18 new sound effect libraries Asbjoern Andersen

This week on A Sound Effect, we're taking you on a whirlwind tour of diverse sound universes.

Rev your engines with sleek VWs, compact cars, and rugged motorcycles, or soar through alien landscapes with otherworldly textures of spaceships and alien creature.

Wander peaceful lands as you escape to the tranquility of lush Nordic forests, serene Bothnian coastlines, quaint Amish communities, and a diverse nature bundle, or feel the electrifying energy of packed stadiums and lively street festivals, or iconic cityscapes of peaceful Kyoto, bustling Barcelona, and eerie Paris during lockdown.

Finally, bring objects to life with the crinkle of fabric, the click of handcuffs, or the rumble of a laundry hamper.

From the familiar to the surreal, you'll find it here. Happy listening!

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Alien Life

'Alien Life' by BOOM Library lets you dive into the terrifying and fascinating extraterrestrial worlds with 4,700+ recordings of vocalizations and bioacoustics. Explore a vast collection of animal sounds, from exotic creatures like camels and eagles to the haunting calls of humpback whales.
  • Creature Sound Effects Alien Life Play Track 4710 sounds included From: $129

    Explore the unknown corners of the universe and discover ALIEN LIFE! Feel the tension as visceral snarls, shrieks, squawks, grunts, and groans craft the unsettling sounds of extraterrestrial biology. ALIEN LIFE features our signature high-quality audio and design. It provides you the tools to develop unique vocalizations and bioacoustics for all sentient beings in your universe. Use these high-quality animal sounds and prop effects creatively to craft the sounds of extraterrestrial orifices and appendages. This collection offers organic and exotic sonic palettes, weaving a vivid tapestry of alien evolution into a single guttural bellow.

    ALIEN LIFE | Sound Effects | Trailer


    This sound collection contains a vast range of pristinely recorded animal vocalizations. It focuses on exotic signature sounds, typically more challenging to capture cleanly. Curated to provide the tools to design truly unique and convincing zoological vocalizations for any creature you can fathom


    It includes a variety of fresh yet unmistakable snorts, growls, screeches, screams, chirps, and more. These sounds come in varying states of excitement and agitation, providing limitless potential. Discover strange new combinations and experiment with timing and tonality. Craft audible cues that help define the anatomy and biology of your ETs.


    Additionally, the collection includes a curated assortment of expressive prop effects. These effects cover clicking, slimy, squishy, scratchy, crunchy, and more. They round out the collection and offer more tools for boundless sound design potential. Invade your universe with ALIEN LIFE and manifest unique zoological vocalizations for all of the other-worldly creatures you can imagine!

The Amish

'The Amish' by Evocative Sound and Visuals gets you sounds of an Amish community. It captures the essence of daily life, from the morning school bell to the rhythmic clanging of a metal windmill. Experience the snorts of draft horses, the gentle sway of laundry lines, and the tranquil rain inside a barn.
  • Animal Sound Effects Collections The Amish Play Track 85 sounds included, 203 mins total $65

    Evocative Sound and Visuals is pleased to announce its latest sound effects library entitled, The Amish. It is a rare collection of high-quality recordings featuring life among an Old Order Amish community in northeast Ohio.

    The library features these sounds and more:
    • The beginning of class in a one-room schoolhouse, including the morning bell captured from the outside and inside.

    • Early-morning barn chores captured inside, including cow milking and tending to stalls. Bonus sounds include cows peeing and pooping right next to the mics. This was not a pleasant experience for me, but one that elicited much snickering from the youngsters.

    • Hitched teams of large draft horses, snorting and whinnying as they plow a muddy field, with pass-bys and follow-behinds.

    • The relaxing sounds of rain and rolling thunder captured from inside an old metal-roofed barn on several occasions.

    • The peaceful sounds of clothes swaying on a line in an afternoon breeze.

    • The sound of cornstalks blowing in the wind in autumn and in winter, when they’re dry and brittle.

    • The tink, tink, tap, tap as a farrier putting new shoes on a horse.

    • Bringing in dry hay at the end of the growing season, plus putting it into a silo.

    • Interior and exterior perspectives of two working vintage sawmills.

    • Inside a leather shop, where an Amish farmer makes hand-made flyswatters with his children.

    • The rhythmic sounds of a squeaky old metal windmill spinning, along with water that gurgles from the pipe as it comes out of the ground.

    • Wagon and buggies (onboard and pass-by perspectives)

    Visit www.evocativesound.com to find out more!

Championship Baseball Crowds

'Championship Baseball Crowds' by echo | collective captures the thrilling atmosphere of a rare deep playoff run in baseball for 2.5 hours. Over 42,000 fans roar, boo, and erupt in cheers across open and closed roof games. The dramatic series includes amazing plays, home runs, ejections, and a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Environments & Ambiences Championship Baseball Crowds Play Track 350 sounds included, 155 mins total From: $115
    • Over 42,000 fans watching championship level baseball
    • 16.5 Gigs of sound
    • Over 2.5 hours of unique recordings
    • Stereo and Quad recordings anchored by Microtech Gefell M930 large diaphragm condenser mics
    • 11 minutes of boos
    • 21 minutes of cheers
    • Chants, callouts, reacts, idles, organs and more
Yamaha XT1200Z 2010

'Yamaha XT1200Z 2010' by Krampfstadt Studio has sounds of a 2010 Yamaha XT1200Z adventure bike. Recorded at 32bit / 192 kHz, it captures driving sounds, exterior Foley, and mechanical / electrical details with Shure, Line Audio, and FEL mics with UCS metadata. Great for filmmakers, game designers, and anyone seeking the buzz of this iconic motorcycle
Washing Basket Foley

'Washing Basket Foley' by In Motion Audio is filled with the creaks, groans, and rustling of a fabric and cardboard laundry hamper. From gentle pats to rough shakes, capture the full range of movement and manipulation with royalty-free, drop-in-ready audio. Explore the sound list and unleash your sonic creativity!
  • Whats the best thing to do with a broken washing basket?

    Thats right record it and create a sample pack

    We recorded the Washing Basket being Moved/Manipulated and Roughed up from Fast to Slow, Pats, Rubs, Scrapes and Shakes. The basket was a rough Fabric with a thick cardboard layer between the Fabric. Spolier Alert it’s not the one in the photo

    Washing Basket Foley gives you enough audio to give life to any Fabric based Washing basket, it doesn’t stop there, this sample back can be used for other Fabrics and Textures and not just for a washing basket, giving it multiple uses boosting your project to the next level. Washing Basket Foley has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing/Compositions for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Sci-Fi Vehicles Vol. 1

'Sci-Fi Vehicles Vol. 1' by 344 Audio features meticulously crafted, awe-inspiring spaceships! Dive into distinct audio profiles for each vessel, from the lumbering cargo hauler to the nimble speedster. Get engine roars, smooth idles, and dramatic transitions, plus diverse flyby variations to add depth and realism.
  • Sci-Fi Vehicles Vol. 1 is a collection of 4 sci-fi inspired flying vehicles, meticulously designed and crafted from the ground up.

    Our Audio Craftsmen used a plethora of sound design techniques to create 4 unique air-based spaceships, each inspired by a particular shape, size, material, or purpose;

    BWTG2002 – Large Cargo Ship
    SLS2512 – Personal Speed Craft
    VIRGL889 – War Jet
    VSL1711 – Transport Carrier

    For each vehicle you will find sounds covering engine turn on, idle, speed up, slow down and turn off, alongside 12 pass bys at various speeds and distances.
    This library is a perfect addition to sci-fi Film, TV & Game trailers, or productions with a futuristic, experimental or abstract edge. Use these sounds in projects to inject larger than life, futuristic textures into your vehicle sound design.

    All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 96kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.

Nature Bundle

'Nature Bundle' by Just Sound Effects will immerse you in nature's symphony with the ever-expanding Nature Bundle! It offers a world of diverse soundscapes, from tranquil Norwegian forests to crashing ocean waves and babbling brooks, letting you explore over 600 recordings across 5 libraries of ambiences, water features, insects, and more.
  • Bundles Nature Bundle Play Track 676+ sounds included, 1410 mins total $325

    Our Nature Bundle takes you into the beautiful world of natural sounds. With this collection, you are well equipped to add vivid soundscapes to your projects. The bundle will grow over time, as upcoming nature sound libraries are added immediately.


    30 %
Volkswagen Polo Tsi

'Volkswagen Polo Tsi' by Vadi Sound Library goes beyond everyday driving, capturing 141 mechanical and electrical effects from ignition to acceleration, braking, and interior details. Experience long drive-by recordings, engine roars, exhaust rumbles, and realistic cabin ambience across rural roads and highways.
  • Car Sound Effects Volkswagen Polo Tsi Play Track 141 sounds included, 79 mins total $39

    Get the expected everyday sounds and the unexpected sporty sounds of a go-to compact car. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    What’s inside

    Fasten your seatbelt for 141 mechanical and electrical sounds of acceleration, deceleration, driving, drive-by, interior and exterior sounds; ignition, honk, engine, door, and trunk, and more Foley.

    You will get long takes of drive-bys, car engine sounds, exhaust sounds and stereo interior recordings, from the exhaust, engine and the cabin perspective on both the rural roads and the highways.

    Up your game with these 141 stereo recordings of engine starts and stops, rev-up, idle, gearshifts, accelerating and decelerating to constant and high, medium, low RPM, driving slowly and fast. 

    96kHz – 24bit format, 2.7 GB size, 79 minutes duration. Comes with intuitive naming and metadata. UCS compliant, 100% royalty-free and compatible with all DAWs, middleware and video editing software.

    All sounds are organic and have room for further sound design; recorded in high detail so that you can layer and shape all channels individually in vehicle and other sound design.

    Full specs: Volkwagen Polo TSI 1.4 2013 Comfortline, 6R, 85PS, 1104 kg, 1390 cm3 cylinder. 

    Gear: DPA 4060s, Sennheiser MKH8040s, Audix F5 Dynamics, Zoom F3s.

    Keywords: Vehicle, car, compact car, everyday car, electrical, mechanical, ride, break, speed, VW, Volkwagen, Polo, tire, highway, drive by, gear, light, car hood, door, honk, trunk, sun visor, steering wheel, seat belt, lock, outdoor, engine, key, control panel, open, close, window, window wiper, air conditioner, idle, rev-up, handbrake, uphill, downhill, motor, button, remote, road, indoor, exhaust, acceleration, deceleration, cabin, Foley

    What else you may need

    You may also want to check out our Bavaria 36 Sailing Boat for access to 58 unique files of 32m 35s duration, including sailing, sail Foley, engine ignition starts and cut offs, water movements, different RPMs, interior and on-deck Foley and ambiences from different perspectives like front, rear, near the water, inside the hull.

    Mercedes-Benz Axor 1840 is another option with 54 pristine sounds with multi-channel tracks of exterior and onboard perspectives; ranging from engine starts and stops, rev-up, idle, gearshifts, accelerating and decelerating to constant and high, medium, low RPM, driving slowly and fast.

Compact Cars 2

'Compact Cars 2' by Krampfstadt Studio featuring 10 diverse vehicles! From the classic VW Beetle to the sporty Honda Civic, explore driving, interior, and exterior sounds captured with a RØDE NTG1 and Shure KSM137. It captures every detail, from engine roars to door clicks.
  • Car Sound Effects Compact Cars 2 Play Track 2356 sounds included, 302 mins total $200

    Compilation of 10 different compact cars. Sounds are recorded with RØDE NTG1, RØDELink Lav, Line Audio Omni1, Shure KSM137, Shure VP88, Sonorous Objects SO.3, FEL Pluggy XLR EM272 and FEL Clippy XLR EM272 microphones, Sound Devices MixPre-6 II and Zoom F3 and Zoom H4n recorders. Library contains wav files of driving, interior and exterior foley, mechanical and electrical sounds. It is also available in UCS.



    1. Alfa Romeo 147 2004
    2. Fiat Bravo 2007
    3. Ford Focus 1998
    4. Honda Civic Type S 2006
    5. Hyundai i30 2006
    6. Lada Samara 1984
    7. Opel Astra J 2009
    8. Renault Megane 2002
    9. Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle 1967
    10. Zastava Skala 1988
Forests of Norway

'Forests of Norway' by Just Sound Effects lets you breathe in the raw beauty of Norway's forests. It goes beyond with quad-recorded landscapes, diverse wind textures, flowing water, and animal calls, capturing the rugged charm, dramatic storms, and peaceful brooks.
  • Environments & Ambiences Forests of Norway Play Track 99+ sounds included, 210 mins total From: $89 From: $67

    Discover the wild forests of Norway and immerse yourself in the sound of remote nature. This library contains quad surround recordings of various forests, wind through different types of trees, flowing water and individual animal sounds.

    Scandinavian forests are known for being less densely populated by animals and for the harsh and changeable weather. The soundscapes are often characterized by a lot of wind, rivers and occasional bird calls. The collection captures this iconic sound of Norwegian nature: from the power of stormy winds and rushing waterfalls to calm and peaceful forest ambiences.

    Forests of Norway
    was carefully recorded with a double ORTF quad setup of MKH8040s into a MixPre-6 II, giving you pure immersion. In addition you get isolated animal sounds, mainly birds, captured in mono with a parabolic microphone. To ensure that the mono sounds blend seamlessly into the ambiences, we also recorded impulse responses from various forests. This allows you to embed any sound into the atmo, letting you create immersive and organic atmospheres according to your specific needs.

    If you’re looking for a flexible atmo construction kit, this library is just right for you. It perfectly captures the sonic environment of Norwegian forests and gives you the tools to create authentic, vibrant soundscapes.


    • Ambiences (19 / 72)
    • Wind (17 / 68)
    • Flowing Water (16 / 38)
    • Rain (5 / 14)
    • Single Animals (19 / 10)
    • Impulse Responses (23 Sounds)
    25 %
    25 %
    25 %

'LOCKDOWN NIGHT' by Audio Field captures the eerie silence as Paris as it slumbers under lockdown. Explore the deserted streets at night, from quiet dead-ends to the Seine's hushed banks. It features ambiences of empty squares, alleys, and main streets, punctuated by the hum of ventilation and rare vehicles.
  • City Life Sound Effects LOCKDOWN NIGHT Play Track 60 sounds included, 360 mins total From: $119

    The city of Paris becomes silent during a lockdown. A new auditory experience unfolds in this urban environment. Explore the night like you’ve never heard it before.

    All files are embedded with extensive UCS compliant metadata.


'NIGHT IN KYOTO' by Audio Field captures the city's understated serenity. Long ambiences from parks, narrow streets, and avenues showcase the quiet hum of urban life. Gentle rumbles, ventilation sounds, and occasional Japanese voices create a peaceful nocturnal soundscape.
  • City Life Sound Effects NIGHT IN KYOTO Play Track 61 sounds included, 430 mins total From: $119

    The calm of the night sets in, few people are outside. The city, quiet, gives way to the faint hum of ventilations, as well as the subtle and peaceful urban rumble.

    All files are embedded with extensive UCS compliant metadata.

Nordic Archipelago Beach

'Nordic Archipelago Beach' by Virta Audio has the distinct water sounds of rocky and pebble beaches in the Gulf of Bothnia. Recorded with high-quality equipment (Rode NT-SF1 & Zoom F8n), it offers both immersive Ambisonic A-format (decodable for various surround formats) and binaural stereo options.
  • NORDIC ARCHIPELAGO BEACH consists of 17 sounds recorded on islands in the Gulf of Bothnia and is made up mostly of the sound of water on the rocky and pebble beaches which is quite different from what you would hear on the beach of an ocean.

    The library was recorded using a Rode NT-SF1 and a Zoom F8n and is delivered as 48 kHz, 24-bit WAV and in both Ambisonic A-format and binaural stereo. The Ambisonic A-format files you can decode into mono, stereo or a variety of surround formats using plugins such as the free SoundField by RØDE plugin.

Foley T-Shirt

'Foley T-Shirt' by In Motion Audio brings you a unique sound library crafted from, well, used T-shirts! It features various recordings of T-shirts being moved, wrinkled, and even roughed up, offering both fast and slow actions, pats, and rubs. Add an authentic layer of "foley cloth" textures to your projects.
  • We’ve been wanting to create a Foley sample pack for a while now and we had several T-shirt’s we’d out grown here at In Motion Audio, and thought why not create a Foley T-Shirt pack.

    We recorded Several T-shirts being moved, manipulated and even roughed up, ranging from fast to slow movements to pats and rubs, giving you more options for your projects.

    Foley T-Shirt will give you enough audio to give your project the authentic sound of well….. foley cloth boosting your project to the next level. Foley T-Shirt has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack. These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing for TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games. UCS Compliant and Metadata is attached to the samples

Barcelona Ambiences

'Barcelona Ambiences' by Vadi Sound Library gets you sounds of the vibrant city from bustling squares to peaceful parks with 40 high-quality soundscapes. Capture the essence of iconic landmarks like La Sagrada Familia and explore diverse soundscapes from crowds, street life, and vehicles with 153 minutes of ambiences.
  • A good range of Barcelona city sounds. Different perspectives. Authentic high-quality ambiences will serve as ideal background tracks. Find the true sound of it with Vadi Sound Library.

    About Barcelona Ambiences

    Whether you’re working on projects that crave the immersive ambience of a modern city or need close-up sounds of crowds and walla to place audience right at the heart of Barcelona, this is your go-to collection.

    Dive into Barcelona that is always in full swing with having a good time. From vibrant town squares to back streets, parks to touristic landmarks and cheerful crowds, this pack of 40 sounds is an indispensable toolkit to create the perfect cinematic atmospheres, with or without being in the foreground.

    It gives you access to 153 minutes of Barcelona ambiences in varying activity levels of the city’s top locations. We’ve captured close, medium, and distant perspectives with rich reverb and roof top /off-stage POV, in both controlled and stealth recording techniques.

    You will find yourself strolling through Plaza De La Vila De Gracia, Plaza Del Sol, La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, La Rambla, Mercat De La Boqueria, Plaza Dels Angels, L’Eixample, Carmel Hill and bidding farewell at the El Prat Airport.

    You will at once get a hold of the key spots, squares, cathedrals, parks, cafes, bars, farmers’ markets, streets, residential areas, rooftops, and the city rumble and hum at its best. There are diverse soundscapes, crowds, walla, skaters, vehicles pass-by and more at different times of the day.

    These meticulously recorded sounds of 5.3 GB have clarity and room for further sound design. Compatible with all DAWs, middleware, video editing tools and 100% royalty free.

    40 high-resolution sounds in 24bit/96 kHz .wav format with intuitive naming and thorough metadata. Recorded with joy on our favorite Sennheiser MKH8040 stereo pair and Zoom F3 recorder in ORTF technique and the usual Vadi Sound craft and attention to detail.

    Keywords including Location, Activity, Style

    City, ambience, soundscape, field recording, urban, hum, road, street, cathedral, courtyard, balcony, peaceful, vibrant, busy, loud, calm, elevated, park, horn, birdsong, kids, street musicians, tapas bar, people, crowds, walla, day, morning, evening, night, Gracia, Plaza Del Sol, La Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Mercat De La Boqueria, Plaza Dels Angels, farmers’ market, L’Eixample, Carmel Hill, El Prat Airport, Barcelona, Spain.

    What else you may need

    You may also want to check out our City Ambiences Series; London, China, Japan and Istanbul for access to more urban ambience essentials.

    City Perspectives is another good choice with 56 loopable high-quality urban ambiences. From busy intersections to back streets, vibrant parks to rooftops, 3 hours of city ambiences will serve as ideal background tracks.

Handcuffs Foley

'Handcuffs Foley' by White Crow Sound Production gets you realistic sounds of police handcuffs. It offers intricate details of real handcuffs in action. Easily integrate the sounds into Reformer Pro with sequences like fast, medium, and slow locking, individual click sounds, handling noises, and interactions with keys, spokes, and metal pipes.
  • Foley Sound Effects Handcuffs Foley Play Track 83 sounds included, 5 mins total $15

    This library features high quality studio recordings of real police handcuffs!

    The various sequences included in this library make it easy to integrate audio files into Reformer Pro!

    Activities were recorded such as:

    • Fast, medium, and slow lock closures for each bracelet
    • Individual bracelet lock clicks
    • Handling
    • Interactions with a key, spoke, and metal pipe




'FESTIVAL CROWD' by Audio Field has electrifying energy of street festivals. It captures the vibrant chaos of thousands of spectators and artists in a small French town. It also features recordings from bustling Lille's Braderie, further enhancing the variety of crowd soundscapes.

A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:

  • Car Sound Effects Extreme Drift Play Track 360 sounds included, 220 mins total $49

    The Extreme Drift SFX library includes 360 HQ (24bit/96kHz) close and distant range perspective, auto racing recordings. Audio material of vehicles, drifting and maneuvering around race tracks at various speeds and densities taking corners and speeding on long straightaways.

    You will find idle engine sounds, powerful engine revs, slow and fast starts, crazy accelerations and wild breaking, roaring overtakings, tandem battles, tire screeches and skids echoing beautifully in the air. The audio found in our library is not limited to startups, shutdowns and gear shifts, but also offers ambiences of pit lane and working team crews.

  • Mechanical Sound Effects Old Engines Grab Bag Play Track 486 sounds included, 265 mins total $129

    “Old Engines Grab Bag” is a pack of numerous old, unique and characterful engines from early 1900s. It’s a massive collection of 56GB multitrack 192kHz recordings of old tractors and stationary engines, both diesel and gasoline fueled.

    The intention wasn’t to cover vehicles driving, but to get isolated and very closely recorded mechanical elements of engines and exhaust pipes as a source material for sound design. There are many starts, idles, revs, offs, RPMs variations, backfires etc. Some are heavy and large sounding, some are small and funny. Tractors were captured EXT and most of stationary engines INT, but since they are very closely recorded there is just a little amount of reverb on most of them.

    Most of engines are 1 or 2 cylinders and low horse power and their RPMs are also low. Thanks to this, many of those sounds aren’t tonal and can easily be used as additional layer with other design elements. They work great for adding vintage character, designing junky or funny vehicles, crazy huge steampunk machines or engines malfunction.

    Sounds were recorded using multi-mic setup: Sanken CO-100k (most of the time pointing mechanical parts), Sennheiser MKH-8060 (mainly for isolated exhaust pipe), Schoeps CMC6XT mk41/mk8 (general image) and part also with Trance Audio Inducer contact mics (adding unique mechanical perspective).

    The library is delivered as multitrack 192kHz files, as well as stereo mix of all microphones. Thanks to using microphones with extended frequency range, drastic pitch changes can be applied.
    All files have extensive metadata created in Soundminer, including leg picker with microphone labels.

    Demo files include pitched sounds, which are not delivered with library.

  • This pack includes 13 magic sounds, including fireball, water, lightning, curse and healing spells. Elevate your game’s enchanting atmosphere instantly with this expertly crafted sound collection.

    30 %
Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • User Interface (UI) Sound Effects Casual UI Play Track 3345 sounds included From: $129 From: $103.20


    Capture the attention with our expertly created UI sound effects, designed to delight and engage. Crafted for menu navigation, gameplay, rewards, and more to cover the core aspects of any casual game, video, or mobile experience. This collection is set to be go-to pool of sounds and will make your user interface sound design quick and easy. Drag, drop, and finish!

    CASUAL UI | Sound Effects | Trailer

    Upgrade your UI

    CASUAL UI covers a wide spectrum of sounds specifically designed for every aspect of a user interface and brings a playful dose of life into every tap, swipe, and click. With 15 categories, these high-quality, diverse sounds are created to be your UI sound foundation, providing you with the immediate flexibility you need to create an engaging auditory landscape.

    Feedback sounds

    Gaming and interactive content rely on sound to give feedback for actions and information. This casual games sound effects library was curated to give everything you need to build a positive and easy-going sonic base for your UI. From the excitement of discovering new game levels to achieving major milestones, these sounds transform user interactions into fun, memorable moments and keep audiences eager for more.

    From arcade to how-to
    With sounds that span from quirky and playful to neatly informative, CASUAL UI is a treasure trove designed to meet diverse creative needs – from positive videos to explainer content, and more – making it an indispensable tool in any content creator’s arsenal.


    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
    20 %
    Ends 1714514399
  • Embark on an auditory journey into the heart of Asian gambling with our meticulously crafted collection of royalty-free music and sound effects. Immerse your players in a world of captivating audio that’ll leave them craving more!



    Delve into the authentic sounds of Asia with our comprehensive library, featuring a diverse array of audio assets meticulously tailored for the most beloved Asian gambling games, including:

    🀄 Mahjong: Experience the timeless allure of this classic game with custom tile sounds, winning effects, and atmospheric background music that perfectly captures the essence of traditional gameplay.

    🎰 Pachinko: Feel the electric buzz of the arcade with dynamic sound effects that bring the thrill of pachinko machines to life. From bouncing balls to jackpot celebrations, our library has it all!

    🃏 Baccarat: Immerse yourself in the sophistication of the casino floor with elegant card shuffling, dealing, and winning effects that add an extra layer of excitement to every hand.

    But wait, there’s more! Our library also includes audio assets perfect for other popular Asian gambling games such as SIC BO, TAI SAI, FAN-TAN, DRAGON TIGER, CHO-HAN, KENO, PAI GOW POKER, and many more. Plus, enjoy a selection of card, dice, and poker chip sounds, as well as win jingles and music loops – complimentary gifts from some of our related products!


    • 380 Audio Files (190 original sounds) in High-Quality WAV and MP3 formats
    • Sound Effects and Foley Recordings for every table and machine game mentioned
    • Background Environment Loops, short Music Jingles, and Loops included
    • Ready to use – no editing or splicing required
    • Categorized, organized, and individually labeled files for maximum efficiency
    • Unpacked Size: 161 MB | Total Run Time: 23m 48s
    • Drag and Drop Ready Files for seamless integration into your projects!
    • FREE Updates to higher versions, FOREVER!


    With over 1000 games worth of experience in audio production and a passion for gaming, we understand the importance of high-quality audio in creating immersive experiences. Our library is curated to ensure every sound is top-notch, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable games that keep players coming back for more.





    Need more card, dice, chip, and coin sounds? Looking for additional table game sounds or Asian casino music? Explore our related products below:

    👉 Cards, Chips, and Dice Sound Effects with Dealer Voiceovers
    👉 Scratch Card Sound Effects and Music
    👉 Roulette Sound Effects with Dealer Voiceovers
    👉 Slots of Asia: China and Japan
    👉 Progressive Slots and Classic Fruit Machines


    17 %
  • Royal Cannon is a mini sound library created by sound designer Barney Oram. It features recordings of a British royal cannon salute, fired by six WW1 field guns in February of 2020, to mark the 68th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. All sounds in the library are contained within one single 192kHz 24bit WAV file, with 23 individual takes contained within.

    These recordings were made using the Neumann 191, and have been decoded into a stereo file. The recordings have had some light cleanup but have been left mostly natural, with the sounds of the soldiers shouting and reloading the guns still audible.

    This library includes detailed SoundMiner metadata and utilizes the UCS system for ease of integration into your library.

    Behind the Scenes Video:

    Royal Cannon

    50 %
    Ends 1714514399
  • Over 375 sounds of creaking materials, including breaking cables, ropes under tension and about to split, wires and strings under stress, metal friction causing tension. Recorded with a combination of Sanken CO100K and Nevaton microphones for full frequency sound content. Saved as 192KHz these files allow for high resolution editing. Useful for impact sounds in cinema, games or documentary, but also for cartoon sounds or even creature sounds as many of the recordings contain vowel-like screeching and scraping.

    Imagine a scene where a rope is about to break over an edge, an object being torn by a huge cable, a wooden structure about to collapse under stress and so on… Our brain is triggered by those rattling sounds or spine-breaking cracks coming from little fibers being split apart, parts of the structure creaking, wires scraping over edges…

    These sounds can be perceived as delicate but have a great psychological impact as we interpret these and know what is about to happen. So suspense is built with both background and close-up sounds. Useful when building tension, when creating a sense of upcoming climax, these sonic elements will work out to amplify the details that are often important but not always visible for the eye.

    All the source material and recording are acoustic, there are no digital effects applied. This guarantees natural organic harmonics, even way beyond our hearing. Pitching down the 192 KHz files will let you discover another collection of sounds!


  • This pack includes 13 magic sounds, including fireball, water, lightning, curse and healing spells. Elevate your game’s enchanting atmosphere instantly with this expertly crafted sound collection.

    30 %


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