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This week we have a few new libraries that will not disappoint in their creativity!

We have sounds of footballers on the pitch, electromagnetic frequencies for everything from engines to impacts, sounds of the peaceful rural soundscapes of the USA, a cinematic trailer library that will grab your audience's attention, a 2010 middleweight 4-stroke roadster, and a horror bundle that will help you build scenes of anxiety and suspense! Happy listening!

Sound library highlight by Adriane Kuzminski
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Rural America

'Rural America' by Celine Woodburn features the beautiful sounds of nature in the forests. This library is filled with sounds of insects, birds, and movement of outdoors recorded in 192Khz / 32bit float. It is perfect to fill out background ambiance for all sorts of projects.
  • Environments & Ambiences Rural America Play Track 58+ sounds included, 113 mins total $34

    Ambience of  rural America. The beautiful sounds of nature in the forests.

    Filled with sounds of insects, birds, and movement of outdoors.


    Recorded in 192Khz 32bit float and exported in both 192/32 and 96/24

    Perfect to fill out background ambiance for all sorts of projects

Volt – Electromagnetic Fields

Around us there is an inaudible dimension of sound generated by human technologies and machines. 'Volt – Electromagnetic Fields' by Just Sound Effects captures this field giving you sounds for extreme manipulation, sci-fi elements, futuristic engines, impacts, and more.
    Around us there is an inaudible dimension of sound generated by human technologies and machines. We have captured these electromagnetic fields and present you VOLT, a versatile tool or designing electric sounds with extrem manipulation options. Create energetic movements, sci-fi elements, futuristic engines and weapons, massive impacts or use the sounds as a resource for UI design and the layering of complex ambiences.

    This collection brings you 26,76GB of sounds including more than 1800 sfx of electromagnetic recordings as well as pre-designed risers, stingers, drones, user interface sounds and whooshes. You also get a huge toolkit section with loops and oneshots for crafting your own sounds from scratch, optimized for a smooth workflow in samplers like S-Layer.

    Our sound hunt took us through extensive recordings of screens, household devices, smartphones, computers, car ignitions and interiors, motors, lights, fuseboxes, synthesizers and much more using a Soma Ether stereo setup and a LOM Elektrouši with a Sound Devices Mix-Pre 6 recorder. The stereo recordings of the Soma Ether often result in a dynamic panorama with unique signals on each channel. Since electromagnetic fields extend to very high frequencies, we recorded the sounds in 192khz so you have the full spectrum and potential to let your creativity run wild and design something entirely new.


    • Recordings (231 / 652)
    • Drones (27 / 27)
    • Risers & Stingers (37 / 90)
    • User Interface (21 / 137)
    • Whooshes (16 / 80)
    • Tools – Loops (25 / 25)
    • Tools – Blaster (129 / 129)
    • Tools – Glitches (138 / 138)
    • Tools – Hits (130 / 130)
    • Tools – Sparks (128 / 128)
    • Tools – Sustains (133 / 133)
    • Tools – Whooshes (164 / 164)

    Anthony James (Video producer)
    The VOLT Electromagnetic Fields Sample Pack contains an excellent selection of high-quality recordings that cover the full audio spectrum from deep bass to high frequency which will suit the needs of a variety of editors, musicians, sound designers and producers and as such come highly recommended.

Horror Bundle

'Horror Bundle' by Visionary Robots Industries is a collection of horror sounds and instruments for your next bestseller videogame. It has 3 collections of spooky, gnarly, gritty and screeching sounds great for underscore, rhythmic suspense, building tension or to convey fear and anxiety.
  • A collection of horror sounds and isntruments for your next bestseller videogame, or millions views cinematic trailer or award winning feature movie!

    Save 35% on Cinematic Horror Storeroom Volume 1 and 2 and Horror Sandbox!

    Cinematic Horror Storeroom – Volume 1 is a collection of spooky, gnarly, gritty and screeching sounds. There is a variety of sounds in it, all scary!

    Cinematic Horror Storeroom – Volume 2 is a collection of spooky, gnarly, gritty and screeching loops. There is a variety of sounds in it, all scary! It’s great for underscore, rhythmic suspense, building tension or to convey fear and anxiety.

    Horror Sandbox is a collection of spooky, gnarly, gritty and screeching sounds. There is a variety of sounds in it, from chromatic instruments you can play as a keyboard to more sound design and underscore type of sounds. All scary!

Football Foley Vol. 1

'Football Foley Vol. 1' by 344 Audio is a concise collection of Foley-esque football sounds recorded on a pitch. Hear a footballer's footsteps, kicks, strikes, passes, dribbles and more, or combine these sound effects with our 'UK Football Volumes' to sweeten the sports scenes in your film, TV, and game projects.
  • Football Foley Vol. 1 is a concise collection of foley-esque football sound effects recorded on a grass football pitch. Hear a footballers footsteps, kicks, strikes, passes, dribbles and more!

    You can combine these sound effects with our UK Football Volumes to sweeten the sports scenes in your Film, TV and Game projects.

    All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 96kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation, and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

Annihilation Movie Trailer

'Annihilation Movie Trailer' by Epic Stock Media adds modulated, industry-standard, bombastic sonic force to your mixes and cinematic energy to your productions. This boutique movie trailer collection has all the essentials for destructive cinematic scenes in games and film.
  • A heavily processed & designed collection of highly sought after cinematic trailer sound effects. Welcome in, Annihilation Movie Trailer, a specialized boutique movie trailer sound effects library filled with all the essentials for creating destructive cinematic scenes in games and film. Designed to add modulated industry standard bombastic sonic force to your mixes and hit abstract cinematic energy within your productions. Inside you’ll hear powerful trailer hits, rising whooshes, blasting mangled impacts, and a vibrance of textures and aesthetics, all layered to perfection. Create compelling motion graphics, cinematic cutscenes, FX, trailers and epic audio dynamics.

    250 movie trailer sound effects
    1.95 GB of cinematic trailer audio samples
    All in 96k 24bit .wav
    Perfect for any level of game or sound designer

    17 %
BMW F800R – 2010 4-Stroke 798cc

'BMW F800R – 2010 4-Stroke 798cc' by Dramatic Cat features a middleweight roadster with an instant throttle response that gives it a strong and aggressive feeling. It can reach a top speed of 200 km/h and can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds.
  • This middleweight roadster, in its Chris Pfeiffer series released by BMW in 2009, has an instant throttle response that gives it a strong and aggressive feeling. The F800R can reach a top speed of 200 km/h and can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds.

    Our sound pack contains multiple tracks of onboard and exterior recordings of passbys, start-stops, idle, revs, driving, constant loops at various RPM and acceleration and deceleration ramps for use in granular synthesis tools.

    Specifications : 2-cylinder In-line, 4-stroke, 798cc, 87 HP, 6-speed.


    Multiple mic perspectives

    This sound pack includes 10 synchronized channels of exterior and onboard perspectives. The exterior recordings are mono and stereo, while the onboard microphones capture the engine and the exhaust. The library also includes a custom mix of onboard mics for an easy integration.

    Gear used

    Sound Devices MixPre-6 II • Zoom F6 • Rode NTG5 • Rode NTG3 • LOM Usi Pro • LOM MikroUsi • Sennheiser MKH 8040 • Sennheiser MKH30 • Oktava MK012


    This sound library is UCS compliant and comes with fully embedded metadatas compatible with Soundly, Soundminer and Basehead.


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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Car Sound Effects Extreme Drift Play Track 360 sounds included, 220 mins total $49

    The Extreme Drift SFX library includes 360 HQ (24bit/96kHz) close and distant range perspective, auto racing recordings. Audio material of vehicles, drifting and maneuvering around race tracks at various speeds and densities taking corners and speeding on long straightaways.

    You will find idle engine sounds, powerful engine revs, slow and fast starts, crazy accelerations and wild breaking, roaring overtakings, tandem battles, tire screeches and skids echoing beautifully in the air. The audio found in our library is not limited to startups, shutdowns and gear shifts, but also offers ambiences of pit lane and working team crews.

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Old Engines Grab Bag Play Track 486 sounds included, 265 mins total $129

    “Old Engines Grab Bag” is a pack of numerous old, unique and characterful engines from early 1900s. It’s a massive collection of 56GB multitrack 192kHz recordings of old tractors and stationary engines, both diesel and gasoline fueled.

    The intention wasn’t to cover vehicles driving, but to get isolated and very closely recorded mechanical elements of engines and exhaust pipes as a source material for sound design. There are many starts, idles, revs, offs, RPMs variations, backfires etc. Some are heavy and large sounding, some are small and funny. Tractors were captured EXT and most of stationary engines INT, but since they are very closely recorded there is just a little amount of reverb on most of them.

    Most of engines are 1 or 2 cylinders and low horse power and their RPMs are also low. Thanks to this, many of those sounds aren’t tonal and can easily be used as additional layer with other design elements. They work great for adding vintage character, designing junky or funny vehicles, crazy huge steampunk machines or engines malfunction.

    Sounds were recorded using multi-mic setup: Sanken CO-100k (most of the time pointing mechanical parts), Sennheiser MKH-8060 (mainly for isolated exhaust pipe), Schoeps CMC6XT mk41/mk8 (general image) and part also with Trance Audio Inducer contact mics (adding unique mechanical perspective).

    The library is delivered as multitrack 192kHz files, as well as stereo mix of all microphones. Thanks to using microphones with extended frequency range, drastic pitch changes can be applied.
    All files have extensive metadata created in Soundminer, including leg picker with microphone labels.

    Demo files include pitched sounds, which are not delivered with library.

  • This pack includes 13 magic sounds, including fireball, water, lightning, curse and healing spells. Elevate your game’s enchanting atmosphere instantly with this expertly crafted sound collection.

    30 %
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • User Interface (UI) Sound Effects Casual UI Play Track 3345 sounds included From: $129 From: $103.20


    Capture the attention with our expertly created UI sound effects, designed to delight and engage. Crafted for menu navigation, gameplay, rewards, and more to cover the core aspects of any casual game, video, or mobile experience. This collection is set to be go-to pool of sounds and will make your user interface sound design quick and easy. Drag, drop, and finish!

    CASUAL UI | Sound Effects | Trailer

    Upgrade your UI

    CASUAL UI covers a wide spectrum of sounds specifically designed for every aspect of a user interface and brings a playful dose of life into every tap, swipe, and click. With 15 categories, these high-quality, diverse sounds are created to be your UI sound foundation, providing you with the immediate flexibility you need to create an engaging auditory landscape.

    Feedback sounds

    Gaming and interactive content rely on sound to give feedback for actions and information. This casual games sound effects library was curated to give everything you need to build a positive and easy-going sonic base for your UI. From the excitement of discovering new game levels to achieving major milestones, these sounds transform user interactions into fun, memorable moments and keep audiences eager for more.

    From arcade to how-to
    With sounds that span from quirky and playful to neatly informative, CASUAL UI is a treasure trove designed to meet diverse creative needs – from positive videos to explainer content, and more – making it an indispensable tool in any content creator’s arsenal.


    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
  • Embark on an auditory journey into the heart of Asian gambling with our meticulously crafted collection of royalty-free music and sound effects. Immerse your players in a world of captivating audio that’ll leave them craving more!



    Delve into the authentic sounds of Asia with our comprehensive library, featuring a diverse array of audio assets meticulously tailored for the most beloved Asian gambling games, including:

    🀄 Mahjong: Experience the timeless allure of this classic game with custom tile sounds, winning effects, and atmospheric background music that perfectly captures the essence of traditional gameplay.

    🎰 Pachinko: Feel the electric buzz of the arcade with dynamic sound effects that bring the thrill of pachinko machines to life. From bouncing balls to jackpot celebrations, our library has it all!

    🃏 Baccarat: Immerse yourself in the sophistication of the casino floor with elegant card shuffling, dealing, and winning effects that add an extra layer of excitement to every hand.

    But wait, there’s more! Our library also includes audio assets perfect for other popular Asian gambling games such as SIC BO, TAI SAI, FAN-TAN, DRAGON TIGER, CHO-HAN, KENO, PAI GOW POKER, and many more. Plus, enjoy a selection of card, dice, and poker chip sounds, as well as win jingles and music loops – complimentary gifts from some of our related products!


    • 380 Audio Files (190 original sounds) in High-Quality WAV and MP3 formats
    • Sound Effects and Foley Recordings for every table and machine game mentioned
    • Background Environment Loops, short Music Jingles, and Loops included
    • Ready to use – no editing or splicing required
    • Categorized, organized, and individually labeled files for maximum efficiency
    • Unpacked Size: 161 MB | Total Run Time: 23m 48s
    • Drag and Drop Ready Files for seamless integration into your projects!
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    With over 1000 games worth of experience in audio production and a passion for gaming, we understand the importance of high-quality audio in creating immersive experiences. Our library is curated to ensure every sound is top-notch, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable games that keep players coming back for more.





    Need more card, dice, chip, and coin sounds? Looking for additional table game sounds or Asian casino music? Explore our related products below:

    👉 Cards, Chips, and Dice Sound Effects with Dealer Voiceovers
    👉 Scratch Card Sound Effects and Music
    👉 Roulette Sound Effects with Dealer Voiceovers
    👉 Slots of Asia: China and Japan
    👉 Progressive Slots and Classic Fruit Machines


    17 %
  • Royal Cannon is a mini sound library created by sound designer Barney Oram. It features recordings of a British royal cannon salute, fired by six WW1 field guns in February of 2020, to mark the 68th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. All sounds in the library are contained within one single 192kHz 24bit WAV file, with 23 individual takes contained within.

    These recordings were made using the Neumann 191, and have been decoded into a stereo file. The recordings have had some light cleanup but have been left mostly natural, with the sounds of the soldiers shouting and reloading the guns still audible.

    This library includes detailed SoundMiner metadata and utilizes the UCS system for ease of integration into your library.

    Behind the Scenes Video:

    Royal Cannon

    50 %
    Ends 1714514399
  • Over 375 sounds of creaking materials, including breaking cables, ropes under tension and about to split, wires and strings under stress, metal friction causing tension. Recorded with a combination of Sanken CO100K and Nevaton microphones for full frequency sound content. Saved as 192KHz these files allow for high resolution editing. Useful for impact sounds in cinema, games or documentary, but also for cartoon sounds or even creature sounds as many of the recordings contain vowel-like screeching and scraping.

    Imagine a scene where a rope is about to break over an edge, an object being torn by a huge cable, a wooden structure about to collapse under stress and so on… Our brain is triggered by those rattling sounds or spine-breaking cracks coming from little fibers being split apart, parts of the structure creaking, wires scraping over edges…

    These sounds can be perceived as delicate but have a great psychological impact as we interpret these and know what is about to happen. So suspense is built with both background and close-up sounds. Useful when building tension, when creating a sense of upcoming climax, these sonic elements will work out to amplify the details that are often important but not always visible for the eye.

    All the source material and recording are acoustic, there are no digital effects applied. This guarantees natural organic harmonics, even way beyond our hearing. Pitching down the 192 KHz files will let you discover another collection of sounds!


  • This pack includes 13 magic sounds, including fireball, water, lightning, curse and healing spells. Elevate your game’s enchanting atmosphere instantly with this expertly crafted sound collection.

    30 %


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