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I'm really sorry to hear that times are tough for many in the audio community right now - and I'd love to help where I can. To do so, I've gathered a number of resources to help you find audio work, expand your sonic skillset, get back on your feet after a layoff, make the most of any downtime & more, below.

And if you want some good news, Adriane and I continue to see lots of new audio jobs pop up, week after week, even in this current climate.

I'll be expanding the lists as I come across new resources that could come in handy - and if you have any tips, ideas or insights to share, let us know in the comments section. Hope it helps, and please share it in your network if you someone who could benefit from it too!

By Asbjoern Andersen
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Where to find audio jobs:


• The Audio Jobs LinkedIn group: This is where we share audio jobs as soon as we spot them, so if you want new opportunities whenever they appear on our radar, join this group. If you’re an employer looking for audio talents, be sure to share your openings here too. Join the LinkedIn group here
• The Audio Jobs Facebook group: This is the largest audio jobs group on Facebook – so whether you’re someone looking for work, or an employer looking to hire audio pros, you’re more than welcome to join this group. Join the Facebook group here

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Online audio community site is an exclusive partner of A Sound Effect and has recently grown to more than 3000+ members from all around the world. I really recommend joining Airwiggles; to network, hang out, learn from and collaborate with others in the audio community – it’s completely free.

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Find interesting new events and opportunties to meet up with others, on the Audio Events List

Highlighted audio conferences:

AirCon 2024GameSoundCon 2024GDC 2024

Expanding your skillset:


The Sound Success Series:

Want to learn new sound skills or pivot to other types of audio work? We created the Sound Success Series to help you to grow – or kickstart – your audio business, learn new areas of audio-related work, and give you multiple revenue streams to insulate you from the ups and downs of the audio industry:

How to succeed in UI/UX Sound Design, ADR Recording, & Audio Programming

How to succeed in sound design for Film, Documentaries, and Trailers

How to succeed in sound design for Games, Animation, and Television

How to succeed in Field Recording, Foley, and Teaching Sound

How to succeed in Audio Branding, Music Editing, and sound for VR

How to succeed in Theater Sound Design, Podcast Sound Design, and Podcast Production

How to succeed in Sound Editing, Sound for Advertising, and Production Sound


The Composer Success Series:

If you’re looking to succeed a composer, we’ve done a number of interviews with some of the world’s most talented composers in games, film and beyond to help you. Get their insights and advice in the Composer Success Series below:

The Composer Success Series: Composing for Film – ft. Pinar Toprak, Nainita Desai, & Jonathan Snipes

The Composer Success Series: Composing for TV – ft. Charlie Clouser, Sherri Chung, & Cindy O’Connor

The Composer Success Series: Composing for TV – ft Ronit Kirchman, Zach Robinson, and Alec Puro

The Composer Success Series: Composing for Theatre – ft. Elyssa Samsel, Kate Anderson, & Daniel Kluger

The Composer Success Series: Composing for TV, VR, and Theme Parks – with Ariel Marx, Matthew Carl Earl, and Christopher Thomas

The Composer Success Series: Composing for Games – with Inon Zur

The Composer Success Series: Composing for Games – with Jason Graves

The Composer Success Series: Composing for Games – with Winifred Phillips

The Composer Success Series: Composing for Games – with Peter McConnell

Getting hired and making a living in sound:


Adriane and I have been doing weekly audio jobs highlights for the past 8 years or so, and while I know times are very tough for a lot of people right now, I’m somewhat encouraged by the fact that we continue to find lots of new audio openings every week – even in the current conditions. So how do you land those jobs? These guides can hopefully help you:

How to Build a Strong Audio Portfolio – an insightful guide by Paul Boechler

How to get hired in game audio – thoughts and insights from your potential employer’s perspective

4 Effective Ways to Break into Game Audio

How To Actually Live as an Audio Freelancer – by Melissa Pons

A Short Guide to Freelance Rates – and what to charge for your work

7 Sound Alternatives to Working For Free

More resources:


If you’re between jobs and want to make the most of any downtime – or just want to learn more about your craft – I’ve gathered a number of resources for you below:

Explore the Power Lists – essential audio resources and insights:

The Sound Design Power ListThe Game Audio Power ListThe Film Sound Power List

Get great sound stories: The Sound Story Network is an exclusive network of hand-picked sound-related blogs, and they’re sharing some excellent stories. Stay updated on the latest Sound Stories in the Sound Stories Facebook group here, or follow Sound Stories on X here.

Hear great audio-related podcasts: The Audio Podcast Alliance features a hand-picked selection of the world’s best podcasts about sound. Hear the latest episodes from the members here

Read great books about sound: There are a huge number of sound-related books out there, and Swiss sound designer and recordist Julien Matthey has compiled a great overview of some of the real gems. Lots of sound community members have weighed in with recommendations too, so there are lots of excellent reads to be found in this guide to essential books about sound here.

Get the latest audio industry news: Want to know what’s going on in the audio industry? Post Production Freelancer Christa Giammattei’s excellent, bite-size AUDIO INDUSTRY NEWS episodes get you up to speed every week on Instagram – and we’re excited to let you know that A Sound Effect is the official sponsor! Follow her on Instagram here.

Hope all of this comes in handy for you! Did we miss any resources? If so, please leave a comment below:


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A Sound Effect gives you easy access to an absolutely huge sound effects catalog from a myriad of independent sound creators, all covered by one license agreement - a few highlights:


    Introducing the Ultimate Sound FX Bundle – your all-in-one solution to level up your audio game! Say goodbye to wasting countless hours searching for the perfect sound effects, and hello to a seamless editing process that enhances your creativity.

    This bundle includes sound effects from different genres and subjects, so you’ll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Whether you’re working on a film, game, podcast, or music project, this bundle has got you covered.

    With the Ultimate Sound FX Bundle, you can speed up your workflow and take your creativity to new heights. Imagine having access to a vast library of high-quality sound effects that perfectly match your project’s needs, all in one place. No more time wasted on sifting through endless sound effect libraries – this bundle has it all.

    Don’t let sound effects be a pain point in your creative process any longer. Invest in the Ultimate Sound FX Bundle today and experience a smoother, more efficient workflow that unleashes your full creative potential.

    78 %
  • This library contains recordings of eleven different types of doors specifically chosen for their interesting sound. I performed all actions with a lot of detail covering “open/close”, “knocks”, “bangs and thuds”, “handle grab and rattle” and when possible also “crackles and squeaks” (all recorded at various intensities)

  • Footsteps Sound Effects Ultimate Footsteps Play Track 1176-3056+ sounds included From: $160

    Need footstep sound effects? Get 5 Shoes, 25+ surfaces, 15+ variations – created by Foley Supervisor Joshua Reinhardt and professional Foley walker Lara Dale.

    Deep heavy metal, crunchy snow, old boat wood, crisp grass, gritty dirt, clean tile – this library has it all. Not only does this library contain walking but it's got pretty much every performance you can think of, from scuffs to jumps and lands and scrapes. With this library you can cut Foley for pretty much any film or game that comes your way.


    • 17 different Performances – From slow walk to RUN, 5 scrapes, bodyfall/land, stomps and more
    • Every file is labeled with a description of the shoe, surface and performance type.
    • Every folder has a picture of the shoe and surface plus a description of the distance of the mic from the Foley walker.
    • Combine wood creak sweeteners with Ultimate Interiors wood for scary creaky wood or add grit to a clean interior to give character.
    • Same recording studio mics and preamps used in over 50 major motion pictures
    • Same boots that were used for Sylvester Stallone in The Expendable
    • Mix and match shoes, surfaces and sweeteners to make your own custom characters
    • Can be used as a stereo or separated and mixed/matched as a mono depending which mic works best for your project


    Foot wear type:
    Boots, Dress Shoes, Flats, Heels, Sneakers.

    Extremely Slow Walk, Medium Slow Walk, Walk, Jog, Run, Stairs Slow, Stairs Fast, Stomp, Land, Scuff, Scrape 1, Scrape 2, Scrape 3, Scrape 4, Scrape 5.

    Surface Types:
    Asphalt, Carpet 1, Carpet 2, Concrete, Hardwood, Hardwood house, Hardwood deep, Hardwood parquet, Hardwood boat wood, Hardwood Dock, Lino, Marble, Tile, Dirt, Grass, Metal grate, Diamond plate Metal, Metal Slab, Wood Creak 1 old, Wood Creak 2, Gravel, Rocks, SNOW!!, Puddle, Water shallow, Water Deep.

Explore the full, unique collection here

Latest sound effects libraries:
  • Royal Cannon is a mini sound library created by sound designer Barney Oram. It features recordings of a British royal cannon salute, fired by six WW1 field guns in February of 2020, to mark the 68th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne. All sounds in the library are contained within one single 192kHz 24bit WAV file, with 23 individual takes contained within.

    These recordings were made using the Neumann 191, and have been decoded into a stereo file. The recordings have had some light cleanup but have been left mostly natural, with the sounds of the soldiers shouting and reloading the guns still audible.

    This library includes detailed SoundMiner metadata and utilizes the UCS system for ease of integration into your library.

    Behind the Scenes Video:

    Royal Cannon

  • Over 375 sounds of creaking materials, including breaking cables, ropes under tension and about to split, wires and strings under stress, metal friction causing tension. Recorded with a combination of Sanken CO100K and Nevaton microphones for full frequency sound content. Saved as 192KHz these files allow for high resolution editing. Useful for impact sounds in cinema, games or documentary, but also for cartoon sounds or even creature sounds as many of the recordings contain vowel-like screeching and scraping.

    Imagine a scene where a rope is about to break over an edge, an object being torn by a huge cable, a wooden structure about to collapse under stress and so on… Our brain is triggered by those rattling sounds or spine-breaking cracks coming from little fibers being split apart, parts of the structure creaking, wires scraping over edges…

    These sounds can be perceived as delicate but have a great psychological impact as we interpret these and know what is about to happen. So suspense is built with both background and close-up sounds. Useful when building tension, when creating a sense of upcoming climax, these sonic elements will work out to amplify the details that are often important but not always visible for the eye.

    All the source material and recording are acoustic, there are no digital effects applied. This guarantees natural organic harmonics, even way beyond our hearing. Pitching down the 192 KHz files will let you discover another collection of sounds!


  • This pack includes 13 magic sounds, including fireball, water, lightning, curse and healing spells. Elevate your game’s enchanting atmosphere instantly with this expertly crafted sound collection.

    30 %
  • Introducing “Presage – Boutique Horror Instrument,” our inaugural Kontakt Instrument designed to evoke spine-chilling terror and suspense. Featuring an array of meticulously crafted sounds including Dark Impacts, Slams, Attic Rumbles, Bowed Wood and Cymbals, Bells, Clock Ticks, Typewriter SFX, Drones and Atmospheres, Scrapes, Stingers, a Victrola Needle, and much more.

    Presage is a comprehensive toolkit for composers and sound designers seeking to immerse their audiences in a world of fear and unease. Every sound in this horror sample library is meticulously twisted and distorted, ensuring maximum impact in your compositions.

    The intuitive GUI boasts our signature “Trepid Knob,” a blend of compressors and transient designers that allows you to manipulate and distort sounds with ease. Additionally, our “Frenzy Knob” offers a choral effect tailored for maniacal delays of madness, while the “Fever Knob” adds saturation to further enhance the intensity of your creations. Unleash your creativity and unleash terror with Presage – your ultimate horror sound solution.

    Requires the full version of Kontakt 6.8.0 (or higher)

  • This is a remaster of our 1st library. Every sample has been reworked to punch harder and yet take less headroom. It now has 2243 unique sounds, 648 of these are brand new! That’s more than 2GB of content, running at 1:04:29.

    In this pack, you will find everything you need to create amazing Sci-fi impacts and whooshes. You have access to complex cinematic sounds, sources and FX to create your own unique stuff, a special folder of sub and transient heavy sounds to add oomph and punch to any sound, as well the star of the show: the Designed Weapons.
    Whether you are looking for a laser sword or an electric hammer, you will quickly find something ready to use in this pack. We have included 20 predesigned weapons complete with whooshes, hits and blocks variations. The 3 new weapons included also have more variations and some extra goodies such as parries or positive and negative blocks.

    Everything is in 24bit 96khz and uses the UCS naming convention.

    Have fun! :)


    20 %


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