unique birds and creatures ranging from locations such as: Haast, Queenstown, Lake Paringa, Lake Wakatipu, Te Anau, the Clay Cliffs and Pukaki!

    Recorded at 24 bit/192 kHz you’ll have the flexibility to pitch these ambiences and bird songs to create some truly amazing other worldly atmospheres!

  • City Life Jamaican Vibrations Vol. 2 Play Track 90 sounds included, 702 mins total From: $30

    Get the sounds and ambiences of Jamaica in this very special sound effects library, featuring almost 12 hours of authentic recordings.

    An Additional Library of Vol 1. the Jamaican Vibrations SFX library includes Walla sounds of Jamaican Patois chatting, urban and village ambiences, high mountain atmospheres, forest sounds, car rides, coffee farm working sounds, wooden house sounds, roomtones, beaches, as well as a luxury hotel visit. So if you're looking for the real sounds of Jamaica, here they are:

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